A global guideway network, all electric, cheaper jet fast transportation proposal.

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How to create fuel free forever cheap global ocean tube connected mobility.

Govornment interfaces

Since the introduction and constant improvement of speech and idea recognition humans are obsolete.

Govornments are no longer needed anywhere as isolated computer systems can help societies organize their financial management, create monetary systems more effectively including sorting out most investments free of human intervention.  AI replaces markets, banks, insurance companies, and government institutions and military and police activities.  Presently we know all we need to to transfer these functions to low cost local and personal call them computers or complex thinking mechanical brains.  To a limited

 degree this is already proceeding.

learning to productively cooperate towards mutual beneficial activities does not mean every one has to think and do the same things.  A end of scarcity universal living society can learn to be independently curious, creative and still cooperate when needed.  Mediation is needed from fellow humans and administrative machine management.  As scarcity is eliminated carrots becomes easy and not the evil conservative political villain but a good thing all good people engage in In polite society.

We are at the end of any future need for govornment or just on another round of leap froging dictatorships and oligarchies.