A PRT like global guideway network is a replacement for all present transportation.

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Sustainable Transportation Solutions
A total road, air, rail replacement.

ET3 orbital access is rocket free regenerative reentry.

ET3 orbital access is a fast investment debt retiring system in two stages.

Stage one is a one way 800 to 1,000 mile underground acceleration, deceleration single 7 to 9 foot inside diameter evacuated naglev tube with a mass produced hydrogen filled multi tubular balloon groun neutral buoyancy tethered elevation system at either end.  A twin mechanical recovery air lock at about 140,000 feet in altitude allows a ET3 particle trap faced vehicle to leave the tube end every few seconds carrying a ton or more into space used to build the second system the orbital equatorial ring.  The first system might cost twenty billion dollars but get  people and loads into space for about $8 a pound and return them for free.

along the  acceleration tube geothermal power plants will be placed at first a mile or so apart then at the end at ever closer spacing or at least with more shaft thermal drill points or areas under ground.  Close spacing allows on guideway capacitance and cooling systems to be located on top of the evacuated tube do as to be serviceable buy a small upper tube access system.  This can take many design forms and so far none has been willing to share these idea problems with me so much uncertainty surrounds how best to do this.  Too many choices not enough information.

Energy storage and cooling are the largest costs followed by power generation increases the more tons per day tho want to put down the tube.  A fully invested system could put several thousand net tons a day distributed along single or multi layered orbits.  The best idea is using the launch ring inflated structural tube in space to support a above atmospheric from orbital averaged excess mass depression to support two tube constructions all the way to orbit.

The access orvelevated tubes no longer need airlocks at each end and ET3 vehicle’s that can come into your house basement air lock can go nonstop to orbit.  This might cost and additional $100 to$500 billion to build but gets the to space cost down to under $2 a pound and actually earning a buck or so a pound when returning.

At this point all costs are assuming enough space commerce to pay off the initial debt in about 3 to ten years.  The cost per pound declines steadily during this period as additional power supply and cooling machinery are added to keep up with increased traffic demands from the same tube.

The space economy is driven by the building of massive space hotel cruise ships where for a thousand dollars or so you could do one or two day space recreational trips as tourists.  The costs are similar to operating ocean cruise ships with the additional cost of the access or about the cost of present trans Atlantic air fares.  If you could afford to fly from the US to a Hawaiian vacation or Carbean cruise you could affor a trip to space to float around playing super hero propelled by hand held fans.  People with muscular or heart problems might chose to live in space at a selected lower gravity or at least get better there.

Spin gravity allows you to sleep and eat in the gravity level of your choice and spirts teams to train a three times earths gravity and half air pressure to return as supermen to earth after a few months space training.