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How to create fuel free forever cheap global ocean tube connected mobility.

New type generator condenser compressor sets

This is about self mobile pallet mounted turbo expander, condenser decompressor, generator sets.

Some of this is described earlier but has to be added to over time because the subject is complex and full of overlapping variables that change with variables in other sections or pages here.

To start with these gen sets would resemble verticle shaft high armature speed APUs or airborne turbo power units.  These systems are proposed to be mass produced at automobile costs per horsepower as kilowatts of output.  This might make them a tenth the cost or less of existing power plants.

Everything done in the past and presently by everyone may have been done improperly if low power user cost is your goal.  The same holds true for space based electric supply systems as well.  These comparisons are based on various comparisons with manufactured product categories.  Changing whole design concepts from split case horizontal and slow speed systems with unidirectional friction or rolling element bearings and welding the case stacks together instead of bolting and using semi ridged back pressure inflated direct air tube condensers and Linstrom like hybrid turbines with counter rotating elements may make new economies possible.