A global guideway network is all electric, universal intercontinental transportation.

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Cheap as expressways, small ocean tubes offer intercontinental mobility.

Cheap as expressways, small ocean tubes offer intercontinental mobility.

Cheap as expressways, small ocean tubes offer intercontinental mobility. Cheap as expressways, small ocean tubes offer intercontinental mobility.

Property owner interface with the guideway.

Self lowering PRT vehicles eliminates stations.

By providing that all vehicles on the guideway can self lower for access on stop on line grids or egress from almost anywhere, every property alongside the guideways becomes directly accessible.

I thought of self lowering vehicles in 1983 after hundreds of station design ideas proved urban station cost either limited access so limiting most users advantages of personal auto and delivery truck access at their properties or doubled to ten times more guideway construction cost as full length handicap access was necessary.

Adding high speed light weight large diameter direct drive with a overload back gear out runner strap cable lift system to every vehicle was a fraction the cost of station every where.  The vehicles full length access gul wing side door became a loading awning and access point not a station.

Rarely do automobiles have stations except downtown parking garages or pull off points like shown in the above picture as in driveways and parking lots.  Most parking access world wide is on street parking.

Handcap access requires ideally not makin conventional roll in wheel chair turn around space in the vehicle but providing handcapt people every where with advanced light weight all terrain stair climbing bidirectional track wheel chained with self cleaning treads and elevating or lowering reclining seats.

This was developed some 40 years ago as I became the care giver and friend of two quadriplegic gals with muscular degeneration.  Their access problems became my access problems and we went everywhere  together requireing hundreds of thousands of dollars of specialized equipment and ramps or lifts every where.  Handycap people need a way to go every where without an attendant that normal people go.  

Normal people might come to envy the well designed assistance mobility of handicap people.  A motorized chair might even bee designed to be self righting wet water mobile yet zero turn inside body dimensions.

Robot arm on chair assistance and self loading onto beds is part of the design ideas.  This also leads to a PRT easy access full life support system wheel chair all terrain gurney that could replace most crewed ambulance needs using the fast PRT access to get people when needed to distant medical care everywhere on earth.  A nurse could be in attendance or mostly be a remote picture phone advisor to the patient or companions.  Robot arm clasp cuffs and sensors take readings and listen to body sounds even for lone incapacitated patients.  Water proofing all of these components is critical for wet rescues.  Such all purpose recovery chairs could become locally available for transport to any emergency in under a minute everywhere.

required is a system where every property owner or groups of consenting owners might ask to have a guideway brought to them.  The guideways are all purpose public utilities that most places have right of way access along street and highway systems and utility rows or alleys.

property owners can bring the guideways right up to their back doors by agreeing  to have guideways over the top of their properties or rooftop loading by being placed over the top of rows of buildings.

people are not all knowledgeable about specialized protocols for access and use.  This proposed systems needs to use picture displays and all language communications and simplified word indicated controls for access and user seat adjustments.  A lone first time primitive life style user should not be lost as is the case with all personal vehicle and transit and transport services today that without exception have always require prior knowledge for effective use.  Getting from place to place should be as assisted intuative as walking and talking.

on the armrest of every proposed vehicle seat should be a complete ATM bank service machine that takes and multiply varifies all forms of cash, coins, checks, fobs, imbedded or surface ID strips or chips, cards, tokens and can check both sides of IDs with face and fingure or palm print and voice print recognition.  Not everybody has assets so free or destination or third party collect has to be normal.

Every PRT global and space access vehicle should never again require onboard or terminal workers of any kind.  Laborers raises user cost reduces access options and increases the total systems mass and area consumed.  The vehicle becomes the workers and is eventually a free public service provider.  The guideway is part of the vehicle’s ease of automation for everywhere access.  The users should be able to get anywhere or ship any reduced size materials or items anywhere without even being consious during mobility situation only during ordering up or calling up the service.  How many fully automated transportation systems do you know that could deliver to the inside of any building a passed out rider?

The only self lowering PRT proposal.  This has disappeared from easy access on the internet.

The only self lowering PRT proposal.  This has disappeared from easy access on the internet.