A global guideway network is all electric, universal intercontinental transportation.

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Cheap as expressways, small ocean tubes offer intercontinental mobility.

Cheap as expressways, small ocean tubes offer intercontinental mobility.

Cheap as expressways, small ocean tubes offer intercontinental mobility. Cheap as expressways, small ocean tubes offer intercontinental mobility.

Orbital launch ring tosses to other launch rings.

This is about access or regular transportation between places in the solar system using electricity

A orbital ring can be a low pressure inflated tube of a thousand feet or more in diameter and about 26,000 miles long on earth.  The up coming and down going tubes would be supported by a tubular double heart shaped balloon to about 140,000 feet above sea level from there on up to about three fourths of the to orbit length would be supported by maglev rail hung from the orbital ring called here the launch ring.  The maglev velocity woul be about 16,500 MPH or the orbit maintains speed less Earth’s equitorial surface speed in the same direction.

Capsules could be constantly launched every few seconds, upvto hundreds of tons and passengers per hour.  Mined metals might be returned at similar or greater rates if two tubes or end to end or side by side.

Little reaction materials or rockets of ant kind are needed to accelerate using maglev only capsules on a equatorial ring track or launch and habitat ring.  Solar energy becomes the power source and batteries have to be included because of the Earth shadowing or night side.  Super conductors might replace battery mass at lower cost to conduct electricity to the dark side.

An outside set of maglev tracks going both directions helps control ring orbit speed.  You could launch st speeds ranging from about 50,000 MPH for most People’s G load tolerance to 70,000 MPH for a few healthier or tougher people on flat couches.  Goods could be launched faster and small electric rockets on capsules could change speed or slightly control trajectories.

For a long journey seperate pods or capsules join up by launching the last ones at progressively higher speed to provide more room and mass radiation protection while in route and separate again to be caught but the maglev ring at the destination.  Rocket recovery systems would be there as a beach rescue lifeboat to catch any problem craft that missed trajectories.

See Isack Arthur’s You tube on orbital rings.  None of the graffic presentation are rationally correct design ideas that he shows.

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ET3 design ideas see Daryl Oster.

Evacuated tube maglev is a totally seperate form of constantly being rediscovered but not used.

It is said bypeople who claim to know Fromm associations and participation that black projects built a ET3 like network in the US using part of about ten trillion dollars to create a global survival system.  As much as three trillion dollars of this money can be traced and even announced by Donald Rumsfeld the day before 911.  We can not know at this time what choices evolving out of Rand corporation and other studies may or may not have ever been tried.  There is no definitive examples of mass decoupling to follow to know how interaction with surroundings work.  Magnetic flux support and propulsion relating to the many choices have so many cost to benefit problems that everything I say on PRT maybe comparatively completely obsolete.

Daryl’s ET3 is ideal transportation unless mass decoupling along with stable collision free guidance in dense traffic is possible.  Guideway mass decoupling verses maglev posses many other unknowns and problems of field effect confinement to the vehicle that is not allowed to enter guideway tracks or walls.  What are the environmental shear problems or turbulence interface.

Proposed is small as possible vehicles that create with plug or sealed pig dragging a interconnected large area vacuum that is maintained by particle traps on both ends of every vehicle making all the vehicles the vacuume pumping system.

Proposed is permante magnetic repulsion maglev and tiny highly long tethered rod armature support and propulsion.  ET3 ideas are full of uncertain problems but short of mass decoupling around the vehicle there is no maglev it seems to reduce linear costs at minimum electric use for vehicles that will soon be able to beat rockets in acceleration and cool regenerative deceleration.  Motor heat from inefficiencies in evacuated tubes have to place the coils and computation heating on the guideway for external heat rejection.  The vehicle becomes a passive permant magnet supported and armature propelled shuttle batted around by guideway remote control.  Here the internal guideway ORT control triggers local fixed coils to steer the vehicle through switch turn outs and all motion actuation.

All possibleET3 systems are more expensive to manufacture and install than the global guideway but still not much more expensive than road way networks and much cheaper than any rail system or air system other than VTOL small drones or mass decoupling systems that might go anywhere without a right of way.

Aerial systems need positive aerial pathway traffic control instead that could be on board all the vehicles not in a traffic control room somewhere.

Drones are here only thought of as minimal lift to drag and minimal frontal area horizontal aircraft that have a seperate intermittently used electric VTOL system that adds little drag and weight in horizontal 95% plus flight times.  Quad copter iconic drones are only a dysfunctional unthinking design fad.  No drnecsystem is useful for most poorer people’s needs.

ET3 requires simple cheap air lock access by leaving the whole of the body and ruining gear inside the vacuum.  Doors on both vehicle ends mate up with single leaf doors on simple air locks,  these open together afte the vehicle is fail safe anchored by periferal sear catches that assure it can not be sucked into the vacuume by the twenty or so tons of atmospheric pressure.  The interior of the vehicle including all of the operating complements under the floor and side pockets side out of the vehicle like a drawer into rails in the access room.  The door could slam shut with damage preventing dampening if the unthinkable accident might ever in history happen.

Once inside a ET3 capsule there is no speed limits and acceleration and regenerative energy is the only ongoing trip cost.  Some wear ant deterioration occurs with the electronic commutation elements and coils.  Failed parts do not significantly stop or slow movement velocities.  Repairs are carried out by service vehicles operating fully inside the vacuum with vacuum conforming can transfered to the tube network from teedtrial factories.

The next section on ET3 Startram space launches allows space factories to produce goods at possibly lower costs then send finished products made in orbit or else where down to the atmospheric dwelling consumers using the contiguous ET3 paralell global guideway.

Global Guideway transportation services

Much of this is first time in history transportation ideas.  There are many cross reference points, but uncommon sense has to be your physics and economics based guide.  Popularity is of no value to critical thinking humanity.