A global guideway network is all electric, universal intercontinental transportation.

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Cheap as expressways, small ocean tubes offer intercontinental mobility.

Cheap as expressways, small ocean tubes offer intercontinental mobility.

Cheap as expressways, small ocean tubes offer intercontinental mobility. Cheap as expressways, small ocean tubes offer intercontinental mobility.

Global guideway transportation services

Body design has to be cylindrical to resist pressurization for fast climb and descent rates.

Proposed is bodies made of basalt wound composit using a waffle grid separation forming a actively evacuated about two inch thick shell.  The waffle spaces would be filled with seperate evacuated envelopes that are stuck onto the semi cured to ridged inner shell, around which the oUtter shell is wound.  Before the outer shell is wound on the end wall layers as accentercsemi cured set of two walls surrounding the hoist and equipment compartment on each end.  Evacuated sections insulate eachcarea from external high and low temperatures and protect everything by being at least a two hour fire eating as are the end streamlining and internal commodities bladders.  The streamlining bladders are added and wound in place.  Additional layers of The seperate envelopes would provide about R-50 wall insulation but lose their value down to about a R-12 if the shell was holed to no longer hold a occasionally pumped vacuume.  Loss of vacuum seal is a sign of damage or bullet penetration.

A alternative to this involves a layup extrusion process that is much faster and less expensive also possibly stronger.  The finite preformed body cylindrical shell extrusions include fiber door hinges and integrated seals, with wiring molded in as the bodies come out of the machine as insulated integrated electrical structures.  The insulation packets become triangle formers.

the vehicles might become moving target practice objects for unthinking gun users as they would be miraculously fast and small.  The body shells would provide some bullet resistance for most common ammunition.  This is especially true from most angles while at full speed.  Proposed is a actively shared four microphone listing system on every vehicle any gun shot. explosion, tornado, panic screaming, calls for help or other hazard indicating sound would be recorded and instantly direction and position triangulated from one vehicle or many in a area and police immediately automaticly notified.

Internally the vehicles would have a non word word understanding voice stress and temperature and Oder defining system to indicate a possible interior problem or molestation.  Walking the automated line between privacy intrusion and stopping on board crimes needs to include a vehicle detecting trouble going to the nearest police or fire station for help.  A injured person who could sit down in the extending seat or crawl into the vehicle floor at ground level could merely say hospital and be taken there faster than any other system.  Every vehicle needs on board oxygen so can even be equipped for life support assistance.  Most vehicles could have a internal package unloading arm that could be equipped with a pulse transducer as well as connect to urgent care or emergency rooms the rescue vehicle is on the way to.  By the time the troubled person arrives the basic check in could already be completed.

door design, self lowering systems and all human interfaces or controlling systems as well as protections from robotic function failures are part of body design.

these are vehicles that never again will need a station facility as anywhere a car can be routed to on streets to access structures and outside locations so PRT can go there and unload just as a Taxi or delivery truck picks up and drop off loads only new drop boxes are used or on property.