A PRT like global guideway network is a replacement for all present transportation.

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Sustainable Transportation Solutions
A total road, air, rail replacement

Guideways for every mile

Guideways cheaper than roads, faster than airliners, more capacity than railroads.

Why not make the best system carry every mobility mile right out to orbital and planetary access.  Only Issac Arthur talks about these issues.

First we need to prototype as many fast, low cost per single passenger mile vehicle systems designs that might show improvement possibilities.  We know how to build and race salt flatsrugged cross country, land speed record and top dragster cars.  Turbine discs have for a century been running  At this high a periferal speed.

This is in opposition to the purely hypothetical notion that street, highway and rural road cars, trucks and busses are the ideal basic form of transportation at one tenth the possible wheel born speed.

Like a bad dream that persists in everybodies mind, road vehicles have all the details against their continued use  accept they are familiar and the vastly interconnected road system has been built for them over mostly the last seventy years.

All most all present roads and streets we use average only about thirty to forty years old.  The guideway replacement investment might take about thirty years to complete at a lower cost than using automated all electric road vehicles that require many time the charging station and garage infrastructure cost as a self lowering every where access guideway.

Nothing beats a road trip is only true if nothing better can be developed to replace all road vehicle use.  If the same system is superior to most air and marine vehicle use and nearly all use of railroads and rockets for space access then it makes no sense at all to support the presently inferior mobility forms.

This does not mean you abandon vehicles and systems that might find a minor market until after the global guideway replaces them in accepted use.  To be senseable this is also saying you do not oppose guideway development because it might replace your favorite present transportation form.  Let people chose.  Lobbying against PRT is like lobbying for cancer and heart disease by insisting nobody wants good health or ground surface and ecology improving PRT so we need not spend further time developing such systems.  Not one PRT system ever used even 1900s level propulsion speed potential.

presently twenty plus million people will have to continue to die every decade untill road vehicles go all electric and fully autonomus.  Even then they can not eliminate most of the consumption of critical materials and cutting the economy thirty years after we could have globalized the guideway creating an economy that grows to many times what it will with only road, air, rail and rocket mobility still being about three times the average product service and investor overhead expensive as with the road and air vehicle dependent economy.

Roads create ugly eye sore cities and country sides.  The guideway can be covered with vines and trees hidden in self auto planted forests and gardens where required with spans and piers painted to resemble back ground features or mirror reflect the changing sky and foliage.

Ditched and  heavy equipment and pavement right of ways are no longer needed.  Hundreds of trillions of dollars of road, rail and periferal runway and brownfield properties would no longer be needed for the road supporting industries.  These land areas about 25% in urban areas about 5% to 10% in rural areas can be returned to forests and fields and housing as half of all properties are tied up in roadway centrism.  We build for the existence of flat Earth roads while the guideways are three dimensional going directly up to the tallest skyscraper floors.  No need for elevators.

Scraping the road, rail, air, merchant ships and military fleets would yield decades of our present metals production cost even after building 30 million miles of guideways and 200 to 300 million PRT vehicles.  If people want to build and live aboard boats or still recreationally use places for remote aircraft only access that is all right.

Everything necessary goes over the guideway.  The steel and composite guideways might last one to several centuries with little to maintain end for at least 95% of the low mileage access grid system.  Span fatigue life might be extended for the high cyclic trained through spans.  Without tests this heavy use life span can not be predicted by anyone.

Give global PRT a try.  For no more than the cost of a race car and small circular track we can quickly get up to twice the speed of sound on a wheel born guideway to see what the failure limits are.  Self lowering vehicle cyclic tests for hoists, doors, seats robot arms and compact cabin climate controls, de icing, vending machines and onboard miniaturized ATM guideway banking can be accelerated tested putting on half a century of use in a year.

Similarly the most complex and expensive items the production and installation machinery can be pilot plant devised for the first systems operational testing as these systems are built to work without stopping accept when breaking down anyway.

Similarly the package auto self installed ultra deep geothermal components can be readied by using in shallower cheaper input thermal hot spots first then advancing to deeper and cooler strata as systems prove they are up to it.  Boring to ever deeper spontaneous spalling depths tells us the limits of keeping holes open, possibly 13 miles deep in many places.  Deeper means more efficient generation per foot of side extraction holes drilled.

Give it a try.  This is cheaper than making a movie or holding a top group concert or buying a super yacht or large execuative jet or running a major sports team for a season.  Any of these expenditure amounts could jump start the world’s economy towards permanatly sustainability and the elimination of all backward poverty level people everywhere.

This is also the elimination of war and crime adventurism and life styles.  Give everybody good food and space adventures instead and they will forget about surface living boredom and aggrandizement issues.