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Body design has to be cylindrical to resist pressurization for fast climb and descent rates.

The cost would be between 2 to 5 cents a vehicle mile divided by usually two to six oh seats per vehicle.  Goods similarly could be shipped as serially delivered single items or one to three Ton 180 cubic feet to 240 cubic feet loads.  Access is at to near by your property line.

Payment is by any card check or cash at the seat you occupy. or pay for goods using a inside the door card machine or cash and coin universal slot.  You control the route speed and economy choices of the vehicle real time when not interfering with following traffic.

Onboard hot and cold food and drinks are available from a whole new design vending machine.  Special incinerator toilet seats would be available for very long distance trips of over possibly a couple of hours.  Restroom stops are otherwise required as with road vehicles with you paying the regenerative energy differential and running gear wear in stopping losses.

Automatic moving compartment divdders allow people and goods loads to be serially picked up with passengers never seeing fellow but seperte passengers or compartmentalized loads On board the same vehicle.