A global guideway network, all electric, cheaper jet fast transportation proposal.

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How to create fuel free forever cheap global ocean tube connected mobility.

Global decentralized industries

This is how the guideways like in agriculture are placed overhead of most interior and exteriors.

With guideway access to spaces over head the self lowering vehicle access brands industries can span the glob in their operation or production line chain.  There is no more large container or bulk carrier batch delivery just regulated constant inputs and outputs reflecting moment by moment global consumption needs.

over and under production and cost and price fluctuations are reduced.  In a post scarcity banking and corporate govornment free economy people’s lives do not change when they lose their jobs as no bank is coming for the mortgage.  You still owe but you have a life time of assisted opportunities to pay off now zero interest debt.

this is neither socializing or communism but is a new robotic assisted economy in which most people have to lose their beliefs in political religions and face alone and together realistic best practices.  Best systems will be roboticly sectionally managed.  No central computer only dispersed user, customer, guest control.

If manipulation and cheating of people out of better lives were crimes the world’s jails would mostly be filled with govornment officials and investor owners and corporately serving managers.  These criminals are mostly innocent of any crime because of the accepted sociopathic motive being what the right wing of the Chicago School have told us is profits for leaders in our best interest.  For all of human history a silly dependence on central human leaders to keep us from fighting amongst ourselves has been accepted.  The problem is leaders greed for power causes them to waste common people’s lives fighting wars and economic cyclic hardships.  Corporate and government sociopaths are all the same but hate and vilify each other when they can not work together as one.

from the mine or field to the factories or loacak shop to the person users the guideway speeds up the now halting progress economy and takes it directly non stop to other planets like automated pallets on a production line or disconnected byte data packets on the internet.

The factory system becomes universally integrated into peoples lives who are no longer slaves to it or each other in hierarchical class association.  This is universal economic democracy where outcome differentials no longer relate to mobility differentials.