A global guideway network is all electric, universal intercontinental transportation.

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Cheap as expressways, small ocean tubes offer intercontinental mobility.

Cheap as expressways, small ocean tubes offer intercontinental mobility.

Cheap as expressways, small ocean tubes offer intercontinental mobility. Cheap as expressways, small ocean tubes offer intercontinental mobility.

Guideway based food and fiber agriculture

Farming from overhead has been considered only in pivot irrigation.

This is creating new forms of fully automated food, fiber and meat production with in field processing and packaging system eliminating hunger food and fiber production access that no longer requires tractors and manually controled implements.  Large field machines might cross miles of uninterrupted multi land owner partnerships.  The county roads no longer would be needed as no one would have any use for road vehicles or old style farm machinery after as little as a decade from the first guideway arriving at a county.  Town traffic on the streets and highways disappears going quickly overhead not only for lower family costs but the convenience of holding onto jobs and daily going to school hundreds of miles away  as quickly as you commute to jobs in near by towns and to consolidated school districts.  People might start to move back home to the country because issolation ceases to be isolated.  Any day a family or individual might decide to take a day or week end trip 2,000 miles to either coast or to ski for the afternoon from Mexico in Candian Rockies Or ship in a distant big city.  The rural world becomes just a suburb of every place else, one giant global city with PRT ET3 global access for a nicklecto penny a person mile.  You can not imagine this because all the systems proposed were too expensive per mile to afford to reach your farm home directly.

field access becomes guideway access.  Scrap the tractors and trucks because they cost to much to maintain and operate.  The equipment you rent for a day or a week that automatically works 365 days a year 24 hours a day without operators in weather that would muck up the best floatation tires or tracks that never damages crops or packs soil from field work that has little tillage cost if that is easier than chemicals in weed or moisture control that brings in train loads of water in the dry seasons and injects it subsoil not sprays it on the surface.  You have never seen any of this together because neither has any of your ag engineering researchers thought of putting the known pieces together.  The blind leading the blind In a maze of seemingly infinite choices.  Some one has to chose because the best possibilities make more sense.  What would be best if you could afford to try it?  Now make the best possible combination affordable.  Robotic farming requires robotic global access transportation,  this accesses drirectly fuel to opposite side of the planet user homes.  Grow your best soul and weather type produce and on farm or local community make finished products and sell globally door to door by standard vehicles that bring in the field and process equipment that gets used in the ooosite hemisphere when your area has no need of it.  Invest in less spend less on energy and seeds after all the coops buy Znonsanto out after it goes bankrupt paying liability and monopoly rigged proprietary harassment claims.

This is proposing creating a global monetary replacement for futures markets and crop insurance and coordinated price stability that is Euro centric like.  This gets complicated but if you are in this  business model area it will make sense to you.