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How to create fuel free forever cheap global ocean tube connected mobility.

Space agriculture

Additional Informationwe will need to raise plants in all space habitats to give us fresh food.

Growing plants in space can also provide a natural oxygen balance but requires both some spin gravity for plant growth orientation and automatic systems to prevent runaway cycles that kill the plants with to little CO2 or not keep up with a crowd coming to stay for a few weeks.  Stored CO2 and oxygen can be separated and compressed and stored for balancing.

plants growing in every compartment with the pale purple light that variably different pkants love and human need white light beingbon only when humans are awake in the rooms can give a Earth like touch to living in space while providing food For humans and animals we might share our space habitats with.

Proposed is layered or stacked pallet beds of food and forage plants and worm or insect farmed feed for higher animals we migh have along like goats that give milk and meat.  Important crew member task is management of this ecology which might also have hobby like diversion advantages in expanding plants for beauty like we have on Earth only we might live amongst or garden every where around us.  Space might be a better Garden of Eaden than Earth.  Robotic management of staged pallet beds of food plants might be possible.  Controlling plant wastes and controled toting in digesters and closed conposters requires gas control systems balanced against lighting and watering and growth stage cycles.