A global guideway network is all electric, universal intercontinental transportation.

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Cheap as expressways, small ocean tubes offer intercontinental mobility.

Cheap as expressways, small ocean tubes offer intercontinental mobility.

Cheap as expressways, small ocean tubes offer intercontinental mobility. Cheap as expressways, small ocean tubes offer intercontinental mobility.

Cheap as expressways, small ocean tubes offer intercontinental mobility.

Cheap as expressways, small ocean tubes offer intercontinental mobility.

Cheap as expressways, small ocean tubes offer intercontinental mobility. Cheap as expressways, small ocean tubes offer intercontinental mobility. Cheap as expressways, small ocean tubes offer intercontinental mobility.

This rethinks all present to future human logistics and infrastructure towards lower cost environmentally neutral industry.

At 650 MPH, randomly joined PRT trains would replace all other forms of transportation except ET3.cx
At 650 MPH, randomly joined PRT trains would replace all other forms of transportation except ET3.cx

This rethinks all present to future human logistics and infrastructure towards lower cost environmentally neutral industry.

Global economic sustainability requires efficient speed.

There are daily corrections and additions.

 The subject here is simple, but so different you will need to rethink everything that is wrong with what we do today.  It is possible to replace the existing high economic overhead cost of road auto and truck based product delivery and personal daily travel systems.  The guideway replacement is over twenty times faster and about a tenth the per mile operating cost while additionally produces less expensive electricity from nearly all local ultra deep  geothermal than being tied to sociopathic managed fuel burning systems.

The global guideway is a  fully autonomous, ultra high speed, miniature, self lowering monorail vehicle, for global any where access for side street and rural road replacing miniature elevated guideways.  The Americans guideways replace all highway and ocean crossing transportation.  These vehicle are designed to in trains be the fastest sea level land vehicles in history by almost twice the present jet fighter aircraft sea level speed record.   They will never run faster than less than half this speed potential.

This is a replacement for all common road and aircraft uses at a all new infrastructure lower cost than maintaining rural road and urban street infrastructure going to everybody's homes and businesses.

The guideways are full length elevated above all traffic, storm water runoff, flood, deepest snow and ice problems.  Guideway vehicles need to all be able to self lower to ground and floor any where to pick up and drop off.

The global guideway operates like a horizontal building elevator.  It is a user controlled, much cheaper, nearly perfectly safe, more convenient, globally life simplifying, local and intercontinental connection for all personal transportation and industrial logistics.  This is the first modern form of transportation in history not based on pre Roman ships that become our railroads, motorized ships and commercial aircraft.  Horse drawn wagons on Roman roads became autos and trucks.

The guideways with geothermal micro local power plant automatic self installation replaces unsustainable human economic energy use and personal activities making all us globally free will occupants of our planet, forever more.  Every small community becomes independently self sufficient in energy and uninteruptable local area mobility.  during desasters guideway electricity and vehicles keep going and powering buildings when other utilities, engine and battery powered systems fail.  

As guideway installed geothermal in larger urban areas is used up they will require advanced Thorium and fusion or wind and focal point solar with water hydraulic air high pressures cavern storage for wind or circular layer drilled high temperature earth thermal storage as artificial geothermal, the least expensive form of massive long term energy storage.

The guideways can be about a tenth the three to six month vehicle debt retired cost to use compared to driving trucks and cars.  Higher speed accelerates economic outcomes.  Greater specific efficiency is converted at user discretion to very high gap free train speeds for longer trips or deliveries.  Global inventory delivery time is on average reduced to a few hours not weeks and months as with existing transportation.

User democracy is incapable of coherently designing a universal guideway system.  Democracy can reduce conflicts in deciding how to administrate local user service charges and debt retirement schedules before a cliff or gradual drop in user costs per vehicle or ton mile.

The guideway vehicles are powered by a new low cost geothermal shaft and side hole boring system using local ultra deep geothermal steady supply direct pick up electricity.  No batteries are needed as the span supply is bidrectionally sourced as DC steady voltage that is difficult to interupt even in a all out nuclear war, solar mss ejection ejection, lightning storm, floods and tornado damage.  Surge voltages are arrested by a gap to ground and broken at each span connector using a zener fault detector and servo sprung reset closed with each event, ready  again in seconds into a shortest arc quench elongated path.  This makes the guideway grid the only reliable public power and all purpose multi ten thousand year uninterruptible non overloadable environmentally neutral energy supply in history.

Call up, get in or load cargo or possessions and it could quickly take you a block away or 12,0000 miles away.  The wheel motor design demonstration unmanned speed can be aproxamatly Mach 2.  The rational speed on straights is just under Mach 1.

to every global property door like roads the one third top speed access guideway grids need to cost less than a single lane all weather access road.

The single set design ideas are intended to competitively replace absolutely all mobility machinery and distribution industries in use today.  The guideway vehicles use old ideas that are superior by all engineering and economics measurements to all the generally recognized as unsustainable and very obsolete fuel burning systems everybody uses today.

Between about 14,000 years ago and 9,000 years ago the world went through a series of catastrophic temperature and ocean level rises at the end of the last ice age.  Up till our time at least nine globally major volcano explosions, astroid or methane comet strikes and one known large solar mass ejection we passed through, maybe several of these as they often leave no long term traces and a 3,000 year period of immense rain fall increases world wide as we have geological erosion records for.  Since this mostly happened before recorded history and in low population areas we do not include these in things we design for.  This global guideway proposal is designed to be less costly in quiet reliable local operation through disasters.  This increases flexibility, consistency, security and output capacity of global industry and infrastructure.  This allows environmentally neutral neutral local and global resource recovery and where needed relocating hundreds of millions of people and their homes and businesses to new guideway manufactured habitats.

This website is an abstract that is design specific of how to do this.   I want to include several tens of thousands of illustrations and components graphics and data comparisons.  RIght now working alone most of my life towards these goals this writing is the best I can do.

The global word means all local uses, transcontinental to intercontinental movements to orbital cities and planetary industries and colonization.  A ET3 system approach is needed for for all faster than supersonic travel.

96% of Americans own a mobile phone.  Text and voice bots allow communicating with or directly calling up a fast arriving guideway vehicle.  A call button on each pier base also calls up vehicles.  In towns the average vehicle speed to reach you is between 100 MPH rob 200 MPH.  Across rural areas speeds would usually be three times this fast.  Guideways can be straight line routed above most obstacles.  Fewer vehicles are needed as efficient cost per mile speed is improved.  One of the smallest PRT designs proposed here can carry more ton miles per year than most over the road semis and more passenger miles than most transit busses per year in the same under $50,000 PRT vehicle and no driver costs.  It out performs the large human controlled vehicles by being designed to not need down time, to travel fast where others travel slow and to not require only a local area of use.  That is why asset debt retirement for the guideway elements can be so fast against inefficient established road, air and rail competition.  There never has been competition with this type of PRT.  Our mass produced cheapest vehicles are made for slow motion human controlled mobility on right of ways that safely allow for no faster performance.

Advanced transportation can only be a ultra linearly light suspended self lowering PRT service monorail or ET3 with dual zero vacuum loss triple seal end doors and bidirectional slide out interior access or if ever possible a mass and time decoupling vehicle.  This is all right against the limits of publicly known physics.  There are no other known possibilities for all the many hundreds of basic reasons given here and by many of the PRT developers.  Trying to salvage any existing vehicle and industry systems we use today is a horrible waste of money, time and a continuation for humans suffering, a economic war or technology embargo against our selves.

Ask any engineer why he is developing higher rolling resistance, higher air resistance, more costly fuel burning road transportation and the only truthful answer is, “I get paid to do this”.  This is his profession’s highest expression of performance, keeping each other in jobs which requires making a profit for their bosses to sell products that require debt retirement of existing capital and knowledge I investments that provide just tolerable utility but have great universal familiarity emotional appeal.  To improve the human survivability and enjoyment factors but put humans out of accepted jobs is considered bad.  In the case of any single persons well being all inefficient jobs are just added costs of living and reduced standards of living for all.  Would you give up TV, cell phones and washing machines to make work for switch board operators, theater employees and house maids or automation that eliminated jobs of elevator operators.  Whether slow road, rail or air fully automated vehicles or fast as jets guideways, truck drivers and pilots will eventually lose their jobs.  We can design to how slow with hazards or guideway fast in absolute safety above hazards.

This guideway proposal is for a small as a motor cycle in frontal area, highly streamlined proportional to cross section, very long vehicle type that is superior in every mathematicly comparable way to all the large to small vehicles we use today.

These guideway vehicles would tend to run in trains of two or three vehicle across town 1 to 20 trip miles at 100 to 200 MPH depending on how straight the local express or main thoroughfare guideways are.  Between towns and cities, trains of usually about 6 to 200 vehicles might join up for improved economy at speeds of 400 MPH to 650 MPH depending on traffic density, higher buffeting cross winds and guideway straightness.  The more vehicles in a train up to about 30 vehicles the less the collective user cost, mostly electricity cost.

The proposed guideways are mostly lower in cost to build per mile than most two lane paved highways.  This is because of materials and fabrication machinery choices.  The guideways are always many times faster, they do not risk collisions with anything near ground level or low flying air traffic.  The guideway vehicles are fully automated, minimalist scale, higher tons moved per pathway hour.  They are tiny carnival rollercoaster scale, streamlined, all conditions monorails. The guideways are in construction costs on stop on line safe to load and unload side street like access grids are usually less expensive than most alleyways or rural gravel roads to build.

This is only possible, if for the first time in history they are designed, financed and built by a fully automated collective property owner and user direct guideway internet democracy controlled infrastructure design and operations management system.  We use to call this tribal or direct democracy.  This is before Imperial elected executives and elected and appointed oligarchies are everywhere long called representative democracies.  Sociopathy stole the word democracy mocking or mimicing real democracy.  Experts and political business alliances may not be able to create and manage this form of transportation well to benefit the users.  Power networking leaders are the main cost of our slow old fashion transportation and will not be able to remove themselves from control from decision making.

Maybe that is why this was never tried.  This is about fully automating a global free choice market place, to not sell goods for the sake of profit and power but to sell the best statistical and beneficial choices for the lowest price possible delivered indifferently to the most people.

The guideway is also the cheapest supplier of every ones electricity, communications and data, to allow all people access to a data only, cause-cost-and-effect, generic, internet search data mined catalogue of possibilities and a globally interconnected robotic machine that ties in all the business outputs to be sold to all users anywhere on the planet.  

The challenge is to prevent the media corruption of comparative consumer information ,  The global guideway is a self building, nonprofit expediter of possibilities.  The electronic server costs are a tiny share of the physical cost of human central self serving management errors in for profit only decision making.   We are still using the Roman Empire catalog of project choice decision making. 

A lot has changed in the last two centuries, while we still act as if streets and highways with rubber air tire vehicles are the only ever practical form of general purpose mobility with public transit, bicycles and walking mostly for the poor.  Heavy fast vehicles make lighter slower adjacient mobility means as hazardous as a war zone some places.  People who are not alert die.  Skeptics say this is survival of the fittest unless such events affect their family.

The choice is between massive right of way constructions often out weighing the buildings served that only allows slower traffic or replacing with overhead light weight guideways that are more easily aligned to travel in straight lanes, allowing very high speeds never running into anything well above ground level.  Streets and highways no longer used get removed advise building wall blocks and walking path slabs and grassed, forested or farmed over.

The guideways can to go door to door between all houses and businesses on the planet like a long distance global automatic telephone system that carries people and goods on demand, jet fast, nonstop.  It never needs a station, terminal or special platform of any kind for freight and passengers.  Any vehicle can stop on lower traffic lines or sidings for self lowering ground or interior floor level access.  The vehicles descend from any guideway height to any user chosen safe situation location and any in between above ground level height for access.

The guideway is a macro scale universal production system that is controlled by user guided software distributed on all the globally moving vehicles, no stationary administrative servers.  A simple code or plain language gets service from a global scale everything vending machine.

This is a proposal to in a third of a century totally modernize the presently hugely inefficient industrial global economy from a massive movement stone or concrete and metals based fuel burning, high energy use transportation and buildings economy.  This is converted to a mainly basalt fiber composite, ultralight, faster than present jets everywhere monorail transportation and near zero energy use light, but, tough as a armored vehicle, building economy.

The advanced transportation new guideway roadways are a ultra light weight, overhead suspended monorail railroad.  Ground level or at grade roads, ground rail and air transportation become as primitively obsolete as horse drawn wagons and 1900 steam locomotives.

Only this proposal, and ET3 guideways with double end station free airlock vehicles can be labeled advanced transportation that anything public can be known about.

Presently self guided or fully automated trucks and cars are improperly labeled advanced transportation under the guise of creating jobs in several states.  Actually self driving vehicles reduce the number of jobs while keeping investor profits high with hope for less competition of surviving manufacturers, making more complex high mortality vehicles. A few manufacturers create highly complex road vehicles, that lack disruption ability,  by equipping them with fully automated gadgetry to cope with the high risk open street and rural roadway environment.  PRT vehicle’s involve vastly simpler hazard free automation though no more complex than todays autos or building elevators.  High speed better safety margins and route sharing is simple using the proposed multi path inductor and shared position counting system.

Nearly all global guideway energy use everywhere by the fourth decade would be ultra deep geothermal local electric supplied.  Transportation net tonnages carried would drop by about 90% over this four decades because stressed skin zero aggregate foundation buildings and transportation are light weight higher strength to weight structures and the ultra light fixed weight of the guideways and their vehicle and associated mass per net ton hour carried is radically lower than any other combination of fuel burning or battery electric vehicle systems and their road, railroad, airport and marine transportation and heavy equipment systems.  Job dirt is moved to build the guideways.  The ton miles carried each year might rise.  Each guideway section should don’t retire to almost a free right of way user cost after about 5 to 15 years.  Presently taxes and higher product cost are hidden funders of most mobility capital investment.

Advanced transportation as a term is a performance comparative definition based on criteria such as higher speed per ton mile and trip unit cost.  Lower access installation cost per mile and lowest income groups delivered cost of food, shelter and other products and healthcare services.

One exception to ultra light land based systems is shallow draft quadrant air bearing sea trains and seasteading developments.  These might develop a separate heavier global economy that may rely on wind and wave power of two radically new forms.

None of this capacity, speed and flexibility has ever been possible without tiny frontal area vehicles to allow high efficency at presently thought impossible speed with low wear and energy use and minimum linear weight on the overhead monorail spans to reduce guideway cost.

So far Proposed battery powered VTOL air taxis are all poorly designed based on fuel burning past aircraft.  Most energy use is consumed in large cabin, wing and high turbulence propulsion frontal area at poor drag coefficients and flow separation.

All the operating guideway complexity is mass produced and onboard every vehicle.  Vehicle users and property owners communicate with local nearest vehicles.  New guideway, vehicle and power supply reserve capacity are set in procurement motion by unmet user or property owner requests.  Global reserve asset resource limits and updated trends are searched for financial and physical asset availability.  All service requests for vehicles, equipment and guideway produced assets are routed immediately in seconds.  New capacities enter the global public bidding systems for any market entrants world wide.  The guideway separate global automatically self regulating global currency increases velocity of money growth.  All of these transactions have to be public to reduce corruption.  Anyone can search or catigoricly can apply automatically for improvements to the dispersed automated systems.  The smartest people anywhere can input ideas into the process.  Everybody can vote by comment about any subject.  repetitive comments, votes or identified frequent direction voters are tagged as such for review by other voters to reduce political philosophy and special interest manipulation.  Smart amateur and professional observers become open source pole watchers.  This election over everything never shuts down in daily cycles.  Nothing is ever unchangeably finalized accept human rights and universal adjusted common law.  Even this gets improved over time.

The guideway is the deliverers and connectors of the internet of things.  It‘s vehicles and tool carriers and user directed self installing construction equipment becomes an additional, over everything, separate macro internet of things.

All the vehicles and carriers are not rented not owned, shared amongst millions.  Providing at cost fee based services of all kinds as a standard universal universal platform.

Not one inexpensive guideway or roller coaster structure has ever been built.  Nobody was ever ask to design for tens of millions of miles a decade to be produced of any right of way.  Mass production without supervisors, enginners, accountants, machine operators, assemblers and specialty trades is proposed.  This is a one product does everything specialty.  New stylish models and repeated sales to the same customer of quick to wear out products are replaced by built to last a century rugged in resisting damage, collision avoiding systems.

The pile driven piers are set without normally digging a hole in under a minute and a span placed and aligned and locked in the next minute then the equipment moves on with the next pieces  brought up.  The first revenue vehicles arrive on the underside right behind.  What makes construction projects slow also costs more money and delays progress is humans on the job.  Miles a machine set day are laid and user serving useful minutes after the machine passes.  Property owner supervision can be real time through their smart phones.  The whole neighborhood might show when their guideway comes down the back yards, street front, rural road or unbroken path to their village.  Days before they would have argued out the alignment and levels above and known the cost of service and debt payback services cost reduction period each decision was affecting at different use levels.  Satellite photo detail plus GIS overlay data showing what’s possible and not.  Individuals could draw on their smart phone screens and record their alignment choice.  All The neighborhood smart phone ideas could be shown together with resulting costs.  Ideas that will not work because of structural or pier placement or utility interference or other problems would be rejected before the agglomeration of local options.  Every smart phone has a user billing address to locate it’s Property owner like idea inputer and voter registration.  These PRT systems can pass over the top of buildings and through or above many tree and bush canopy's.  This simplifies alignments and intersections with property owner easement allowance.  Most people are liberal and socially cooperative but a negotiating fully automated moderator-mediator is proposed to try and define and smooth out differences.

The vehicle are called by cell phone and call back with text or conversational meeting arrangements with the calling user on arrival.

Road, aircraft and railway transportation can not be in any practical way humanities technical destiny.  They each have huge capital investment to return value, operational and critical materials consumptive flaws.  Not one vehicle produced to this day is roughly more than a tenth to a hundredth the operating efficiency of the guideway vehicles operations cost at similar speeds.  This efficency improvement is converted into lower energy use at much higher speeds that decreases capital and user time cost per trip or delivery unit.  The guideway operates uniquely not like a intermediate transit system with a long walk or other vehicle handling stage or ride at each end.  The guideway is a global, 950 feet per second door to door taxi cab and massive tonnage moment direct delivery truck system.

The guideway’s one type of basic vehicle serves all human needs as a total replacement for all future time of advanced automobile, truck, aircraft, ocean carrier, railroad and mobile farm and materials handeling machinery platforms.  This is all energy self supplied producing excess externally distributed low cost electricity.

Not one all purpose vehicle has ever been designed in history to be more efficient, faster and easier for everybody to use than any other specialized vehicle system.  This should require mass production in larger numbers because smaller frontal area high as possible streamlined vehicles are more efficient finding more diverse and distant user customers but having unlimited energy supply direct pick up range carrying no fuel or battery weight and volume with no human operator fatigue or crew to accommodate the inefficiencies of.  The vehicles and tiny scale guideways have to be designed to be rapidly mass produced and for the first time designed to progressively self deliver automatically into the market place without any customer service, sales or administrative staff.  This is all built into the designs.

Extreme global market mass production a lower than stylized automobiles personal mobility follows at a lower cost with eventually no factory manager, supervisors and few employees using the Fisher body’s factory example as reported by C C Furnace no the Next Eighty Years book.  Global specific costs and profits drop as robotic factories can become user democratically global trust owned serving the best interests of all users, the cheapest global to local mobility energy and all communications.  Market place provider serving completions becomes user interest competitions.  Imaginations are guided to be unleashed everywhere.  Engineering basics are taught to all who want to participate, oversight becomes the whole global population.

Guideway vehicles can carry medical and emergency equipment to homes for remote examinations and many direct treatments where people are, instead of them coming to central facilities.  This reduces health care cost and allows for equal medical outcomes in poor and rural areas.  Specialists see and talk locals through helping out from their cellphones from any place in the world.  Local certification and never ceasing education makes this more than bare foot doctors at large.

All guideway vehicles can be set up to fight near by fires, each carrying about one to two tons of water picked up when needed from local sources rivers and lakes off of water surfaces the guideways pass over.  New forms of integrated onboard ultra high GPM and pressure stream designs are proposed as integrated impeller motor pumps allow light weight high power to volume movement of large amounts of water from dual sided variable thermal image stream to fully automated directed spray pattern external nozzles.  In high fire risk areas every vehicle might carry a hundred pounds of water in local recirculating service on full time fire detection and suppression.  On call any vehicle could pick up one to two tons of water to suppress near by fires and protect the guideway utility.  Thousands of area vehicles could be called to bring and direct water at fire high heat signature spots, better than water bombers.

Small stair climbing ATV guideway transported tool carriers double as wheel chairs and can be used as robotic remote policemen.  A $5,000 carrier can go into hazardous situations with no fear and need not take harmful self defensive actions as it can be mostly impervious to bullets, impacts and fire. Taking punishment without needing to return fire. Recording situations and used for remote negotiations and council information.  The face of remote operators can be projected to make a robotic encounter a personal encounter.  These small reclining seat equipped carriers can be used to evacuate disabled and injured or sick people back to guideway vehicles to care facilaties where mobile medical responses are not enough.

Today a high percentage of goods are shipped across boarders. No longer used in guideway world basalt fiber construction, materials like dirt, sand, gravel, cement powder, steel and wood.  Heavier cheaper commodities are obtained mostly locally.  Most oil, natural gas, vehicles and appliances are intercontinental or long distance cross continentally shipped.  There are at least six handoffs on average  between present international commerce and more yet stages to retail sales.  The guideway world would allow one trip nonstop global deliveries.

Where ever the guideway reaches a city or rural area the transportation overhead cost can be reduced to usually a no goods modal or storage or inspection transfers or at most one transfer from the end of a production line, no need for warehousing straight onTovar’s a globally roaming guideway vehicle, to go nonstop at about 950 feet per second to the customers homes door to door vehicle direct delivery or to a store shelf or stock room for inside unloading, no lift truck or pallet jack nessasry.  The guideway vehicles are small enough to hang through buildings from taller above 15 foot high ceilings, moving above head height down isle ways.  How many aircraft, trucks, ships, railroads and even automobiles and vans that can move in one day all of the world’s commerce and people trips can alsomake it down the isles of most stores and their their stock rooms?

This is for transportation that is cheaper to build per mile than any hard surfaced roadway, cheaper than Skytran maglev and urethane wheel boggie PRT guideways.  This is all electric global transportation that does not requirer any battery power to globalize low cost fuel burning free electric economies that are forever sustainable, without flaws.  Every vehicle on the planet will directly pick up power like any electric railway from the guideway from a 40 million mile global power grid hooked direct to local deep geothermal power plants spaced out on a grid about five to thirty miles apart every where on earth.  Electric and all energy scarcity an price inconsistency ends everywhere.

The heat of the earth usually seven to nine miles under ground level can provide all the electricity a area will need, not burning any more fuel for practical reasons for tens of thousand to in some places millions of years.  This design idea set includes machinery designs to cheaply drill large diameter shafts, using fully automated machinery, miles deep with a low cost for the first mile about the same as the last mile cost using shaft wall supported ascenders.

By globalizing fully automated low overhead finance, commerce and logistics we can eliminate a need for most govornment.  State craft becomes easy when there are few rogue states to deal with.  This humanizes decisions by creating a system where all humans are cooperatively assisted to be in control. 

The proposed new running gear design is lower in rolling resistance than flanged railways by about 30% to 60% and lower than all possible road vehicle systems by about 95%.  The proposed design principles lowers dynamic drag to less than all possible systems accept vacuum pump free or vehicle evacuated ET3 and mass decoupling systems.  As drag and friction is reduced, speed is increased for faster payback of capital cost with lower energy cost when using guideway automated installation ultra deep anywhere geothermal electricity.

A new set of simple receptacles and layered wet, dry clean, dirty bulk commodities bladders allows any of these passenger and goods carrying vehicles to take on, ship at aircraft speed and discharge one to two tons of water, grain or raw materials in each vehicle‘s main compartment with passenger seats automaticly folded to the vehicle ends.  He bladders or bags when not in use are sucked against the vehicle wall, opposite the full length top hinged entry door.

The global guideway vehicle fleet, thirty years from now could move a cubic kilometer of materials several thousand miles every day yet still get everybody on the planet to work, school and errands on time, while making all global deliveries everywhere in moments between human movements.  Non time sensitive long distance movements are made over night at a reduced cost subsidized by required higher costs during peak hours.

The global guideway is managed with a single design, lower cost per mile miniature suspended monorail.  This is lower in cost than streets and highways are to build but elevated above, undisturbing of all land uses underneath.  The guideway vehicles are all self lowering to ground level for access.  This requires no station, intermodal terminal or special platform to use mobility ever again.  You can load or unload in the middle of a undeveloped field, forest, mountain slope or beach, beside or above every business, house and apartment, isolated village or farm or in narrow urban walk only alleyways.  Loading from water and snow covered surfaces and amongst crowds of free roaming animals requires vehicle situational recognition, proximity stopping and descent warnings.

The global guideway is simply a jet fast, miniature suspended monorail system that is small as practical for most vehicle movements.  By excluding a fraction of a percent of the larger hauled items we can learn to make everything mostly smaller and disassembled to fit in smaller guideway vehicles for lower air drag due to small vehicle frontal area.  This means less energy is used per seat, cargo volume or ton which means lower cost at higher speed which allows a faster pay back on investment period than any other vehicle in history by often hundreds of times cheaper while being immediately on demand.

The best electric vehicle is a faster battery free guideway electric vehicle.  The best energy source for tens of thousands of years in the future is ultra deep geothermal local everywhere small package power plants.

Eliminating all unecessary costs, that we tolerate in all of the vehicles we use today, eliminates about two thirds of the cost of all products that is transportation and distribution in markets.  Guideway full automation costs less than human distribution.

Local product markets become instantly global direct producer to final consumer markets world wide.  Small farmers and shop manufacturers can sell products on the far side of the world competing with large industries.  This is because a non Google based guideway integrated internet has no barriers to market presentation.  This boosts economies while eliminating jobs that need to be replaced in a new social not commercial and government based economy.

Peoples needs come first no longer depending on investor-leader based industrial structuer.  Spontainious structure is a social inter action needing connectivity beyond the simplicities of Facebook and Google.  Proposed is a concierge personal assistant that guides people to organize with each other towards common beneficial goals no longer needing political, industrialist or religious leadership for action.

This universal public utility guideway is vehicle not facility and staff based.  This eliminates large cost shares when combined with the vehicles only having about ten to twenty percent of road truck linear weight. With less air resistance or drag than a bicycle without it’s rider.

The vehicles are designed to work independently and in groups as visually tubular like trains, out of doors in all adverse weather and corrosive conditions for centuries.  When all other vehicle systems are shut down by zero visibility, ice and high drifting snow storms, high winds, floods, earth quakes and forest fires, with a vehicle that can break down or wear out these guideway designs should keep on going because of personal rapid transit or PRT design principles never commonly used before even for PRT systems.  The guideways fight fires hundreds of feet away from the beams.

These vehicles travel on self alignment maintaining, high section moment machine tool accurate running surfaces.  Under these protective monorail beams the vehicle trains flash from horizon to horizon almost unnoticed with a quick hissing audible sound suppressed by the design at a mile every six seconds or less, on average twenty five feet over ground level in mostly 100 to 2,000 foot long vehicle trains.

This is simply a global nonstop, local and long range, public all transportation and energy service utility.  The guideway serves all human and environmental needs and desires.  Businesses and institutions of all kinds can become global using the guideway.

All existing technologies are used here, requiring no new basic research other than immediately building prototypes in a few months from best available parts, and testing them to failure under fully automatic control to every two to four months testing an improved version.  Many companies in China already have limited mass production machinery lines and developed expertise in making the required parts.  Identified companies in dozens of other countries can pick this up in a year or less and run with these ideas, as there is nothing here that has ever been totally a secret, only the whole idea combination has been never been popularized, but been around for 130 years now in open public testing of primitive early designs.  We could have started testing these devices in the US and Scotland about 180 years ago but no one had the foresight then to properly use what was being learned and demonstrated.  We have stupidly stumbled through this fuel burning age taking too long to rethink priorities.

First comes a need to understand all the parts and how they comparatively work.  Then once educated comes the serious question; “if not this, then what?”  Or better, “why not try the guideway first?”

The guideway outperforms in every measure all other systems I can find any data on.  Many developers have understood parts of these principles and chose lesser design and market paths to follow.

If you do not understand this, as no known expert has openly understood all the trade offs, then it is time to go back and learn the details all over again.  This is not an opinion based issue as everything here has mathematical reasoning requirering comparative testing and refinement to see what the real limits are.  The limits we have already crossed at practical need levels.  We just need to dial in design options or best component arrangements for long life certain reliability.  Most engineers will be afraid of the speed and forces involved.  Would not they have been afraid to build a 757, 787 or 777X forty years ago.  We are better at everything.  A PRT development engineer at Boeing about thirty years ago told me, “they had solved all the PRT problems but corporate kept them from proceeding as it was not a core company product like the 777”.

About the same time a Vice President at Ford and one at Union Pacific told me the same thing when I tried to describe what each of them could do.  No board of directors has had the courage to take the risk and be first.

The guideway‘s full automation replaces all management and skill levels of human cost overhead in surface movements by new design.

Only irregular maintenance is required based on the first know design in history for a simple electric wheel motor in a variable segmental length low weight and frontal area to power ratio chain.  One motor production line replaces all propulsion system lines from automobiles and commercial jets to nuclear power plants for ships.

The property access grid guideway can last centuries without major replacement or yearly repairs.  Street systems require full time staffing for constant deterioration repairs and resurfacing about every 35 years world wide replacement and improvement to meet ever rising demand for the whole of the world’s Infrastructure.  In 35 years almost every house on the planet can have a guideway connection on their property and half the world’s road system will already have been removed and grassland and forested back over between properties.  A coast to coast unbroken mostly fenseless green primeval like carpet landscape can shortly exist, where even the buildings blend in, no longer needing much light for streets at night.  A more active all modern living population no longer needs external uses of property required by large area concrete slabs.  The guideways are hidden amongst automatically planted and watered vines and trees, guideway strip forests.

This running gear system is the first proposed use of a nonslip low distributed bearing and wheel load traction system.  This can provide the power to weight ratios of after burning turbojets at many times greater efficiency with long life bearings, commutation and full electric supply voltage matching throttle control.  All at ambient not super cooled temperatures not 6% different in efficency than super conducting without the system cooling costs and losses.  This does not preclude superconducting for maglev.

For the first time in history many layers of operation substitution redundancy allows vehicles to continue operating with many critical parts failed.  Fluid cooling that is direct immersion internal hot spot injection, not today’s heat sink designs, are proposed using streamlined skin dissipation.  The dielectric insulating lubricant has to also be the motor coolant.  Filtering out metal particles requires a nonplugging three step process described further on.  The motor creates an internal low air pressure to reduce most internal wheel air friction.  Hot temperatures reduce chocking shock waves and interference drag in cold weather.

The gear rim treads step across the micro rack teeth with little sliding action, just momentary contact.  reducing thermal expansion pitch differential remains the main wear problem.  The wheels need to adjust to the pitch of the rails or have a very low expansion ratio.  This is not our grand fathers or even high speed railroads systems designs.  This is as new as supersonic to hyper sonic aircraft only a lot slower.  Once this is demonstrated you will say why did we not do this before.  That is if it can be made to work as designed.

Right now you might say how can we do this or even can it ever be possible.  I can ask that same question about every vehicle and machine we use today.  They all are like magic before they were developed.  This is figuratively much better magic.

Heating control is the most difficult design task today, just as it was in David G Weems engineering consideration notes from 1889.  Weems first proposed and tested the forrunner of this systems proposal.

The Smthsonian has Weems two test vehicles, that were capable of 200 MPH in 1889, but lacked a smoother test track and a larger power supply, full enclosure of the wheels and larger cooling air scoops, all planed in patents and drawings.  Weems ran out of money, could not find further investors and the primitive transportation systems of our present time evolved instead.  Weems’s engineering notes and engineering publication critiquing articles and historic letters are all in the Smithsonian archives and warehouses, which they have refused for over three decades now to put back on display.

High miles traveled by each vehicle in daily combined urban, interurban and intercontinental long service lives with fast pit stop replacement of all parts, a rugged weather, ballistic impact and abrasion resistant basalt fiber carborundum composite body with intended multi century service lives means fast capital pay back of a few months to a year, being operationally almost cost free there after, accept for rebuilding bearings, treads and commutation about every two to five years plus electric supply cost.

One to two million miles would be traveled each year by every vehicle.  Each all purpose global commerce utility vehicle serves almost every human need serially almost every day.

This is a all new product industry of about one trillion to five trillion dollars a year in product output for about four decades before market saturation.  Today our combined existing systems cost us over ten trillion each year.  The early models can not be exceeded in performance as they are out of the factory capable of supersonic speeds in trains and can be improved to upper limits by the first decade.

ET3 will parallel build out at the same time and last in production a few decades farther on producing industrial profits, replacing much of the self lowering guideway.  The launch and recovery ring technologies will last centuries beyond this as industrial product markets.  There is no way to estimate beyond the self lowering guideway global system as the ET3 based technologies have too many uncertainties as described.

Knowing the economic effects has to consider that the $60 trillion to over $250 trillion final cost will take several decades to introduce destroying during that time major sections of all economies that can no longer compete.  There are no significant guideway jobs as that is why the services are so inexpensive.  The guideway has to be seen as a cost reduction expediter of all other commercial areas as well as a personal option improvement through a rapid reduction in almost every cost of living area.  This reduces a need for personal labor, freeing up people to consume adventures and permanently pursue hands on life time education as entertainment.

It is hard to know the outcomes any more than in 1900 you could have foreseen today.  A couple of decades from now with the first ET3 scale Startram, all people will be able to afford a day or so recreating in a space hotel no more expensively than a cruise ship vacation today.  Only ET3 makes this possible, Wake up Daryl, this is your moment and you are my hero.

We know how to do all phases of what is described here.  We choose not to do any of this because this seems hard.  It mostly seems so different.  We are all like kids born into a global multi industrial family that beats them.  The beatings we receive can sometimes feel like comforting love, our own wishful desire for love projected on a costly set of life shortening corrupt road and air vehicle industrial products, governmet, professional associations.  This is industry based economies that acting as parents, dictate what products, logistics and market delivery are our human family experiences.

Dependence on fuel burning of any kind can not seen good if we have the geothermal powered guideway substitute to compare with.

Noisy at ground level personally operated road vehicles everywhere on almost constantly bumpy streets using up today about $3,000 to $8,000 dollars a year per vehicle to average under 12,000 miles driven is universal abuse of people everywhere.  One in about 50 of us will die from road vehicle use.  After accident life shortening and total disabilities and pollution deaths are included.

Not allowed to even popularly know about PRT options we can not envision getting along without cars, trucks and streets.  This global mental abuse.

The total guideway replacement option requires a anywhere access self lowering vehicle design that never emerged, was never discussed in tens of thousands of conferences, studies and presentations.  When we can all access everywhere mobility that goes faster than business jet speed with lower energy drag per seat or ton than slow railroads in dense sea level air, we will never look back longingly at the abuse the personal auto era developers romantically forced on our global family.

Data networked transfer and management is not needed for a totally integrated PRT global guideway.  Each vehicle operates as independently as a personal car driver on a national road network.  This is electronic, at the curb, out of sight, dispatcher free taxi hailing.  There needs to be no monitoring at all as each vehicle sees all the other adjacent vehicles and all nearby calls of users for service.  The vehicles independently announce they are closest till one takes a call based on a best time and service type to customer needs algorithm.

This is internally complex but requires no overloaded central dispatcher computer managment.  Unmet capacity needs are announced by region and globally using a tiny server capacity system for all the commerce needs of the whole planet second by second with the capacity of the single cell phone I am writing on.  Edge or fringe data is is not needed either as it is locally processed and refined with results being acted upon by the tool carriers doing the work and the owner customers assisted decision processes.  Periodically as needed movement and actions are recorded in a world activities data base supplied in contributions by all the guideway vehicles and tool carriers in a rotating down load of the past hours of their activities in general.

Each vehicle records external passing images, odors, organic chemicals, particulates, nitros oxides for pollution and gun shot triangulation for crime detection.  This data can be used to create polluting maps.

All the vehicle and internet users can see interpretations of the meaning of this general data.  Nothing even remotely like this exists in our crude Adam Smith Chicago School primitive understanding of modern automated economies.

We cannot live in, eat, build from, cloth ourselves with, move ourselves around or enhance the natural environment with data.  In the absence of each of us being very intelligent data is useful information to act on, but it is neither action or product or service.  The global guideway is an every human assistant action, a action implementing global fully automated machine set.

Our best future is not in anyway data connected.  A better future requires improvement in real physical systems accomplishments that at times relies on gross amounts of immediate local data for guidance.  Get rich quick is the new data tulip field economy.  Programming dirt cheap individual computer data sorting and open market collection and distribution are the way to go.  Electric signals are capital cheap and millions of times over valued as human origin based pricing.  Low cost high benefit ratios full automation, simple actionable useful cheaper server cost..  Happy providers can still make a living just not a killing.

Data management can be formalized to no longer need systems suppliers but becomes a free public service used by all, managed and owned by nobody, built by global public service robotic egoless self manufacturing systems dispersed out on a local guideway network that becomes the new nonprofit based internet.  The guideway robotic systems roboticly builds itself, no longer requiring expensive facilities, providing it’s own electricity for tens of thousands of years from stable geothermal supplies and natural flow convective cooling spread along 40 million mile of nuclear war hardened guideway length, dependent on no central facility any where.  Protecting the guideway is easier than rebuilding it.  Besides few people really worship military power in a prosperous world.

Substituting this project’s set of goals for any of several hundred thousand wepons systems development efforts in dozens of countries of similar difficulty over the last 100 years might have changed human war based history by bring the world’s isolated populations together as mostly one economic unit on the guideway carried out  before the Spanish American and Boer wars, inter marrying cultures became by now a world wide integrated city trading society.

We are instead isolated by country and continents lacking personal speed and global instant commercial market access through a Google gate keeper inhibiting free open internet presentation under a preditory Roman Empire games and zero sum casino for profit only system.

We need to bring the competing govornments of our world together to collectively desolve their national working identities Euro style.  The histories will still be recorded and the secrets will no longer have a reason to be keep for even more history to inform and amuse us.

We are spending more to own and use a slow rough riding personal road vehicle instead of a gliding smooth fast as a drag racing saltflat speed record car, tough as a one ton diesel pickup, PRT, all pourpose public transportation that has no territorial or political boundaries.

Look at the human races sexual partner, commercial product and political activity betrayals.  Look at product reliability and cost of living for poorer people and income distribution and investor organized debt based economies that drag some people down and make other people wealthy.

We can do better than these things but we have to do it mostly differently.  This is about completely different anytime anywhere starting points.

The global guideway is a world wide warehouse isle-way for the pick and ship call and impulsively travel, all purpose global any point access, higher efficency,  PRT vehicles.

These vehicles arrive on call, ready for almost any task.  Just as computers and cell phones have many built in and add on programs and apps and connect with many programed devices and data sources, so the guideway vehicles carries on board a catalog full of adaptive capacities, robotic skills and tools.

The vehicle helps novice users learn in stages how to achieve personal and business SEO free global access featuers through different types of graphic animations and verbal presentation primers seen onboard each vehicle used.  Vehicles entering market areas might pick up local user directories indicating user sophistication and presenting them with an appropriate level of service interface.  Eventually like using a cell phone every body will learn how to do use the global guideway for everything.

Few, often no specialty vehicles are needed making many more standard vehicles locally ready for all common needs near by.

All vehicles have to station and platform free independently self lower on one of several new hoist designs to any safe spot under the guideway the calling user chooses.  The vehicles see and avoid users, animals, objects, tree limbs, approaching vehicles and pedestrians as they descend, as described further on.

Global rental, self owned and managed public use robotic tool carriers are each land surface all terrain people carriers along with being a universal mount for health care devices replacing trips to emergency rooms and clinics, yard work, construction, materials handling, farm, mine and factory tasks when coupled to the right globally mobile rental implements.  Mobility requirements for tool carriers go from being able to be safe at expressway speeds to being able to fold for transportation inside the tiny cross section global guideway vehicles to being small enough to go through most walk doors to being able to lift and shoulder one or more tons as handling systems or carriers of machinery of all kinds.

Inventories of carriers and implements can be quickly moved amongst unmaned local outside storage yards world wide, using the guideway inventory replenishment system.

The tool carriers are a one machine construction bidirectional tracked vehicle that is rentable world wide.  Creating novice user interfaces uses the same graphic animation primers use in the guideway vehicles.  Paper operational manuals have long been obsoleate.  Interactive user screen operational systems have been on copy machines and NC machine tools for decades now.

The tool carriers allow amateurs to use tool carriers and the proposed panel wall systems to build like professionals at a fraction of today’s costs.  Order up the self design sections and a tool carrier assembler to assist you and you could build a occupy-able house in a few hours of a single day or add an addition onto an existing structure or apply insulated roofing or wall weatherazation that is designed to last centuries instead of decades till it has to be repeated.

Each tool carrier is an adaptive all skills and knowledge base problem solver designed to consultant orofessionals and authority humans when safer to do so.  An example is GIS or one call before digging and footing and highly stressed wind or snow loads calculations made onboard the tool carrier.  The tool carriers need to be many times better sensor and computer problem solvers than the guideway vehicles or autonomus road vehicles.  A set of user to tool carrier interactive transaction examples will be desribed further on.

The global guideway is for user’s, an economy growth serving, cost of living reduction advantage for all, not a profit advantage for a few.

Self ownership and self management of each user serving and controlled pubic service robotic element is required to eliminate stagnation, universal human commerce moral corruption and high cost and lack of foresight of large scale industrial business or govornment human management and operations.  Long before autonomus intelligence is developed robotic systems can be programmed to exceed human judgement performance in most doctorate and liscensed professional catigories.  This waits only loading data sets into machine understanding software and giving robotic vehicles and tool carriers enough properly connected sensors and manipulating dexterity to carry out tasks.

One small frontal area but long PRT vehicle replaces the capital and operating cost doing the functions every day of about 15 cars and two average heavy commercial trucks with about the cost of a high end SUV by carrying all loads much faster using less energy cost per net ton mile.  Every modern auto has this much technology in it.

a couple hundred guideway vehicle replaces a container ship and connecting railroad and road trucks on each end.  Fifty or so guideway vehicles replaces a A-380 or 777x jet, the airports used and the connecting infrastructure on each end.

the first guideway vehicles will cost about $100,000 each.  Latter versions migh be guideway industry made for $50,000 or less.

High volume urban guideway traffic jams will never occur because of very high cornering speed, acceleration and straight away urban speeds, rarely lower than 200 MPH normally reachable with one to two tons on board in about eleven seconds from a stop and about six seconds from a parabolic right corner on ramp.  Side street speeds need be rarely lower than 100 MPH with tight urban corner ramp speeds usually over 20 MPH.  Traffic is the same passage rates by time but spread out to make guideways seem almost diserted at rush hours.  There needs be no speed limit through urban areas under 650 MPH on light train traffic straight sections.  Speed on straights is constantly changing by different on and off ramp vehicle and train spacing.

A first generation prototypes can exceed these seemingly impossible speeds by road vehicle standards, to test wear factors on curves and safety margins.  Untill fail safe inter vehicle demonstrations prove reliability, gaps and speeds will need to be much more restrictive.  These are vehicles that can stop if needed from 650 MPH in about ten seconds with out injuring most passengers.  Emergency stopping passengers will be shook up emotionally, but quickly recover being use to the possibility just as we are locking wheels in emergency auto stops at about a fourth this rate.

The guideways and vehicles must be a user controlled beneficial public global trust, that is self owned, that is roboticly managed by a standard software.  A control data fire wall has to exist between outside controls and data and any operational task controls.  The vehicles can be programmed with a cooperative specific task reactionary understanding of user needs.  If a vehicle is called into a suspicious or known risk area or is being damaged or overridden or detects illegal indicating loads oders, radiation or sounds it can call layers of local to international police to virtually ride along.

The police ride the vehicles remotely in crime detection.  Robotic all terrain patrolmen can substitute for officers on duty and be launched from some vehicles as needed.  Robot cop will not look like any device you have ever probably seen befoer.  Definitely no human but nice and will not shoot unarmed suspects.  Every vehicle should be equipped with time and directional acoustic and thermal recorders.  This triangulates and instantly reports emergencies and fires.

No external control has to be always enforced but a guideway vehicle can always if at risk lock itself in place to the overhead guideway until returned to service by a onsite employee.

The start of a better world is to use the guideways, phone and internet to constantly survey people to see what ther personal needs and problems are.  This becomes a universal loan and other aid institution for millionaires to street people.  Every class has unment aspirations and problems that need solving.

No mobility operator or manager skills are ever needed by users or operators again to travel or ship anywhere on or off the planet.  If you can dial a phone call and listen to or watch plain graphic instructions, in all languages you can travel and ship any amount anywhere on the planet for a couple of cents a ton mile, faster than jets, direct to every wealthy to impoverished residence.

A Braille pin pad and visual communication pad for deaf and blind is integrated into the seat arm rests.  These control and display systems will also be the world’s first full banking and industrial investor service ATM guideway zero overhead insurance and global investment market system.  How this is done in a 5 inch by 5 inch by 14 inch space is described further on in design details.

This is the global end of any need for the cost overhead of any form of financial, govornments, insurence or regulator overhead.  The guideway user inputs control the logistics global economy reducing 2/3rds of the overhead cost of providing everything in the productive guideway sustainable forever human economy.

 The guideway global network is a human race survival asurance system, countering anti human religious like ideas that have lead to a hidden assumption of eventual uncertainly defined often as human moral or Earth shrugging failure.  We now know better, historical and future batural failure modes.  The guideway is designed to bypass all of these modes with strategies described in detail further on, for every failure option with only the exception of the unlikely ruthless alien invasion and even hundreds of strategies for these possibilities.  Much of these alternatives have been covered in unpublished plans ignoring a universal global guideway solution.

More efficient machines mean less income for a few but lower cost of living for everything for every one.  Few people are working in transportation and energy.  High profits add to such costs more than labor.

The buyer can not be aware of product and service outcomes which may be unbenificial to them or harmful to the natural world.  Popular acceptance of harmful products is no indicator of viability or propriety of suppliers.  Even top experts are ignorant of cost to benifit ratios almost never trying to figure them.  Let the buyer beware of uncaring sellers has always been considered immoral and should have in more than the few poorly enforced regulations and criminal codes be regulated as illegal.  Products and services that harm people should requirie forfeiture, and separation from commerce untill personal reform.  Might that not be any of us in a unsustainable global economy.  The guideway is constantly being regulated by democratic user decisions based on the new decision making systems described further on.

All consumers are trapped inside national and global economies where decision making centralization of power and profit at any cost is standard practice from communist to capitalist, democratic to dictatorships.  All profit driven economies are free range debters prisons for poorer people.  The problem is how to improve the  effects of the growth of wealth for all through more efficient means of production with very low cost guideway market delivery, “logistics.”

The global guideway is an integration of health and safety, transportation, all lower overhead personal to industrial mobility without any remaining need for govornments, finance, separate systems of transportation and communications all powered by a ultra deep everywhere geothermal finely dispersed local guideway based electric grid.  All in one and more.

The guideway is the start of permantly sustainable off grid all electric housing for all people on the planet.  Find a unused house any where and it provides all your needs accept food and water with minimal maintenance for centuries.  Design component and production tooling possibilities are detailed further on.  Low cost housing for all is also an indirect guideway function requiered to boost the vibrancy of an ever improving sustainable global economy.

The global guideway is a parallel undisturbing breakaway user controlled robotic economic machine system.  Still the over land used guideway grids contribute disproportionately to the existing old parallel economy untill its obsoleate functions no longer are practiced or are absorbed.  Nothing is forbidden that can not be proved in common law practices to be truly externally harmful to others.

The guideway design is for self construction by fully automated autonomus vehicle production machines that never need supporting  ground based machinery or transportation.  The guideway is self installed extended, modified, removed and moved elsewhere. Removed guideways leave no sign of their former spot existance on the same day of removal of ever being there in the first place.  The global guideway designs are maintained all above and undisturbing of all present natural and built up environments.  The guideways maintain a minimal path through forests and even fully automaticly monitor, plant and maintain strip forests around them often miles out where ever possible.  Users control extends to choices of scenic views and habitat plains that are maintained and correctly populated as well by the guideways using Savoy understandings.

The present concrete or liquid stone or our present late Stone Age construction we rely on leaves earth moved mound builder like and rubble and artifact traces of our modern occupation many thousands of years after today’s abandonments.

If a pier or span is damaged, which is a rare, unlike roads where it is a regular occurrence due to brittle fractures,the use at all of steel concentrated skeletal reinforcement micro crack producing processes and common forms of land subsidence.

It takes under two minutes time to change out any major guideway span part or structure using the fully automated construction machine designs.

The guideway is designed to maximize robotic fast thinking talents not robotic software applied to machines designed to be ineffectively dumb and slow for human control.  Avoiding the present universal transportation collateral damage is what the guideway dies better.

Today this is about 1.4 million deaths each year from accident, two million deaths from pollution and about 20 million injuries and hospitalizations including property losses with about 60 trillion US dollars in costs and losses each year to the disorganized economies of the world as compared to using a global guideway.

Installing the 40 million miles of guideway grid should one time cost under about 150 trillion dollars including it’s use share of a ultra deep geothermal power supply placed about every ten to thirty miles.This supply moved as production zones are cooled down should last guideway energy needs most laces an average of about 50,000 years of full time present likely mobility needs.  This is calculated as aproximtely four times present average population consumptions or about twelve times present outcomes after factoring in improvements and subtracting inefficiency factors.

The humanoid robot applications model promoted by most thoughtless developers is designed to not assist us to be more productive but to replace us in existing systems to add to productivity.  No fully automated purpose built self directed machines have ever looked like a human.

The guideway vehicle is designed to travel in groups  or gap free smooth sided ridged body rim coupled trains looking like one long tubue of two or three or hundreds of independently PRT routed vehicles.

These can travel in longer trains at a little over twice the speed of sound continuously at ambient sea level conditions with one to two tons on board.  All the vehicles are governed for comfirtabke curve and turbulence vibration limiting speeds, normally traveling less than one one half that speed with average loads of about 400 pounds carried in mostly short distances in about 200 daily pick up and deliveries in local hauls averaging about 5 to 25 miles.  Fewer near buy hauls might average about 100 miles between inter city hauls averaging about 1,000 miles to every day each vehicle making at least one intercontinental cuircuit.  Every vehicle every day will carry mostly people for all kinds of trip often with compartment separated goods deliveries on board and I termitenly when the primary traffic loads are less carrying water and dry commodities in full compartment bags with end folded seats described further on.

Each day every vehicle will have delivered many packages, letters, people and every few days picked up several one to two ton loads of water as a long distance back hauls from somewhere, delivered as raw irrigation, wash or fire suppression water in one bag or in a separate bag externally sanitized domestic water for all purposes.  This is the start of global accurately controlled water conservation but nearly unlimited water needs met everywhere.

The guideway system can eventually move cubic miles of fertile soil and water every month hauled to where ever in the world it is needed and distributed at sites by autonomus tool carriers brought in by the guideway.  Tool carriers and rubble sewage vehicles can mulch up and clean up forest undergrowth leaving in place surface mulch for conservation improvement of the Workds souls and reduction of fier losses.  Excess mulch is transferred to fields where requested Or improvements in savanas and cattle grazing areas.  Peat building areas supply soil improvements to hopefully still warming northern areas or northern green house multi yearly harvest farms.

In a couple of decades the global guideway can remove and reuse the thousands of square miles of unused roads and airport runways making retaining walls and walking paths out of blocks made of slabs.

The global guideway is actually a good replacement for all needs for any form of government activities.  This will be hard to understand even by libertarians who should support it.  Over the last thirty five years I have found libertarians and greens as opposed to change as the forces they see as their enemies.

At a meeting two decades ago a libertarian said to the greens present as if he was an alien they were observing, “ we both have more in common than differences and should get together.”  How insightful that sounded.  Maybe we should all get together as we have far more in common than differences.  I found at subsequent state republican , green and libertarian party meeting that the audience mostly supported open electronic democracy but the leaders at the front were shocked it was suggested and opposed grass roots democratic systems seeming compelled to suppress all but representative forms.  Never queried Democrats about this.

Argumentative personal cell phone assistant software could slowly make universal open democracy happen.  We are divided today into factions to create political supporter armies to support the sociopathic minds of nearly all leaders and committees.

For all known time increasing wealth and power drives most choices.  If you can sell products and services to willing purchasers  that make a choice viable.  Sustainability needs radically lower cost at radically higher speed in radically lighter weight to reduce the cost so there will be fewer or at times only one best user choice that enrichens the users through lower cost with better quality not the sellers through higher profits.  Letting the market place sort it out requires the market place has comparative information often suppressed by lesser performing suppliers.  Truth in advertizing should be enforced equally for all.

Amongst all likely intelligent choices this is possibly the only well thought out one in history.  A complete package.  This may be better than all the last centuries worth of ideas generated together by all he iconic developers of modern industrial commerce like Apple, AT&T, DARPA, DOT, DOE, NSF, TRW, Rand, NASA Ford, GE, GM, Boeing, Google, Musk and others.

This would be an arrogant statement accept the millions of thinkers who made our present modern Industrial age incrementally possible created not one single logical knowable route to escape the negative destination of fuel burning and wasting of fertile soil depletion, CO2 balance, introduction of chemicals that disrupt life and endless consumption of irreplaceable critical materials.  All the time aging wrinkled roughly acne potholed paved roads support low efficiency to benifit systems.  All the problems that are created by the core technology basic industrial civilization depends on roads, motorized ships, the only common fast go anywhere transportation inefficient dynamic aircraft and railroads have zero solutions that are sustainable.  There is no solution for the problems using modified versions of these same systems without some form of fuel burning and massive battery power storage and worst of all indirect access commerce and mobility rarely seen as a separate asset.

Making everything battery powered, Musk style, is not resource possible.  Not one truly low air drag vehicle outside of human powered speed record attempts and a few motor cycle and slender body four wheel speed record streamliners have exhibited truly low drag.  Take away the wings, canopy and tail and a F-105 is efficiently designed at three times ideal frontal area Assuming a long closed tail cone.  No Tesla or any other electric vehicle produced was ever minimum drag designed, even the Aptura.

If drag and movement support rolling resistance, displacement and dynamic support is not minimized then weight counts in energy calculations.  When support drag is easy to eliminate then dynamic drag becomes an even bigger cost per volume and ton mile moved.  Efficient wide range regenerative braking eliminates speed change concerns.  The dual solution has to bypass existing mobility designs to be fully optimized.  For reasons obvious in analytic comparisons nothing from our present product and infrastructure has much use going forward accept dams for flood control and irrigation.  Even dam designs that inhibit migration and nutrient transfers are problems.

Super conducting maglev has a lift to drag ratio advantage over hard flat tread flangeless micro gear wheels and rails but requires off setting thermal losses with maximum concentrated coils to mass that favors larger higher unit aero drag larger vehicles that require higher cost per mile guideways or evacuated tube costs.  Lighter per unit of length means lower access cost to homes and farm fields.

Roads and canals even chaneleized rivers are guideways as well as high air traffic controlled air  and orbital pathways that intersect.  Avoiding collisions between vehicles and objects requires path and direction separation first and either chanelization or path traffic management.  Dense traffic favors trapped guideways in separated alignments where high speed is safe.

Roads are highly flawed forms of mobility enhancement going back before the Corinth Canal cart tracks that go down underwater before the sea level rise was fully out of the last ice age.  We have been relying on wheels and global sailboat transportation thousands of years before the Clovis culture even existed.  We have learned little in the almost 12,000 year period that looks like critical thought driven planning.  I have read hundreds of thousands of planning articles and not one I remember started from primitive basics asking what direction shall we take questions.

Aircraft dynamic lift and propulsion systems are actually slower as well as less efficient by hundreds of times than the two types of guideway systems proposed here.  These separate but different implementing speed time line global guideway systems are nearly all the transportation solutions advanced people will ever need in the future, short of mass decoupling and the wide variety of interdementional mobility no one is allowed to talk in detailed ways about yet.

The main subject here is in air self lowering vehicle global guideway transportation that is robotic user serving self owned, self built, whole robotic system with an automated public service, goal oriented management program control system, with no central computer of any kind.  Vehicles cooperate together and with the users they serve as individuals.  Regimentation is really efficient cooperation.

The user choice directed adjusted asset management is dispersed out to every vehicle with open internet movement of the closest empty vehicle capacities to where they are needed based on a  just past time adjusted traffic demand calendar and reoccurring event record transferred to every vehicle entering and leaving the overlapping service areas.  Area chambers of commerce, overseen by local users and industries and institutions have the option of asking for event peak load extra capacity.  This all is adjusted minute by minute or hourly as service areas become less dense by local to global user goals.

This is a for everybodies purposes on Earth probably the cheapest mass movement at small individual personalized mobility packet scales .

With ET3 the second form of mostly city to city airlock tube connected global guideway goes directly into space personal mobility and commerce.  For people who can afford a $10,000 to $50,000 ET3 air lock and spur to the basement of their home they might travel to the opposite side of the Earth for a few cents a mile at up to about 17,000 MPH mid trip speeds taking usually a few minutes to go between continental major destinations.

This is all like as a figurative Swiss Army Knife of future necessary logistics.

Imediately on hearing about these ideas even most  very smart people find them unintelligible needing time to absorb them in the absence of a single all function 3D demonstration prototype.  I have been asking for thirty five plus years now for help to build a single simple functioning prototype to demonstrate and test ever higher performance features.  Being turned down by thousands of institutions and companies to which this often would have been a regular budget item has been depressing but never slowed research.  As time has gone on things, I once was alone in describing, have crept into commercial production both improving possibilities and making ideas more familiar to people.  On occasion in the often least likely places these ideas were understood intuitively by others in their pieces but never a whole understanding to exchange details with.

Science as a collective institution is often religion by another name.  Experts of all kinds establish professional territories they often jealously protect from intruders by insults and well documented outright suppression of information.

In the late 1960s to 1970s, the early days of PRT that was the way Ed Anderson was treated as a transportation Heratic and professional out cast.  He struggled mightily to overcome and normalize fully automated transportation a real American tech hero that may never be recognized.

But then as all revolutionaries do Ed drew several lives across the unlimited desert of human knowledge and said vehicles must be on top and slower and use elevated stations of certain types and certain types of running gear.  Short noods were made to a few other possibilities but his revolution stood ground against others going on past him at the same time.

The referees were all absent defending their own versions and all of the conventional systems.  Not one generalist with no firm religious like dogma ever emerged and so real progressed stoped behind improvements of familiar systems that most people might vote for funding.  In the end scientists and engineers were most interested in job continuation for what they believed in the multi denomiational transportation religions.

We all had of nessesity to attend activities in one of their churches whether you used the extensive area Chicago rail or bus transit network that rarely got you where you wanted to or used your car or truck to get stuck in traffic some of the time but go exactly where you wanted to go but often not finding parking downtown.  All of this is 10% of the speed at ten times the cost at many times the personal hassle of the global guideway.  The guideway is the Chicago merchantile miniatuer subway faster than jets going to every house on the planet.

We could have started building the guideway  just before or after the 1850s to 1890s.  We were just beginning to develop the earliest necessary technical knowledge.  We could have figured out how to do this all along, but everybody made other choices.  It always seemed easier to try and improve the other choices we are trapped in today than to set down and ask critical questions about how can we more efficiently do every thing we basicly need to accomplish.

A good half of our present economy is unessasary expense in a guideway fuel burning relieved world.  Actually almost three fourths of everything we do today that seems critical to survival now is useless activities we do not need in a  direct global delivery system guideway world.

Most of the administrative expenses and even the need to constantly use human intuition and artistic expierience is the requirements of road, rail, airport and large displacement ship logistics requirements we have over a century ago figured out how to automate phone and internet data systems but are popularly clueless when it comes to personal and goods mobility.

The guideway makes every home, farm, factory or retailer property it connects with an international soon to be free trade air and sea port.  Oceans are no longer a modal transfer barrier as both land Ventura global guideway systems cross oceans as cheaply as communications cables and satellite systems do in shallow floating tethered miniature tubes that will form a dense mostly straight line set of cross crossing ocean high speed highways.

The global guideway moves medical and other professionals world wide to distribute multi home professional service occupancies for temporary unlimited yearly travel range employments where they are needed or wher e lesser expensive providers can be global migrant workers for all skills.  This is not daily commuting till you have access to ET3 to the far side of the planet but it is going for a week or a month to work anywhere.  Lodging costs for temporary living come down as housing costs come down.

Vacations become little more expensive everywhere than living at home.  Household costs similarly drop everywhere and standards of personal cleanliness, food and individual health sanitation and comfort become global Not regional standards.

Nowhere do people given a choice chose to live in poverty conditions even though a few out of habit make poor choices not knowing of the joys of better choices.  Personal hygiene and comforts are personal choices controlled by opportunities.  Given the lower cost opportunities everybody tends to make better choices.

Basalt fiber kaolin prepreg with magnesium oxide cement foams and silica fume flyash and metakolin composites and basalt castings create lower cost lighter weight fire proof products that are more rugged but much lower in cost than carbon fiber, fiberglass, plastics, wood, steel and aluminum.  All this is recyclable using softer cheaper tooling.  Fire, heat, oxidation, gama radiation, UV, corrosives, electrical shorts do not deteriorate the new material systems that are electrical insulators and normally magneticaly neutral.  light weigh single direction laid up and extruded hot material fast setting prepreg foamed core composites can be formed into small part to large structures using additive 3D and very fast extruded panel construction.  Special lay up forms are required to replace the omnidirectional features of metals and plastics.  Higher density achieved with vacuumed bagging of epoxy and acrylic composites may give way to vacuumed and high frequency vibration and screed forming.  Build a million ton mobile ship size structure in a day or two.  A single mobile machine center can produce more houses in one day than most modular housing factories produce in one year at less than a tenth the cost of finished occupied floor area.

Proposed are new forms of literally mobile towns and major cities that move with precessional seasons or even slow planetary rotations.  A trackless Snow Piercer.  This is like land seasteading on Earth but not desecrating the lands across which the mobile occupancies move.  See the bidirectional track descriptions further on.  All new from old ideas combined.

The global guideway is developed around redesigned out runner wheel motor generators that are today mass produced by the many millions, mostly in China for model airplanes, electric motorcycles and bicycle, gear box free, direct drive wheel motors.  These can be made to last longer than all the other vehicle parts, limited by mostly bearing life.  This guideway vehicle use adds fluid cooling and on individual coil commutation and voltage speed and direction control onto every motor coil directly integrated with separate cooling control and partial coil count and variable tap coil turn shorting to create motors that can not fail all at once and operate at as high of possible efficiencies at low power and speeds as efficiently as they do at three Gs at jet aircraft speeds.

The bearings in a jet engine and turbines are under similar forces but have aero dynamic and thermal loads to contend with as well, yet we do not question that they reliably function.  Controlling magnet fragmentation and hoop stresses are the only design hurtle where only simple parts rotate with all the complexities being mostly stationary and solid state.  Easing flux path hysteresis heating needs new thinking.

When I fly I am conscious of the immense forces going on inside the engines and airframe stresses involved from wings encountering turbulence, even landing gear loads but I know want the design reliability factors and data shows so worry little about probable outcomes.  I even mentally contemplate the high stresses of my diesel car when I step hard on the acelerator peddle.  It works reliably for thousands of hours for known reasons.

To this is simply add to the guideway running gear magnetic unloading of bearings to variably resist constantly changing gravity support and acceleration levels.  This increases the miles traveled and the net tons carried per vehicle dollar invested by hundreds of times over existing railway and commercial aviation possibilities.  Reducing dynamic friction makes unthinkable speeds practical every day for every one between all properties on Earth and non stop into space.

Lower air resistance by again hundreds of times and lower linear distributed loads by about a tenth over common roadway use and a fortieth over railway and hundreds over commercial aircraft load concentrations lowers the cost of suspended mass produced monorail construction compared to hand designed and built roadways, railways and airports.

concrete structures for well known reasons are polluting structures.

Investor overheads and human administration are possibly two thirds of the cost of most products we use.  This fully automated most supporting guideway economy overhead makes it a global self supplying weak fare for everybody vending machine.

Fully automating everything by starting with systems designed from the ground up made for full automation eliminates the rest of any need for human labor cost that is at least three fourths to minally two thirds of the cost of everything you buy or use.  This is a all new one simple proven component design, improved forever more sustainable economy.

This can all simply be made the exact best technical solution that supports universally prosperous, environmentally forever neutral, permante massive industrial population, human survivability.

Think of the all purpose anywhere access jet airaft speed vehicles as physical movement smart phones operating on a internet-cell tower-fiber optics for people and things globalconnected network system.

The guideway becomes a replacement for banks, government currencies, insurance companies and financial market place activities at not only a lower overhead to value expediting but a self adjusting system that advises every person and business in optimizing their goals, through the every user created and always being optimized phone based personal assistant.

A new system of global data collection through guideway transaction monitoring of gross figures becomes the new global economy trusted record and indicator of investment or service needs.  There would no longer be a human and institutional self interest filter.

By the way, a mass produced Thorium molten salt, self chemically reprocessing reactor turbogenerator design is the cheapest safest power to replace coal, natural gas, steam and gas turbine generators , even cheaper than hydro, wind and PV.  This eliminates expensive solid fuel uranium and plutonium based nuclear fuel burning sources.

This form of well described nuclear power is needed untill about eight million ultra deep geothermal 6 foot plus diameter average nine mile deep shafts can be three pie slice core bored to get humanity off of all future fuel burning and radioactive power.  The fully automated deep boring machines costing about $500,000 each in mass production drill one new nine mile shaft every three to four months at a cost of about 1,000 KW of guideway delivered electricity during that time period and maybe $100,000 in tooling and machine wear.  Flame slot cutting is the process.  All parts are high rate mass produced net shape, no machining.

This is the hundreds of thousands of production engineering design detail possibilities with physics based process principles for a totally interconnected, government free, global infrastructure.

This simply becomes a economic, social and mechanistic based human economy make over.  This total environmentally neutral, robotic industry, public trust, user controlled, rebuilding of the global guideway based economy will require about three decades to reach every developed street and primitive isolated village on the planet.  Few people will ever look back and think we had it better then.  You will not be stoped from racing or cruising around in you classic cars or motorcycles.  Newer adventures wait with side moving monotrack ground vehicles that go on land and water at higher speeds with soft riding over rough surfaces and onboard solar charging.  They will look different Thant anything ever built before.  You could live in these facilities independent, travel the world like go every where sail boat motor homes.  Similar designs become deep free space to most small spin gravity live independent habitats.

This proposal leads directly at the same time to a hard guideway connection to orbital launch and recovery ring technologies.  This has gotten only a nod from Isaac Arthur, but might make space travel no more difficult than travel on Earth, as simple and a little less expensive than present air freight and passenger movement.  No rocket thermal sciences needed ever again.  No flying saucers either.  This is as simple as electric railways built to orbit.  Electric direct drive up and regenerative deceleration down.  Thank you Daryl Oster.

This design specific global guideway proposal is to simply totally bypass the present fuel burning, massive concrete infrastructure, multi staged product delivery, national currency based global economy.  We simply build undisturbing over the top and beside the existing economy features the adjacent property owners integrate in or switch over as people desire.

Would not you desire to live like a millionaire on a below poverty line income?  This opens up a quadrupling of land not presently easily developed for farming and living without disturbing wild habitats that road vehicle systems desecrate.

The guideway homes and industries are buildings separated by all overhead connections.  Nature would exist in the hearts of major cities undisturbed.  As people and goods move globally same day locally more quietly, everywhere fast and cheaper than slow ships, people no longer need to clump so close together.  Forests with wild grazing animals would be open range everywhere between structures.

These radically more efficient systems are proposed to replace our mid-evil like culture directed economic systems.  Game of Thrones is today.  We are all really stupid for tolerating it as it triples our personal cost of living in man hours to results.  If you are not enjoying the activities or benifiting directly from the game why support playing politics?  The present American gone everywhere systems shortens peoples lives by about twenty five to thirty years in the low income classes over statistically compared wealthier classes.

We have presently adapted our technologies to serve primitive leader based tribal city state like societies.  Most people are trapped in having no alternatives but to stake out a profession, a business, a job, a home for personal status and income.

We can not sell a product people are not use to seeing and buying.  People, nearly all of us, usually me included are mentally and physically interdependent copycats.

Unsustainable world wide distributed technologies have no place in a modern high population industrial mass production world.  But no moral person or institution is in charge.  Moral accomplishment is inverted to mean gaining wealth, influence and selling a lot.  It does not matter what the product or service is, more is seen as better.m, not benifits to cost never doing residual harm.

This new technical age is where fully automated robotic machine systems can cheaply under user control, directly assist everybody to indidvidually and collectively improve the benifits of their lives for themselves and each other.  Robotic intelligent decision making systems are seen by most deciders only as cheaper replacements for labor in selling more unsustainable products at more competitive lower costs.  Dispose of the labor factor and population underbelly is seen as goods by leaders in charge.  Only temporarily are the masses seen as allies for the wealthy and power hungry.

Who is to know what is right when laws themselves only imprision and suppress poorer thieves, drug users and murders in jail while rich and powerful ones nearly always get away at worst with a fine they can afford, to usually die comfortable and clueless.

This proposal by example replaces archaic laws and religions with their support of hierarchical megalomaniac value chains.  It is a technical moral machine design code sorting out goodness design factors from badness design factors.  The present primitive cultural systems can be replaced with long recognized universal principles of best social behavior.  This is a new machine behavior beyond I Robot principles.  First finding and elevating universal principles not delt with today.  A new constitution or ignored UN charter for all times and situations is needed.  The robotic systems are there to serve the principles as directed by the users who are a cross section of humanity everywhere in the universe.  Ideals are needed that most people can agree on for decision guidance.

Who is judging?  Popular opinion seems unconcerned buying whatever product is needed or desired, never asking judgmental questions.  If there was a objective set of economic decision choices with principles over every purchase decisions then taught from childhood a moral 100 rules of accusation might be created.

The guideway would probably replace half or more of our present global value chains.  Without immediate alternatives we are presently being lead to economic collapse and starvation.  Who wants to eat a vegetarian only simple diet.  Not I either .  So how do we solve all the problems all at once for large happy populations.

The superior moral value of the Maroons and Incas and happy live and let live amoral cultures of some untouched Pacific Islanders or aborigines are captured here in a highly technical principled robotic assisted economy without the defects tolerated in past industrial cultures.  But even the best so far had moments of thoughtless traditional Genocides.

A machine system that itself is environmentally neutral produces more with less creating excesses that can be everywhere locally converted into substitutes for deteriorating luxuries.  In the first four decades of guideway development not every house will be able to afford an atrium indoor swimming pool but after about the fourth or fifth decade this might be considered while the seemingly again virgin forests have been restored every where and ocean life levels are returning to levels of a hundred years ago.

The new systems will take getting use to.  Twenty years ago I got to go to a party in a normal looking newer house.  The owners had installed a Hollywood fancy floor level fountain in the center of a large well lit entry hall.  A older guest at the party walked straight across the entryway looking ahead at people in the next room right into this fountain. Fortunately it was a shallow drop but resulted in a total baptism in innovative architecture.  This is the problem we have.  We only indifferently see what we expect and want to see and are use to.

The new robotic human serving systems have to watch out for our lack of diligent care at points we interface with them.  As their speed in helping us increases we need to best have seperate areas of occupancy as even robots are known to run over aimlessly wondering people as they too are not perfect all of the time.

On average every year about five to seven tourists walk off still unprotected cliff ledges at the Grand Canyon.  It is a mystery in the age of very specific building codes no forty mile  height and grid spacing railing was erected to have saved the lives of 400 people.

Neither did anyone think it nessasary to make mandatory external streamline inflated nose and tails and side bumper surrounds on road vehicles.  This recoverable impact relief in collisions would have not only cut fuel consumption in half but would have prevented the deaths of about forty million people world wide In the age of Ford and Sloan.  As two widely spread 1927 and 1936 as I remember the dates, SAE technical journal articles concluded the authors did not like the styling of the more efficient streamline wind tunnel test models.  Not one single streamlined pedestrian or car crash deflecting vehicle design ever made it through to mass production.  Not one reasonable consumer would probably say that style was more important than forty years average life lost by each of about about forty million humans.  What are your values?

By producing a unlimited supply of everything that does not deplete in anyway knowable the environment or for many tens of thousands of years or deplete reasonable cost resources then you create an end to global scarcity, local drout or soil depletion crop failures all disappear.  In a guideway world we can live comfortably and plant crops in barren Arctic lands.  The global guideway gives the world tens of thousands of years to solve all remaining constant state survival problems.

What new legal system will pass judgement on power hungry dictators or boards of directors or religious or revolutionary leaders telling them you have no right to build nuclear weapons, enguage in uncivil activities or create chemicals that have wide spread environmental deteriorating effects.  There has never existed a global moral authority since powerful interests would destroy the moral decider or handicap that institution in the name of national or capitalist or religious moral freedom.  Principles that are a historically morally convoluted become selectively non principles.  To suppress or destroy information should be a major all time crime because without free knowledge not self expressed opinions causes major losses.  In the absence of bright intellectual lighting in open spaces seen by anyone crimes can be commited.  Even then clever illusion magic tricks fool the brightest of people every day.  I am amazed at the cleverness of magic that is highly organized lieing like politics and religion.

 When I was a kid growing up in the 1940s and 50s everything was under manual control, accept for fully automated local telephone switching. Only about half of building elevators were yet push button user controlled.  Some phone calls still required operator assistance and a person stood at a lever speed and direction elevator car control that was too sensitive to allow average users to learn to manage it.  It took skill for the operator to align the elevator car with the floor.  Both automatic and operator elevator trips required you to watch your step as alignment was not perfect.  Like driving a car elevator driving takes practice.  The first push button cam floor alignment was introduced in the 1920s  but it cost more than labor costs in any short period of recovery so older and new elevators continued on with what was before thought nessasary.

The most refined engineering thought processes require a consensus of perceived normalcy to change directions.  Some new ideas are opposed in science, industries and engineering for decades because it challenges the certain unquestioning knowledge and authority of people who mostly never question what they are certain of, what they base their lives around.  Science and engineering are social activities as well as technical.

By the 1960s things we’re moving ever faster towards automation, right up to this time where fully automated ground vehicles, then out of hobby stores self guiding but human controlled quad copters are seen as human carrying safe taxis.  These are mixing in frequent public road and air traffic tests of tens of millions of miles traveled even overhead of where people live.

The first fully self routing vehicles demonstrated with PRT vehicles forty years ago are now thanks to DARPA going across unfamiliar wild terrain and making independent activity decisions.  Boston Dynamics has robots performing like Olympic athletes soon to exceed the best human performances.  GM started proposing fully automated hundred MPH highways of the future in about 1936.  This was always green washing the cars image ignoring the now 1.3 million people killed by cars, trucks, buses and railways every year.  13 million a reciently deacade up from 800,000 thirty years ago but soon to cross the two million killed every year mark despite great proportional safety gains.  More are driving and more miles are traveled for each person every year.

Proposed here with the global guideway are 1890s technologies not year 2100 possibilities.  This is simplifying robotic systems choice tasks, but enhancing to ultimate long possible levels the vehicle systems speed and global economy ton mile performances.  Simpler is inherently cheaper, more convienient, safer and longer in accident free vehicle service lives and longer human lives as well.

This is comparatively thousands of years ahead of where we are heading today.  This global guideway proposal is totally unlike any other combination of proposed roads based, leader centric economy outcomes that I can find.

Does any diversly educated person believe we need to continue to ride around on bumpy sometimes slippery streets, highways and irregular surface rural roads, amongst unpredictable people walking and on bicycles amongst mixes of irregularly equipped fully automated cars and trucks.  The roads based choice will always force us live amongst dangers and expensive slow movement congestion, accidents and stoppage of commerce from periodic natural and human made storms and disasters.

The guideways and associated systems  will eventually be able to survive astronomical cataclysums in many ways.  What made the dinosaurs and large mammals extinct does not have to effect human guideway economy survivability.  For example did you know that about 11,900 years ago a half mile wide comet smacked apparently into north west Greenland and hit three other places in the US after breaking apart and set most of North and South America on fire.  This burned almost everything up accept isolated mountain valleys where life survived and redeveloped at the end of our last ice age.  A thousand year long global cooling oeriod slowed progression out of the ice age that gave us the beauties and field of Canada and Niagra falls.

Only really stupid or bad humans we often call leaders can end human Earth open occupation.  The planet has sustained life possibly with occasional assistance for hundreds of millions of years.

Now we are all responsible because our present human economy choices are like a very slow motion cataclysmic astroid impact, the results of which are constantly being recalculated as it progresses in real time.  We are ever more about to release this impact on ourselves.  Animals are dieing off and being used for food at critical levels in the food chains.  Chemicals are killing habitats to defend against farm pests and make more fertil depleted souls after only a century of being farmed.  Forests are being cut down and land levels for single crop a year fields.  Water evaporation is unchecked as well as soil erosion mostvplaces.  Symbiotic animal plant relation ships makes deserts out of formerly lush areas.  Restorations show this is not nessasry but only a under one percent ever get rehabilitated.  The data is accumulating and real.

Above the yards, fields and buildings every where PRT guideways can move non stop at 200 to over 650 MPH.  The hazards up on the self lowering vehicle access guideway are non existent, despite the close proximity high speed.  Only small branches usually protrude into guideway air spaces.  Birds can be kept away by several means but not kept from crossing over or under most of the time.

Pollution and critical resource consumption become nonexistent problems.  We move over about 50,000 years of a global guideway integrated economy from ultra deep geothermal electricity to local thorium salt reactor electricity, to,a hundred thousand years from now needing zero point and fusion electricity.  This is not predicting a certainty as new processes may change the best economics but environmental stewardship does not change in creating limiting standards that are well described but rarely followed today by leaders.  Leaders have one goal always, they lead to benifit themselves and their supporters and positions.  Populists are always looking in their rear view mirrors to sociopathicly make sure of what tricks they need to keep loyal followers enchanted.

The total common collective income of American productive workers is about $8 trillion considering part time workers and unemployed people making poverty level incomes.  This is for people making less than $300,000 a year.  This includes government workers as well.

Humanistic govornment services are a legitament part of economies where they are more efficient or serve better than chaotic and irregularly affordable private services.  Adam Smith was neutral on these points.  The cost of the US economy is two to three times in excess of this personal benifits level.  We pay for space navy fleets and monuments to large construction and defense manufacturers.

The guideway economy replacement for personal living cost would be possibly half to a third reduction in total personal average economic savings.

When the guideway arrives at each property it is the greatest expediter of human freedom ever conceived of.  With it comes eventually nearly free transportation and unlimited non polluting non resource depleting electricity for at least 50,000 years.  When arriving at a town the guideway brings lower cost product delivery, the world’s first truely permanently sustainable super low cost self sustaining housing passed on for use to people a thousand years from now.  The guideway brings daily thousand mile personal commute ranges for less than the daily cost of owning cars and pick ups.  Global means just that, get on a immediately arriving guideway vehicle inside or beside your house and travel, to any other house or business or rural site on the planet without a reservation or prepayment.  Change your mind in route easier than you drive your own car only at 950 feet per second without any range limitation at two cents a mile in longer trains you can in most minutes leave or join up with train traffic in motion like gettin into urban expressway traffic as needed.  Only thIf you don’t mind waiting to pick up and drop off passengers in route they split their cost shares with you,  each riding in externally accessed private compartments.

Energy, water, housing, food security and the guideway vehicles and structures a ability to monitor neighborhood activities better than police means a separation from any practical need for govornments.  Guideway courts, banking, investment services, health care, fire and all emergency services operate from the vehicles not fixed facilities.  The guideway is a global personal freedom mechanism indifferently serving every person on Earth and automatically being programmed to improve environments.

people can move new forms of inflated homes like tents with all modern featuers living where ever they can amongst trees off the ground since the guideway is off the ground.  A guideway world population could safely survive amongst large dinosaur populations.  You imagine it the guideway servies it within motor operating limits.

Robotic systems managed by all users together become a substitute for most government services and institutions.  Best of examples robot Judge Judy’s make best of all time decisions not influenced by personal leanings.  Biases and legal loopholes are well documented in legal decisions.  Political stupidities should never be tolerated.  Why let insane people with personal flaws guide millions to hardship.  Electronic democracy for every situation is ideal political science in outcomes.  Proposed is unriggable fully transparent collective decision making designs and principles.

First lowering the cost of every structuer guideway access over the existing roads and buried utilities based economies requires a combination of ultra high speed at the lowest vehicle energy cost with lthe longest distributed cheapest per installed mile overhead structural loads.

A span or pier placement or replacement time of under two minutes allows over two miles a day of advancing installation through most urban areas to about 15 miles of guideway each day across rural ground.  This is using one set of all overhead, no ground level transportation assembly and installation machinery as detailed further on.  Tree trimming and new tree adjacent planting are all overhead operations as well as transferring and splicing wires to guideway support above, below or through the spans.  Not damaging or delaying commerce or properties during zero disruption construction is described.

All guideways can be pulled up and quickly placed on different nearby alignments.  All services accept fiber optics can be immediately useable to the last span aligned and locked in possition.  Same day housing subdivisions are possible raw ground to occupyable homes and apartment buildings with landscaping improvement mostly in place by the second Earth day.  Property owners guide and modify inprogress decisions like moving furniture around your living room.  These are design component details not hypothetical dream systems.

Lowering windage monorail beam transparency allows guideway survival in tornados, forest fires floods and near by nuclear detonations.  After such disasters the guideways fire proof wind transparent construction remains provisionally operable with local power supplies and unlimited guideway vehicle supplied water on.  Self resetting zener cuircuit breakers are required.  Recognition of disaster imanacy and vehicle survival or shelter seeking needs to be automatic.

The total excess overhead economy expense is unessasary for comfortable fulfilling human survival or a net waste.  The economy share resulting in environmental damage or unreplaceable resource depleation is in effect a criminal like net loss to future generations.  The global guideway is an attemp to replace this loss with a neutral future impact engineered system.

Advanced and historical research towards universal knowledge or enlightenment is a tiny share of the total global economy and needs a more efficient support base.  More organized workers in fields of enlightenment can benifit from a reduction in every person’s time or labor expended cost of living resulting from massive improvement in the labor to results cost of living.

Finance industry overhead cost is proposed to be eliminated with a new form of global robotic self managed adjusted reserve currency and automated banking and lending system, based on the functional utility assets of the global guideway and universal non fuel burning dependent energy system.  The guideway is a servent of all personal and business endeavors.  Counciling to help people better plan better choices has to consider all the different goals we each might set.

The global guideway assumes no needs for most institutional or investor costs above achieving a lower cost secure, comfortable, enjoyable lifestyle that is permantly environmentally neutrally sustainable.

View all activities as production processes you would like to make more efficient.  Defending existing institutions or jobs or personal life styles is in this approach irrelevant.  Everybodies existing house and activities are defended but given the options of guideway inplemented life style cost reduction.

The security of new mostly automated health maintainence, improved diets, creature climate comforts and constant nearly unlimited mobility and personal media experiences, global communications, expressions, shared decision making and life time non stop educational improvements are designed into the dispersed guideway self installation system.  This is proposing a universal or all purpose robotic global logistics system.

You as everybody I meet and tell about this has been often asked to discuss, help, advise, criticize, edit, add to, prototype and produce.

Today finite task artifical intelligence and automation are applied to reduce human labor costs for the simplest to most complex of jobs.  Two hundred years ago fully automated looms wove very complex patterns into cloth and lace, music boxes were being built to play different tunes guided by changing drums and punch card belts or stacks.

Fisher Body built the first modern fully automated automobile frame production line replacing thousands of people with a hundred people in about 1927.

Back 50 years ago the first fully automated rail transit systems became the equivalent of high speed closely spaced horizontal elevators carrying hundreds of people every minute in Philadephia to to suburb towns on commuter trains.  Forty years ago the first PRT individual small guideway taxis were sucsessfully tested, able to replace cars, only we had to build all new overhead suspended monorails that could have been a third or less the cost of street grids.  No one figured out how to do this untill this global guideway proposal of about thirty five years ago.  Doug Malewicki’s Skytran of 1990 came close accept for three fatal design criteria flaws.

The guideway personal rapid transit or PRT vehicles up to today were being designed then to be slower than autos.  My diesel cars can go over 130 MPH yet gets 40 MPH at  80 MPH.  How stupid this was going slow as the guideway had no cross traffic and never runs into deer or rarely even hard strikes a bird.  If a guideway electric vehicle of .02 Cd streamlining at under 18 square feet of frontal area at steel on steel guidewheel not flanged wheel entrapped monorail open truss beam design were to have a 100 KW motor it could maintain 300 or more MPH on the electric energy cost of my 40 MPH diesel car.

The overhead guideway vehicles travel in their own safe pathway.  They can climb steep hills using a micro gear tooth wheel drive a motor cycle can’t and cut across geological and property features on straighter lines and suspended lean into tight curves steeper than racing motorcycles and not slide off pavement in Ice storms and flooding.

conventional door to door world wide speed limits and cost per unit mile disappear with common trip entrainment of such vehicles.  Only ET3 or mass decoupling is faster and maybe cheaper over time.

The guideway vehicles have always been able to be really fast and really small in frontal area and efficient, at over three hundred times more cost efficient than automobiles.  Under a penny a mile at 200 MPH with one person on board in the smallest recliner couch versions in gap free trains with the most pointed nose and tail design.  They are just over three times faster than this if well designed, 100 MPH faster than jet airliners travel today if the guideway spans automaticly constantly adjust their alignment for changing geophysical conditions.

A ton to three tons of freight can be carried in every passenger carrying, slender global guideway, vehicle.  Every vehicle needs to be self lowering anywhere, any condition ground or floor level inside  access can fully automaticly self load, moves nonstop any where in the world on eventually thirty million miles of new infrastructure that can be built for less than about eleven years of present infrastructure global road and airport spending.   If you add operating cost savings as well the guideways can pay for themselves in 5 to 7 years  compared to today’s transportation mix.  After that prices for mobility drop to a tenth  much less the cost of today’s mobility.

Take away administrative costs and rollover most investment overhead by higher cost to benefit performance and this might take about 7 years.

We still have to use the guideways to place all new ultra deep core removed assemder shaft mechanism ultra deep geothermal power assemblies every twenty miles or so to pier the guideways and everything else for in most places hundreds of thousands of years into a highly technical human future, not anything like to strained primitive economy I grew up with in the US.

The guideway vehicles travel on usually about a twenty five feet or more above ground level suspended monorail guideway street system costing a third of city streets to install.  When the guideway arrives through your back yard or over your roof top loading, cheaper than curb side in front, it brings with it electricity cheaper than your local power companies wires by maybe a fourth, cheaper than natural gas or coal heat.

The guideway can bring deliveries between property doors non stop same day or minutes world wide for the first time in human history.  A factory on another continent, half the world away loads up a vender PRT pod that also can carry passengers on arrival and it serially delivers on demand a ton or 200 to 300 cubic feet of goods over the next day, then picks up two tons of water, delivers that then picks up the kids takes them to school at 200 MPH then takes you to work then takes on a dirty content container to serially pick up plastic and cardboard recycle ground wastes that it takes back to the factory half a world , two days and twenty thousand miles traveled latter.  It then repeats this for years between overhauls and a century or more between vehicle replacements.  All of this is for reasons not one existing vehicle in human history can come close to matching.  Yet there is zero interest in trying this as a prototype.  Why?

All the parts can be assembled in a race car or boat shop operation.  The designs have million of variable arrangements to prototype and test.

Automatic telephone switching and elevator operators were simple tasks that were automated a hundred years ago.  Steam locomotives quit running everywhere excerpt at one factory.  They required four times the railroad employees as dieseals.  By the time I was ten years old they went from being seen everywhere to the last ones being cut up for scrap.  Accept for ones put on display.  The last elevator operators and full time maintainence and management staff were disappearing in the early 1950s when I was a kid.

We are thirty years into the first self driving cars with production vehicles operating for about fifteen years in ever more risky freeway situations.  Automated production lines and cash registers are looking like the future of most work.

The automation reduces costs by using it to eliminate the higher cost of labor to simplify tasks and increase efficiencies because of great increases in speed.  Profit margins may improve where competition is limited but jobs decrease.

While reducing operating and product costs poorer people might benefit from cost reductions and life style improvement but ever more no longer have incomes.  More people work to support families.  At the same time conservatives and racists often the same person want to cut all social safety nets claiming them as unessasary economy inefficiencies.

fast hand to mouth desperate spending of poorer classes we cal the middle class and below not savings and investments drives economic growth.  Investment market transfers only drive wealth accumulation and losses in market casinos.

It has been pointed out on occasion that by creating money management full automation with a standard global currency and consumer benifits goal not producer benifits that monetary value can be stabkeized in a forever more growth global economy.  Free markets work well so long as they serve benifits and freedoms of consumers first, producers secondary.

Always the limits of growth are the natural environments best functioning and unlimited availablity of least expensive materials and energy to product utility output ratio.

How will three Fourths of the world's presently still primitive populations continue to survive?  That is the idea we need to think about.  They won’t.  Leaving the world‘s to the more capable predator or capitalist investor classes and their families and controlled  will get more occasional naldistributed famine, wars and depression cycles.

If we only automate expensive inefficient systems to eliminate labor costs then poor people will have fewer jobs and richer people will have only slightly cheaper mobility and products.  The wealth gap widens.  But the wealthiest still live primitive lives in still primitive fuel burning industrial economies that remain inefficient in every way.

There is a 30,000 word deficit between the vocabularies of poorest to wealthiest populations.  Exposure may be more important than native intelligence.  Family curiosity and expieriences may predominate over genetics.  People from primitive villages migrate to become mechanics of complex machines and computers.  Country dogs learn city tricks fast.

A guideway robotic mobility expierience based parent shared education system is proposed replacing classroom educations and teachers with features of more successful distance or remote education programs.  Educations costs drop to a tenth through most collage programs.  Only the students learn real-time on jobs a return of staged internships or apprentice programs where learning is faster and sticks in minds better.  Everyone now carries a automated personal assistant cell phone teacher and life choice advisor with them.  This can mean the virtual end of crime.

Every guideway brings with it massive fiber optic networks built in to the system and local every few miles steady state geothermal electricity, liacally supplied for tens of thousands to millions of years after each $500.000 eel goes in place nine miles down.  This is about how the bore these large diameter shafts cheaper than any system today.  For two decades now not one person has been interested in getting into this new equipment business.  Why?

The global guideway is a fully automatic replacement for all existing transportation and energy use.  The guideway simply can only be accomplished with a global PRT guideway powered mostly or only by ultra deep geothermal electricity generation as a hundred thousand year sustainable power supply.  This gives us time to create more complex forms of environmentally sustainable low cost energy.

The simple message should be apparent to any intelligent person alive today.  Most decison makers are well aware of the parts of this but unable to put even small idea combinations togeather because it conflicts with everything they are use to participating in.  Embracing survivability of our planet and everything living on it we enjoy requires we give up every thing we think we enjoy today replaced by more productive, more enjoyable economic forms.  The old systems are simply replaced by new things that are better, more enjoyable but totally unfamiliar.  How do you think a Lincolnite of the 1870s would view Lincoln today?  This can be the rate of change in the next two decades.  Are you ready or are you the problem resisteing foot dragger?

This is like the many smokers I have known who finally realize smoking harms them and will kill them years earlier than with out it, but can’t bring themselves to quit.  They do not have a death wish, they only have a difficult choice conflict. 

Simply we can not do what we industrially do today and collectively live long on Earth.  If we do not change our choices, we will bring down or virtually kill the whole planet and all the innocent non polluters with our profit and power fuel burning addictions.  Like alcoholic‘s denial we collectively refuse to look at facts.

We certainly are not willingly going back to walking and living in unsanitary cold huts and eating crude diets, working 80 hour manual labor work weeks to just get by.

Simply put the use of road, rail, motorized displacement ships, and all forms of fast long range dynamicly supported air vehicles, plus poluting dependence on metal and plastics for structures and vehicle bodies and the use of chemicals in agriculture are unsustainable in all ways.

I’ll bet you thought nothing important gets made without being mostly wood, metal or plastics. In moderation all materials are OK to use, just not in the massive amounts we manufacture them presently.  Proposed is the use of new basalt fiber organic cement skins and ceramic composites that more cheaply replace plastics and metals, are crash resistant and mostly bullet proof at a lighter weight, are low in thermal expansion, might last for hundreds to thousands of years outside without deteriorating,  can be crushed, chopped and recycled, make buildings so fast they go up in a coupe of hours on a new site at a tenth the cost of craftsman built, construction ready to occupy and are moveable without leaving foundations to other sites or positions on the same site if needed.  Basalt composit is fire proof in a hill side forest fire,  hold in heat like a thermos bottle using active evacuated SIPs panel construction are, fully electrically insulated, nonmagnetic, yet passes radio waves.

At any time we need to build a test track.

For the cost of a Super Bowl ad we can build a jet speed miniature guideway test vehicle and short highly banked test and demonstration track.  This can show in about one to two years of prototyping, measurably how we could have always changed human commerce by the 1890s away from then wood, natural gas and coal burning and expensive product delivery and storage systems to all electric on demand fast commerce.  The speed of commerce increases not just by the ten times, soon over thirty times faster guideway speeds door to door but by the additional two to many more times faster elimination of most warehouse and store shelf sitting, multiple handling, pricing markup and packaging costs in stages.  The guideway eliminates most useless middlemen, replacing them with a global autocourier system that does not require Amazon like warehousing.  Local Walmart’s still have a recreational shopping function.  This saves about $5,000 to $30,000 in economic overhead costs born by each year by the  typical lower income developed world household.  This allows the poorest populations to become upper middle class in living standards on budgea guaranteed global income.  Everybody gets a distance learning lifetime education learning whatever appeals to them or helps them take on jobs and challenges.  This education system is already under way but needs a up on the guideway based internet that reduces 

Personal guideway mobility is like calling up a jet fighter plane with near sonic steel wheel direct motor drive efficient cruise speed self ten strap cable lowered, landing silenly without fan wash in the yard of your house and taking you not just to work or school or to a parking lot where you spend a minute walking to your work station or office.  Ir to catch a slow high speed commuter train or bus to get to your work in stages.  A thirty mile trip from a suburb to down town might take you three to five minutes then the vehicle returns to pick up more commuters in serial pick up and drop off, similar to van or car pooling.  If your building suits it you could have a private door right outside the room you work in, non stop at high speed.  Most schools and activity centers would have the vehicles come in side and off load in hulls or lobbies.  No known wealthiest most powerful leader travels this convieniently fast today.  You can sleep make calls or use the internet on the way.  A swinging inertia reducing recliner seat and vehicle banking on a gliding smooth suspended running gear with minimal five to six inline skate like wheels about 3.5 feet one meter on axle centers. This is unlike anything ever before it.  This reduces the frontal area air resistance, reduces the stresses and much sensation of acceleration and deceleration.  The guideway rain shedding and bird stop louvers dampen and redirect sound as well as a smooth sided shell holds sound in around all the wheels.  As the vehicle energizes the air column it passes through in longer trains the slots and corners have to be designed to not whistle or howel.  Expansion joints are high angled diagonally to eliminate clicking.  The gear wheels support on the opposed root of the wheel teeth and crown of the rack teeth.

A strategy for support and reenguagement is required.  All of these and much more can only be worked through tests.  Most people might understand the ideas with a illustrated video but seeing a full scale vehicle they or someone they respect ridding in it will make this a reality not speculation.  The best design is required for this first demonstration showing how all the features are used and components fit together.

There should be no secrets including failures and required adjustments.  This is making history so might as well be well documented.  A guideway reality show with inputs and skeptic antagonists on display, lost jobs to automation and everything.

The guideways self adjust alignment using cues from passing vehicle accelerometers to keep themselves in near perfect alignment.  Broken racks or guide rails can be detected and categorized by hazard or discomfort or cyclicly induced failure possibilities to get repairs on the way as needed. 

The emergence of robotic production systems as well as guideway delivery since the early 1800s could have changed human industry and eliminated any need for the fuel burning era.  The Palmer monorail powered by Davenport’s motors using flat oblong coils instead of solenoid coils  long slender vacuumed sealed commutators near the wheel motors.  No self lowering high speed PRT demonstration ever occurred but the details were occasionally observed, demonstrated imperfectly and ignored by all.  Industrial monorails used this system for a long time with tens of millions of monorail hoists in use in foundries and shops everywhere.  This ten cable flat strap direct coupled or gear- less hoist system may be unique in all of it’s many forms.  These need to be accelerated tested non stop to failure.  See what goes wrong first, rebuilt and is broken or wore out again.

A test track needs to demonstrate all uses in the same vehicles.  The high rim velocity regulated air gap, low small axle diameter electric motors need to demonstrate integrated variable fluid cooling and variable permanent  magnet unloading of the core needle bearing and guide wheel unloading and aiming of the main wheels to eliminate end thrust on bearings,  line voltage full range throttle to regenerative braking coil  and air gap control needs to be tried possibly for the first time.  Self lowering and interior devices each needs to be tested together with user demands.

Sewage might be devided into animal and human wastes including urine that may be separated if possible that have already been at site composted or digested if possible as a more valuable commodity and water laden with chemicals and soaps that may be categorized in larger single site batches.  Proposed is a new type of universal recycle and rough commodities vehicle body that also moves dirt and rubble.  Proposed is using standard guideway tool carriers delivered to each site as needed to carry out human supervised selective reconstruction demolition or site clearing and return to up graded property owner uses or improved surrounding natural settings.  Everybody gets to live in a park around them formerly streets and parking lots.  Homes and businesses need to have as inexpensive as possible waste treatment and separation.  All of this presentation is stating the obvious but then no one has done this so maybe it is not obvious.

Robotic global guideway development could be directed by all users to buy out its assets towards self ownership in a decade or so and become a for all the future a non profit global all purpose mobility charity for everyone’s benefit.  Humans do not quit working as there will always be things the robots can not do well or at all.  This is contrary to science fiction presentations.  The Turning test is a simplistic example of the differences.

Optimising what robots do well and tasks robots could do but humans humans enjoy doing themselves is required.  Keeping humans life time on tasks can be a job for smart phone personal assistant planners that need to become flexible user in charge organizers.

All of these things akready exist in parts.  They all can be adapted, prototyped and tested at the same time ready for final product integration.  This can be a Iphone integration app model for the global guideway economy.  Think about a traveling guideway fair going from city to city with guideway speed rides that also demonstrate all of these other possibilities.  Charge an entry fee to see the future like the 39 NY workd’s Fair only this goes everywhere in all languages and becomes a beta test for systems human integration a guideway chataqua, or how ever you spell that.

Everything people have always done is as complicated as rocket science.

This is a detailed description of how to make, probably, the only permanatly sustainable, general service, local to global, modern form of transportation.  This is designed to be a total replacement for all present and future mobility, fuel burning energy use and product logistics.  The only exceptions to this being the best transportation and energy supply for all foreseeable times might be ET3, small scale fusion and mass decoupling.

To be universally useful the overhead ultra light span load, suspended self lowering vehicle access guideway needs to be less expensive than single pavement lanes are to build today everywhere.  One guideway monorail beam of less than 100 pounds per foot of basalt fiber organic cement thin tube lattice trusses and steel longitudinal tubes replaces on average four lanes of concrete pavement or a high traffic double track railroad main line in traffic capacity.  Larger steel tube thin wall surface area gives more heat dissipation area to the air when current carrying power overloaded.

The guideways eliminate any need for user owned vehicles and human delivery and service vehicles.  No parking areas are needed as guideway vehicles park in local to global service capacity redistribution motion.  Empty vehicles can be used for power boosters in high speed service for weight maxed out commodities carrying vehicles.

Spreading loads out over the longest possible bodies with the smallest practical frontal area reduces energy consumption, allows many times higher speeds and lowers the cost of non entrained access guideways at about 30 pounds per linear foot using suspended long span sections through many neighborhoods.

The fully automated global guideway network, if sucsessful will need about three to five times the present global electric production to operate at maximum requirements about three decades from startup.  This is necessary as a replacement for slower, more expensive, less convenient to use fuel burning mobility.  Efficiently converting energy to thrust might be times improved with guideway because there no fuel transport and processing costs comparing to over road and air vehicles on average per seat ton or start stop delivery unit, but higher speed might eat up all the efficiency gains and adds higher energy use.  Electricity is less expensive than most fuels.  Electric cost is over two thirds of debt retired guideway transportation cost.

Fully automated guideway machinery can be designed to slotted core bore, shaft opposed cog assender bore using  minimal energy and tooling wear, large diameter, 7 to 13 miles deep, geothermal shafts.  These need to be locally spaced about every ten to thirty miles apart, closer in urban areas. Mass produced low cost stand alone package 1 to 5 or 6 megawatt APU like generator sets power not only the guideway but everything else for about 10,000 to 50,000 years out from the same shaft location with constant increases in extraction hole length.  This global guideway electric network should be able to produce a fraction of a US cent user and guideway cost electricity, replacing human managed power companies as the guideway goes to every property with power, water, waste collection and total reuse at lower cost than landfills, incinerators and obsoleate gravity sewer systems.  This gives the human economy time to sort out what it will become before more invasive forms of energy are again necessary.

The complexity of the automation systems is little different from demonstrated automation systems.  The main difference is the vas quantity of duplicate systems produced by the hundreds of millions of rapidly mass produced autonomous systems required.

All past and existing mobility developments have been a series of dead end incremental improvements.  Advancements were built at each step on previous developments.  We are still in a late Stone Age, fire burning, human controlled equipment, massive monument builder economy.  When we were few and primative in personal appetites, under favorable circumstances, what is now road and air vehicle based industrial chemical using economies might have worked good enough.  As populations grew the existing fuel dependent mobility and energy systems have become both inadequate to emerging wants and needs, expensive logistics and personal mobility suppliers and destroyers of the natural life supporting Earth.  Because road,rail, air and displacement water craft work at all for us, we come to think they work best, which they never have.  Improvement in all present systems towards full lower energy cost per ton mile carried is hopeless.  It is time for a better total replacement.

All aircraft, rail vehicles, ships of all kinds, trucks autos and power plants use solid drive shaft heavy gear box propulsion.  This often is a design habit but also used to reduce bearing velocities and increase service lives of massive torque minimal velocity machinery.  The proposed guideway uses a basalt fiber wound frame and wheel rim drive motor.  No gears or drive shafts only near contact rim motor propulsion like rotary maglev supported  needle bearings with radial magneticly variably unloaded bearings averaging about 500 pounds per short stationary axle.  Load distribution over many axles reduces guideway cost with The frontal area of the smooth gap free running gear shells never exceeding about 1.5 square feet at a .06 coefficient of open grid low cross wise resistant span truss reduced interference drag.  Internal wheel motor windage drag is reduced by self evacuation proportional to vehicle speed.  No friction brakes needed for safe operation.  No friction brakes of any kind are needed for regenerative stopping only tiny ones for position holding.  Similar motor designs if about one meter or three feet in diameter have no speed limit at sea level below the speed of sound.  Such motors with the proposed low air drag vehicles cost each vehicle user about 5 to 7 US cents a mile per 18 square foot frontal area .01 coefficient of drag vehicle body running singly at 200 to 300 MPH or about a cent a mile at over 600 MPH running in longer trains.  This approximate cost is using present utility bus bar power cost that will be eventually lower with guideway geothermal power.

This compares to about 40 cents a mile for cars and over a dollar a mile for trucks.  There are not enough known global resources to convert the existing vehicle fuel burning fleets to battery, fuel cell or hydrogen plugin or alcohol fuel uses.  Nothing being proposed in combinations is sustainable when you look at long term resource consumption.  Thorium power and fusion last the longest but solar wind and water power will over millions of years and a global grid be what powers large communities.

About 45% of all mobile energy is consumed by about 50 million trucks, 6% by aircraft and 10% by ships.  Speed with economy makes building forty million miles of guideways more practical than trying to use the existing road networks and air vehicle facilaties.  All these will be abandoned with the guideways replacing their more expensive inconvenient use.

 For guideway and all industrial and residential energy ultra deep geothermal is everywhere locally available without a transmission grid, only guideway electric transfer.

Proposed is new design recirculating turbo expander pump generator using CO2 transfer and alcohol or ammonia back pressure binary cycle. These are best as magnetic suspension bearing verticle shaft turbo generators with back pressure inflated air condensers.  Each generator set is several staged shaft systems in a row operating at variable speeds depending on changing demand and declining geothermal temperatures between drilling cycles.  Constant drilling is also possible.

Tool carriers replace personal road vehicle use overland plus construction and farm machinery and factory materials handeling systems.  These might use a new form of running gear.  Gear-less wheel rim motor powering by-directional tracked vehicle universal tool carriers offer surface mobility using gear box free direct rim drives.  Many forms of such vehicles fold to fit inside the small frontal area guideway vehicles to be a rental asset available anywhere on the Earth in less than 24 hours.  Wheel chairs using this running gear system can climb steps and center turn with less carpet and tire wear and friction and move sideways or diagonally as well.

Few turbine disc cascades on the electric deep geothermal generator side, rim coupled to out runner high speed generators.  Using instead seperate multi pass turbo APU like welded and wound together stamped and forged hermetic assemblies that need little machine cutting tool forming.  These are lighter, smaller, a fraction the cost to build, last longer between overhauls and probably more efficient.  These system are fabricated often 3DL to net shapes with little triming, then quickly press formed with integrated flash bonded surfacing of machine tool ceramic hardness and durability with staged fracture ductle gradual to cloth failure cores.  Basalt fiber cement and ceramic composite cores panel construction might be used for most structures, vehicles appliance and furniture bodies.  Few adhesives are used anywhere accept for repairs.  Evacuated core SIPs construction and screw anchor building footings becomes the main form of both vehicle and living and working space construction.  Even most land mobile system might have screw in ground anchors for theft protection and cyclone survivability.  Sea trains and smaller boat features are described further on to allow much faster, more efficient, safer living and working on water for sea-steading.  Agriculture no longer needs farmers or large processing investor corporations and delivers processed, reuseable packaged food items directly from the point of extraction using guideway planting and processing and water delivery systems described further on.  Universal mobile automated process kitchen machines prep nearly all prepared meal items for immediate guideway delivery.  Food waste is eliminated and everything is composted for a guideway return cycle using the multi layered on every vehicle commodities bags.  The joy of eating out and seeking all forms of entertainment and social past times is increased as describbed by guideway use.

We have lived on a beautiful rare terrarium-museum planet.  This home, we presently only extract from, diminish, and not improve on, is our life supporting habitat.  Everybody needs to be constantly reminded we live on the outside of a giant poorly protected generally self sustaining space ship.  It is exceedingly difficult to survive outside the Earths surface in space or underground.  Why not design to improve not take away from this mostly comfortable place to live in or on?

The all electric global guideway economy is designed to consume, on a continuing basis, little of critical value and put back and improve conditions as a never sleeping unpaid robotic worker army that replaces most need for one way consumption.  Human labor at easy to automaticly manage tasks is replaced by a single PRT or personal rapid transit based global guideway system.  The guideway can allow us to massively consume replaceable and regenerative resources in a true word use naturally balanced integrated global industrial robotic economy.  Our unnatural modern human presence is redesigned with the tree and vine covered guideways to fit integrated into the surrounding natural setting.

The guideway is a combination horizontal fast fully automated, individual and small lot movement, street and rural road replacing, overhead suspended, self lowering anywhere access, monorail grid to access everywhere from every place station free.  The guideway is a universal at your location vending machine for almost everything and a on demand carrier for a vast rental and public service fleet of fully automated robotic all purpose universal PTO personal ground mobility tool carriers.

The fully user or customer administrated guideway is a total recycling system.  Low cost flexible mobility is required.  No other knowable system or combination can in any way do this.  The guideway grows economic personal welfare without needing taxation and improves environment thriving at the same timeallowing lower product delivery cost.

Some one has to build the first vehicles and fully automated production and installation machinery forms and test to known limits.  Someone has to produce mass machinery.  No one has to market.  The fully automated system is a self delivering and adaptive installation automated design and order taker.  This describes how machines replace industrial decision maker overhead cost or about a fourth or more of the cost of everything we purchase.

Proposed is a totally integrated user or customer controlled global robotic logistics system.  This has to be a suspended ultra light and small in frontal area, cylindrical vehicle core monorail system.  Minimum air drag can use tested examples to see what works best.  Every vehicle requires both ends have long conical nesting to flat end coupling inflated streamlining.  Optimized is lowest possible maglev bearing traction slip free wheel motors.  These motors need to be tested on a near verticle high banked track to see what speed, safety, efficency and wear life limits can be designed in.

Nothing ever presented before has been like this.  Because it is so different it has been beyond the imaginations and understanding of the smartest people the guideway design principles have been presented to.  They want something they are use to.  A jet aircraft speed horizontal building elevator like system that goes everywhere roads go and many places they can not, that can be built across oceans as easily as overland,and connect their house and office or farm to all others cheaper than a single lane house driveway is to build is not thinkable

This set of articles is how you think about it and how to demonstrate and start up the first new industry since dial telephones became internet connected smart phones.

This is intended to lead to a universally prosperous, highly technical industrial human presence.  No longer needing fuel and chemicals, replaced by more efficient all directly grid conducted electric energy, needing no energy storage supply of any kind for at least 10,000 to 50,000 years.  The exception to a need for energy storage is locations away from deep geothermal power supplies and Startram Space launch coil motors.


Most consumable product use can be replaced by more durable weather resistant natural basalt and organic binder materials and organic digestive and pressure, electric and thermal reactive or lower chemical use industrial processes.  Metals and plastics would have limited uses.  Concrete that is mass poured is no longer needed for anything.  Food production is integrated into free range open range agriculture using guideway based robotic systems.

This can eventually integrate seamlessly into the natural world and cross the solar system with less visibility and larger very happy populations than presently thought possible.

Everything here is differently complicated and so unrecognizable from commonly known infrastructure, institutions and machinery.  This requires a detailed explanation even for collections of the engineers and PHDs who I got these ideas in hundreds of thousands of puzzle pieces from.

We are use to going to stores selling goods and ideas to be unable to survive for ourselves.  The global guideway becomes a new creative supplier expediter and direct connection to all customers on Earth.

Existing leaders, even the most well intended will have to be dragged like temper tantrum kicking and screaming children into a better safer future that no longer needs them.  What they  have created for us that we do today will destroy the habitat we all depend on.  We no longer need leaders if we have a way to sort out ideas amongst us without conflict.  There is plenty of vacant room for people with differences to live toget her and comfortably apart if they choose.  Most people know little about their next door neighbor anyway.

Efficency requires, no humans needed anywhere to provide full automation and minimum energy consumption per passenger or ton mile.  Average people are able to perform system guided maintainence on public systems, needing few specialists.

Humans are environmental loads.  As recipients of a low impact global production and logistics system they can live amongst the natural environment using the proposed  processes.

This produces lower cost per mile transportation for all practical purposes without any vehicle much over the frontal area of a mini car.  Tiny frontal areas allows faster every day for everyone ground speeds than commercial jets fly at high altitude.  The easiest problem to solve is friction heating.  The lowest practical overhead guideway design cost and fully automated production and installation machinery not only allows low cost per mile at just subsonic train speed but individual vehicles to be accessed at every property along both sides of one way overhead miniature suspended monorail guideway grids or inside buildings, along production lines and at any shelf height down most warehouse isles.  This becomes a seamless just in time, global point to point store and retrieval system.  At every property point with a through guideway siding, hundreds of thousands of tons or passengers each day even each hour can be moved in and out.  No automobile, truck, heavy railway, ship, rocket replaced by ET3 or aircraft can do better at these tasks or have these attributes.

This requires a simplified form of never fail transportation and financial on vehicle self management automation.  All existing automation systems are institutional automation that add huge complexity and failure hazards by centralizing all decisions.  Personal rapid transit or PRT automation requires many layers of redundancy in multi level or system type EMP safe inter vehicle to user choice  communications.  Every vehicle should use independent of any central contol, traffic management and robotic self ownership financial management.  The guideway uses transponder possition detection with simple counting updates by close spaced permanent magnent encoded address markers with shared vehicle timing.

The elimination of all common knowable forms of running gear and power supply failures are basic design feature proposals.  None of this exists in any advanced road, air, water vehicles or flanged railways of any known kind.  No PRT system or miniature has ever come close to the immediately prototyped best designs.  All existing variants of present transportation has major unfixable flaws.

The guideway path that is attached to soft ground pile driven or screwed in piers or rock bolted in a minute as a guideway fix for slow inefficient hand-me-down transportation.

The guideway needs anywhere under line access and emergency at ground level up to about 200 to 300 feet below spans egress or limited access and 45 feet below for normal service access on the guideway grids.  These overhead monorail guideways have to be cheaper than gravel roads and single lane pavements when installed and operating.  This is detailed further on.

The guideway electric supply has to be less expensive than most coal or natural gas thermal energy.  The guideway can become a less expensive data, communications and entertainment carrier.  The proposed human interface administration is the world’s first verifiable politics avoiding electronic global to local democracy system.  Let the property owners and users decide their fate no manufactuersand service providers and bribable nonanalytical politicians.

People cling to existing forms because of the emotional comfort of familiarity and optimizing flaws  with understood investments and established intellectual capital are assumed to define limits to build on.  In quantum physics people embrace the unknown with innovation because they do not normally have to mass produce marketable products.  The Global guideway is about applying the wide open uncertainties of physics to the resultant product of advanced sustainably whole human futures.  The guideway is proposed to constanly support free enterprise improvements by making every place cheaply globally on demand accessible to all.  There is no more personal range and time limits.  This is how this might be done.

The guideways create their own non hazardous operating zone around the piers and spans using both on every vehicle detection of external hazards such as fires, objects on pathways different from location norms, weather factors, weapons triangulated muzzle sound reports, visual 360 degree wide autonomus observation, the full range  and earth vibration, as well as vehicle internal temperatures and component acoustic signatures.

The guideways are cheaper than roads if they are linearly lighter loaded with a min gross concentrated span load.  Elelevated is cheaper because surface problems, contours and interfaces are not important.

This transportation system also becomes the whole low cost multi million year global service fuel free, all electric global energy supply.  This might become as electric power at lower energy cost than coal and natural gas as thermal energy.  No energy storage is needed, is a steady state, local sourced energy, deep geothermal supply and nearly all global and local public utilities.  This is intended to be the end of any practical need for fuel burning and mass poured concrete production.  All important industrial and market logistics are provided by one globally interconnected self lowering anywhere access overhead guideway grid.

The proposed guideway design is differently complex than all known previous designs.  This guideway uses a basic vehicle self steering through directional choice, open center, inverted chanel monorails, and smooths out vibration and noise in the load movement support task.  The monorail provides guidance and the locking in of even damaged vehicles to nearly eliminate the possibility of falling.  This consists of a chained, length expandable, in line row of small as possible frontal area pancake wheel motor running gear and one basic small as possible frontal area body type.  Tappered end streamline inflated bladders might allow varying sized vehicles to mate up with low drag.  linked motor chains support the bodies by low drag deep suspension scissors arms over the full length.  Longer slimmer bodies and trains no longer are structurally defficient compared to fatter bodies.

Access to every small load or seat space is by full length whole compartment door.  No center or end door access is needed as in all present vehicles larger than small automobiles.  All present mass transit, trucks, aircraft and ships require both greater time to load and unload and greater air drag from large frontal area interior isle space and head room for passengers and lift truck booms.

The proposed self lowering anywhere access side loading guideway vehicles are designed to assist in discharge and reception of loads, rarely taking over ten to fifteen seconds for a full load on or off.  Since several vehicles in a row can load or unload at once it is possible to move millions ofTime truly is money, not for profit of investors but lower costs for everything and more flexibility of all the human users.

Increased surface area to volume skin friction is overcome by automicly smooth riblet skin friction reduction and a energized boundary layer in long gap free trains at higher speeds of around 650 MPH.  This parabolicly reduces the power consuming friction.  Single running common proposed vehicle speeds in the neighborhood of 200 MPH to 400 MPH are proposed with the user choosing to pay more per mile depending on allowed speed limits for additional energy and running gear wear to go a little faster.  All the vehicles in ambient temperatures could accellerate from one G to past the speed of sound then reverse bal down to a regenerative braking without intermittently overheating the motors.  This all has to be economicly superior to all other forms of just subsonic, Mach .95 + designs.

All personal and commercial transportation, energy, goods and commodities distribution, domestic, irrigation and industrial water, at property water removed or condensed and semi to fully digested sewage and recycle separation of all garbage for global reuse can be handled by the global robotic like guideway system.  And much more as robotic systems wealfare through universal personal assistants, robotic guideway police and fire services no longer need facilaties as free roaming tracking instead of jails might replace most fixed facilaties as moment to moment monitoring of public activities, as communications and data are transfered to the guideways as public cradle to grave hands on education provided on line needing no staff other than specialist teachers.  Governments as we have known them may no longer be seen as having any useful function.  Similarly reasons for conflicts deminish.

This is about lowering the linear span loads and reducing the cost of aerial, non disturbing zero land use guideways.  These are designed to last many centuries in high volume service verses the more expensive surfaced main and side streets and rural gravel roads.  A $2 million a mile guideway replaces a $10 million a mile four lane expressway plus all the much slower commercial jet and rail traffic between cities plus directly connects seamlessly all the continents together door to door not terminal to terminal.  A lighter distributed instead of trains span load, $250,000 a mile local guideway grid replaces $500,000 a mile side streets, rural access roads and rural highways.  This is without any future need for intercontinental ships and aircraft.  Guideway construction rates are two to ten miles a day, or faster complete to operate on as the installation machines pass by in about five to ten minutes at any point.  Roads and railroads take weeks to months to construct.  Guideway pier and span replacement or alignment changes should take about two to three minutes per hundred feet.

Many tiny frontal area vehicles join in trains to have both fast as possible speed and superior operating economy.  It is impossible to do this with large vehicles of any design accept through mass decoupling.  As total replacements for auto and mass transit vehicles guideway train forming allows more lane space on guideways for full speed traffic entry and exit at three to four times the acceleration and more times in top speed of today’s 2019 road cars.  This is also faster at sea level than any jet fighter aircraft, but not allowed speeds in regular service.  As truck length guideway replacement loads are double to triple average truck bed loading length because trucks are about six times the box cross section but average about a third or less volume fill where the tiny guideway vehicles are more likely to be loaded full.  Guideway rush hour traffic is less dense in all urban areas with a fourth or less the nessasary guideway lanes compared to highway lanes.  Guideway traffic speed is uninhibited by any kind of slowing or stopping at grade intersections and the vehicles comfortably round one G curves with no exceptional wear or friction as occurs with rubber tires, flanged wheels and aircraft wings.  The speed is many times higher because the vehicles self bank into turns without putting any end or twist loads on wheels, axles or bearings.  The span loads make elevated total grade separated intersections affordable.  This is not possible with heavy road vehicle spans that have to live forever more with traffic congestion.  Roads remain deteriorating, congested and expensive to build and maintain than minimally light guideway grids.

This global every door to every door high speed system is extended off the guideway operating confinement by a rental fleet of guideway carried instantly self mobilized production and task machines and all terrain expressway speed robotic tool carriers.  The tool carriers are at home operating on all soft and rough rough terrain as well as pavements.  The tool carriers can go where the best ATVs and motorcycles can not reach.  The same carriers can manually or autonomously cruise all day at 80 MPH with engine or direct pick up for power.  Any person can order up spot rental tools to carry out any industrial or personal task.  The tools self deliver and return to storage or the next user.  In minutes to hours of the call the self mobile production tools arrive from the nearest available or from anywhere on the planet.  The production or process tools self set up as directed by the user to become a instant production company build or move and package products with the aid of self organizing technical design and methods.  Remotely specialists could be globally consulted to solve problems or use the guideway for to the site travel as journeymen operators.  Sales management software on board all arriving tools and tool carriers might assist in presentation in equal guideway listings based on local as well as global popularity.  Massive open source software spread out over hundreds of millions of operating systems is inexpensive today.  Working operating data storage and problem solving memories and programs become better and cheaper.  There is nothing like this new global factory free commerce being publicly studied anywhere known.

As described further on this leads to mass produced micro automated production systems that lend themselves to space based independent advanced small habitat economies.

The tool carriers introduces a new forms bidirectional tracked running gear.  The guideway vehicles introduces the first known use of the total elimination of all windows in buildings and vehicle systems.  New design virtual vision personal reading glasses sized virtual and assisted vision devices allow full surrounding vision without the structural, energy consumption or cost frailties of windows.  Thin curved panel windows are also proposed that slide on rails to where occupants desired their position in the vehicle.  Moveable slow motion capture windows.

The proposed vehicles would be at home operating in the vacuume of space with proper radiator panels or under water or at temperatures and pressures too hot for humans to tolerate.  Every tool carrier and every guideway vehicle has a water bladder and a fire detection and suppression pump and directional nozzle.  This gives hundreds of millions of fire fighting systems for jet speed responses to building, forest and grass fires.  The tool carriers can enter the heat of a fire, break through most doors and walls, rescue people and take them back through a fire to safety.  The vehicles protect humans on board from most external hazards as user controlled hands on operators or as personal mobility systems better than automobiles and wheel chairs.

All tool carriers have a on board climate controlled inflated or collapseable compartment with mostly one ccasionaly two human seats.  Any onboard ground level human movement, not handled by the overhead guideway, might use a selected size universal tool carrier.

Every human need can be handled on board one kind of all purpose general clean service guideway vehicle and one kind of rough and dirty service guideway vehicle.   Every guideway vehicle and most tool carriers also serve as robotic fire, police, rescue and ambulance function emergency service vehicles at very little extra on board equipment volumes and cost.  How to design in all these functions at minimum cost is described in general details.

This is all without requireing local utility processing or any future buried utilities or any local administration facilities.  The users are the global administrators of everything.  This is the start of people being helped towards universal forever progressive self improvement and organization.  Utilities and many present businesses become global, fully automated, on demand, paid for without adding human administration, investor or labor costs.  Human labor and managment overhead costs are obsorded into a verticly integrated assistive global guideway economy.  Over about a decade of local systems cost debt retirement at ever smaller service charges each year the robotic guideway becomes an almost free service to mankind and a natural rebuilding of a forever better liveable global environment.  You would recognize all of theses devices and functions as extensions of things you are familiar with today.  250 years ago none of this would have been recognized by anybody.  A hundred or more years ago we had the technologies to have started doing this using available industrial machine, mechanical and electrical automation.  All of the guideway parts will be recogizeable by most people but not the operations potentials.  Guideway discussions are prohibited.

Humans in a robotic economy have their recognizable purposes in life doing all the creative, service and social tasks they have done in the past.

A  global guideway independent new value global financial system might create a seperate but integrated global robotic chairitable service economy.  All people, the natural and built up environments could be benefactors of a self sustained global guideway.  At a certain point a half a century from now even in the absence of humans the guideway could be cleaning up and rebuilding the natural world.  It is better humans are here as appreciators and creators of new possibilities.

This describes a minimum air resistance and rolling resistance minimum frontal area vehicle with no speed limits below the speed of sound on appropriate straight guideways.  This is with appropriate vibration and G forces and user directed comfort and economy in limiting vehicles to lesser automaticly governed performances.

Unloaded the vehicles should individually accellerate at three to five Gs up to the motor design speed.  This might take under 20 seconds of full power to reach a speed between about 1,100 MPH to 1,600 MPH  although a 1,900 MPH wheel motor using zero slip roller chain sprocket like micro gear tread is possible to demonstrate Moon and Mars surface transportation possibilities at Earth’s sea level.

This is a global all purpose robotic assisted future.  Robot economies are added to any personal or institutional activity that wants to take advantage of every door to door economies and speed.  The guideway operations are a user global personal cell phone democracy administrativly controlled non profit charity like service.

At a smaller than present, per square mile of coverage expense, all optical fiber, cell phone and internet services for data, entertainment and communications could get transfered to guideway mounted housings, distributed as open data switches at closer spaced sites to users, reducing power consumption and solving the problem of concentration of data center vulnerability and cooling.  Data switch storage and centers are obsoleate.  All power and signal electronics is cheaper to automaticly maintain widely distributed up on the high wind and ice storm resistant guideways, above floods, storm surges and most tidal waves.  The guideway designsintroduces totally integrated plug and play power electronics.  This is presently not part of any known to me operating products.  Proposed is that the vehicles and other systems be unitized formed together much like chips and integrated circuits.  Parts are replaced fastner free by cutting a failed part loose and high temperature bonding it back together.  Making pier and data electrical contact and gas and fluid tight connections is generally described.  Wording and plumbing as we know it today mostly goes away integrated into the solid structural and mechanical systems.  This is like a surgery performed on a machine.  More parts are simply integrated into fewer larger parts.  This is about how you put these together in seamless fabrication processes reducing the cost by about half.

As new guideway users request globally connected open boarder guideway service to their properties their costs of living and doing business should drop by about half to two thirds of present levels.  For maybe half or more of the world’s populations this would be their first taste of getting out of human primativism.  For everybody else even people in the secret space programs this will be all new.  This means guideway economies allow your wages to go about twice as far or more, equivalently grow in effective purchasing power buying twice as much.  The guideway eliminates any future need for anyone to own and pay for a personal automobile for and most of your energy expensesas as monthly seperate bills.  Energy is integrated or metered as a cost of service share of guideway services.

The new design integrate panel homes provide most of their energy for climate control no longer needing vast amounts of energy for comfort because everything is built evacuated SIPs panel windowless construction.

What all present autos, trucks, construction and military machines, railroad locomotives, airplanes, rockets and ships have in common is a fuel gauge and on board limited fuel tank.  This needs to be filled up perioticly  the global suspended monorail guideway get their electric power fiercely from ultra deep geothermal electricity for unlimited life time range.

An internally mostly self funded global robotic transportation system brings goods directly to your home from a wider selection than Amazon, Menards and Walmart combined.

The guideways use for the first 10,000 to several million years in some locations, nearly limitless pollution free ultra deep geothermal electricity.  The guideway user’s range of activities expand by tens of times to low cost instant on demand faster than commercial jet movement with possessions over the whole planet.  For businesses their customer base expands with less business advertising overhead from a Google only for profit monopoly main search separation.  Products and services require a new format to scientifically rate options for generic searches.  Pictures and responses require that negative, hostile or derogatory activity be detected as well as unusual injection of topicless general support.  All searches should involve generic results with redirects to websites to get more positive presentations.

Google, the yellow pages, TV entertainment and many other main data and communications industries forces market presentations for monopoly profit in direct violation of laws against organized crime of creating businesses solely to extract money from people not to first provide useful products and services.  Guideway searches are proposed to become user controlled, category specific, authoritative and non profit.  How to do this effectively with lower cost robotic industry maintained components is what this is about.  This is user not media choice and catagory related, no unrelated paid advertizing.  Propsed is redirects to company sites using minimal , a cent or two , for customer searches to paid for advertizing not customers paying through higher product cost ligeneral service charges to look at unsolicited advertizing.  A media user could select to receive specific types of calls, texts or emails world wide or criminal penalties imposed for cross boarder or internal solicitations.  This requires global required recognition of primary sources including primary and other operating addresses and connections. This requires user controled laws and choices not industry bribable representatives and regulators.

Any out runner wheel motor is metal and plastic basalt cement case free, with a high strength dielectric fire proof high temperature over the magnets and cooled by direct coil emersion dielectric fluid powered by slot core removed deep anywhere geothermal electricity is more powerful than a Space -X rocket but more energy efficient than a unit coat train.  Efficency is traded for higher speeds provided by the higher hoop stress sustainable wheel motors, a slip free barel micro gear tooth tread, long inflated streamlining conical ends and long average vehicle trains.  If you hldo not understand this then you need to study physics or keep reading till it makes sense to you.  I learned much of this from my with grade science class when I was fourteen.  It took another fifty years and possibly half a million or so pages of answer searching reading and thousands of conversations with top specific technical people to find the rest of the details.  You need to do the same.  The govornments, engineers and present industries are not going to figure out what defeats their present and future livelihoods.

Any out runner wheel motor snound with a high strength dielectric five over the magnets and cooled by direct coil emersion dielectric fluid powered by slot core removed deep anywhere geothermal electricity is more powerful than a Space -X rocket but more energy efficient than a unit coat train.  Efficency is traded for higher speeds provided by the higher hoop stress sustainzuutglmdmdbdrable wheel motors, a slip free roller chain sprocket like micro gear tooth tread, long inflated streamlining conical ends and long average vehicle trains. The govornments, engineers and present industries are not going to figure out what defeats their present and future livelihoods.

This set of ideas is based on a combination of simplifying and unifying global infrastructure, to lower cost by minimizing vehicle drag and increasing all movement speed to two to three times faster than using multi trip stage jet air freight and passenger services.  Faster vehicles make more trips, carry more weight and volume, serve more users in a given time.  The tiny guideway vehicles come to your home directly not you go to a airport or high speed rail terminal.  No intermediary last mile delivery truck or bus or taxi cab is needed.  Streets have always been in their crude massive simplicity more expensive than light weight overhead monorails.  Ten to fifteen billion rroad, rail, air and marine vehicles have been built and scraped every few decades because they operate in traffic and environmental hazardous conditions at low speeds and low ton mile efficienciesif operated at high speed.  The literally are designed with an expectancy they  will wear or rust out.

The proposed designs are intended to function over the centuries through many pit stop rebuilds, not needing replacement with anything better other than maybe mass decoupling, if that is ever practical.  Imagine buying a 1,000 mile range electric auto that is all terrain and just short of 200 MPH in top speed at shorter ranges in 1890.  Would you in hind sight have wanted some thing better that has never been prototyped today?  This is the level of difference being described for the future.  Only the guideway vehicle are regularly over three time faster and more efficient That this 1890s vehicle we could have had but do not have a century and a quarter latter.  Where are the inventors and engineers?  They are copy cats.

Reforming global primary industries to become people instead of profit friendly increases general economic productive or wealth levels.  Over at least 3,000 years now it has been observed that genetic, family or geographic luck allows some people to prosper over others.  Resources that are not integrated into a totally recyclable economy are limited.  Consumption needs a long term repair or replacement of losses.  The global guideway proposal is designed to level the playing field, by increasing the general effects of wealth like outcomes without the costs.  The 40 million miles of guideways uses a fraction the available scrapable steel in existing transportation and zero Portland mass poured concrete.  This is also the end of any need for concrete construction of all kinds the end of the Stone Age we still live in.  Enough steel exists in scraping the unused vehicles and equipment to immediatelyo build the 40 million mile guideway inetwork connecting every place and it’s total energy replacement power supply as all new deep shaft geothermal.

Reforming global primary industries to become people instead of profit friendly increases general economic productive or wealth levels.  Over at least 3,000 years now it has been observed that genetic, family or geographic luck allows some people to prosper over others.  The global guideway proposal is designed to level the playing field, by increasing the general effects of wealth like outcomes Without the costs.

Required is making lifetime assistant and user directed electronic education to be virtually free to use.  This is introducing, at a lower overhead cost, personal fully automated software assistants on more durable lifetime smart phone services that would be a substitute for wealfare workers and guides for people with problems, to help them organize their lives, to connect together in seeking the best opportunities.  Connecting people to keep them constantly busy and interested in doing productive stuff can keep them active, healthier and live longer.

The guideway subsideraries can roboticly mass produce SIPs evacuated panel whole wall, floor and roof panels creating all imaginable design features for all geography housing.  These structures can have hard fused glass or stone like surfaces with multi century to thousand year weather-ability in all positions.  Only frequent acid rains pose a long term deterioration problem.  Integrated in are user economic  growth appliance and sanitation features that are fabricated to self sustained as a stand alone structures used in any desert, jungle or arctic tundra as plug and play units.  Housing for the masses that requires lower cost per square foot.  Thermal PV panels collect three times or more the energy of the best present electric only solar panels.  Nobody ever again goes homeless or starving.  With self supporting robotic self owned industry the guideway replants and maintains a global balanced ecology seperate from human and natural spreading of plants and animals.  Along guideway paths on either side for thousands of feet or miles eventually took carriers and top service vehicles can work tirelessly planting and watering fruit, nut and hardwood trees that existed in the America’s, Europe, Asia and Africa before humans cut them down for wood and filed spaces.  Basalt fiber and castings replaces wood, Steel and plastics in most uses.

There are now hundreds of millions of people who would help each other to participate at no or low incomes in organizing and participating in services at the edges of the robotic self owned guideway activities.

People have to lead the way by engineering and developing the mechanistic guideway server system towards self robotic mass production and installation.  They might do this for normal incomes and the artistic technical challenges not for exceptional profits.  As in the Robert Bosch foundation plan society benifits not a wealthy class.  As Nicolas of Cusco pointed out many hundreds of years ago if just a small share of wealth of the powerful were diverted back into bringing up or improving the lives of the lower classes the once poor people’s  industry would in turn create more wealth than could be imagined.  To sustain this we have to move from an extraction economy to a self sustaining internally organizing economy.

Like owning the car you control you can change directions of the guideway PRT vehicle at any time, get out, have the vehicle circle close by low traffic blocks with your possesions on board while you get a meal or take care of business.  The vehicles either enter a shed built on top of rows of each houses, apartments or businesses or spiral to the floors of tall buildings elevator free for interior access or lower into the space between or over home and business lots or yards and alleyways for ground level anywhere access.  In factories and ware houses common guideway vehicles are small enough to fit down most isles to come right next to machines and shelves for loading.

No one ever again needs to own or use a personal road vehicle of any kind.  In fifty to a hundred years of guideway service most of the world’s vehicle pavements would be abrasive thin kerf or flame  shallow cut and impactor broken up into blocks by robotic tool carriers and hauled of by the guideways for use as bike and walking paths and water shoreline retaining walls and flood dike and earthen dam surfacing.  This salvaged concrete and asphalt might creat low cost high thermal mass buildings.

The guideway vehicles after making ajoin up at full speed with passing vehicles to form ever longer passing trains of identical vehicles.  Eventually they are moving jumbo jet loads of inter mixed passengers and cargo at just below the speed of sound using less energy than a streamlined motor cycle sized salt flats racer at the same speed to over come frontal area drag and about a cent a ton mile for additional vehicles.  All of this without using evacuated tubes.

The guideway is a public service trust that automaticly self builds out at user requests for property access with no human engineers, urban or national planners needed.  The users collectively design their own local systems as they are being automaticly installed.  Getting diverse opinioned people as neighbors to cooperate in each other’s perceived best interest is part of a new form of global to local internet democracy as a replacement for charsismatic religious like govornments.  Public right of ways, property owner easements and proportional revenue leases and utility rows provide the overhead right of ways and vegetation covered pier locations and landing access spaces.  Nobody senseable would refuse guideway crossings since this replaces all inefficient transportation and allows public streets to be made over into guideway maintainded strip parks and natural habitats between properties where streets, highways and parking lots once stood.  Every where hard surfaced land is relandscaped by guideways and their tool carriers.  The guideway and tool carriers build small staged dry Surge pond dams to reduce catastrophic flooding.

The global guideway grid can be extended at a rate of several million new miles each year working towards eventually 40 million miles in three to four decades serving directly every home, business, rural farm, ecology serviced and popular access site on the planet.  All shipments and personal movements are offered to achieve higher than presently imaginable productive outcomes.  People’s incomes go farther due to the lower infrastructure and advertising overhead cost of goods.  The guideway automaticly plants and waters shielding tree lines it moves through and on every adjacent property at the request of owners relandscapes vacant and abandoned properties.  Charges are proportional to costs plus the shortest payback periods.

Guideway internal economics, is through global guideway banking, only located on board the collective vehicle fleet and in servers.  There needs be no guideway bank headquarters or branch building locations anywhere and human run investor services.  The guideway global financial system  can be integrated into existing currencies but available to all without intermediary or broker charges.  The guideway banking system becomes non profit global insurance and new projects Investment capital resources without requireing human deciders or centralized benefactors.  A as yet uncertain system of guideway user direct global democracy, that never makes up its mind, can not violate principles of human rights or collective acumulated common law and finte decision system artificial intelligent systems for identifying people and classifying value returns on investments.  Similarly a automated algorithm might be developed to identify and classify or reformulate common law into integrated principles of best and forbidden activities.  Libertarian values with historical helpfulness or social values as described by Adam Smith and others.  This might replace the global 30% or so overhead cost of human leader CEO management.  Much of this cost is in wasteful spending trying to find excuses for sociopathic leader management.

This requires designing for total automation instead of trying to apply automation to investor based human managed industries and complex to manage human controlled road and air vehicles that operate in hazardous environments.  No existing govornments or business institutions are outlawed.  They just are allowed to naturally go bankrupt and die off.  People should not be held responsible to maintain historic but defective institutions and their defenses.

A vast fleet of free path mass decoupled vehicles would probably be bumping into to each other and creating new forms of pollution we can not imagine yet.  The goal is to eliminate all identifiable forms of human pollution and inefficiencies.  This is fully automated industrial plant internal efficiency systems applied out of doors everywhere from start of productive materials extraction and food production, integrated as seamlessly as possible down to everybodies personal choices and freer lifestyles.  This is not like all present planning as variants using legacy machines, institutions, infrastructure and economics within inefficient industrial economies that are based around obsoleate transportation, energy, warehouse to store based distribution with for profiteers and leaders, not consumer benifit being the guide to product design.  This is intended as a boost to everybodies outcomes. making their personal lives richer at the same time as bringing impoverished people into a every body is a jet setter world and solar system.  The guideway steps on the toes of all central authorities while enrichening their own life’s possibilities that differential wealth alone can not bring them.

This global guideway might generically be called a PRT or personal rapid transit system.  PRT systems have always had limited urban goals and are all intended to be under 140 MPH.  This design and specifications based global guideway proposal is conceptually unlimited in it’s immediately on demand service and speed goals.  These can only be set by users desires translated into mass produced outcomes.  One or many companies have to create a new systems design that has zero defects.  Otherwise the designs will still need replacing by some newer incomparable version.  This is like the 1800s need to create railway standards only these have to be global.  40% of all parducts today cross a boarder at one point.  Life and commerce are global not national and insular.  When everybody has total freedom, comfort and safety then there is no longer a need for mass imagigration.  This remains to this writing first known transportation form to be so described.

starting as soon as interests are willing to invest in it a launch ring ET3 PRT Startram like launch and recovery system can be built for less than the yearly cost of present space programs.  A goal might be about $8 a pound upto and back from low earth orbit for millions of tons a year at 3 Gs up and back to shorten tube kegs and reduce capital costs.  Soace becomes just like other countries to visit and do commerce with across a mother form of ocean.  More on this further on.

A new design for ultra deep geothermal generation is required to permantly achieve at least five times larger global electric supply needed to replace all slower more expensive fuel burning and future electric road transportation and nearly all other uses for fuel burning,  The global guideway longitudinal structure becomes an approximately 6,000 volt DC global emergency power grid making up for occasional losses of local power.  The lights never go out anywhere again because the guideways can survive nearly all disasters that disable high voltage minimum sized wire power grids.

Proposed is an apparently new version of the roughly 90 year old high velocity flame rock cutting process.  This is using a thin kerf cylinder three segment pie slice core removal and small diameter turret drill method of ultra deep large shaft CO2 based geothermal heat extraction for electricity production.  This reduces the energy and tool wear cost of reaching several hundred cubic miles of hot rock under most places on Earth and under the ocean floors to generate electricity from a single well head for several thousand years.  This is using the guideway as a low cost fully automated industrial support base to replace all practical need for fuel burning or propulsion batteries and energy storage.  Geothermal operates non stop.  The guideway is designed to be probably viable for tens of thousands of years into an accelerated environmentally neutral global econmic future.

The proposed miniature high section but light weight monorail design is a all overhead crash free pathway for vehicles that use small frontal area inline chains of single wheel motors.  These need to be about 3 foot diameter to reduce bearing and tread wear and hoop stresses at high speed.  These are four to five inch wide wheel motors.  These coreless out runner DC synchronous wheel motors with micro gear slot spanning traction and prearch Maher attractive steering against guidewheel centering appears to be a unique design.  These stationary center coil and commutation motors are like external rim permanent magnet armature maglev in simplicity.  The rolling element bearings are centering and shock load absorbers.  The primary load of gravity, speed changes and cornering are all born by magnetic unloading the roller bearings.  This is using a combination of mechamicly moved permant and electric magnets.

The wheel contact is slip and mostly friction free   but lower in energy cost and friction per ton milebearingA, centrifugally lifting oil seals barely makes contact over a set slow speed.  A barrel contact tooth root micro gear traction rim instead of using fricton as all road and rail vehicles use.

These new type direct electricly propelled wheels are designed to continuously operate faster than jet aircraft normally fly.  This is because per passenger or ton carried they have lower frontal area at a lower coefficient of drag.  Skin friction is minimized by most of these vehicles operating in long trains, as speed increases, sharing their motor power for speed changes and fairly cool cruising.  Friction is reduced by energizing the boundary layer over the first 400 feet parabolicly decreasing friction.  These vehicles operate on a  open grid or low interference drag reduced monorail pathway.  They have a fraction the support resistance per ton than jet airliners flying at high altitude.  They are lower in cost to build the guideways they run on than side streets and rural gravel road systems simply by eliminating the human managment and labor cost.

The guideway network is a lower cost replacement for streets, railroads, airports, most commercial harbor faciliaties, all wire electric power line distribution, sewer, water, gas pipe networks and all cell phone, satellite and buried fiber systems.  The single guideway more reliably replaces everything at lower user costs because it integrates robotic mass production manufacturing, construction and operation and maintenance  into the design concepts.  These are not adaptively added on.  Most normal  overhead costs we expieriences today as cost of living rises are bypassed by a global guideway marketing and customer serving system that needs no profit making human directorates.

This is proposing analytical infrastructure development based on statistical not authority and conventional practice investments.  Cost to user benefits ratios should govern designs, not provided power and profits.  Figuring out how to do many time more or better at a fraction the cost should be the goal.

The guideways with one vehicle design that does almost everything and one whole new form of guideway carried robotic race car fast, ATV industrial surface running gear replaces hundreds of present vehicle and mobile equipment types.

The guideways provide cheaper faster easier to use transportation.  The guideway carry user controlled intelligent robotic like assistant universal tool carriers.  These provide  labor saving global industrial efficency on demand rented as needed system for making everything possible in average people’s lives.  The guideway and tool carriers are intended to operate as a global non profit public service self owned but user controled trust.  Similar to E-sign ideas robotic systems can form seperate use robotic non profit vertically organized industry economic relationships.

The automation no matter how complex remains finite task and user purpose oriented.  No central administratlive control is nessasary.

It is possible to create robots and thinking creatively self aware computers that might become dangerous to humans and all biological life.  A computer as a decision maker is like a psycopathic person who  senses no consequences or empathy of out comes.  No life expieriences or personal understandings.  People leave tough decisions to leaders, experts and nonexistent gods.  Computers may seem to be the next trusted decider.  All present computers do not have the self variable and reforming interconnection to achieve robotic selfhood.  These thinking machines are curiosities and creative challenges but not of any useful or practical purposes.  Why create what could become your mortal enemy.

Using the guideway is as simple as using a building elevator.  You you call a vehicle with three to four numbers keyed on your cell phone.  Like calling for a elevator, the vehicles come to you, quieter than most road vehicles since there are no gear boxes, rubber tire treads or exhausts and aerodynamicly noisy inefficient bluff bodies.  The vehicles arrive unloaded faster than a rail dragster in excelleration and deceleration.  They use about the energy cost of a medium sized motorcycle running fast on streets because they have less drag, a more efficient wide operating map motor with a new form of motor throttling, regenerative braking that is so redundantly internally reliable that friction brakes are no longer needed for emergency stopping.

The proposed new vehicle design is much faster and longer in body length to cylindrical and interior volume than most automobiles only as small in frontal area as a motorcycle and rider.  Square cross section versions are possible but are less sufficient and not pressurizable.  The vehicle arrives quickly from a locally cruising only rarely parked, globally distributed world wide fleet of eventually about 300 million guideway vehicles and machines.  This guideway fleet operating in near surface airspace without interfering with any present vehicle paths or land uses replaces our present about 2.5 billion vehicles and mobile machines.  Even during rush hours most present vehicles are parked.  The guideway vehicles have many alternative tasks such as international water, commodities and goods delivery and the totals reuse recycling of all site of generation separated, condensed and sanitized effluents streams to non poluting outcomes.  The  guideway vehicles multi task doing everthing so almost never stop their motion.  If not carrying and delivering mail of ordered products they are moving food and industrial commodities and water for irrigation and domestic use.  How to keep safe good smelling clean interiors for human passengers, without requireing external cleaning facilaties is another set of ideas.  The vehicles clean themselves in route between tasks.

On arrival of the nearest vehicle with the required capacity, the vehicle finds you by location presented or your cell phone and self lowers to ground level at a safe spot near you or an unattended load or personal item to be shipped anywhere.  You get into or load the self lowered anywhere guideway vehicle.  You then key in a address code and swipe or chip a credit or debit card, use a guideway finance card or your cell phones payment system or use cash or coins all in the armrest ATM.  You key in a single digit trip economy number from fastest service to cheapest service and a destination address or name and country if needed of any cross referenceable type or press on a global map in at least three or four stages of increasingly larger scale to point to the destination you desire to go or ship to.  All of this can be carried out before hand on anybodies smart phone.

Each vehicle has two reverseable facing direction when not in use self end folding seats.   Compartment moveable inflated curtain partisans can seperate you from another individual rider or a goods delivery in the same vehicle.  Personal trips take presidence over item movements.  Most vehicles might have packages or mail in route going a similar direction as you are.  Charges are decided between loads based on costs of use factor sharing.  There is rarely a need for more than two seats.  A few guideway vehicles would have more seats installed possibly four to six, all single file for the rare larger group.  Mostly hundreds to thousands of people from a single location could decide to go some place at one time.  A vehicle would be called at urban speeds of about three miles a minute to join in groups and do group lower and pick ups.  In a few minutes the crowd would be on their way to any destination on the planet.

On a vehicles lowering to your requested height level, the full length gull wing door opens as the vehicle nears the ground or floor you are on.  A seat near you swings out and drops its foot and leg rest over the floor lip.  You step onto the foot plate and sit down.  Ths seat reclines back as you push the destination identification start button and go door to door down the block or world wide.

A new form of wheel chair is proposed to allow roll on and off entry as there is a countradiction between present ADA standards and better mobility for handicap people.  Having been a care giver for 36 years for two quadraplegic people I had tens of thousands of daily expieriences that lead to these new design features.  It is cheaper to mass produce a new personal care all terrain stair climbing system and give one to every handicap person on the planet than to design inefficient transportation around them.

One person or a single letter in a mail or package receiver or millions of people or tons of goods at a time get moved.  Many tons requires a similar number of vehicles.  Much more on massive and tiny movements latter on.

The proposed in air guideway design can become almost as fast in longer trains of vehicles in pushing through sea level air pressure resistance as Hyperloop is in a partial vacuum, at a fraction the construction and operating cost of the tubes.  The energy use for this external access guideway, is specificly less than a bicycle rider cruising.  At any point every guideway vehicle is a self lowering monorail vehicle.  While the vehicles in longer trains are fully capable of going over 1,400 MPH they would be governed to not break the sound barrier or exceed line speed limits.  650 MPH would be the fastest speed they would go limited as well by air temperature cross wind buffeting and line straightness.thick fog, heaviest rains, think ice accumulatonk, flooding storms, hale, the deepest snow, when everything stops moving the guideways go at their regular speed.

The full length stop on line access plus entrainment and long nose and tail cones with small as possible frontal areas and having different vehicle body frontal areas that use segmentally mating cones to taper between the smaller people , and denser commodities carrying and delivery vehicles that cost less per mile to use and the heavier larger bulkier merchandise and larger cross section machinery carrying higher volume vehicles that cost more per vehicle mile to operate because they have higher air drag.  The cheaper smaller frontal area vehicles might cost half a cent to five cents a ton or passenger mile in longer trains at 200 to 650 MPH to use.  The largest vehicles might cost about double to triple this amount approximately proportional to the frontal area increase.  Energy, wear and facilaties and a vehicle's state of debt retirement vary the rates as well as user trip speed choice.  The user is in charge not a owner.  The guideways serve users and users chose equipment and global guideway contractors.  Educated users help guide choices but any user could do their own research and make suggestions seen by all.

The guideway system is designed to be built as inexpensively as a single lane of pavement for light span loading access grids like side streets and rural road access miles.  The lower the span load and power supAs long as they operate slower over these side street and rural access road guideways lightly loaded pairs and short trains of vehicles keep construction costs down by reducing span and pierloads and local power requirements for acceleration of heavier traffic loads.  Urban guideways exist in a power dense area anyway so there are few limits on rates of acceleration per unit of traffic mass.  Light guideway vehicles described herecould have between about 750 KWs to 1,500KWs of 94% efficient motor thrust or regenerative braking per ton.  Load capacity would commonly be two tons.  The most common vehicle load would be one passenger or light serial deliveries weighing usually under 500 pounds.

These monorails are X pile driven without any concrete foundations directly over every property, leveling out the alignments without any fill over any terrain, above in the air or shallow submerged in partially evacuated tubes across all water areas.  The piers can have a so far unique form of deep verticle frost and settlement movement resisting tip anchorage.  The X pier bases can be placed in under thirty seconds and pulled up in similar times to move the guideways to new locations at two to twenty miles a day, same as construction rates.

Each 90 to 300 foot span of guideway placed every couple of minutes or so is ready for full speed and load service imediately.  There is no cure time or surrounding finishing work.  Only the compressed soil and sod around the base is disturbed as no construction equipment is needed at ground level.  Out rigger feet are needed to stableize support and guide the span and in placing the next pier, possibly usin a span as it’s own pier placement boom.  These might cause some sod slight depressions in softer yards and fields.  Guideway spans and piers self adjust to complex elevation, easements and combinations of attachments at any points along the spans.  Spans can be cut off and rapidly rewelded to form new lengths.  Suspension bridge guideway span systems can allow regular spans as long as about 300 to 1,500 feet between piers as pre designed and remotely manufactured systems before manual bridge building operations are required.

Guideway mass produced asset parts are like railway rail that can be pulled up and relaid in a few minutes, transported quickly to a new location over the top service rails of the guideway to be used else where.  This is not like concrete and steel in most bridges who’s reuseable value requires crushing or melting down or moving to lesser salvage beam uses.

The guideway network proposal is designed to include a self installed locally sourced total global ultra as deep as possible geothermal  electric supply.   The guideway has lower cost roboticly mass produced built in data, entertainment presentation and communications.  The vehicles carry on every one full service ATM finance and all possible government and institutional utilities.

No one known, that published, has ever suggested universal all functions transportation and utilities as a structural and component arrangement designed system.  The production engineering ideas are included to try and lower costs from present production line systems that require a high human overhead.  The structuers and components are designed to be easily mass producible.  This is not to take away incomes transferred to investor profits but to lower costs of living per hour that they work by eliminating any future requirement for investor and engineering or government regulatory and funding management.  The users collectively manage what capitalism and all levels of socialism have failed to provide.  Savings wage jobs are a result of lower costs not higher incomes and faster circulation of scurrencies or an increase in the velocity of money along with a reduction in non productive administration.  In an ideal economy all people are encouraged and assisted in making good decisions for themselves instead of being led to decisions that benifit administrators and investors.  We are on the threshold of making even complex technical tasks robotic.  Robots need to serve people not investors and leaders who profit from the elimination of human overhead cost and rebelion or fickle market alegences.  The global guideway creates simpler operating systems in safe pathways that reduce automation risks and complexities.

One fully automated system that is public service, roboticly self owned, requireing zero representation or agents.  In early religions this was called the Christ or direct access to God’s.  People were not in agreement as to who was in control back then as now.  We are all in control but we need a way to take control.  Instead users control the automation choices and the system does everything cheaper than any or all present historical industries and  institutions.  The people who get the benefits also pay the costs and should make the decisions.

Today amature internet users are controlled by internet investors and leaders.  In the every day act of using cell phones and computers as well as the guideway a global democracy system lets the world populations become members of all boards of directors and govornment decisions.  This saves about a tenth of the cost of everything and introduces more rational understandings into all people’s minds.  Simplifying issues then layering on details like a preorganized outline with all previous similar common law, investment decision examples added i

This on board and in every media administrative process includes fully automating engineering p to eliminate design biases that favor requirements for no longer nessasary technical deciders of otherwise well proven pre designed choices.  Each guideway developing engineer puts thousands of future engineers out of work doing guideway fully automated tasks.  These engineers are freed up to take on other challenges.  This never totally eliminates a need for human innovators and their inventions and refinements.

The guideway is combined with a single source non profit search engine lower item of use cost distributed network for data and software organization systems.  This system replaces human facilities schooling with family and business and industry skills on line course systems with private and public human where computer and hand student Hans on nearly free on line courses fail.  Pocket cell phone personal assistant tutors treated as a universal personal life time education and activities suggestion organizer.  This personal pocket organizer or assistant now called smart phones is differently provided at production maintainence and replacement cost by the global public trust robotic guideway industry.  Users self cross train and get certified in maintaining all systems.  Users can then ihelp each other as they do today or on occasion get paid at higher skill levels to journeyman fix things that break or wear out.

This is intended by design specifics to become a universal economic facilitator.  The goal is to replace all possible high cost to benifit ratio services and products with many times  better performing and lower cost services.    This lowers the survival cost per capital for everything to just above free.  Universal human happiness and prosperity is the intended goal.  Occasionally this is generalized as the greatest good for the greatest number.  This is opposed to investor and airistocrocy economies where leaders and investors become the main benificeraries requiring sufficient numbers of religious like followers of central organization, verses direct democracy to keep populations under the control of representative power networking oligarchies.  This has always resulted in aristocracy, religions, govornment or investor tyranny and mixes of these administrations.  The chosen service mechanisms can not be separated from administrative control choice mechanisums.  Liberal progressive user self benefiting investment optimizing or user control is absolutely required for success.  Engineers, accountants, corporate boards of directors, govornment agencies and large market investors will each chose systems designs that benifit their financial and vocational profiting class, not users.  Users have to be promotionally sold on ideas.  User acceptance requires marketing for features such as style or religious like image or trust in companies stkleaders over understanding of consequences or factual physical advantages as value to cost ratios of all possible substitutes.  Intellectuals often warp nowledge

close off professional discussions that eliminate their information ascendency over more accurate new information.  This i seen in all of the sciences.  Keeping a minds open to new information requires constant research and questioning.  Knowledge is never settled in most areas.

This is about creating a single vehicle type that self lowers for access anywhere, suspended from an overhead guideway.

The vehicles are single file sit down entry like small but comfortably high floor levels matching the best chosen seat height the vehicle lower to.  This is unavoidably required to reduce average frontal areas to a fourth present personal auto, SUV, van or pickup road vehicles at about a fourth to a tenth or less the aerodynamic form drag frontal area a hundredth the dynamic drag.  In typical vehicle traffic density trains this becomes a thousands of the energy demand.  Savings are converted to ultimately fast just supersonic speed.  Keeping vehicle motors and interiors cool becomes the challenge.

Because every vehicle has a new form of zero slip highly elastic hard high lubricious material wheels with no contact shaft seals at operating speeds and low lubrication and cooling viscus and electrical resistance losse are the most efficient vehicles ever proposed out side of possibly a well designed ET3 or mass decoupling vehicles.

These vehicles no longer require any form of station, parking space, driveways or other access points at ground or water surface level.  Any area just under or beside the overhead monorail path can be access for commodities, finished products, took, equipment, building materials, people and their possessions.  Most items might be less expensive over time if rented or leased instead of owned.  The guideway becomes the renter and storage system for global product resources and recycling of unused wastes.  Products and materials migh originate from robotic zero overhead cost self funded industries, human run for profit and cooperative non profits and mixes of all of these and more.  The goal is lowering the user cost while improving product durability.  Restoring independent consumer comparative study systems would help in users making choices.

The chosen running gear is a first time known proposal for large diameter, thin out runner wheel motor, top and bottom crank arm pair disc guidewheel monorail.  This eliminates axial twisting forces on bearings and suspension components.  All forces are straight line radial stresses.  This reduces component and surrounding structure weight and cost.  Active alignment and PRT steering of a new non friction kind is proposed.  This is a lower friction optimization of the 190 year old Palmer monorail idea that has been operating on the Whopertal line for over 122 years now.  This system previously was called the Enos monorail that briefly operated in South StPaul Minnesota for a year In the mid 1880s.  The Enos system was replaced by a ground railroad trolley system and humans have had inferior primative transportation choices offered to them ever since.  Several attempts to reintroduce very high speed no collision with surface traffic and hazards monorails were attempted but failed in the 1910 to 1980s period.  Large railway vehicle size and earth sypom

 made limited station access line costs too high but still no higher than express limited access highways, railways and airport construction during this era became about 6% of the average global economy or cost of living.  Since the mainly roadway and airport infrastructure had a deterioration and service obsolescence life of about 30 years everything had to be additionally rebuilt about every thirty years.  If roads were as fast as aircraft at airports and as efficient as railways with personal instead of mass transit and trucks then only one infrastructure investment is needed.  The global guideway design is  a all in one investment.

Titan industries, for a couple of decades, tried to introduce self lowering access, finally as a container port handeling system but failed to come up with competitive designs.

Unlike aircraft the smallest practical frontal area monorail is highly efficient in requireing less energy than a micro single file automobile such as the Tango electric car in specific air drag.  No lifting wing tail or ships hull drags are required so there is no economy of scale advantage for very large and slow vehicle systems.  Everything moves fast one to four pallet loads or a single person at a time in the most efficient anywhere access system.  Roads have not in several thousand years been the cheapest final mile accept as narrow dirt walking paths.  The Romans and ten thousand year pre Roman cultures could have built wooden guideways instead of stone roads thousands of years ago.  Nobody thought of it in all of this time.  Well I thought of it decades ago but then I am a nobody.

This vehicle and its services use common graphics displays to guide first time users to be vending machine convenient to use, that provides all local to global transportation, energy, institutional and economic networks.  Present ticket and trip formatting in transit systems are obsoleate in the interactive computer era.  Even paper transactions accept ticket records issued for accountancy records are no longer needed.  We need adaptive proportional cost plus investment towards the fastest afordable and competitive payback, plus increasing rolled over service extension funding as instant situationally adaptive user billing.

A financial form slightly superior to the Robert Bosch foundation model is proposed.  Fixed arbitrary ticket prices are obsoleate.  Users can select graphically represented choices of service customizable for every trip, delivery, mass shipment of all goods or commodities arrangements with receivers and costs.  This can be done in under ten seconds of user inputs, with one to four single touch screen button taps plus a destination typed In or chosen from a global to local address or using a touch map in three to for stages, again about ten seconds or less.  Payment is by any means plus a new form of currency, a global guideway financial account.

This intelligent vehicle that is little more complex in automation than a best of today’s cell phones or lap top computers, communicates liberally with a new secure all on the elevated monorail guideway data and search network that requires a user and location identifiable point of data origin and a user certificate or communication license similar to what I heard Estonia has initiated.  This is to eliminate the present problems of internet and telephone private and corporate crimes.

The guideway EMP hardened fiber network accessed data, entertainment and information can be connected to a guideway transported new device, the universal tool carriers.  These tool carriers provide fully automated as well as user participatory robotic light to heavy equipment and ground personal transportation services.  Every tool carrier has a single collapseable seat inside an inflatable collapseable compartment or full highway speed or cross allterain Smith riding mobility in a machine that can attach to rented tool to be a lift trunk, loader, crane, farm tractor, garden and landscape tree mover or planter,  interior and exterior decorator device.  As complex as this all sounds for a single running gear form system in several task sizes this is a specific new form running gear and standard interface to robotic tools or implements design idea.  like some electric hand tools many different attachments can be used.

The guideway and outfitting is  permanently ecology neutral by design.

The guideway can bring instantly prosperous modernity to every primative area it is built to or through.   Mostly it brings transportation, water, energy, selective total waste recycling, financial human institution free on board every vehicle full service ATM banking, The bank comes to wherever you are, not you needing to go to the bank.  The guideway is connected to all forms of information and communications.  The guideway is a loop main high voltage DC power grid with excesses of capacity since the high performance vehicles require more energy than all other uses.

The guideway is designed to be roboticadaptively used for close proximity tasks.  The guideway automaticly plants and waters tree lines, orchards and vegitable gardens on each side of it.  The guideway automaticly installs and services ultra deep geothermal large shaft CO2 cuirculated autonomus generator sets that are mass produced high speed integrated rotor power units like APUs costing a fraction of large scale power plants per megawatt produced.  The guideway is the self mobility for a new robotic global economy and the lower cost data system support bases for global person to person electronic only educational system that personal cell phone assistant informs and guides people in their decision making and skill sets improvements.  This is identical to the present internet only at a lower zero data center and satellite free cost for moving massive data at a lower per unit cost.

Each local guideway installed and maintained geothermal ultra deep power plant collectively becomes the total energy engine that powers commerce by sharMing loads with the mass of guideway moving vehicles forming a local voltage regulating fly wheel like mass that can be regimented to locally absorb excesses of process energy so the flow can be throttled or slowing the vehicles slightly locally handling starting or intermittent demand load voltage drops.  This creates unlimited, never fail, fuel free electricity for usually tens of thousands of years in every area using mostly local not long distance energy overhead and access to all the planets products and services.  By going deep and not fracking to achieve thermal extraction from hot rock extraction porosity, using small holes instead.

Today energy is expensive because investors want profitable returns, armies of employees want wages benefits, retirement, days off.  The guideway automation can quickly self own and finance new facilaties because it does not drag along the cost of limited production custom built human extraction mines and wells and industrial process and fuel transportation costs.  The hen sets scattered out over the whole of human occupied areas extract thermal to electric conversion energy without pollution from a seemingly unlimited source.  Actually new shaft sinking and tiny extraction hole mass produced fully automated machines are constantly extending the thermal surface area required to get electricity at high efficency out of marginally hot rock.

The guideway reduces the cost of living during the first three or four decades of it’s existence possibly to a third of present fuel and high administrative overhead economies.

After establishing public trust self owned but consumer controlled guideway industries this cost of living and social reliability would grow to a permant end of scarcity and survival of most planetary catastrophes.

This an above ground miniature scale, PRT monorail like system.  It is computationally the lowest cost form of multi thousand year local source uninterruptible electric ultra deep local geothermal autonomously manufactured and built up power supply.  This is the first in history design specific proposal for a forever fuel burning free sustainable massive industrial global to space economy.  This is new forms of reliable agriculture production systems.  This also describes moving completely away from petroleum based chemical economics to reduce harmful effects on people and the ecology they live in.  This is not a prohibition against petroleum products only finding where possible more economic or less polluting substitues.  The petroleum supply lasts forever and becomes occasionally cheaper using guideway product transportation.

The global guideway is designed to replace all existing slower, less convienient and more costly per trip unit, seat mile and ton mile transportation.  This was designed to be a replacement for any future practical need for road vehicles, rail vehicles and aircraft.  The global guideway designs were created to provide full anywhere municipal utilitlies without ever again requiring earth moving or burial of infrastructure.  No system or product is banned.  They can not compete with the new systems in any way practical.

Except for farming, dam building, storm water drainage and mining there would be little need again for earth moving machinery.  Even houses and large buildings can be built without significant foundations and excavation.  This lowers the infrastructure costs of small to global economies everywhere but requires functional design changes for new building forms or types to allow fire proof ultra light weight tornado resistant evacuated SIPs panel construction.

This provides many new forms of lower cost personal and industrial guideway supplied tools and products, none of which have ever existed before.  The guideways are slightly slower than Hyperloop designs but much less costly to take to every farm, home, industry and rural settlement on the planet.  A guideway grid like streets and rural roads is everywhere but cheaper.

The guideway is about Five times faster and a twentieth or less the cost of Uber and other electric air taxi services and cheaper by at least half to a third the cost of the smallest Google like autonomus road taxi services at least ten times the speed in urban areas than road autonomus vehicles and faster yet over longer distances.  Road and rail and air vehicles were obsoleate compared to electric wheel motor tiny frontal area automated vehicles at least as early as the 1850s to 1890s but no one properly designed a guideway running gear in several detailed tries at development.

Trains of global guideway vehicles have unlimited trip ranges, never needing to stop for fuel or battery recharging at 950 feet per second and not needing any service by component design for at least one to several million miles.  Each vehicle has built in four to many tens of allowed component failure redundncy layers without a noticeable speed reduction.  No other vehicle ever had this kind of reliability and absolute trip safety probability designed in.

A prototype vehicle and figure eight test track for full speed testing could be built and running in one to two years for under possibly fifty million dollars using race car people not aerospace people for development and off the shelf Protean, Semens, or Unique Mobility motor elements as starting points.  The small scale allows guideway prototyping using a first generation high speed basalt stamped truss guideway production machine test.  Production for a mass rapidly manufactured motor might take four to five years and a couple hundred million dollars.  Guideway final standard mass production of mass production guideway mobile fabrication and installation machinery and vehicle production might take a decade to reach full capacity of about three to five trillion dollars of product a year to replace the road and air vehicle economies in the next thirty years.

Eventual production might reach ten trillion a year because the guideway has real user appeal Not requiring other than a single area demonstration letting open new sources carry the message.  Promotional hype is replaced by feature comparisons.  The guideway cost is paid solely by user fees for services offered.  The problem is how to reduce the cost of placing the global integrated robotic right of ways them making many guideway industries self managing and owned under electronic universal education based user democracies.  People teach each other realistic ways to thought and self management through widening open cell phone forums.

The guideway reduces the cost and provides permant modern facilities every where.  These are many levels of improvements higher than snart cities plans even for Americanmixed urban environments that have no modern options proposed anywhere.  No smart city proposal based around roads has any esthetic advantage other than road use and buried utilities are familiar.  The guideways placed over the top of a city automaticly can rebuild it to become a garden like urban park around existing homes and businesses with a new form of parking free guideway access.  Home and business owners can use the self owned tool carriers to preform major renovations on their properties at low cost.  The tool carriers can be programed to offer design assistance replacing professional human design services and sizing up needs for major work letting humans finish task details.  The exact technologies being created for autonomus driving road vehicles serves well in the tool carrier applications.  Boston Dynamics and many Japanese companies are creating the tool applications programming and aviator details.  Reducing production costs becomes the next step in guideway robot global economy development.

Mobility and on demand services replace economies created to service auto and oil industries and major govornment planning agencies that are all replaced by full guideway automation at a lower cost to users.  The ultimate goal is to eliminate any need for taxes and leaders of any kind.  The cost of all products drop about two thirds based on the overhead global economy of industrial monopolies and govornment overheads.  Guideway utilities are designed for conservation of air, water and soil quality resources.  Industries and governments are designed around promoting consumption.

ET3 and mass decoupling vehicles are next but may not be as cheap to operate as the wheel supported guideway based on the limited data available to compare with.  I am interested in making them as cheap as well but at least mass decoupling might also work better as a open air guideway enhancement.  No way to know any of this now.

Failures would be expected but are part of accelerated lower cost prototyping.  Figuring out how to produce prototypes from raw pre prep materials to finished new design versions in a week or so is part of these ideas making mass production of one off parts in a same day using lower pressure fast formed tooling.  EPS foam shapes of large size can be countpur machined at speeds rarelyseen and coated in layers with ceramic shells that are thermally hardened into up to metalized or thermal Boyer sonic coatings in nitrogen encloses.  Inside are foam cores that are soft and melt easily outside are cores that resist wear and temperatures applied that do not melt the foam cores.  Additive applications more than machining away create details.  You can go from design concept to finished assembly, possible using working parts off the shelf or from older designs to newer versions in a day to a week.  You can test to destruction, redesign failure points and build new every few days.  Bolt or screw fastner free designs required rethinking how things are put together and new standard attachment systems or going directly to fabricated in place designs where parts are cut out and rebounded in attachment to a seamless integrated structure vehicle.  Hard parts are one with insulation free wiring imbedded inand working parts similarly built in without disassembly means that doubles manufacturing costs.  Vehicles, air conditioners, stoves, TV sets even cell phones are totally integrated structures in which most seperate parts are reusable by cutting them surgically out or resolving the whole exterior around hardened interior parts the testing and reusing standard components.  There are so many ways to do this but so little work towards these ends.  New tools are needed fir garage mechanics to build their own new devices at home using these processes.  Several of my friends have bought early models of these tools for their own expierimenting.  Programing complexities needs new cell phone software to help people design with less coding or step knowledge making everybody an inventor prototype with less skill systems background.

New door latch systems are proposed for the guideway that integrates opening strength in all directions as well as localized bending and torsional carry through door gaps while being air tight.  Hinged vased actuators are proposed and full parimiter match systems.  The door still has to open after a catistropic impact without a jaws of life rescue being needed, but not release before requested from inside or after a impact indication from outside.

All of these designs use working existing product component and structural examples on which to base cost and performance calculations for improved engineering examples.

Required is the best possible guideway all purpose  robotic vehicle delivery system.  This has to become a probable universal standard that will not need replacing where no such standard ever existed before.  This is well beyond visions of autonomus trucks, drones and taxis replacing drivers on streets.  Essentially this makes obsoleate and impractical any continued use of road, air, rail and most commercial marine vehicles.  It is probably impossible for high overhead surface or earth and subgrade heavy concentrated verses guideway dustributed load support infrastructure systems to be less than about three times the installed cost of guideway use.  Ten to fifteen to twenty times the cost is the competitive target.  The existing systems drag along all the high human overhead costs of existing transportation and energy choices.  While these are viewed as providing jobs and profits they add to the cost of everything.  This cost comes around several times in cost increases to all other products and services as well as any need for govornment ever again.

This proposal might lead to a self governing free enterprise global economy the fear of all conservatives that love government dictatorship in their stated hatred of it.  The personal assistant smart phone can become a global to local self organizing and reality check grass roots democracy without leaders.  No central computer does the leading but humans educate and hep improve the attitudes of each other.  This is not a problem for most people but will be for a few who do not want to give up cherished emotional attachments to the religions and reliance’s of the past.  A guideway industry roboticly built and delivered, not free but almost free stand alone home gives everybody a place to live in custom designed but mass produced cuircumstances.  Food costs plume t as guideway planting and harvesting and small to large farm efficiencies and unlimited water on demand everywhere makes green house farming predictable under guideway built green houses and sea steaming farms that like floating counstantly reshaping masses of habitats produce food by following the sun light and seasons and taking with them ocean water cleaning habitats for fre ranging and sea food farmed fish.  vegitable and fruit gardens produce on the roofs while people live between.  Local colder claimant ocean temperatures might be changed as needed by these processes.  Building mass produced sea habitat extrusions with integrated formed in bare conductor wiring and load protection with formed in place water and dry waste and fire sprinkler plumbing with new smart head directional fire suppression that spot controls fires without flooding areas like a human fire watch and fireman in every room.  All of this in fire proof tornado resistant strong light weigh structures.

The basic principle is reducing single vehicle frontal area to the minimum required to carry 99.999% of all present trips used in moving goods and people around.  Most large object movements exist at all because of our chosen large vehicle transportation and construction infrastructure requiring human operator control.  Most trip mileage is personal access shopping and recreational transportation.  Once all machines are robotized there is no longer a need for large machines and concentrating loads for operator efficiency.

Proposed is new fabrication processes where tiny machines build unimaginably large structures. 18 external square feet of total vehicle body frontal area is required to move all consumer and nearly all industrial and construction items and single file passengers in self positioning rider high normal operation reclining seats.

A new form of general service self compacting for guideway hauling universal tool carriers.  These do all heavy work and any can become on user requests a heavy duty but efficient high speed all terrain vehicle.  It was out of motor cycle hill climbing and cross country and walk up mountain climbing and spending decades around farms and construction sites and factories that this new vehicle form evolved.  The running gear and attachments or tools are small enough to be hauled by the guideway but in self organizing groups large enough to move multi thousand ton items or anything smaller with the same equipment.  I hesitate to say that these are like transformers as this creates fanciful thoughts but that is how they work in self sizing to fit jobs.  The DARPA swarm ideas are applied here in new ways and new mechanisms.  This provides all the mining, construction, farming and industrial materials handling capabilities of all present heavy machinery, only the units are small and programmed to self organize for all job classifications.

Once smaller frontal area cylindrical bodies the guideway vehicles need a new form of inflated steped collapseable rolling diaphragm streamline nose and tail cones.  These renain to this writing unique in history as been developed to lower the single body coefficient of drag to below .01.  Compare this to the .2 for Tesla and the lowest drag presently marketed automobiles and about .5 for Tesla semi truck .8 for common streamlined semis, about .1 for most high speed rail and .05 for most commercial jets.  Now take these new design guideway vehicles and equip them to form seamless smooth sided windowless trains of any length and total drag becomes under about 4,000 KWs of frontal energy at 950 feet per second at just below the speed of sound in average day temperatures at sea level.  A typical passing train might carry twenty tons to a thousand tons and possibly a hundred people on average based on common through highway rail and air traffic route distributions today.  Most vehicles would run in shorter trains of two to six vehicles on through traffic guideways At 400 to 600 MPH.  The low cost per operating mile means over spending just like speeder on highways commonly break speed limits and reduce by 15% or so their per mile operating costs.  As the motor bearing and com’mmutation and cooling drag loss designs improve the operating costs come down.  Energy costs are dependent more on waiting to join a passing train, while regenerative acceleration return loss ratios are improved imensky by multi motor coil taps tha leaves coil ends I shorted as voltage control by reducing magnetic coil coupling and CEMF.  Mechanical air gap changing and self wheel motor case partial evacuation contributes to this wide high efficiency map that reduces electric consumption at high and low speeds at all power settings.

One problem remains uncertain that us elastic limit yield for the ring gear sheel rims over time possibly causing expansion and yield failure.  There are several solutions a few of which are covered latter.

Provide each new guideway vehicle with about 1,200 KW to 2,400 KW of regular 45 second ambient cooling condition intermittent power from a new design integrated basalt fiber structure wheel motor and these vehicles can usually accelerate and regeneratively decelerate to and from 950 FPS or about 650 MPH in about 35 seconds at one G.  This is comfortable for all semi recumbant seated, knees up passengers.

the motors are wound solid over core parts that are reused.  This allows for structural continuity without assembly bolt and key alignment.  The motors are totally additive composit manufactured.  No machine cutting or casting processes.

Trains of such faster than any commercial jet but cheaper than heavy rail subway cars, more convienient automobile use because overhead monorail guideway if miniature enough in span loads can be mass installed with fully automated no engineers or architects costs required ever again for less than the present cost of a single lane of light weight paving.  The guideway become cheaper than even primative macadamized rural roads to build anywhere.

As a corollary proposed is a new form of overland running gear the ridged single or double side moving track, that is still a first of it’s kind.  This is the full highway 80 MPH speed universal tool and people carrier running gear sets.  These replace all present form of land vehicles in all uses because they are not only smoother riding over rough surfaces than all sizes of air tires but have a rolling resistance about equivalent to flanged railway wheels.  This could have been demonstrated a century or more ago accept now one thought about it before that is known to have published these thoughts.

These many original devices are designed to improve every possible user’s outcomes.  The services are designed in, not requiring human run facilities as with convential adaptations of existing modes to fullautomation.  Many consumable products are replaced with durable mechanisms and structures that will no longer need frequent repair and replacement in several centuries of use.  The vehicles are beyond the autonomus taxis and delivery truck economies that operate at a tenth to twentieth the typical trip speed.  The global guideway network is cheaper to build by about half than continuing to spend the $7 trillion a year on global infrastructure for a total lower cost replacement period of about 30 years to arrive at about 40 million miles of guideways to every home and business on the planet.  This should be superior in every way you can measure compared to all combinations of existing transportation, energy, housing and market delivery.

Along with everything else a new form of durable housing construction identical to the proposed vehicle body form is proposed with costs at a fraction of present systems for building construction.  This lives up to Buckminster Fuller’s long thought out, but never realized ideals, that were it’s design inspiration.

This design is unlike any other in that this is the first integrated unitized power electronic and plumbing integrated by a inverted wrapped core laid up then pull extruded and low pressure spot compression molded in end caps, component incerts and attachment points and window and door frames and corner edges using a quick catalytic set basalt fiber concrete material that has the strength to weight ratio of aluminum as a basalt fiber composite body.

The guideway uses a new form of running gear combining the Palmer and straddled slot suspended monorail with a new form of guidewheels and traction system that was in parts previously thought about but never attempted, then forgotten that increase wheel tracking accuracy at minimal below flanged railway rolling friction with machine tool tolerances at jet aircraft speed.

This appears to be able to improve the delivery and general efficiency of the global economy by about two to three times.  Unfortunately a certain percentage of the existing economies and their jobs and profits structure will be replaced.  They will fight as they previously have by every sociopathic means guideway introduction.  This is exactly what happened when at first home telephones, electricity and personal automobiles replaced foot, horse, railway and street car mobility for most people between about 1910 and 1960.

This is a substitute replacing the capitalist fuel burning combustion engine and battery electric vehicle mixed economy marketing system with a new self funded, user directed, fully automated all purpose vehicle.  This is all connected to a no advertising internet search system, administrated in presentation only by companies and individuals website and public information.  The global guideway is a personal and commercial along every street and rural road outcome expeditor.  This can be the start of rapid prototyping to global product access by combining together at high speed the world’s human resources.  This is a physical high speed complement to the universal high informational access speed of the internet.

A new absolute international non-spoofed or not faked phone numbers, website addresses and emails linked to a certifiable physical address or sender location should be internationally required for all communications and data transmissions to assure responsibility for presentation and transactional honesty.  Govornment agencies need to be held to the same standards as individuals and businesses.   Preventing cross category internet search advertising inclusion will require a new web crawler a more intelligent search listing that understands customer comments and searches for fraudulent advertising indicators, also based on independent user oversight.  New guideway internet and cell services can be by monthly subscriptions just as today.  Dishonest businesses need to be weeded out before they can cheat so many people.  It has never been true tha a wild untamed marketplace is self adjusting towards fairness.

Proposed is helping with free enterprise by providing a all robotic logistics system to lower the delivery cost in a unified global economy.  All forms of govornment and business continue to function till they are no longer needed in the market place, but at higher levels of potential benifit to cost ratio performance.

This is the first known proposal of an all purpose global to local guideway based public trust utility system.  This is a one design ultralight light weight or miniature PRT style miniature monorail that is fully automated, made to be lower in construction cost per mile than rural gravel roads and city alley ways to build and maintain.  This is impossible to achieve with investor, political and engineering management.  All existing administrative forms try to sociopathicly steer outcomes to profitable shared economic administrator class values over user interests.  Users often do not have much voice as only certified services are allowed by laws such as operations and building codes and utility operational monopolies allowed in the name of efficency or assumed order. Customers or citizens have no choice and are mostly forced to use systems designed to profit providers not users.  In the guideway design it is requested by property owners for built over the top of and undisturbing of existing utilities for improved personal mobility speed, direct global personal access and getting at lower cost delivered products and services.

A optimum design has to come from innovators that have no allegences to slower higher operating cost systems.  In this case a complete ideal vision has to be designed toward without creating profitable customer traps or manipulations through monopolies latter on.  This requires direct democracy user control and a pay as you go charge system that recovers costs in a competitive way as fast as practical to lower user costs as soon as possible.  A constantly rolled over global guideway fund needs a funding starting point from which to launch new line extensions based on user requests.  If the services are not the best the requests will not come in.  Building intercontinetally at first between Walmart and other big box super stores is thought to be a starting point as they can lower prices in a open market global free trade system that might quickly transcend govornment interventions protecting favored local industries.  Store parking lots replace airports f

The lightest weight access grid guideways would have a urban 100 MPH to 200 MPH speed limit with a maximum line capacity of about 200 to 300 vehicles per hour during loading.  Group loading and unloading sequencing increases this by many times.  The same lowest possible cost guideway vehicle capacity at about $200,000 a mile construction cost might be about 3,000 to 5,000 vehicles per line hour used as one or two separated or light weight vehicles per span per hour used as through no stopping on line guideways.  By designing lighter weight spans you reduce the systems cost but have to restrict vehicle weight limits as well as provide for ice and snow load removal systems for rare overload events.  Not having tried basalt trusses, it is uncertain what the harmonics might be that might limit speed due to induced vibrations from irregular spread out loads.  This was all covered in the late 1970s in several studies of most of these PRT issues.

The through full span train load guideways would be at least ten times more expensive at about $2 million a line mile through rural areas than either rural or urban access grids.  At 950 feet per second maximum allowed speed in warm weather this entrained line full load vehicle capacity is about 60 vehicles or sixty net tons of bulk or other heavy dense cargo per second.  This is about two to four times the total line load potential where longer six mile acceleration deceleration ramps are provided.  Power supply issues may further limit capacity where heavy origin and destination loads or passengers need to be brought either up or down to match speed with full speed trains.  About 4,000 KW overcomes the 18 square foot frontal area at .01 coefficient of drag.  This is lower than many sources give but is based on a finding for a F-105 non lift resistance.  About 50 KW, guessed at, will be needed for viscus and cooling drag per each vehicle added to a train at 650 MPH.

It takes about  - - -  KWs of electricity local low resistance loss distribution capacity to regeneratively accelerate and decelerate each ton of vehicle and cargo.  Occasional overload conductor loop main grid capacity is already designed into the system as well as more than adequate conductor convection cooling surface area to cross section.

The guideway moves all commerce faster than commercial jet aircraft but door to door no longer needing any kind of road access.   The proposed guideway vehicle design is cheaper because it uses long wear life high speed minimum rolling resistance maximum energy efficiency wheel motors and self lowering access vehicles or station and platform free access, adjacent to or anywhere on urban and rural properties.

The vehicles are small enough to enter a building through a normal commercial sized walk door.  The vehicles each must self lower from high overhead to floor or ground level for access and provide all user access tools and a onboard at every seat full service banking ATM, plus fully robotic roll on and off and internal to external single item manipulator and bulk commodities and water loading systems.

If you can build a road that carries trucks and ATVs to a village, then it should be cheaper to connect every block or house in that village with a global guideway access grid.  The vehicles are designed to put on well over 10 to 20 times the operating miles each year as an over the road truck and operate non stop for any reason for decades.  Each vehicles individual high speed and low energy use gives the potential for dozens of pick up and deliveries per operating hour.

Wear replacement parts are designed for quick pit stop change out.  The electric power is direct from the guideway like nearly all electric rail systems.  The vehicles need no central control system anywhere and operate as free self owned internet directed agents.  Manufacturers make the vehicles and guideway components then set them to service controlled by the users in a public trust untill the cost is quickly paid paid back at about a 10% additional charge for getting to ride in a six month old or younger new vehicle.

All present forms of transportation are figuratively sociopathic decision maker self serving systems that create a political and economic benificery following.  What provides useful services is assumed to be indispensable.

The global guideway should be sold to users based purely on user beneficial advantages not power networking of investor, political, industrial conglomerates.

The cost per seat and ton mile here are user averages based on humans all having first time daily global access at known operating costs.  The guideway generated geothermal everywhere electricity and variable load direction magnetic bearings and tungsten micro tooth running gear  reduces operating costs along with any need for land and building based access facilities.

Imagine a taxi cab that shows up, usually in a few seconds of when you call for it, beside your house or business everywhere in the world.  It travels suspended from a monorail beam 18 feet to its under side off the ground on a suspended all grade crossing separated monorail, so the guideway has no safe operation speed limits, other than curve and elevation speeds mostly for passenger comfort. There would be needed about 300 million of these tiny vehicles by the fourth decade of service introduction.  The all purpose passenger and freight and delivery vehicles might cost about $30,000 to $50,000 each to build in the smaller more Common five motor length versions.  It costs about 1/20 th or less the cost of driving a personal automobile because they use less energy and maintainence cost than the smallest mopeds by creating their own new permanent global ultra deep geothermal electric supply.  The cost of energy plummets every year till it is by today’s standards almost free of resource costs other than rebuilding generators every half million operating hours and drilling small 1.5 inch diameter holes a quarter mile from each main deep shaft for every several million KWHs of supply.  Local electric supplies might last 10,000 years a million years or 500 years depending on local supply to consumption levels.  Almost everywhere has a local geothermal supply at a reachable depth.

Every vehicle is as high in performance as a top jet fighter plane but has unlimited range and will travel over 200 million miles in it’s normal service life having been rebuilt about 50 times in certain running gear components.  The vehicles are quieter than automobiles as they travel through your neighborhoods at 100 MPH to 200 MPH.  The trains of such vehicles travel every where you see Main Street and highway traffic today in longer trains for heavier traffic at about 650 MPH, shorter trains to single vehicles at 400 MPH to 600 MPH.  Longer trains are most efficient for the least user cost.  Each vehicle has several moveable patrician compartments and shares privately accesses passengers and Goddard spaces to lower individual user costs.  Whole vehicle commodities bags carry water and bulk shipments in every vehicles when they have idle time, mostly overnight world wide.  The guideways replaces ships, railroads and truck freight only hundreds of times faster.  Global deliveries and travel becomes like local deliveries.

The air resistance is tiny.  The rolling resistance is minuscule.  The electric energy cost per ton mile at jet speeds at sea level is a fraction the losses with all fuel burning vehicles.  There are not offices or ticket machines.  There are no administrators or investors to pay.  The machines are designed to produce more ron miles at a lower cost  and pay Off procurement debt in months, then  took over earning to build the next million miles.

This might allow massive human industrial economies to survive in ecological neutrality for tens of thousads of years into our future.

This can only use the lowest frontal area vehicles.  These have to form gap free, paralell sided trains, while each one has a lowest possible possible individual drag coefficient, streamlined by inflated nose and tail cones that nesting or rolling diaphra or telescope kcollapse flat for entrainment.  A new form of magnetic coupling and PRT individual vehicle spring tensioned pre-arched  running gear and attracting magnet self guided steering is proposed to use turn outs at the speed of sound, around 950 feet per second , at Hong G cornering during a over speed event.

Independently or together the drag of these vehicles and trains is much less than the air resistance of a single bicycle and rider.

Every single file recliner seating vehicle with usually two seats, can stablest self lower in common side winds for access anywhere under a above all ground level interferences and hazards.  This has to be a suspended monorail.

The guideways and vehicles are primarily made of basalt composit fire proof cement.  Windows are inside TV screens as this is more rugged and cheaper to maintain than glass windows.  This also allows slow and stop motion viewing of passing scenes using a motion dampening vision like camera system.  Riders can entertain themselves on trips recording passing views they liked to their cell phones or home computers.  The bodies are mostly bullet and crash resistant because weight does not add significant energy use to these vehicles operation.

The longitudinal guideway structure becones a much more rugged, high voltage, lower loss, DC local geothermal generator sourced power supply grid than AC wire based systems.  All electrical parts are surrounded by the best known fire proof basalt cement composite insulation structural material.  The hollow guideway tubes become channels through which unlimited fiber optics communications lines are pulled.  All communications switches and servers are located up on the guideways inside fire proof internally temperature controled insulated boxes and dirstributed out to be generally impervious to nuclear war and other harmful events.

The guideways automatically install ultra deep geothermal power supply shaft sinking systems that for the first time use a no wear tungsten tip high pressure flame hard rock cutting system that slots out and fracture separates and shaft geared climber hoist removes solid rock cores to the surface with minimum energy and materials wear per cubic yard of rock removed.  The tens of millions of for Melinda geothermal steady state power plants provide local electricity to operate the guideway and provide energy for all other uses.  At the hot rock level, about five to seven miles down drill pack core drills drill out thermal extraction holes for lower cost extraction than fracking with no disturbance of chemical or radioactive hazards that might contaminated wide ware and surface water supplies.

Every remote location on Earth becomes integrated into the global zero pollution guideway economy like living in the center of a major city.  Every twenty miles or so seperate local geothermal nuclear hardened micro power plants provide local electricity as steady as the 4 billion year old hot core of the Earth.  This changes people’s desires for urbanization as regular job, school and social destinations hundreds to thousands of miles away are effectively in your neighborhood by low income daily access cost.  Every guideway trip is a single vehicle no transfer event whether a mile away or 12,000 miles taking about 20 hours away.  Reducing and replacing most present costs for multimodal multi staged product deliveries and lowering delivered electricity frees up nescesary  expenditures for discretionary spending.  This boosts economic growth.  The elimination of any future need for personal auto and truck ownership driving, at about 20 to 30 times the cost per mile of using global guideway, frees up about $4,000 per vehicle world wide.

In the now forty years of describing this to people, most, maybe 99% do not understand it, one in a thousand or so sees the idea light and says this would be great, maybe a percent or so says this would be horrible, it will never happen, they hope it fails, it should be outlawed.  The oposers will fight against it, are vehement in their opposition, angry that  I would even suggest it to them or tell anyone slaw about it.  The supporters say good luck but count me out with help.  The unimaginative majority might as well not be there at all.

We are born into life with out a sense of self.  As we grow up our expieriences and associations become us and we become an internalized part of our surroundings.  We become supporters of that which gives us familiar life and provides for our needs.  We do not think about what is at risk and what is possible only what is known to work.  Even the most progressive people are conservatives at heart.  Progress happens at a slow pace because of fearfull conservative thinking, always promoted by charismatic leaders.  Fear the unknown and pay me a good wage but follow the leaders.

In the last 170 years we are accelerating out in world population, fuel burning energy use and chemical pollution per person.  Increasing amounts of methane and CO2 releases plus acids and phosphates in runoff water and heating the oceans, killing biological balancing systems and melting ice.  Chemical pollution and consumption provision choices changes the bio balance systems atmospheric, soil and ocean based controls that in turn regulates temperature, weather and general habitability.

This global heating started about 22,000 years ago for a variety of natural causes.  These were far more significant at that time than human activity today.  The end of the last ice age raised ocean levels about 420 feet higher than today in mostly 9,000 years in two huge leaps.  We still have another about 220 feet of ice melt ocean rise to go.  This will probably happen over the next 500 to 1,000 years, no matter what we do.  We can move the two billion people to floating ocean cities or new man created land during this period.  The worst part is run off pollution of many kinds that  will kill off many ocean and land ecologies during this period.  New natural systems will quickly adapt or evolve to take their place.  If this does not happen then we will have to reengineer our planet.  This is for most planets untinkable.  The global guideway is a human serving lower cost than present roadway system that moves mountains on demand with spot precision and variety every day.  Occasional asteroid impacts and major crustal slippage events destryccivilizations as we leave I’ve o on a sporaticly unstable environmental system.  Even space radiation levels change.  We need housing, transportation, energy and food production systems that are major disaster proof.

The global guideway proposal is a new form of industrial economy logistics expediter.  A robotic all purpose system designed to stop in a third of a century humans need for fuel and major materials consumption and replace polluting industries and governments with designed to be forever neutral economy systems.  The guideways are quieter operating than air tired and aerodynamically propelled vehicles.

Proposed here is a design specific totally reusable product packaging and industrial handling system that replaces boxes and pallets and intermodal containers as we know them today.   It is cheaper by far to ship most products unpackaged in guideway flexible sized compartments.  A packaging industry is no longer nessasary as well as most wholesale retail market delivery systems.  The cost of goods drops by about a third, mostly because of more efficient delivery from farms and manufacturers. World wide every small to largest producer can deliver directly single items globally same day, mostly same minute to hour with at home or work delivery of all forms of goods and services.

The average person in turn get to use from their home to any other place on Earth, a first time zero pollution jet speed self lowering anywhere personal travel access guideways.  This uses a completely new type of transportation vehicle, the first ever designed to sustain exceeding the speed of the fastest after burning jet fighter aircraft at sea level but normally would travel between destinations over about 50 miles distance at about 950 feet per second in trains.  This uses less energy than the typical road vehicle automobile or van traveling at 60 MPH.

This was possible to have been started around the 1850s.  As soon as insulated wire was produced for telegraph systems and more accurate metal working lathes were developed for steam locomotive production, high speed wheel motors could have been built.  Not one ideal motor prototype exists to this day.  The Protean motors design is getting close.  Definitely we could have built the first examples of this guideway system by the 1890s to 1920s using known fully automated technologies, including inductive line side communications using multipule carrier serial communications automated traffic control between vehicles with onboard not line side interlocking of vehicle merging decisions.  Complicated as rocket science human controled steam locomotives were then in use.  For a hundred years high speed looms and other production machinery was fully automated using mechanical systems.  Cleverness seems to have evaporated when it comes today’s transportation because we lazily relied on the multipule first function of the human mind body to be our control systems.  One 200 MPH capable inrunner style wheel motor vehicle design was tested at Laurel Maryland in 1889 using very heavy poorly designed motors.  It was the first of several early design attempts at full vehicle automation in 1889 to 1913.  Then there went up a mist untill the 1970s when we started a new to replace the unreliability and cost of the human at repetitive tasks.  GM from the 1930s till today had this idea on the back burner but never lead in development, leaving the details to others.  Presently the stupidity of fully automated road vehicle automated the hard way thinking the road access  infrastructure cost is too big to replace.  But we do replace and expand it’s entire cost about every thirty years at about $100 trillion or greater costthan building the global guideway that operates less expensively and faster.

It is exactly the oposite.  The infrastructure is the cheap part.  The operations costs the expensive part.  The global guideway is a all new infrastructure designed to operate cheaply at the highest practical speed with zero human control of the simplest robotic systems kind.

This is a completely new form of transportation if viewed in all of it’s parts.  This is PRT but is well beyond any PRT description to this date.  I have been reluctant to say this in forty plus years of evolving designs because it felt more comfortable to be attached to something familiar to people.

A second parallel development is ET3.  This is also cheap access or at your home PRT, but comprises a new form of transportation in all of it’s details.  The evacuated tube maglev idea had it’s start in 1906 but not well defined untill about the year 2000 by Daryl Oster.

Elon’s Hyperloop and shuttel tunnel proposals fail in all ways to understand design optimization.  Daryl’s proposals also show the wrong type of air lock, maglev and vacuum pump systems but show the correct scale which is always as small as possible.

This ET3 transportation might allow people to eventually travel from their homes to anywhere on the planet at speeds of around 6,000 feet per second using similarly less average energy than driving a personal road vehicle today.  Both of these systems depend on low drag to no drag designs, in the case of ET3 and high return regenerative braking.

This is about a global but locally user controlled system that might take as little as about three decades to go from production start to global total replacement of fuel and materials consuming systems.  This is about replacing compeditive unsastainable war like economies by a cooperative inducing globally integrated robotic, all individual user controlled, one design overhead monorail.

The guideway is a self installing robotic machine that can service the whole range of commercial systems, lowering transportation, energy, communication, data and financial management, advertising and logistics cost of common businesses to next to nothing.  The guideways might replace any future need for govornments other than a minor police function.  Even law courts and health care have mostly automated, user controlled, non profit systems design ideas incorporated into guideway mechanistic utilities.

The idea of a off the shelf adopts to all situations, no planner or engineer involved in any decision robotic global machine economy sees this coming on anyone’s radar screen.  The guideway as a global industry starts with a new programming form tha self organizes property owners and users to design their own local to global systems by making all the important design choices baked into the formula and 10 billion user choices integration.  We are not mentally ready to absorb this complexity yet but it is already here being used for profit taking.

The secret to all of this beyond structural and mechanistic details is lowering the installed access cost per mile by lowering the linear materials manufactured cost mass per mile installed, then directly allowing groups of users to design their own roboticly installed guideway access points.  Unlike roadways, railways and airports, these can be moved at a rate of about two miles a day in urban areas a day pulled up by one robotic machine set and installed a little over or mikes away by another robotic set.  This all leaving little sign of the former alignments after removal.

The guideways roboticly plant, water and prune their own property owner directed forest cover as they are installed to in ten to twenty years mostly hide the overhead structures.  This involves new mechanistic systems designs that can also reshape the global ecology and farm vast areas of presently unused lands on hill sides without creating erosion or land subsidence problems.  This reduces run off erosion and changes local climates over time in specific ways.  The guideways also can be used to reintroduce small animal and plant Savory style rebuilding of habitats into mixed checkered animal meat, fruit and vegetable production systems that mimic natural savana systems but are all produce farms instead.

The main guideway advantage is making every passenger, general pick up and delivery and long distance freight hauling vehicle a spare time mover of usually about one to two tons of water a day.  Each tiny guideway vehicle will travel about 10,000 to 25,000 miles every day replacing the work done by several semis or a hundred ton railway car.  It is ton miles per KWHs not tons of vehicle capacity.  Faster door to door service bypasses terminal transfers, warehousing, stores and many layers of handeling.

Ocean tubes for both the in air and evacuated tube guideways are about as expensive at this small scale as four lane grade separated expressways are to build across land.  This is a twentieth the cross section of highway and railway tubes, a fraction the size of small regional jet frontal areas.

Ocean intercontinental tube grids use some unique deep ocean production engineering systems that took three decades to sort out from all the possibilities.  The in-air guideway intercontinental tubes due to a need to reduce pressure or provide reverse circulation to eliminate choking interference drag are slightly more expensive than the evacuated tube systems.  This is the inverse across land where the need for cheap airlock access still lead the tunneled ET3 verses above ground self lowering access guideways leaves ET3 about twice to three times as expensive as the slower 950 feet per second self lowering in air system.

Reducing user utility costs to nearly free can only happen if the guideway is from mine to materials processing to fabrication to installation with all engineering and business, customer relation decisions being fully automated.  Proposals for simplifying human robot interaction are given with these ideas.

The monrails are small to reduce aerodynamic drag and the per mile cost of the guideway and decrease the regenerative losses from acceleraction and deceleration for single passengers and small deliveries from high speeds.  A big problem is infinite motor coil tap use for voltage control and reduction of CEMF losses and poke gap active changes to make motors as efficient at partial throttle and loads as at full throttle.  Each motor requires partial arc throttling or running zero coreless low hysteresis loss running of fewer coils when high thrust is not needed.  The vehicles can move more ton miles per hour than any heavy freight railway, more passengers direct from separate origins to destination per hour than any subway line, all faster than any proposed airliner trip.  On the suspended self lowering vehicle monorail are one all functions and services vehicle type.

The guideways come built in with a non profit open source, totally decentralized internet and communication global fiber optics system and a total geothermal electric supply for at least 10,000 to 50,000 years of most consumption.  This all can happen at a lower infrastructure cost than spent presently for all construction and repair.

the guideway solves the recycling and local water scarcity problem, collects and distributes sewage and industrial wares to improved recycling and disposal without using water disposal of dissolved solids to ocean disposal.  The guideway might be used to redirect nitrates to the Arctic Ocean where this is needed.

the proposed running gear and nose and tail cone designs are faster at sea level using less energy 

per seat or ton mile than any possible high altitude aircraft.  The same vehicles should be cheaper than container ships of the largest kind and railroads at a hundred times or more their producer to user delivery speed.  Every transaction becomes a special delivery faster than present multimodal trip air freight.

Very small frontal area drag vehicles with large electric motors travel on light weight lower cost per mile than side streets are to build.  No trip can be faster than using the global guideway designs never needing any other ground connection by using PRT.  Every vehicle is capable of carrying two passengers or one to two tons of goods in trains of such vehicles at near the speed of sound at sea level.  People get to work, school or shopping faster for less money every day and can buy fresh food and products from all over the world for less money than today’s discount retailers can match.  The global to local economies operate more efficiently, consuming less that is not recycled.  More money goes to producers less to middle men, none to governments for controlling and financing transportation.  All is proportional to use fee based, subsidized increasingly over the decades by the robotic self owned guideway manufacturing and self repairing systems.  Only the first few trillion dollars of research and development that has a human base over about thirty years on startup has a declining unsubsadized share.  The geothermal energy share becomes itself a declining cost till it also might be a vertically integrated global self owned and user democracy controlled robotic industry.  No humans in attendance with all open records.

This all monorail built and conducted DC electric system uses nearly unlimited steady state geothermal energy and basalt kaolin based materials economies.  Adding evacuated launch for a live healthy deep space and garden Earth based industrial economies.  Prosperity becomes universal.

Over the last two days a series of arguments with coworkers at a temporary production job and a monthly electronic systems Lincoln meeting produced some negative thought process ideas that seem to be popular misconceptions created by the rise of both capitalist fascist and technical comfort zone protecting thinking.  These anti progress self labeled conservative ideas will need to be more carefully addressed or integrated into this presentation.

I tend to write from the context of my life long leading expieriences growing up in a religious conservative but highly creative engineering family background.  There are mental blocks created in social idea sorting processes that make myself speak a literally unintelligible to average person launguage.  The words are the same but the ideas are as forgine as if I arrived from a different world.  People need to absorb ideas in familiar terms.  This proposal uses a well described term PRT personal rapid transit.  The global guideway is in Thousands of details well beyond all the collections of previous fully automated transportation.  This keeps getting rewritten to try and bridge this communications gap.  What is at risk is the mostly refinished limitations of classic present human survival choices and the inability of the whole of the Engineering communities to take a alternate path that is ecologically neutral by hundreds of times more cost to benefit ratio productive in providing organized but individually flexible happiness for all people.  This is about a undisturbed happy natural planet co-inhabited by ten billion very technical human surface dewellers.

About 42 years ago my wife to be and I started an adventuresome small salvage resale and transportation business.  Originally we had to move about 110 semi loads of old surplus civil defense supplies.  We purchased these for a fraction of a cent on the dollar, and had to move them out of about 260 shelters in Lincoln and Dallas.  A lot of trips a lot of urban and intercity miles and maunual carting manual loading and warehouse handling.  City traffic slowed things down.    We wound up learning about all forms and problems of conventional transportation.

Shipping to customers was often at a higher cost than the price our customers paid Us for the salvage merchandise.  There were no low cost transportation services.  We tried using high cube auto parts box cars at minimum rates but our truck operating costs were usually cheaper than rail.  With out cheap transportation we were unable to sell the large quantities of items. In order to sell quantities we had to offer nearly free or the price of fuel and our operating cost in over the road trucking.  The trucks were regularly breaking down requiring repairs.  Oil changes, filters, air brake parts, diesel and tire wear became major expenses.  This price of transportation and energy is added onto the cost of everything we buy.  Many stages of mobility and storage between, often add up to half the cost of much of what we buy new. 

It was 1980 that I realized through comparative calculation for smaller electric overhead monorail guideway vehicles could have been built less expencvly than streets and operating rubber tires vehicles over them.  The first year designing cheap elevated prefabricated elevated neighborhood stations.  This is the path that hu hundreds of the PRT developers had tried.  I wanted to ship our goods unwrapped goods we were selling and a way for me crew and equipment a quick way to get where we needed to go.


The highests cost we had to pay in our business after warehouse rental was fuel for combustion engines, registration and the high risk liability and collision insurance.  This caused me to try and invent lower cost faster forms of universal suspended monorail transportation.  All the parts needed to do this already exist

The salvaged supplies were placed by the federal government in case of a nuclear war.  The supplies were considered to no longer help any citizen in the US because America spent over twenty trillion dollars in war money on the potential total nuclear destruction of the then assumed Russian enemy.  They Russians did a as credible job of arranging for our destruction, wasting there countries money as well.  Both sides were amorally just defending leadership power. A few Scandinavian countries spent money on citizen shelter programs but Americans were denied such safety in a National Republican Party plan to finance favored offensive weapons contractors in theit wealth managment program.  No concern was shown for populations impoverished bycwar spending..

I grew up fearing nuclear war and the wrath of the hateful unforgiving aparthide like god of the Lutheran church.  This drove me to seek technological solutions to the chaotic mad world I lived in.

This threat of horrible war existed solely because there never existed any global govornment or commerce system a person to person and business direct unifying replacement for existing disorganized  commerce.  Peopleband commerce in layers are separatEd from each other.  There has always been disorganized communications and transportation controled by gate keepers in major monopoly govornments and larger busineese that refuse to share their power over people.  I started to dream about 41 years ago about power to the consummer people every where equally distributed to satisfy all individual needs and wants.  By about 39 years ago I discovered PRT.  Actually I was shown it years before in the form of the operation of the PATCO rapid transit line.

To bring people together and make economies prosper without consuming the planets resources required constant human negotiations and operational interchanges in the multi modal transportation systems that has slowly in a disorganized way  evolved .  Not one person ever designed transportation and communication.  These basic bed rocks on which to build modern commerce were build on muddy slopes of limited land, fuel resources and the ability of the environment to endure punishment without collapsing.  The existing systems, all of them, were never tested to personal rapid transit or PRT standards of operational economy, convienience, user utility and safety.  But I was never able to learn about this because no known human or god, if gods exist,  ever sat out in findable writing the criteria for a modern commerce and personal human interactive system.  People wrote prolific lyrics about past and existing systems but never about the details of future systems that might not look anything like existing systems.

So my long suffering wife and I muddled through moving warehouses full of supplies with two trucks usually one hired helper, my own physical 365 days a year labor and thoughts as to how to sell this still useable junk we bought for about $4,000.  Our main expense was the cost of transportation.  Fuel prices were going during this trucking oriented period of our lives from about 45 cents a gallon to over $235 cents a gallon a couple of decades ago where we sold the last larger truck.  We used my small car, a passenger van and trailers as well.  We looked at commercial trucks of all kinds and they were wanting in load ability, volume hauled per unit of length, load flexibility, turning radius, fuel economy and always maintainence and administrative operating costs.  We built a special truclose of one of a kind capabilities that could be assembled from used and new parts.  It served fairly well carrying everything you might imagine but still had no auto loading and unloading features.  This automatic self loading I had dreamed about for two decades previous to this but could not figure out.

These are what we were allowed to work with, the only allowed forms of mechanical transportation every where in the world.  Not one road, rail system, aircraft, ship on the water has ever demonstred known PRT operating efficiencies, user convienience or reliability.  Since the first high speed low airodynamic drag system was publicly described in America and England in 1889 not one capitalist ever stepped forward to finance a single prototype of a universal PRT operating system.  This would have replaced all other forms of uncompetitive transportation in the mean time and made someone more money than it is possible to imagine.  This could have created first world’s first multi trillion dollar a year company.

If a well designed PRT vehicle's parts of any kind fail in service of the designs proposed here can ever cause an accident because of new running gear forms that have not been allowed to be tested and compared in over fotry years of many proposed PRT components and all the existing systems.

we soon added other salvage items and a minor excavation dump truck and over sized load local hauling business.

I had spent my life growing up around all forms of transportation, becoming a rail fan, aircraft technology, engineering and histories fanatic, interested in the details of river barge movement, sail boats and ocean shipping.  I loved road, off road and military vehicles.  By age seven I was also a space rocket fan, saving to this day the Colliers Mars exploration articles.

It became apparent that all transportation is designed as ways to make money, not as ways to serve people’s needs best.  We need purpose built fully automated, many times faster, either above all land uses or buried benieth them, much lower cost per mile systems.  Quite soon or at any time over the last hundred years we could have had a global PRT single file global guideway system.

It is is a myth that people are happy owning a driving their own automobiles, vans and pickups.  Not one in tens or hundreds of thousands of people have ever thought of a convenient transportation.  This is where y

no one will ever again need a drivers , pilots, rail engineers or ship operators listens.  Nobody will ever know again what collision accidents are.  No poor person will ever again in ten minutes not be able to afford  to go several hundred miles if needed in a few minutes to get cheaper groceries, a job, health care or or forever educations.  The lower the frontal area, the more miles spent in trains of two vehicles to hundreds the lower the cost per mile at aircraft speed.  650 MPH at two cents a passenger mile or ton mile is a reachable average goal.

This is about the basic principles, equipment and structural design ideas that possibly from first in history prototypes, can demonstrate the economic advantage of a well designed single vehicle type, a universal user serving global commerce guideway.

The guideway system is a modern design lower cost many times higher speed replacement for all existing transportation and public roads, sewer and water and energy, market delivery, food production and the creation of multi century self supporting housing for everybody on the planet.  These capacities and more are all designed into the system from the start, not needing basic confirmation changes with improvements over time

Designing from the start to reach faster than commercial jet physical speed and efficiency limits with more convenience and a fraction the cost of using autonomous self driving road vehicles requires a completely new modal form.

Faster vehicle trip speed, if minimal in average vehicle drag has never required huge energy levels.  Faster for all trips and deliveries means more work and customer trips and miles are performed in a year meaning faster payback of vehicle investments when compared to larger scale mostly unstreamlined slow and limited use vehicles.  Most vehicles remain parked 95% of their live span.  The vehicles inversely are intended to provide multipule service forms 90% of their life spans for about 400 times the time utilization return on capital investment of current mixed mode transportation.  Presently elelectric autonomus road vehicles are expected to get about 8 to 20 times the return compared to personal auto and truck use.  Take this utilization time factor fine the average miles traveled per day and you have an additional about 15 time the miles traveled per day for each average vehicle.  Because about a third of these vehicle hours will be in carrying comodities loads such as irrigation and domestic and industrial water and fertile soil for ground fertility improvement, there will be a additionally greater average vehicle tonage over aberage global vehicle tons per use miles.

Everything proposed here is lighter and higher in electric motor working gap velocities compared to bearing velocity.  Larger railway traction motors have air gap velocities of about 20,000 FPM.  These proposed motors have operational air gap velocities of around 55,000 FPM.  Peak performance might be over 150,000 FPM.

Out runner motors allows the delicate windings, cooling and controls to remain stationary.  Inside wheel hoop stress resisting rims, passive permant magnets drive mobility and regeneratively provide all friction wear free stopping at several Gs of force when needed.

Higher internal working DC voltage does not require step up and down transformers because basalt fiber composit guideway structures, motors, running gear frames, car bodies, piers and all span hangers and cross members are fully insulated.  This means everything is multipulely layered electrically insulated.  There is no metal frame to short across.most durable electrical components can be imbeded or fabricated or wound in as the vehicle is be built Up or made  up in layers.  High mortality parts can be plug in replaced.

This makes every vehicle virtually a giant multiple tasking integrated robotic circuit with formed in moving part.  The totally hog enjoys structure is bullet proof for all but the Lear gets small arms armor piercing rounds.  In a collision with a tree branch the vehicle has to come out the winner.  In a conflict with a self destructive person or disabled vehicle the vehicle always yields or avoids.  Inliss of a span section a train is able to often pass through the break withouty loss of much life or destroying more guideway y th. Ffuumbuiuik These are very difficult design tasksh  but easier than autonomus road vehicle designs.1

All longitudinal structure components are metal seamless tubes of steel and aluminum.  These carry mostly evenly divided power DC polarities.  High frequency multi phase coils transfer to lower and higher voltages or combine with inverters where AC power would still be used.

by lowering the liniear weight of vehicles to the minimum required by the largest commonly delivered consumer items and people in single file separate compartments or directionally flipable seat automaticly rearranging to single compartment use for facing seat pairs and groups.  Minimizing linear weight reduces the span and pier costs and eliminates for all the future a need for moving dirt and rock fill for mobility below the speed of sound.  ET3 is a special case where tunnels are most likely preferred.

This all requires a new set is production machinery.  Proposed is designing the produced items to fit new forms of compact production equipments that itself might often be made guideway portable so at any need whole factories could be moved at the design speed of about 950 feet per second to any new manufacturing loacation on the planet.  This thought ET3 Startram systems seamlessly allows moving these same machines to orbit and other planets at about today’s intercontinetal air freight costs.  Each separate system is outlined in here but more details are required to filling alternative designs.

As transportation this is tiny frontal area vehicles with highly tapered ends that in a tricky way accordion collapse to form smooth sided long trains .  The dynamics of doing this a close to full operating speeds remains uncertain as nothing ever dobe before comes close to these problems accept hyper sonic nuclear weapons deployment systems for stratospheric air conditions.  At sea level this requires many well functioning systems with high reliability.

The proposed motor chains in order to reduce air friction while  allowing cooling and never slipping as traction loss is high wear as well as performance limiting requires the in line never slip hard gear wheels running on fine tooth rack gear rails as wide operating efficency range variable voltage coil tap throttled wheel motors.  The micro cog gear, slip free variable point contact system should have a long wear life at difficult for you to imagine speeds.  The vehicles with low frontal area can self lower for anywhere ground or floor level access and egress.  A small bearing circumference to large Motor wheel diameter means very long wear life.  This makes this system unique in history along with thousands of other first time ideas.

This is is a logistics transportation and energy durable goods efficency revolution that leaves behind any sales volume or profit margin value advantage in capitalist or socialist centric industrial revolutions.  Everybody has inexpensive health care but doctors are periferal providers.  Robots are the revolution that is expected.  This guideway makes a safe world for robotic vehicles to operate in amongst mater and humans that are served.

Everything we do and consume today and in the planed future is connected to a long set of administrative, investor profit and financial management overhead, govornment cost in areas like defense with zero benefits, unessasary layers of supporting system input products that serve no benefactor but supply industries, excessive product base energy costs and duplicative mostly standing idle mobility distribution costs.

This proposes replacing all of these with user direct controlled automated self management.  The guideway replaces at least two thirds of the support cost in everything.  Productive and most desirable goods and services remain in familiar businesses as they always have existed.  These will be modernizing but not as before in  becoming consumption driving monopolies.

In exchange life becomes safer, more comfortable and easier for every body.  A new set of liesuer time automated programmed learning experiences, technical challenges for those who might develope an interest, and constant global guideway tours of interesting places is constantly possible.  Helping people create product improvements for each other might be a automated personal assistant function of encouraging people’s interests and presenting the processes for creativity.  People can still scare rabbits driving noisy ATVs through the woods but it no longer matters much because the natural word is not just protected but constantly replaced and watered by the guideway vehicles.  Every where the guideway builds itself to allow lower cost energy housing and product access comes with it a new greater capacity than 5G communications system with less electric energy and air wave saturation.

The reason not one known person beside myself has said this about a integrated design package that has long been possible, is maybe no one made a effort to design towards thsee goals.  At the same time assembling the pieces I was with affection looking at all other possibilities with as much interest.  Trying to put all electric or renewable fuel vehicles on the already built streets and highways solves no problems while creating many new ones.  Thirty million miles of guideway built in mostly about twenty years will cost less than just replacing diesel and gas road vehicles with methane and electric vehicles.  I was designing hydrogen vehicle systems in the late 1960s and learned the hard way they have less place than continuing the suicidal use of coal.  There is no place for the lower carbon dioxide but higher methane bleed release that is a greater environmental warming from methane vehicles.  There is no cheap way to generate and store hydrogen or electricity in batteries to supply all needs.  Deep geothermal shafts using CO2 as a cuirculation medium last forvhundreds to tens of thousands of years bringing up heat that lasts longer to prime mover all directly used constant electric supply surface equipment that might operate for half a million hours using new tubor direct copuple high speed generator sets.  Batteries wear out quickly, capacities not so fast but the cost and new form pollution streams are huge.

Air vehicles are the worst in energy efficency per ton mile and passenger mile.  Even on hydrogen they place environmental changing water vapor at high altitudes and the guideways are faster requireing lower main route inter city and transoceanic tube cost than building and operating labor intensive airports.

Rail vehicles are twenty times as linearly heavy as the average span load for the proposed design guideways and are about two to four times less efficient in operation per ton mile not just lower energy efficency but additionally lower asset cost per ton mile per year.  A $75,000 guideway vehicle can carry a million ton miles a year plus another half million passenger miles a year.  Railroads can not be placed every where while the guideway can be placed where roads can not go at less cost per mile than most narrow alley ways and rural gravel roads are built.

Road vehicles are inherently inefficient by ancient designs carried over from a new version every few years to the present for centuries.  No one ever mentions high frontal area no taper or all bluff body designs.  No one mentions the lack of wrap around and highly elongated pointed front and rear air bumpers for road vehicles as the real safety and efficient improvement.  If all funding for street and road mainatence the mono side moving track running gear and excursion vehicles can trave down deteriorated pot holes paved or mud surfaces comfortably as fast as we travel on smooth pavements powered by all solar as well.

The guideway is based on the observation that nearly all people given simple promps and the right economic tools can become collectively through direct full time democracy, totally self managing of global infra structure and industry.

Once realeased to service the guideway is a dozens of parallel element reliability vending machines.  The users direct the placement by consensus and automated mediating democracy.

Armies of specialist experts are needed today because the human controlled road, air, water born commerce and rail vehicle machines and their interactions in nature and the market place are too complex an operating environment to fully automate.  Automating the vehicles alone is not enough.  The whole global economy is based on complex disposable product sales.  The guideway makes everything permanent and easy for users to control without requiring profit taking companies and govornment management and regulation.  Systems that are organized to have no conflicts or create any form .  At the neighborhood level there will be disagreements about alignment but rarely a disagreement about allowing a guideway through because the debt retirement cost is fully fee based has no profit or interest underpinning based on new internal currency management the guideway has a fully automated conflict resolution system.

The global oil based plastics industry alone today in 2019 represents the pollution equivalent of just over 190 half gigawatt coal fired power plants.  In another thirty years this is planed to expand to the atmospheric effect of about 500 half gigawat or common large coal fired power plants.  This does not account for loss of animals and habitat to oil based agriculture and petro chemicals.

The guideway simplifies actions and reduces things that often go wrong.  Basalt fiber cement composite for ruggedized long user life products reduces the waste.  Reuseable stainless steel nestable multi use packaging eliminates most of this pollution stream.  Guideway door to for single stage global marketing cuts to less than a third goods handeled that way and returns most product income to farmers and manufacturers directly instead of being dispersed across many layers of middle men, shippers, retailers, investors, financial managers, insurers, laywers and governments.

People have come to emotionaly depend on complex human controlled infrastructure for comfortable survival.  Today’s machinery systems were originally designed the same way they are expected to work hundreds of years ago.  They were designed to require human control to maintain a dependence on centralized management of large scale systems.

Global centerless industrial democracy requires a vending machine simple product delivery system that no longer needs complex logistics to connect individual large or tiny producers with their willing customers on the far sides of the planet.

The guideway as a new set of product and production machinery designs that can become, within a decade, a self advancing total replacement of all practical need for fuel burning and most needs for petro chemicals ever again.  This does not preclude a continuation of the multi thousand year uses for all petroleum products.  This is merely offering total, usually superior cost to benifit ratio replacements for them.

The guideway require what has never before existed, an advanced mass producer of production machinery designed to produce a robotic product that becomes a superior replacement for all present economic product and service delivery systems.  This product set produces a global transportation, communications vending machine.

A few hundred people have had a brief look at these now approaching 500 pages.  Not one person has Emailed or called saying I did not understand it, you are wrong about this data or that idea.  This whole now about 13,000 pages of accumulated ideas was built to a large degree on creative inputs and criticism of my poor presentation and the bad ideas I had.  Tens of thousand of changes have been made so far.

Tell me what you think.  Tell me the worst you have, because I have probably heard it many times before.  Tell me how you would solve the problems.  Unique ideas I may never know about lay hidden from my expieriences so far.  Read a little of these ideas first so you know what this is about.  When you come across unintelligible sentences they usually were quickly written and not proof read yet.  Often the spell check replaced misspelled words with irrational but similar looking words that have not been identified yet.  If it makes no sense you are probably right, it doesn’t.  Skip over what you do not understand.  Additions are being made several times daily trying to make the subject clearer.  Not having anyone yet tell me specifically they do not understand creates ignorance on how this is all best presented.

This is the only collection of similar ideas in known history.  Even many of these subject areas are new to anybodies even industry expert knowledge.

This is all about using global fully automatic self installation to user requests, were allowed by governments, of a direct electric supply, miniature, self lowering for access, suspended monorail PRT guideway.

This guideway is very light weight but large in structural crossection.  The monorail beams have a lower running path and a upper pair of service rails for equipment and materials to pass over the underside that carries 99.99 plus percent of all global transportation.  The guideway vehicle underside is minimally close to present vehicle heights  just above ground level.  The suspended self lowering vehicles are secure or are locked in path aerial transportation that avoids all known natural and collision hazards.  Even in a running gear failure the vehicles skid to a stop from just below the speed of sound.  These vehicles in a train are designed to sustain higher speeds than SR-71, mig-25, F-104 and Tornado fighters can travel at sea level.  Paint burns off fighter wing leading edges at these speeds but the guideway motors and cabins are designed to stay cool.

This global guideway grid should be powered by local ultra deep geothermal electricity for all energy needs at about a third the cost of the lowest cost general use fuel burning generation.  The lowest price occurs as additional horizontal small hole costs and periodic rebuilding costs are added over several thousand years of a ultra deep geothermal shaft‘s useful life.  This is after about two to seven years of debt retirement thruough user electric bills that are about half of most power companies operating costs.

Some of the charicteristics of this have been well described as personal rapid transit, PRT, systems over the last almost fifty years now.  When you look up PRT in Wikipedia and the tens of thousands of other internet pages remember this is unlike anything previously presented.  This is not only transportation but total integration of all functions in advancing human economies.  This is a universal does everything asset base to build on.  All other forms of transportation, communications and energy are just unsustainable partial solutions to satifying people’s needs.  This systems design is a total managment and service needs robotic like problem solver.  This system is a super low cost stand alone housing production machine and the world’s first known integrated natural habitat food production system.  Farms and super markets will still survive at the edges but zero cost food will assure that nobody ever again goes hungry or eats a unhealthy diet.  The guideway user contributors assuers this in a positive feed back loop way.

Only in the last about 29 years has this been described as a miniature very high speed passenger only system by Doug Malewiki.  There are now about five image like copies of his Skytran system.  This global guideway proposal emerged about 38 years ago as a fully integrated all purpose freight, passenger, sewer, water, electric distribution, goods delivery, all services system.  This one person design project has thousands of emerging component design ideas to try and cover all possibilities.

About 30 years ago work started on farm field work, mine and mill or factory, isle or shaft or field or orchard row internal systems which can seamlessly be integrated into a world wide tool carrier rental system and loading facility free seamless global production and consumer delivery machine system.

We have become, fairly quickly in about two centuries of massive industrially maintained population growth to be running out of a self regenerating surface ecology.  We have been adding harmful chemical ingredients into forest and farm soils without recycling biologically consumed materials that are either flushed down sewers or buried in land fills mixed indiscriminately.  Combineing this with harmful industrial wastes and product chemicals and solids materials that’s are not good elements to return to food crop soils.  The guideway recycling system at each home takes more efficiently than road based economy all waste as recycle items with minimum food clean up and toilet and bio materials industrial waste separation and compost mixes to collection PRT vehicles.  Separated streams are ground and compacted on board with collected forest, yard waste and field refuse matter.  This uses the global internal cost recovered guideway and tool carrier system to directly spread single trip in place composting on forests and fields.  Everything gets reused.  This is impossible to do with automated road and municipal and rural property sewer systems because they do not have a low enought vehicle operating cost per mile due to the higher cost of surface verses protected beam running gear.

The surface vehicles move slower because having 100 MPH vehicles going down city streets is a hazard but not a problem on the fully grade separated just over vehicle height elevated guideways.

Many new kinds of machines with more flexible delivery and storage systems needed total reuse product container systems.  This is similar to glass pop bottles, that nobody liked, that are here replaced by light weight hard stainless steel cups, pans and lids that nest stack densely for return paths.  Packaging uses of other fiber sources are not enough, even if we compost or are able to separate and reuse all of the fibers.  A combination of energy cost and more stages of factory operation in the loop means reusable cleaned containers are better than reprocessed materials in remanufacturing.

The guideway proposal needed a reusable electronic standard remote all position reprogramable label system for all carried contents from people to letters to packages to package product IDs to whole body containers.  At possibly a penny a responsive reusable lable this new labeling system needs to respond in a ideal field transponder range to a request for data within a confined area.  What ever contents is carried near by and about to be loaded or delivered to a address the system has to be able to detect it without turning it over to find a bar code or cross referencing a person or item with a ticket or bill of lading.  The collections of labels on board might become the bill of landing as each item shows reprogramable destination priority interactively so the vehicle might know from where it is presently coming and going, right down to the residential or commercial address.  This is well beyond the scope of of any current system for product or shipping label systems but fully within present technologies.

About twenty five years ago ultra deep geothermal looked to be the lowest cost electricity.  I wasted two decades even before paralell discovering with dozens of other independents for PRT.  I looked at wind and solar multi thousand year local energy only dependent economies to power the three to four times increase in electric use that was required by a total global electric guideway replacement of unsatainable industrial and transportation fuel burning.  For individuals and families, fuel use systems are the largest budget are driving other cost choices as well.

Only high rate mass production of welded layered shell thorium molten salt, self reprocessing small scale remote power plants that could be placed in wells with surface back pressure air condensers are as low in bus bar cost and sustainable as ultra deep ascender shaft sinking geothermal.  After a few decades the thorium plants again lose ground in cost competitiveness because of reaching reprocessing limits requiring virtual rebuilds and a need for a large scale hazardous global nuclear reprocessing industry.  After several thousand years we run out of thorium while making the planet radioactive.  Additional holes drilled out from existing deep geothermal shafts with no known environmental problems and a lot of useable basalt ready to melt as muck recovered from non spall collapse deep shafts are cheaper to add capacity to.

After this period about 10 years ago, the ideas of global satellite free communications and data being handled less expensively using guideway fiber optics placement and property hook up full automation and above ground ruggedness above most flood and tidal wave levels started integrating into the span design ideas.

The guideways become a decentralized server system with more common data in local cashes.  Advances in storage allowed unthinkable miniaturization and cost reduction of automation and data storage compared to present centralized large server farms.  Only dictators and invading aliens might benifit from defendable central all inclusive geopolitical data collection.  The marketing value is dubious as user information more cheaply connects new users to product sources than harassing mail, phone and Email marketing schemes that try and line up unwilling users with products they do not want or may be undesirable or duplicative for them to purchase.

Cell phone personal assistants were thought about but still little has been written in studies about inter active systems protocols.  People need a friend to advise them and the friend needs good advice to give, not connected to selling products and services.

Guideway vehicle full service ATM banking, on board every vehicle for increased security and crime and disaster detection systems integrated into the vehicles to eliminate most needs for large police, fire departments and defuse motivations for both crime, war preparations as a form of criminal activity.  Life lacking easy enough challenges and rewards to keep people peacefully productively forever sustainaby occupied needs new challenges to keep people active and interested in enjoying living.

Global democracy being automated predated even the guideway ideas.  After it was rejected by many it was dropped untill more recently.  Nessasary for massive scale to local block issue universal democracy required a leader unhackable system, no rigging possible.

The guideway is a facility structure for all forms of global economic environmentally neutral improvement to be made using the top of guideway span service rails as a means to construct and maintain complex systems over most of the land surface of the planet.

A US coast to coast truck might spend seveveral hours loading unloading and servicing.  A coast to coast human operator trip might take five days.  A electric or diesel autonomus truck trip might take two days.  A guideway vehicle can load or unload in under a half a minute nest-able for empty return use containers.  Container need to become standard reuseable packaging that is a full load by weight.  It can travel diagonally across the US in under seven hours at a third or less the autonomus electric trained truck or railroad cost per ton mile.  At the trip ends only a few hundred pounds to a couple of tons is a single trip bulk load allowing continuous or dispersed deliveries no longer requiring warehouse accumulation for larger vehicles at both ends of a multi stage delivery journey.  A guideway vehicle can carry out door to door deliveries of consumer purchase units no longer needing a wholesale retail supply chain.  The global guideway combined with global free trade means a huge jump in more efficient international product selection with intercontinental direct deliveries 6 hours to 12 hours in delivery time most placed from the end of production lines or from an order being  placed on another continent.  Local person prosperity or survival potential should be guraneteed not by wealth redistribution but by independent cost robotic systems.

The true fear is the guideway replaces the business investor profit systems in providing life giving staples to people.  This is the intention.  Where businesses can work with the guideway model they would continue to prosper.

Analytical data points only to what is described here.  There is little to nothing known for possibly superior ET3 or inter dimensional decoupling and energy flow systems.

This guideway was mostly possible long ago, before WW1, before the model T, before aircraft.  These designs were possible in cruder materials then as now.  The guideways built by human controlled machines could have over a hundred years ago immediately, all electricly, replaced most needs for modern human fuel burning and most of our uses for less efficient roads, surface rail, ocean ships and concrete construction.  The above senerios were voiced in an 1889 issue of Engineering Digest about the Weems Electro Automatic Railway proposal between Philadelphia and Chicago.  The investors of that period passed up many such design based proposals and harmed human progress for over a century now.

By about the 1850s we could have built micro gear traction, in line guide wheel aligned, chained wheel motor, suspended monorail vehicles that would not be slowed by the deepest snows, river valley floods and animal impact risks.  While lower expectations 170 years ago would have created self imposed design speed limits, larger wheeled versions could have regularly exceeded 150 to 200 MPH by the 1890s based on bearing RPM and light loading allowing small bearing or axle diameters.  Rubberized steel cable straps could have even the provided the station free self loading system.  There would have never been a commercial aviation industry if a miniature self lowering guideway was created, accept to reach remote locations.

Today the present design guideway vehicles with five to seven one meter in a row wheel motors in a under 1.5 square foot running gear frontal area can, when empty, out accelerate the fastest top rail dragster and out speed the fastest jet fighter aircraft at sea level in longer guideway trains.  That top speed for a jet fighter at sea level is just under 900 MPH today.  These vehicles would always be governed to not break the speed of sound at about 650 MPH and being smaller in frontal area than all aircraft would make less accumulated noise when passing at 650 MPH than a typical highway truck passing by.  While speeds at this level create damage from bird impacts, wind blown sand erosion and thermal heating the inflated nose cones are designed to take control of these problems.  The two inch thick SIPs evacuated shells allow operation at oven hot external skin temperatures in desert environments.  Speed limitations do exist with altitude and temperature changes and with individual and group user choices to reduce costs per mile by slowing trains.

Thermal engine systems for all of their assumed power to weight ratios are less than a third to a sixth as energy to thrust efficient compared with the broad efficency map of the proposed multi tap variable air gap out runner motors.

Thermal engines are a waste of expensive coal and natural gas let alone more expensive petroleum fuel energy.  The micro gear tooth traction system eliminates engagement movement suport and traction friction as we are use to understanding it.  The wheel motors using package plant deep geothermal electricity are about four to nine times more efficient than diesel railways and about 100 to 200 times more energy cost efficient than highway trucks.  This efficency advantage is converted to higher typical speed that better utilizes the investment in fewer vehicles and unloads the guideway length of traffic virtually eliminating any kind of knowable future traffic congestion.  The guideway access grid disperses loadin and unloading activities to access doors no longer needing terminals of any kind.  Activity centers like 100,000 seat stadiums can fill or empty completely in ten miners or so because the guideways can be hung inside the concourses and vehicles cooperating in group loading and unloading allow more people to get moving in less time than any possible subway arrangement.  Single file guideway trains move more people per line hour than any heavy high speed rail line.

These systems can be made faster in longer trains at sea level than present commercial aircraft are at 50,000 feet while using less electric energy per seat mile than railroads running at a sixth the speed.  Each vehicle running individually, mostly at between 400 mph using more energy or at 100 MPH getting the equivalent in energy ccost of a small engine auto at 20 MPH would be cheaper than streets, able to be routed directly to everybodies house on the planet.  The guideway simply replace obsoleate street and rural road access use.  Even fields and mines would have their own guideway access on pivots and gantries.  Ware houses could run guideway vehicles down most rows of shelves for a globally integrated self elevating automated storage and retrieval system.  Farm field work can be preformed by short term rented toll carriers, eliminating any future need to own special farm equipment that is instead rented from the guideway user controlled global nonprofit trust.

Generally if you can afford  hourly road, sea or air transportation to any place you can build a PRT miniature lightly span loaded guideway there and operate vehicles door to door on a globally connected guideway access grid.  Submerged ocean tubes are only slightly more expensive than highways across land are to build.

This is to physical mobility, what telephone systems that became cellphones and the internet, are to remote conversations and exchanges of information, but the guideways physically move people and goods instead of electricly encoded impuls data.

The guideway can introduce a new form of money or value exchange management that reduces economic financial management cost lowering by about 10% of the present global economic or financial institutional cost share of the human managed economy.  The presence of guideway vehicles in everybodies daily lives would make them the ideal location for a global full service banking and investing one stop ATM financial and global monetary system.  This could bypass the use of national currency money as we know of it today.  Similar transaction systems terminals could be replace in every business card processing machines and be useable on most cell phones.  This might create a global integrated centerless monetary system requiring no currency supply decisions as credit is created as a needed balance against long term abilities to pay off debt, no longer requiring interest or profits on loans and returns on the global systems investments.

Lowest cost to value searches made by anyone on the internet sets the limits of price increases and fixed values of property and more durable goods.  Tracking prices becomes a way of regulating Currency in cuirculation and transaction anomalies.   This requires all payments or transfers be recorded as they occur but tallied in bulk only unless needed for a dispute resolution.  Today this appears to occur only occasionally.  The big problem has always been being able to trust people’s judgements and honesty.  Constant corruption scandles making the news probably doesn’t cover a fraction of a percent of real financial crime.  Keeping people honest may require absolute IDs for every transaction and  using AI to identify the difficult transaction problems and people who are making bad decisions.  Everybody might be given many chances to try and get it right with personal assistant counseling after a problem.  How to keep a smart but dishonest persons from fooling themselves and the automated council of machinery is uncertain as yet.  Today fraud detection systems are far more likely to catch a honest person making a mistake than a clever thief.

Accept for excitement in an end of scarcity global economy there is no reason to commit crimes.  In the end a more vibrantly efficient global guideway economy creates unimaginable wealth effects and opportunities by making products cheaper as delivered to people and providing low cost to eventually no cost mobility and energy.

Matching people up with available low cost housing and jobs world wide can be a part of the guideway automation.  Eliminating human management and personal service costs overhead is require just as we did over the last century with repetitive operator and clerical tasks.  A person could pack their personal possessions in a set of guideway ground self mobile rental containers, hop in another guideway vehicle and punch in a take me to the best opportunities based on profile data.  Matching situations and people could be a universal mobility connected service.

Roads and streets of all kinds and the really ignorant designs for blunt front and rear end vehicles we use on riads are ten to over sixty times more expensive to operate per passenger and ton mile than the same tasks given to very fast guideway vehicles.  Amazon or Walmart deliveries on road vehicles even the tiniest class 5 autonomus vehicles are several times more expensive than multi function multi task mass produced guideway vehicles.  There are no similar mobility systems and practices ever before being tried.  Customers can not push a shopping cart through a Sams Club for less overhead cost than global guideway deliveries of the typical selection of goods.   Recreational shopping will continue for hands on choice decisions.

The miniature PRT guideway under surface tethered floating ocean tubes could have connected continents together across mid oceans like telegraph and voice cables for about the cost of two track overland railways.  Remember ferro cement thin shell construction as strong as steel using basalt fibers could have been built 160 or more years ago.  We did not do this because nobody thought to try out the details.  This is rocket science  complexity but back then even a 1850s railroad was rocket level sciences.  People choose not to think at all about this a hundred or more years ago and not today when the guideways are easier than human replacing electronic sensor controlled auto and truck use on roads.  Automated raids are the most difficult way to go about improvement only to save street front access replaced by land freeing overhead access.

This is about a universal utility form, of a single vehicle type electric transportation, that is designed to use low frontal area to power ratio, chained outrunner wheel motors to in longer trains to be a little faster than current commercial aircraft.   This is the first modern era proposal for micro gear traction and support as an improvement over maglev below the speed of sound in the atmosphere.

In one evacuated tube form of the ET3 basic proposal as a maglev linear motor system these can be made to go faster than fuel burning rockets, in an elongated rod armature version.  Both of these systems should be much cheaper per seat and ton mile than any other known combination of presently tried mobility.

This is intended to use a guideway automated machinery property owner directly controlled self installed guideway that as it manufactures grids perioticly sets production shaft sinking machines that unattended create a ultra deep any where geothermal electric energy supply.

The global guideway network grows at local property owner access requests to totally replace the slow and more expensive delivery of the multi tier shipping and marketing that is currently the whole of the  global logistics economy and the reason for about two thirds or more of most people’s cost of living realative to their personal expenditure of time in earning an income.

The fully and more simply self managed than road vehicle automation is a fully automated global guideway grid.  This can be a internally programmed self regulated to do no harm, user controlled, all purpose, lower competitive cost replacement for all obsolete human operator based transportation.  The guideway itself quickly becomes the main user of energy while supply excess needs using the storm hardened span structural conductor to become our all electric cheaper than natural gas energy supply.  The guideway can lower or eliminate any future need for govornment taxes and expenditures without becoming a govornment itself.  The guideway can simplify institutional and industrial management, production and logistics decisions and systems costs.

A human management and operation controlling and decision making presence is needed when systems are poorly designed.  Would you want millions of switch board operators to physically connect your cell phone calls?  What a benifit to higher employment and jobs figures that would be.  The same is true for today’s drivers, ship and aircraft pilots, their supervisors, dispatchers, clerks and most shop employees and package handelers and taking care of high maintainence fuel burning vehicles.  You will lose jobs to inefficient road rail and aircraft automation or the jobs can go to product and service cost reduction guideway automation that is designed from the start not to profit investors and corporate owners but benifit user-controllers.  Once built and running any one could take over the installation and operations design decisions.  It might as well be the user benificeraries not political controllers or corporate criminal like managements.

Today’s transportation is similar to 1900s phone systems with operators controling routing before most exchanges had the fully automated step rotary relay automatic dialing switches compared to cell phone and internet high frequency automation.  Amicro music box map navigation system could have routed PRT over a hundred years ago.

Proposed is simplifying all purpose personal rapid transit or PRT vehicle designs to become a single utility for all physical movements.  The human cost factors that are most of the cost of living for pooer populations and only a small share of their employment are no longer needed at all if a single globally cross ocean connected guideway network is properly designed.  Users passengers and shippers become the manager controllers.  The vehicles become the collective managers no humans needed any where in any positions including money manager investor profiteers.

Innovative companies will replace obsoleate production companies that make the guideway mobile manufacturing machinery that in turn sets up to mostly locally fast debt retiring user owned or self intrust owned global all purpose utility guideway networks.  Over a decade in any area the guideways reduce the cost of living and doing all other businesses, increasing the general disposable wealth.  So long as this wealth is allowed to freely circulate as rapidly turned over or changing hands with a self regulating currency supply in non savings income there will be exponential economic growth.  Money velocity improvement spent for sustainable low labor and investor cost durable products and low cost expieriences and services creates economic universally distributed end of scarcity sustainable prosperity.  No crashes if speculative for profit instead of for consumption investments are disallowed.  This requires a global automated mobility and geothermal electric energy base.  Energy must become almost free realatively to costs today.

Required is that the production materials and effluent stream choices have to involve unlimited materials and environmental loss supply types realatively to the resulting benifits.  proposed is a new industrial economy set of global standards that simply bypasses any need for current fuel, concrete, plastic, wood and steel based global economies.  Tree and brush burning for clearing should be made criminal activities.  Grind up the bulk of plant materials and respread them with live stock and  human wastes tilled under.

More durable basalt fiber materials become the basis on which everything is built rubbers and plastics are no longer needed much in electric conductor systems.  Aluminum becomes the main power conductor.  Copper is used in the motor coils.  Steel is mostly recycled into the guideway rails as all other structures can be more cheaply built using basalt fiber cement binder thin shell construction.  Stainless steel becomes a new form of reusable return nested packaging eliminating single use packaging waste for most products.  This can be the begaining of products shipped free of most or any packaging using new forms of internal guideway vehicle handeling systems.

One vehicle design does all of this and overnight delivers water, raw granular materials and food commodities.  During the peak hours carries all people movement and in between moves goods deliveries and robotic tool carriers as a new all purpose land surface machine system.

The guideway is designed to be a fraction the cost of constructing urban side streets and ally ways.  This is arrival at at every structure entry door accessing, miniature, just subsonic speed, in air, elevated monorail that is a self administering system.

The vehicles are single file semi reclined minimum frontal area seating standard cross section vehicles that have to be accessed through full length top hinged doors.  There are no other paractical designs.  The full side access comprises over a third of the body central structure and requires a full periferal structure stress integrating door latch system.  This is the only way this can work out.  The seats swing out and tilt up to allow easier passenger loading under the shelter of the over head side door.

On the wall opposite the door are two or three layered vacuum deflated bags that carry liquid and dry commodities and water based on sanitation grades and entry and exit external ports on one end.  The guideway global fleet in about thirty years from the start could move a cubic mile of materials every day plus carry the whole of the world population and average of about 50,000 personal miles each year plus carry a decreasing amount of personally consumed goods per capita compared to today.  Less waste, fewer cubic yards and tons of goods more benifit from those goods.

The smaller the frontal area the faster you can travel and ship at a lower cost.  Only one as yet unnamed recent Chinese test system ever demonstrated even close to these principles and six other tear drop pod systems vaguely similar but recently back peddling on the details or reversing good ideas to seem more conventional.  I saw one photo of this Chinese system in mass use in a entry or exit test in a Chinese technical publication.  The presently deteriorating systems design ideas are Skytran, J Pods, Transit X, some Beamway or Flyway smaller vehicles, one USC student copycat project and a Yugoslavian project that It has been so long I can’t remember the name of it.

Three characteristics are required for total replacement of fuel burning.  Every vehicle has to have passenger seats and carry nearly all kinds of cargo, mail and packages.  Every vehicle has to be very fast requiring lower drag hulls with at least 3:1 to 3.5:1 tapered conical ends that collapse to flat ends for entrainment.  Low aero drag flutter and cross wind stablelized longer trains that are smooth gap free tubukar sides are required.  Trains need light tension magnetic and accurate vehicle possitioning coupling and slide past and nose and tail cone expansion and contraction diaphragm edge coupling and uncoupling.  A right and left set of opposite polarity permantly magnetic rings form a flat end body motion dampening system between separate vehicles that are trained up.  Uncoupling requires physically the vehicles pulling apart or a reverse polarity wire easing the ring flux paths.  This would make sense to anybody with a animation but would seem like magic if observed by most engineers or laymen.

All vehicles need to be self lowering for anywhere in the wild or on built up property ground or floor level unprepared access and egress.  Stations are stupid ideas created for trains as harbors were used for ship boarding as airports became for aircraft deficient access.  Busses and street railways are rarely designed for platform only loading.  They liad curb side or stop in the center of streets for a hundred plus years now. Why should a suspended monorail be so required unless defective thinking is involved.  Only ten cross tape or strap cabled hoist lowering is practical but will seem awkward on first glance.  How to do this well is like rocket science as everything else about the global guideway is.  But all automobiles we use today are everyone as complicated as a rocket.  We give this little thought because they work for us without our being required to be rocket launch crew smart.

The global guideway is simpliler to use than a cell phone.  A child that can learn to get candy out of a vending machine could use the guideway to go anywhere on the planet with parental debit card restrictions on it’s own.

We should not have to be sorry we built the guideway a century from now even a thousand years from now.

Minimum 99.999% of all future human trips utility frontal area has to become a standard.  Other than the first 1953 PRT proposal and the Skytran copycats there have never been vehicles this small before.  The omnibus and railroad isle and remote door access seats and cargo floor copy cat vehicle systems like business and commercial jets are efficency design failures.  Everything else designed by humans for mobility were dead on arrival ideas that are useless for a long environmentally compatable future

In a forever world there are possibly better future ideas involving possibilities I do not understand yet and may never be cheaply efficient for mass populations in large scale dense economies.  I think about what can be known and demonstrated by maybe the 1830’s or 40’s.  There were at least two demonstration electric guideway vehicles in the historical record in the US by this period.  We were smart enough to have built this in crude form by that period.  No body figured it out till the 1980s with Skytran.

This motorcycle frontal area highly tapered nose and tail cones, coupling stiffened unibody train guideway system, based on mostly known and well tested materials and mechanisms.  This has never been presented out side of three personal websites and a few public displays in Lincoln Nebraska.  This is an all electric system that can quickly be designed to create its own assets in support of all the personal goals.  The guideway can free people up by reducing their money spent per mile for transportation and lowering the cost of direct global same minute to day delivery of all products. This should increase the value of products and services realatively to their cost in labor hour by reducing layers of overhead cost.

The guideway can provide new forms of fast build ultra low cost stand alone housing that requires no govornment infrastructure or regulation because it provides it’s own utilities, is safer to live in and lasts many life times.

The guideway can provide education without schools and a new form of medical care giving, eliminating much future need for most  teachers, doctors, specialists and clinics and hospitals.

A fully equipped shop with five to ten independent fabricator developers could demo in a year.

This could be done any place in the world that has built any type of unique vehicle systems, possibly fifty country global guideway point of origination candidates exist.  Several have tried but failed the ultimate universal applications innovation test.

The US, Germany, France, Japan, England, Mexico, South Africa, Yugoslavia, Poland, Beloruse, and Sweeden maybe the best so far and others have started PRT projects but no global guideway proposal ever emerged.  No really fast vehicles were ever tested and only one New Jersey developer ever proposed self lowering access.  This is simple stuff.  Why do we not seem to be able to do this or even we’ll define it, sorting out the purchase or capital cost and run cost or user cost factors and design for highest speed at lowest trip and property access cost.  Is this some how too complicated for wired in human thought processes? Complex air defense and satellite systems were doable, why not the global guideway?

The lack of a well known public defined goal like universal global high speed transportation to and internally connecting all properties and road serviced natural areas on the planet is a modern mechanized age goal.  The Romans and Incas would not have thought of it but the British imperialists from the 1850s onward sure were in the market for a global guideway.

I have ask for decades now why am I the only proposer.  Darly Oster proposes the same with ET3 but does not talk about the means to reach every property beyond internally carried recumbent long range electric Mopods.  Actually Mopods are Daryl’s best marketable product but needs design revisions, all terrain center line running gear that self balances or bidirectional tracks making these also the best motorcycle ever built as gas electrics for range and hyper performance as they will sustain 80 MPH with a 5 HP gen set.

Around the world are innovative farmers and auto customized and race car and home built aircraft hobbyists and commercial shops building everything you can imagine.  I could take a set of plans, specs or design criteria to many of these people and see a built version in a couple of years , assuming they were funded to do so.  But all the kings horses and men have not been able to put even the basic ideas of the guideway together in any crude form.  DOE DOT and many other institutions have spent trillions of research money on go nowhere projects without a definition of sustainable outcomes.  Maybe these were hobby projects for billionaires like sponsoring a race or record breaking vehicle.  What was the point of all of this developmental work.  Not so cheap thrills for the few while billions still live in suffering poverty?

who should build the guideway?  Greedy nearly criminally manipulative businesses.  Coruptable governments.  All have deficient creative capacities rarely a original idea in thousands of attempts at problem solving.

PRT systems are well describe by service intent but all poor in user benefit designed performance

Simplicity of descriptions leaves holes in the presentation.  The fact that not one high speed PRT system has ever been demonstrated is a black mark against all human adaptive intelligence.  Countless man years of research has gone into trucks running on often rough pavement with inefficient air tires at slow speeds with not at all aerodynamic box bodies.  Similar research in railroads that like roadways are expensive to build because it is insisted large vehicles are more efficient than small ones.  No one has ever demonstrated a tiny elevated smooth sided highly streamlined suspended monorail train.

It is also a black mark against human general intelligence in popular knowledge and acceptance of the idea.  Ed Anderson, Doug Malewicki, the Swedish, German, Japanese And French PRT developers solved all the problems but never built a light weight single file faster than high speed rail prototype.  With lesser technologies and more difficult conditions speed record cara beat high speed rally by always nearly two times.  A small guideway vehicle train not restrained by weight and limited length contained power behind a smaller frontal area than any ever Salt Flats speedster could beat jet aircraft speed records at a fraction the frontal area drag of a F-104.  The race car builders were demonstrating high speed non electric advancement with machines that may have seemed more exciting because they breathed fire and made lots of noise and went where you steered them not following a fixed pathway.

This is about figuring out for the first time in human history how to do what is right not just what profits or excites people like war fighting and shinny new oddly shape automobiles or what has been popular to consider.  The options are open to review, the possibilities narrow in best pathways but extensive with many unknowns.  I could be mostly wrong about design best choices but mostly right about pursuit of the outcome goals.  This means the answers requires testing and study beyond rhetorical discussions but real science projects at full scale not popular science.

Any one of hundreds of thousands of world speed record salt flats cars, top dragsters, Euro road race, Canam or Indi cuircuit cars or drag boat developmental efforts requireing a build from scratch engine up development could have developed a 400 MPH sounder long nose and tail cone PRT vehicle by the 1930s defintely 1950s.  10 to 20 years before the Wright Brothers first flight we could have been going on guideways with silk wound natural rubber insulated wire wound out runner coil magnetic rims and synchronous very small diameter high speed long commutators at least 200 to 300 MPH on the light weight suspended monrails Proposed here.  Not one example of this exists today over a century latter and 60 years after the Palmer monorail understandings approaching two centuries ago.  The first electric motors had their birth nearly two centuries ago but this history is ignored when fire burning engines are shown up by electric motors.  The Baker electric speed record with out runner wheel motors and a level surface could have broke the land speed record in 1908 at nearly 400 MPH if it used at least 4 foot high wheels like a motor cycle with balancing outrigger wheels or skids for lower speed but a motorcycle at high speed.  No one thought of it.  We were and are still captured by the ideas of horse drawn Wagon derivatives.

This  is a captured guidance vehicle where instability and crashing from over turning or spinning disappears.  How simple can it get?  You just need high speed motors.  Two 1890s rotating examples were going 300 MPH at the rims.  Tesla had a 300 MPH laboratory lighting power supply generator with slot locked typical outward facing coils.  By 1900 steam turbines were edging the speed of sound.  All you need to do is trap spinning coils or permante magnets as the rotating field inside a steel wire wound wheel able to break the sound barrier by two times using today’s materials.  The permanent magnets were a small fraction present strength so coils was the original solution.

In the proposed designs the motors progressively evacuate their surrounding case pressure as they gain speed to reduce internal air drag.

This is simpler than rockets and high speed racing piston engines and aircraft wing support.  Rolling element bearings even micro polished plain turbine bearings were able to handle the loads and RPMs.  Let’s do it.  This is fast go cart or motorcycle simple.  The rest of the design problems?  Just fill in the details.

The guideway ocean tubes and local grids mean connected cities and industries no longer face transportation uncertainties and pricing variability.  The probability this could lead to global free trade as hold out would see participants propering together and guideway welfare going tax free and international based more on lowered service, product and delivery costs than regular local market sources tax financed assistance.  Mass production of fully equipped zero energy and low water use housing can get people out of huts and tents.

The details are comparisons between the best possible, road rail, air, space and ship systems.

The guideways are faster than roads ever can be because of the difficulty of leveling road surfaces to accommodate drainage and a dead level non undulating surface.  We use brittle cheap agregate based materials that out weigh the vehicles they carry but thousands to one.  The guideways are much higher strength material four feet in section height instead of eight inches to a foot.  The higher strength to weight ratio and structural design allows machined bed accuracy that stays level for thousands of years.  Span sag is constantly adjusted by small motorized turn buckles  at expansion joints and on suspension rods.  The use of basalt fiber reduces expansion and a sun shade reduces sun kink expansion On the steel longitudinal parts that become the whole world’s power grid.  Recycle power line copper back into vehicle motors.  Use aluminum for household and industrial wiring.

Using better materials that are more expensive in lighter weight systems that eliminate for ever more any future need for the staple of human development massive earth moving saves money over present mound builder and Stone Age industrial based economies.  We are still Stone Age mound builders of a new type.

New smaller more efficient machinery can create guideway portable industries that serve as the housing for production line components that move around from site to site following cyclic demands and raw materials or excess local energy cost reductions.  Labor markets no longer matter as much with full automation and customer or user bought out industries can emerge producing almost free products for people.  Harders like myself will have to more carefully watch our emotional comfort Seeking accumulations.  The presence of more for less combined with opportunities for almost daily new  recreaction inputs might reduce this stacking of possessions.  We might exchange accumulation for the environmentally more gentle expierience based economy.

Miniaturizing efficient fully automated production machinery can be transferred directly to smaller outer space self sastaining habitats.  At present the complexities of maintaining independent off earth agriculture as well as product renewal and new product creation is limited to mostly 3D additive technologies.  These have themselves limits in product strength and durability.  Making rock fibers using smaller scale machinery still needs complex binders that may not be regenerated or used again.

self lowering, station free, jet speed, transportation

Finding a fuel burning free replacement for road and air transportation.

This is a proposal, to build a prototype global door to door, eventually jet speed, miniature frontal area, station free, self lowering, anywhere global grid access, universal service tiny monorail guideway.  This has been constanly redesigned over the last 38 years intended to be a all electric, total replacement for all existing fuel burning transportation.

This global guideway is designed to use a fully automated installation system for a miles deep, local geothermal electric generation system that uses demonstrated mass production automation.   The heat of the Earth’s crust can be efficiently extracted for tens of thousands of years to in most places locally power everything we burn fuel for today.

This is being constantly improved, attempting to make it the best single system global mobility service, lowest cost product delivery, all electric energy, communications and financial self managing global infrastructure.

Outside of this website I can find no global transportation entries on the internet.  Not one in history.  There are many internet entries for global freight forwarders, consultants, conventional transport services a infrastructure engineering and supply chain expediters.  This is in the total absence of any form of true global transportation.  This is outside of ET3 that still needs roads for final connections and costs more per intercity mile but should be faster and more energy efficent.  Everything we use today is of limited efficiency, slow speed and less capable as mixed modal systems.

None of the existing forms can be electrified for more than about a 10% to 20% freedom from fuel burning internal combustion propulsion running on heavy aggregate based infrastructure.  Thorium molten salt power plants with catenary roadway pick up vehicles might get us through for a few hundred years at slower speeds using road systems, at a greater share of lower class personal incomes for road and VTOL air mobility than building a faster all new global guideway network.

A total human race lack of imagination in engineering problem solving beyond existing forms seems to lead the reasons why we continue to accept wasteful environmental destruction, national economic and social divisions.

Global integrated commerce and social mobility needs a global guideway plan.

We took at least 200 years to develope our mixed mode mechanized Transportation, this would take about ten years to put fully into production with about thirty years being additionally required to be extended to a 30 to 40 million mile total road, air, ship and railroad intercontinental ocean tube replacement system.

One robotic system design replaces all new and most old municipal infrastructures, with lower cost housing, transportation, water, sewer and trash total recycling, electricity, communications and data.

This can become a global economic booster, eventually replacing all useful functions of the overhead cost of national to local government, replaced by daily electronic open local to global logistics deciding democracies and a universal, bank free, guideway based globally fully automatic transaction balanced reserve currency system.

A new form of self supplying automated media education and universal global guideway mobile health care and welfare provided by the user controlled guideway.  This is a positive feed back loop personal ecology and economy improver.

The designs are for an independent self managed robotic vehicle overhead guideway that is self installed with new designed forms of flexible mobile mass production machinery, going to all properties.

The miniature guideway can be the cheapest supplier of all personal and commercial mobility,  stand alone housing, goods and commodities delivery, in one system.  This is a global efficiency improver, a ecology neutral open source agriculture machine, eliminating scarcity.

This may be the world’s first proposal for a gear traction, rim drive, inline chained electric wheel motor.  Needed is a full speed and load circular test track, to refine choices, reliability and increase speed.  A crude failed version was tested at Laurel Maryland in 1889.

One well thought out, small shop built, universal utility prototype might demonstrate doing everything more efficiently than all our world’s specialized industries, modes, facilaties and vehicles differentially do together today.

First off is to demonstrate greater ease of personal use, lower cost of access, safe higher reliable speed potential.  Applied physics and proven products are the guide to what is possible.  Cost to benefit ratio, economics and logistics define the designs the physics is applied to.  Service variables shape the user controlled computer operating forms.

The global guideway is autonomus on demand personal rapid transit or PRT-train vehicles.  These are empty self dispatched vehicle’s going quietly, race car fast, individually to internet, phone or pier push button user calling locations.  No other form of transportation can do this well.

This is robotic fully grade and intersection separated, anywhere access, door to door global transportation.  The tiny frontal area body and running gear is designed to be as low in air drag as possible, cheaper than railways, as fast as jet airliners for all trips, more convenient than personal road vehicle use, low enough in cost to be built competitively and undisturbing over the top of all existing vehicle, utility and property uses, going directly non stop between every home, farm, village and industry on the planet.

A daily commute, mail, small deliveries or needing to ship a million tons of water or grain are equally handled on demand by the same all purpose fully automated self redistributing vehicles.  Many tiny vehicles move the world’s commerce and populations everywhere door to door.  This is what common people need and want, but not what they are allowed to have.

The global guideway has to be made up of millions of nearly identical, user directed, autonomous, self lowering anywhere access, suspended monorail PRT vehicle’s, and small scale mass production, robot maintainers and guideway transportable automated robot tool carriers, serving widely varied overland auser needs. 

All existing automated devices have defects in easy to use human interfaces and occasional failures, short service lives with constant obsolescence.  Not being adaptable to improvements in performance Is common.  Knowing what rugged designs work best is difficult.  Think of all the cell phones, computers, appliances and automobiles you have owned.  All guideway service problems must be machine solved perfectly every time with no good past examples to follow.  Every standard component needs to be toughened, flexible, life time failure safe, better than classic PRT redundancy.

The guideway can create a reduction of about two thirds in the present logistics cost of the Earth bound economy, connected today only by profit oriented market delivery, layered administrative and investor costs, top heavy distribution, in road, rail, air and ocean systems.  Data travels fast, goods and people  move slowly, at great wasteful expense and inconvenience.

95% of consumer goods find their final trip, a few pounds at a time, carried from stores to homes by user and public transportation, 99% in road vehicles and on foot at great cost.  The guideway by passes the present multiple transfer handling of goods in stages.  Guideway on demand delivered goods can go direct in the same hour to a day from manufacturers to final users homes and businesses world wide, in fully automated guideway vending systems.  This has been tried only in a few mobile convenience stores in the 1920s.

In high traffic areas the automaticly mass installed ultra light weight guideway grid should cost under $200,000 an access one way grid suburban mile, $2 million a high speed two way mile.  This can be user fee debt retired in about 2 to 7 years, at half the cost of road vehicle use, down to less than a tenth the real user operating cost of the replaced road segments.  Lower cost seat mile or ton mile, at every property access means faster debt retiring with competitive higher early user fees.  Profitable bonds take decades to retire debt today.

A PRT style guideway is structurally isolated from hazards.  This replaces ground level railroads, autonomus road, air or water vehicles, mostly with slow steered course management.  This simplifies automated hazard avoidance, navigation and service dispatch.  The skinny vehicle’s are stiffly locked into the easy to manage right-left, stop-start, elevated, precise speed paths the guideway vehicles follow.

Each vehicle directly receives local user phone service requests through collective over lapping area empty vehicles dispatch.  The nearest empty vehicle takes the call in a outward rotating que.  A intrusion free internet directory and global traffic capacity- deficit, shared vehicle network, sets navigation addresses, routes, speed brackets, closure rates, cooperative joining and leaving trains and maneuvering timing.

For profit internet search systems are a predatory 0.5% of global GDP, a unregulated racketeering monopoly that is economically harmful to the world economy and general human welfare, made obsolete by a user interest guideway internet.

Separately vehicles and trains of cooperative vehicles work out adjacent service tasks and merges.  This is not block chain, but overlapping hard multi inductor connections between area vehicles connected to user cell phone controlled self management of cooperative vehicle computers, no central dispatch computer, a global human serving machine.

There are no laborers, managers or investors and their share of wages, profits, taxes and benefits to support.  All guideway cost reduction increases efficiencies in other commerce.  Global economies expand sustainably.  New guideway efficiencies make unthinkable possibilities practical.

The guideway is a user controlled, in trust, self owned robotic industry that operates like a robotic self supporting charitable economic booster.  This is user guided, decentralized, ego free adaptive programming, self management, no AI.

The few maintainence employees could be local real time electronic media assisted.  Anyone can become a learn on the job contractor.  Several billion democratic, all the users are administrators, share management learning decisions.  This is a first time creation of an all purpose, selfless, robotic customer interest institution.

This has to be created by ethics driven, service oriented, limited profit margin manufacturers who sell the best mass produced robotic and structural products to a global to local guideway layered trust that is a user controlled, direct daily democratic, federalist like, global coop.  No paid or profiting administrators, but lots of thinkers and idea comparisons.  A new model for organization of verifiable mediated electronic democracy is proposed.  All people have access to and self selecting act on all data or choice information. Today most information is hidden by layers of access and administrative difficulty.  A few people make important decisions.  Everybody would need a smart phone provided demcratic process education.

Autonomus guideway constructing and operating selfless robot machine systems manage themselves like millions of seperate global user serving, self financially managing, cooperative businesses.

Producing industries could make close profits on unimaginable global product sales volumes, sold direct to user specification democracy cooperatives but avoid the possible fluctuating economic risks from their product‘s local operation, maintenance, liabilities, regulations and taxes.

To be unpaid robotic charity workers, the vehicles and equipment have to be separated from control by govornment and business providers.  Sociopathic management is more common than altruism at ever higher levels of control.  Sociopathy can not recognize it’s criminal like ethical thought deficiencies in robots or humans.  All behaviors seem properly normal, beyond moral considerations, inside minds.

The resultant recycled self reproducing user controlled mostly robotic economy can evolve to be materials sustainable for larger populations for millions of years into our future and directly into vast cooperative space colonization.  Universal electronic fact based democracy is a new form of government that has never been tried.  Opinions are unimportant, only facts matter based on all available data, judged by the largest possible observer voter cross section.

A global access everywhere, but local geothermal powered electric guideway is an integrated commercial and personal user controlled delivery machine.  Almost anything you can imagine and pay for becomes sustainably possible, expedited by low cost delivery, travel and fuel free local sourced energy forever, deep geothermal now, someday small fission with solar and wind where competitive.

The global robot guideway and energy machine management system is no more a slave to humans than the unfeeling building elevator, air temperature and communications systems we use today.  We should never create thinking programs for such systems, only responsive machine management.  You can still talk with friend like machines.

Proposed here is new assistive automatic suggestive idea sorting cross reference and conflict mediating systems.  Sorting personal attachments from facts requires all minds on the problems.  This requires progressive user goal personal assistant software on every bodies smart phone, absent a Big Brother data mining and neural propaganda network, offering tailored personal motivation and life organizing guidance.  Poverty and criminal mentality might be mostly eliminated.  Differential wealth and opportunities will always exist, ajusted by cheap fast guideway services for all.

Health wellness monitoring advice, disease and trauma care becomes an inexpensive mostly automated to the home guideway service as well.

Wealth and power is rarely a developer of productivity improvements but always willing to take the credit and centralize profits and power.

Happiness and personal mental and activity expansion is the goal directed by personal smart phone advisors, assisting, not directing individual decisions.  Evolutionary conformity verses creativity is a built in human old survival mind flaw.  Persistent progressive outside advice might help most of us learn creative, independent but cooperative ethical memes.  We need reminders.

The uses for road, rail and air vehicles would all work better on the guideway where collisions are easy to avoid and useful speed limits on straight PRT train carrying spans are just below the speed of sound, yet cheaper than than slow railways.  Fast guideway ocean tube highways as cheap as overland expressways mean Intercontinental and island commerce booms with high ocean tube speed.  Global city society is born.

A fast public bus or rail transit ride takes two to three times longer than the same auto trip, which takes about ten times as long as a faster than airlines global guideway trip.

The global guideway vehicle has to be tiny, at about 3 to 4 feet in body diameter, in long slender PRT vehicle operation, Proposed are tubular body gap free entraining, suspended, self lowering anywhere access and emergency egress suspended monorail vehicle’s.  Think of the guideways as providing slender low drag body stiffness not requiring large vehicle cross sections that waste energy.

You sit down on an external outward pivoting recliner.  Easier faster entry than cars or using isles for seat access.  Superior handicap reclining mobility systems are included, payment is by cards in the full bank service ATM arm rest.

The vehicles use TV occupant screen vision in nearly silent interior, windowless vehicles.  You see and hear the surroundings you pass through as if the vehicle speed and noise was eliminated or changed.  You could slow, stop or replay passing sights of interest.

The only way to increase vehicle speed per ton or passenger mile while lowering user access cost is to lower drag or energy cost while at the same time decreasing linear weight for lower capital investment at every possible property access point or grid mile.

This was all occurring in my thoughts after looking at the low drag of human powered, streamlined speed record bicycles that are able to go over 80 MPH using just over 2 HP sustainable by an athlete.

In time this attempt at a universal global mobility ideal design standard increased to between 14 to 18 square feet frontal area of cylindrical pressurized vehicle bodies.  The trade off was between smaller, everywhere lighter networked, faster, lowest cost transportation infrastructure against passenger emotional comfort with the minimum cross section needed to carry all items people might ever need.  The system still carries on guideway top rails the rare grand piano and most new oversized redesigned machine tools.

There has never been a real need for automobiles, trucks, railways, large jet aircraft and heavy equipment, if developers had made some version of a miniature fully automated high speed 1890s era guideway.

All other vehicles require a need for ever larger versions to be more efficiently controlled by less costly wage earning human operators.  This results in larger, less flexible and slower machines using massive mostly unoccupied facilities.

More compact machine tools and mechanical systems of all kinds will evolve to no longer need expensive large vehicle mobility which in turn required the large tools and massive scale foundations and excavation.

Continents and islands are connected together by the guideways using floating subsurface tethered ocean crossing guideway reduced air pressure tubes that replace large ship and jumbo jets, harbors And airports.

We are stuck now with about $7 trillion yearly globally being spent on massive scale infrastructure and about $15 to $30 trillion yearly globally tied by habitual commitments to the false temporary prosperity of a triple the cost global fuel burning economy.  Every decade a ever smaller percentage of populations make their living off financialization, energy and transportation jobs towards the centralization of wealth and power.  The poor and middle classes are always economically treading water.

We started automating industries about 200 years ago.  Similar but different in design, automation systems could have eliminated most of the need for human control, allowing for user controlled PRT vehicle routing dispatch and traffic operation by the 1890s.  Similar to railway interlocking, fully automated preventing of collisions existed before electronics was possible, but rarely pursued except in limited high speed production machinery.

Every global jet speed guideway vehicle requires segmentally progressive cellular inflated, minimal drag, conical ends of over 3:1 aspect streamlining, used separately or in trains.  These ends need to be able to constantly extend into free air and retract forming flat ends as vehicles form trains with following vehicles slightly pushing the vehicle ahead coupling with minor shear resistant centering.  Longer trains adjust sensed loads.  On impending collisions vehicle trains disengage with separation assisting dynamic braking.  Flutter control is described further on.

Without, small frontal area, skinnier longer suspended monorails, that are everywhere station free access or self lowering PRT vehicles forming trains or smooth sided groups, efficency and speed improvement is presently impossible.  The only other alternative is limited airlock access evacuated tubes for fast inexpensive transportation and mass decoupling.

It is impossible to create aerodynamic lift vehicles of any kind to be as efficient as hard wheel and rail supported high elongation vehicles without the introduction of cheap mass decoupling.

Longer PRT trains and many trains of such slender vehicles with dragster acceleration and deceleration regenerative rates can move well over 50,000 tons a line hour using ultra low cost light weight monorail guideways.  The global guideway can similarly carry about 50,000 tons per line hour in reduced pressure ocean crossings at over 650 MPH.

These small vehicles are large enough to carry all people’s desired movements and goods, faster than commercial jets, but cheaper than heavy freight railways while being low cost enough to reach nearly every house and commercial and popularly accessed spot directly on the planet.  No streets, rural roads, highways, docks or air ports are needed again.  Every property on Earth becomes a harbor or international airport.

The vehicles need to access every property at ground level or with property owner choice inside building and home entries.  The combined vehicle and guideway size passes through a doorway slightly larger than a automated super market single leaf walk door.

The best design for a total fuel burning free transportation system might use slot crossing self steering, suspended inline hinged inline chains of pancake wheel motors with top and bottom paired disc guide wheels, in a slot straddeling suspended monorail.  The edges of the one meter diameter motors have narrow 600 to 800 tooth, zero traction slip, equalized torque gear ring wheels that run on accurate rack gear teeth-crown-line contact on either side of the slot.

Chains of usually five to twelve of these 150 KW to 300 KW under 100 pound motors support vehicles that are linearly ultra light, about the linear weight of small automobiles or lighter.  In longer trains each motor would at 650 MPH needing only about 5 to 15 KW for propulsion share skin drag.  Improving efficency at such widely varying power and speed levels is described.

To keep guideway materials costs down the spans have to be fairly large structural cross sections.  Basalt fiber composite insulated lattice truss cross tube sets have dovetail ends with locking wedges in them that allow reshaping the spans to any imaginable easement and alignment.  These electric insulating trusses and a corrugated basalt roof section and side rain shedding and bird stop louvre panels fit over five to eight metal longitudinal tubular stringers.  This keeps the weather out but reduces the cross wind and vehicle air resistance through the span wall interference drag.

Streamlining all minimal practical frontal area gap free trains and vehicle’s and running gear to .06 or less Cd. Is not alone enough.  Commonly shown solid small tubular PRT closed wall guideway beams can cause 40% of drag.  Small wheel diameters limit speed and service life at the highest speeds.

The suspended vehicles need to all self lower vertically from the guideway anywhere under stop on line access grids.  The access guideway grids replace millions of square miles of side streets, alleyways, driveways parking and industrial lots, garages and rural road right of ways everywhere.

In a few decades after the guideways arrive the roads could be removed as desired and replaced with structures, parks, gardens and farm land surface greening between all properties.  Fully automated planting and maintaining machines could farm and reforest unused urban and rural lands of any plot size or issolation creating a garden planet.

The guideways are a way to automaticly increase forest areas every where with spaced out and trimmed tiered food production vegetation for unlimited food sources from the 40 million miles of guideways.  Diversely gardened open property Earth becomes a possibility in less than half a century from start up.

Local climates improve to fit the new land cover and open grazing conditions.  Deer, Buffalo and other animals freely roam in cities no longer affected by surface traffic.  Fields and house recreational yards need Fences.  Increased geothermal energy increases the northern useable occupied land areas with controlled global temperatures.  Surface evaporation control, green house farms and unlimited guideway moved precision subsoil and applied water supplies allows global Ag everywhere.

Higher speed lower cost mobility over time disperses urban areas to where they would blend into country sides because daily your personal speed of commute travel would be between about 650 MPH on the access guideway to 16,000 MPH on ET3 as the eventual weightless surface speed.  It takes anywhere from thirty seconds to fifteen minutes for acceleration and deceleration at either end to this wide speed range for average people and goods movements.

Roadways are always more costly to build and maintain, are self deteriorating, add significantly to flooding problems and stand in the way of utility access and flexible property management decisions, adding to the cost of property ownership.  Road vehicle systems are a tolerated global liability with unquestioning management and engineering conformisum.

Imagine a jet fast transportation world, without requiring a single bit of land devoted to road surface and massive bridge right of ways, not needing airports, railways, the millions of square miles of hard surfaces, parking lots, massive warehousing and garages everywhere.  Old facilities can find other uses such as local building panel production.

A separate set of amusement park scale light running rails on the top of the guideway monorail beams allows new oversized guideway parts to travel at lower speeds and machines that work on everything around not disturbing the suspended high speed monorail traffic underneath.  Large and longer structures including large building panels can be carried over this top line. This top system’s vehicles are cleated to the rails, unable to derail and tip off as the suspended general service vehicles are locked in by the guideway structure.  Not exceeding windage and off set load torsional structural limits and compacting the combined overall grade separated crossing heights requires many design compromises.

Since the guideways are already elevated high above the highest truck and railroad traffic all crossings are grade separated with little overpassing grade changes required.  Bidirectional differing crossing tier heights with about four feet of shared drop and rise would predominate.

The vehicles can self lower from the highest normal access grid sections eliminating the high cost of elevated stations, or any platform or station stop preparation.  Sidewalks for humans and slower wheeled robots and all weather streamlined peddled vehicles become the new sidewalk scale street and rural road global bike and walking path system.

The guideway design proposed here can replace all buried utilities on the planet, usually at a lower cost with the fully elevated easy hole access metal structural tubes of the guideway truss beams carrying fiber optics in the high DC voltage tubes and occasionally water in the small mild winter area heated grounded side structural tubes.

Eventually all electricity can be at-property inverted using the guideway loop main DC power supply from local guideway geothermal sources.  No power company using any present sources and seperate new built distribution can likely deliver electricity this inexpensively.  Energy and communications companies get folded into the automated guideway developments.  Guideway electricity can become quickly cheaper than natural gas as a heating source.

We still will need to capture and use up surface bleed natural gas from millions of square miles of land resulting from fracking, permafrost melt and deep water area melting of methane hydrates.

Green house farming higher per acre production predictability and water conservation might eventually exceed the area of open field work.  Agriculture becomes more stable as the guideways can carry many cubic miles of water everywhere every year.  Deep geothermal local power waste heat can locally desalinate sea water carried to isolated land areas.  The salt is returned to the ocean.

The global guideways are less than half the cost of access street grids to build.  One small guideway vehicle replaces about 15 mixed mostly parked cars and trucks in global useage, providing individual local mobility services without ever seeing any form of traffic congestion.  Long distance freight runs at night between rush hour passenger movements.

Weather and surface traffic hazards are avoided so speed is limited only by user efficiency or speed choices.

A test example in 1889 was built around the fairgrounds at Laurel Maryland.  It’s top demonstrated dash speed was just over 150 MPH sustaining for about a hundred running miles 110 to 120 MPH.  A much faster 300 MPH test track was being surveyed near Garden City Long Island when Weems the Baltimore developer ran out of money and gave up in 1892.

The guideways can replace high cost bricks and mortar educations with mobile guideway personal expierience education access.  This might combine personal cell phone assistance remote instruction, testing and organizing focused life time learning activities for individuals and groups of students of all ages.  Once in place global self schooling programs can replace most human teachers and allow monitoring-parents a companion learning oportunity based on high access to everywhere.  Education might seem more like applied activity vacation home schooling adventures, developing self selecting independence.

The 1953 idea of ultra light PRT vehicles was published by Don Ficter 15 years latter.  The original minimalist single person vehicle principles were abandoned in favor of minibus and taxicab scale vehicles for no good reasons.  Until Doug Malewicki’s Skytran proposal for ideal dynamic scaling in transportation, about 1990, this was never before publicly considered for light, fast low drag vehicles.  Daryl Oster is 1990s ET3 Unlimited speed PRT.

The vehicles are as cheap to build as autonomus automobiles but able to travel continuously faster in trains up to the allowed shock wave noise producing speed limit.  Every standard utility PRT  vehicle can put on one to two million miles a year.  The more yearly maintainence free miles each vehicle travels the faster it pays back it’s cost for a lower user per mile cost.

Elongated rod armature maglev may be better but remains design and cost to benefit illusive.

Aircraft fast PRT is a fraction as difficult as slow automated trucks and taxis in mixed road traffic with 360 degree hazard automation decisions, pets, farm, wild animals, bicycles and pedestrians on winter ice and foggy nights.  None of this slows the hazard free well designed guideways.

At 90% of Hyperloop speeds the cost per seat or ton mile of this form of PRT is less due to not needing separate street and rural road systems for access in connecting vehicles.  The guideways are cheap enough to be built along or through most farm land and along all town streets.  This is like telephones and REA in the early 1900s to 1950s, we can’t live without it.

This is the only known presentation of large segmental core removal, sidewall supported cog rail elevator shaft sinking, in ultra deep, nearly all local geothermal energy.  This is required to decentrally power the global guideways and all domestic and industrial energy needs for about 10,000 to 150,000 years almost everywhere on Earth.

This CO2 transfered geothermal is water pollution free, non stop, needing no fuel peaking or reserve power storage back up system.  9 to 13 miles deep geothermal toughens the earths crust stability over time, but will be probably be slightly exceeded in consumption than coducted outward.  Thermal radiation loss balance into space remains uncertain.

Like all new ideas this is a hard sell.  I have never found a way to talk people of any specialized education level into looking objectively at the ideas.  People are habitual mental and social creatures, defenders of their secure mutual familiar experiences, not wanting to step out of collective economic safety zones.

Physics and demonstrated mass production equipment sets the narrow path to these guideway designs.  Operating turbine engines, aircraft, space vehicles, race cars and emerging complex autonomus robotics tells us what we can expect from structures and mechanisms under loads, cyclic stresses, operational reliability and longevity.  

Jobs, whole industries and professions are certainly at risk of total guideway economy bypassing, failure from obsolescence and their demonstrated inabilities to not be able to adapt to complex changes.  We are globally stagnating due to higher overhead to output and human life negative benefit ratios, consumption of critical resources.

Artificial intelligence if task designed is unlikely to take over.  A mouse expieriences more ego pleasure than a self learning biologically unattached global computer.  Decentralization is cheaper, more reliable, bypassing self serving corporation leaders, kings, elected oligarchies and mega brain computers.

Even discussing a total transportation single mode replacement is difficult because it can not practically work exactly like anything that has ever been done before.  Varying design preferences favoring tried PRT and simplistic autonomus road vehicle ideas out number best global guideway forms by many thousands to one.

How do you start up a $150 trillion over three decades global guideway capital industry that seems to require being every where all at one time to be viable?  This is no different than building the first of anything like telephones, where it will find the densest market place, serving hundreds of these areas, then connect them together as advantages emerge.

Higher exchange velocity of money supply constant cycle free economy growth requires faster investment and product through put as well as faster consumer turn over of earnings who no longer need savings for security.  Savings are used as profiteering feed stocks.

The guideway increasing productive wealth fills in the poorest emerging economies first  This is assuming leaders allow common people to each take on complex world challenges.  A broad life time recreational education for all is the guideway tool box.

The 3D global guideway eliminates any need to ever again use earth moving in right of way cuts and filling or leveling sites for buildings to accommodate the surrounding surface transportation and single level factories because of the inadequacies of in plant mobility.  This can be replaced by bringing the global near verticle grade climbing guideway vehicles inside the plants instead of using lift trucks.  No massive earth moving will ever again be required accept for dam making, farming, ET3, geothermal and mining.

There are two other self lowering PRT systems proposals plus the Titan industries owner’s description to me and a US Army movie about an assault cable monorail , possibly a Titan project, in the late 1950s.

There have been many thousands of people who have willingly given critical design advise that I sought and simple encouragement or occasional angrily criticizing the idea using every excuse possible to deride it.  They are occasionally right in their negatives which in turn required solutions to try to avoid their dire predictions.

This proposal can get along nicely without any land fills, incinerators, gravity sewer systems, wind and solar electric power, lighting and phone line poles, advertising signs and buried networks, fire and police stations, most prisons, most school and university buildings, large hospitals, national and local militaries and govornment administrations.

Crime and addictions remain mostly symptoms of poor unhappy and bored populations.  Happiness, health and personal daily shared adventure is the main global guideway product.

This is identical to the introduction of smart phones with everywhere access to the internet.  This can all occur during a global commerce transition.   This is a universal global mobility anywhere line access vending machine.

To be global the network requires ocean tube guideway highways, floating, held to the bottom by neutral buoyancy tethers about 100 feet below the surface.  Air vent and access tube bouys float miles apart on the surface.  Mid ocean geothermal power provides local electricity around which sea steading farms and community anchorages might build with jet speed guideway commerce to often more expensive to live in land areas.

The ocean guideway grids would go different routes than current shipping and airline lanes because crossing land is cheaper than ocean tube miles and large airport and harbor hubs are totally bypassed mostly flooded by ocean rise and tidal wave risks.

We have learned to work with the road vehicle at grade defects.  We universally accept the present accident and pollution world three million people a year death toll as a blame it on the victims sacrifice for modern living.  Two thirds of the world's impoverished emerging populations still do not own a personal vehicle.  Road paving for land hungry vehicles are built everywhere.

The PRT global elevated full length access and egress guideway is a all purpose, personal vehicle, useable by any child, handicap or old person who can follow simple verbal or pictorial instructions to dial a phone by any means, can get themselves any where in the world they could afford the one to five cents a mile vehicle cost.  Shared vehicle use costs less.

Each standard vehicle might commonly have about 10 cubic meters of cabin personal or moving partician subdivided space behind a possibly 1.5 square meter internal frontal area, able to carry one ton or in longer lengths three tons, food vending on most vehicles.

 Most people would enjoy cheap fast holidays a thousand miles to a coast for a warm swim or fishing and return for work the same day.  People could hold jobs or get special schooling or visit relatives daily hundreds to thousands of miles from their homes.  Everybodies roaming range would increase.  Most products could be automaticly delivered direct from the producer to globally distributed homes, nonstop world wide, faster than commercial limited range jets fly today, cheaper than Amazon or Walmart retailing.  Recreational shopping will continue but the guideway replaces the need for big box store nearby access.  Vacant real estate gets recycled and greened up in a guideway world.  Freeway city blight disappears in guideway planted forests like Myan cities did.

Road vehicles are slow, fully autonomus VTOL drone taxi and delivery systems are prone to catastrophic failures, not operable in bad weather and several hundred times more expensive than the much faster global guideway to operate.

Most aerodynamic drag for short bodied vehicles is form or frontal area drag.  As vehicles gain smooth longer end tapers this drag is reduced to a minimum of about 1/20 the square corner flat end air drag of trucks and railway cars have.  Reducing air resistance makes ideally streamlined short vehicles several times longer.  By reducing the frontal area increasing the guideway train length, elongating the loads, you reduce the drag with slight gains in skin friction up to bodies of about 20:1 length to cross section width ratio.  This skin friction is also being energized in moving boundary layer drag reducion up to about 600 feet long in flexible trains of slender vehicles, where in still cross winds, skin drag reduction length advantage equalizes out as an inverse parabolic curve of decreasing viscous drag to volume ratio.  Studies done on high speed railway drag give different results than studies done on shorter body aircraft and surface effect short road vehicle drag.

Take away an airliners isle and head room around passenger and cargo volume and many times it‘s loaded weight and stretch it out to 8 or more times it’s length, throw away the wings, tail, fuel and tanks ten times heavier engines and make it direct pick up electrically propelled by guide wheel pickup rails, with zero traction slip, at less than railway hard wheel on steel rail rolling friction, at one fortieth the wing load lift friction of aircraft and you have this vehicle system.  All together possibly 100 to 500 times more cost efficient than an aircraft and zero crew or terminal human operators are needed any more than you need an operator or manager for a push button controlled building elevator.

Add to this low cost electricity at one  fifth or less the cost of fuel and you can carry grain and ore world wide at sea level on guideways every where direct farm or mine or factory door to door products direct to customers, bypassing multi handling and mark up delivery stages seeking low cost movement on turtle slow ships and you have a world economy with about one third or less the overhead cost.  Product prices drop accordingly as well as capital productive efficencies increase.

Personal average wealth continues to rise causing end of scarcity decreasing population growth.  Over population is usually a compensation for poverty and low education levels.  This allows totally integrated global trade and eventually tension free cosmopolitan global direct electronic democracy, leader and representative free govornments with a universal rights and responsibility common law base with a global citizen identity and global free market.

The 6% global transportation jobs disappear but for a time it will still take some factory workers to build the guideways and vehicles.

In the 1980s when I first started collecting information on a global guideway the US transportation job share was dropping steadily from about 9% of jobs.  Retail jobs will start to disappear.  They will have competition as the global guideway brings all on vehicle vending retail to the most remote and impoverished places, from every other place, nonstop in minutes to hours from moment of harvest or manufacturer packaging, nearly always in the same days time.

This becomes the first safe walkable animal habitat world since railways and road vehicles we’re invented.  The highly tapered end guideway designs would kill fewer birds than trucks, cars and building window impacts.

Modifying, improving and adding on to the existing systems is considered by absolutely all that publish as the only solution, not replacement with vastly superior systems, not even openly researching superior systems attributes.  PRT supporters have seen their fully automated and highest speed systems as contributors to a slow railroad, road and air vehicle world, not replacing the other modes but connecting them at the edges.  Limited market goals leads to limited design performance expectations.

In a PRT emergency stop, all vehicles behind the at risk vehicle, instantly progressively slow down with only the first following vehicles stopping at three Gs or faster, about four times faster stops than locked road vehicle brakes in stopping.   The motors regenerate stops like electric power tools use resistor braking.

Closing the gaps in PRT traffic between vehicles while forming low drag trains of convienience at every opportunity is neccesary to increase the traffic activity or merge and demerge spaces between vehicles.  Center of train entry and exits at switches-turnouts is a coordinated activity of all the vehicles near by acting as one vehicle control system.  Failure is not a allowable possibility for the automation design.

This is the first in history micro tooth tungsten nickel chrome plated, low air drag gear wheel support and traction system.  The wheel motors are rotary maglev systems with a low friction positive zero slip support and propulsion interface.  The maglev and motor close clearance gap is mechanically controlled by small diameter needle bearing centering.  Torsional forces on the bearings virtually does not exist with guide wheels.

The vehicles and their guideways have to be light, less than 200 pounds per linear foot of vehicle length on entrained lines, with one vehicle allowed per span on the 95% of the access to every property grid miles, to make the guideways less expensive, still higher in load capacity per hour, to install beside every property than continuing to use any form of roads for personal access and deliveries.

No short trip to work, shopping and school with this set of designs, would ever travel most of the trip at less than about 100 MPH peak speed a few blocks away to 200 MPH across smaller urban areas to 400 to 650 MPH for trips over about 20 to 50 miles.  Very broad motor efficiency maps and incremental coil and motor throttling mean high regenerative efficiencies recovering high acceleration losses at 85+%.  Speed is limited by acceleration lanes and traffic density allowing train entry gaps.

The design loading is for one G normal acceleration and less if the user chooses for economy and comfort over increased trip speed.  Automatic selective routing places vehicles with similar speed choices in their respective traffic and route patterns.

Global economy efficency improvement.

This is about reducing the cost of all products and services world wide for everybody.

Efficiency improvement toward eliminating human resource-necessity-scarcity, environmental collapse leading to economic suffering and conflict requires improving basic energy and environmentally neutral product delivery systems.

Improving environmentally neutral global industry requires improving efficency.  This requires eliminating all possible heavy concrete constructions.  These are replaced by twin skin, high section stiffness from minimal materials mass and eliminating environmental materials deterioration that requires frequent replacement, an additional environmental and personal cost.  Basalt fiber organic reactive cement basalt fabrics, fibers and mesh composites are proposed as a replacement for wood metal and plastics.  This is not intended to replace all the classic materials uses, only a majority replacement.

All cost for everything and everyones layers of expectation of personal economic gain are added to the product and environmental cost for everyone else.  All gains are presently based on environmental consumption because that is the main route to increase to investor wealth improvement.

Obsolescence, that leads to frequent replacement, Eliminating environmental and service requires designing to perform as speedily and efficiently and in the most desireable convienient ways possible.

As a plan A one solution fits all needs guideway economics is counter intuitive from our cave man no energy without fire perspectives.

One barge that progresses on a round trip at maybe a two miles per hour walking speed replaces about 13 heavy rail car loads that average about 13 MPH round trip speeds or about 70 semi trucks that average about 45 MPH over the road or about 400 to 500 all purpose guideway vehicles that average possibly 400 MPH round trip speed.  Speed does not include unused parking time or purchase cost per ton or the debt payoff rates, fuel or power costs per ton mile or total infrastructure or land costs, or right of way or crew costs.

Only the guideway vehicle replaces all other hundreds of types of mostly parked specialized types of vehicles.

The barges can come as close as your nearest deep river or coastal port, the railroad makes it to your closest industrial siding the truck makes it everywhere, the guideway vehicle can go inside buildings and houses to load and unload.  The energy costs are similar, the guideway has zero labor costs.

Humans have no right to consume low available  materials to near exhaustion. Neither do they have have a right to industrially, unsustainably burning fuel for survival in industrial economies.

The guideway is designed to be a global industrial efficency machine.  Manufactures and farmers sell their ready to market products search global service advertising free local data server down and uploaded directory internet. New forms of mass produced miniature production line  machines and remote globally local health authorities automated  health and quality control built in allows global free and fair trade.

This is any place in the world over a guideway transaction listing that wants to buy them.  Local industries similarly become global.  Some goods being cheaper with less overhead means more money for other goods.  The economy expands to offer new options made possible by lower price guideway marketing.  Older multi tier marketing businesses eventually will go out of business or reinvent themselves as decentralized with common labels.

A new mixmaster global hybrid population evolves a homogenized passport and visa free globally polyglot social population emerges.  Inter marrage and economic class lingering  stirs the new guideway based melting pot.  New guideway mass produced housing and cheap food combined with high speed daily on the moment decided mobility means new classes of hygenicly health card checked people might be comfortably homeless journeymen tradesman migrants eliminating the pains of local markets fluctuations.  Wealfare is everybodies fare opportunities connected to global life time nearly free daily education in everything on the new guideway server internet.

This is based on the new air-cooled, strip chip, integrated power supply and case free strip-chip computer.  Similarly the guideway produces cheaper integrated local electricity from local geothermal.

Within decades the parallel ET3 guideway gives direct local toss and catch space global access about two hours or less away form orbit launch and recover ring access at any orbital city location to ant place on Earth.

On September 29th 2019 I saw the movie Ad Astra and was reminded again that in the age of mass decoupling from the 1850s, for the few, rockets are as obsolete as sailing ships before the age of intercontinental business jets of today.  It makes for enjoyable stories anyway.

Getting the most benefits possible for the world’s population, taking everybody safely beyond the edge of unaffordable personal disaster and constant struggling to survive, requires a global economy where we no longer consume critical costly materials needed in our present situation or for our future.  Scarce material choices mean higher processes to benefit ratios.

Economies have often been global  For thousands of years tribes traded with each other.  Empires as ancient as they get were built on transcontinental trade.  Not one truly okd sailing ship wreckage has been recovered but written records and genetic migration time lines say they had to have existed.  The Indonesian continental low ocean level land bridge as well well as the mythological Bearing straight migration.

Instead of trading trips taking months to years they now can take hours with internet and phone transaction connecting people real-time to make deals and fast transport completing delivery days in the guideway hours.

We need energy efficient fuel free systems that use all natural source electricity with total recycling.  We need to do no chemical or drought  or excessive rain, cold or heat harm to natural systems.  The natural world evolved the balances it has and we adapted to it.  The cyclic industry of the natural world is tens of thousands of times greater in mass and energy scales than human industry yet humans threaten it‘s easy continuation.

We need full automation of the repetitive details of everybody’s life who is willing, assisting and organizing their personal lives.  Automation reduces costs, saves personal time and increases our standard of living.  We need to eliminate the requirement for armies of cheap wage slaves to serve a few and education for everybody that exposes the many wasteful frauds of charismatic leaders, predatory investor oriented economics, debt traps.  These centralized beneficiaries can be replaced by efficient products and market delivery systems.

This level of market mobility based delivery efficiency does not exist in any present human analytical consideration out side of these writings, at least that I am aware of.  Please tell me if you find this presented somewhere.  I want to go to work for them if they will have me.

The global guideway can eliminate a need for most sand and other aggregates used mainly for road and building construction while bringing up constant local supplies of basalt and other basement rock from deep geothermal shaft sinking and side hole drilling.  higher quality crushed and shaped rock becomes a byproduct of power production.  90% of this rock  is solid pie slice shaft cores that can be further sliced into wall and facing stone and slabs.  Hard sand and powdered rock is brought up from geothermal hole drilling that locally will go on continuously for tens of thousands of years in the process of supplying hot rock access.  No longer needing pavements and foundations, replaced by guideways and extruded skin screw and X base stake anchored tornado and flood proof buildings means no more major need for large volumes of sand and crushed rock for walls foundations an pavements.  Every cooled local geothermal well ascender system shaft could be used as deep shelter access in emergencies.  Combine the deep basalt sand and the geothermal electricity and dispersed low cost basalt fiber production becomes a local everywhere supply.  You can make nonabsorbent clothing, carpets, furniture appulstery, draperies, sails for boats, hydraulic hose reinforcement out of basalt fabric as well.

By looking to the area just above our heads for all mobility we free up and declutter the surfaces around us.  The guideways should be covered with vines and trees planted around them.  They can automatically plant water and maintain strip forest grids that are  mass produced around them where ever the guideways are installed.  The planet is greened up again.

The guideway needs low drag and high efficency propulsion to be able to go jet aircraft fast in denser ground level air.  Proportional to the shorter trip times and faster response time towards waiting users fewer guideway vehicles are required than road vehicles carrying more passenger occupying less guideway space through constant automatic entrainment.  Trains improve efficency, lower cost per mile decrease occupied space for traffic flow of entering vehicles making more desirable shorter trip and delivery times.

Lighter linear weight vehicles mean lower cost longer spans between piers for guideways that can be more economically placed above land use interferences with guideways that are cheaper to build than streets and rural roads are to maintain and run vehicles over.  Civil engineers that design to require their inputs have to be replaced by production systems engineers that design to reduce costs and replace all the jobs of civil engineers and contractors even their own jobs eventually.  At least replaced in transportation.

With efficiency comes free time.  How to help people to help each other to lead creative self guided education based lives.  With economic freedom comes new activities which also should do no harm to each other and the surroundings.  Automated personal cellphone assistants need some disciplinary criteria to reduce the impact of unhelpful religious and political ideas and the constant barrage of unwanted advertisement to buy thing’s and use services that people mostly do not want or benefit from.

How can the fully automated personal assistants educate people to understand propaganda and frauds that cause waste and conflicts trying to get people to follow and enrich useless leadership?  Lying is a human survival technique to get people to give up the results of their efforts and lives to make mutually self proclaimed leaders wealthier an more secure in their lives.  No government or other authority has ever had the right to do anything that would be illegal for a private individual.  No democracy as a government has ever had any right superior to a dictatorship.  Democracies can not properly sanction stealing, harming or killing any more than a single person 

The emergence of complex sensors, machine vision, speech content recognition and simple idea understanding by electronic systems allows computer robotic systems to replace many human activities and labor.  The guideway has to be designed to make, install and maintain itself with little human intervention to fit every alignment, attachment and access situation.

This full automation can be mass produced, to be low in cost, self delivered and installed, requiring minimal human supervision, tirelessly performing it’s tasks for years, non stop, does not frequently break down or wear out.  This is about robotic services freed of manufacturer profit returns after costs have been paid.  This lowers costs over human directed products and services.

Proposed is to mass produce lower cost miniature manufacturing lines that require no human supervision to make products that can be sold for the cost of the raw materials, energy, maintainence and guideway product distribution.  Reuseable easy to clean and nested return transport packaging is required. 

The global guideway is the robotic self manufacturing, self delivery network.  It works like telephone and internet systems only moving people and goods globally instead of speech and information.  It constructs buildings and systems guided by user choices.  The guideway can supply all normally needed personal and business transportation.  The global guideway can become the whole of the global supply chain, cheaper than slow ships and trains, faster than jet aircraft, more direct than personal road vehicles, all at the same time.

The guideway also is a distributed mass production line or system for small products a large scale projects connecting resources and production capacities thousands of miles apart or on opposite sides of the world as if they were in the same building.  The guideway can transfer specially built small scale machine tools that hook together to create high speed flexible production lines.

These robotic systems can manage and build themselves operating as free ranging self financed businesses serving personal and business needs after paying off their manufacturing cost.  That is what the global guideway is about.

If robot manufacturers are themselves self owned and managed then what they do with vertically integrated self supplying industries becomes almost free products and services to humanity.  Every sociopathic person as a owner, investor or political leader will imagine themselves as the head of a large automated army of totally loyal robots they have purchased or come to control for profit and power.  Us normal generally ethical or decent people will still find ourselves in a fully automated global economy paying a lot for goods and services only having no income producing jobs to earn money to buy what we want.

Proposed are new forms is mass produced self powered thin strip universal and job specific processor and memory units.  These need to be basalt fiber reactive cement encased as thin strip solids adding capacity while keeping the distance of any internal component small to allow natural convection air cooling.  These units are water proof and fire resistant for a minute or so and totally non combustible.  Tens of thousands of custom processor parts can be custom added to the mass produced strips and custom wired and fiber optic linked both internally and to distant components.

We live in a amusement park world where ever more of what we do is to please our sense of satisfaction and less always just to survive.  Populations rise as a byproduct of sex for pleasure and the ability to keep alive and feed our children.  As people find more amusements they produce fewer kids.

The global guideway is designed in all of it’s parts to be a universal flexible services global interconnected industry that is user, customer controlled to quickly roll over it’s component seperately self owned but cooperatively user directed parts to serve humanity without depleting the Earths resources for millions of years.

The global guideway can only do this by carefully choosing materials that are the all most abundant resources.  There can be no critical rarely located weak link.  The guideway is proposed as a self owned user controled public trust without and leader or owner anywhere

Self recognition of the best time to seek repairs detecting wear out and inanet failures that need many, even hundreds of parallel operating never critical parts, unload worn or broken parts so they do not cause catastrophic failures or service stoppage.  Repairs need to be easy to carry out but fairly inexpensive machines or free lance human contract service providers.  If broken down in a isolated spot any passenger or passer by who is instructed by a vehicles vocal request for help with video instruction as how to make a replacement quick snap in place repair.  Small electric lock ring fastening of assemblies and automatic snap rings and sliding keepers hold parts in place untill they are released by internal vehicle coded actuation.  Proposed are special tools generally Locally available to make repairs without a vehicles assistance.

Every vehicle is a fireman and near by the guideway fire truck and a policeman observation post, a local extension certified authority robotic officer and can be made aware of possible vandalism and suspicious criminal activities internally or in the surrounding areas.  Local tuthorities could be given control and connections to vehicle data based on privacy Nd authority local limitations.  Police and fire emergency service providers could talk to passengers on request and observe conditions around the vehicle.

Many possessions could have a buried remotely reactive chip that is user encoded on purchase with serial numbers in the trillions using symbols as well as numerals and letters, even spelling out the name and identification of owners.  Reported stollen items carried on a guideway vehicle might be discovered.

Personal identification might also be remote with stiff penalties against any kind or falsification.  Sociopathic govornments, or most govornments and many large businesses should be restricted from harmful criminal like activities globally.  If it is thought by most people to be wrong for an individual then it is similarly wrong for a government or business.

It does not take much imagination to see the possibility of self aware complex fully automated machines comming to see humans as irrelevant as wealthy people often want to eliminate the costs of employees who stand in their perceived way of creating more wealth for themselves.  Why not get rid of the highly wasteful humans.  Possibly even animals and plants.

Full self aware automation has been an obvious possibility to a few people, even starting over 200 years ago.  It was then that the first mechanical computer like autonomus ly  operating amusement fabrication systems started to emerge in music boxes and the cloth weaving industry and be adopted in variable task computer attempts.

Rare geniuses or savants took on difficult challenges for over 20,000 years now, as in all progressive human developments that got us out of our caves and hide huts and into air conditioned homes driving personal cars that on average are capable of 120 MPH but rarely go over 80 MPH and average 30 MPH, the true speed of global commerce.

Humans have abilities hard wired into our brains related to facial recognition.  On average people can remember over 10,000 faces of people they regularly see.  About 2% of people have face blindness.  I have this problem partially so this is personally familiar.

I grew up in a mechanical family looking at pictures of equipment their specifications,  sales listing and captions in yachting magazines and heavy equipment, railroad and aircraft magazines, sales sheets for government surplus bid descriptions and military equipment listing manuals.  My family have been for seventy years in the equipment and government and industrial surplus equipment business.  From a baby I was surrounded by equipment of all kinds seeing everything disassembled and put back together.  My family also werel farmers, auto dealers, truckers, constantly engaging in construction projects and boating for hobbies.

All machinery became my favorite friends of sorts.  About age six I learned to read from then on mostly by reading technical materials with detailed descriptions of every machine known to man.  By age twenty I had probably seen several million machine types and parts and had a spacial ability to recognize relation ships.  This ability was aptitude tested on multipule occassions at about one in 10,000 people.  My life got weirder from there.  I would see significance in things other people would not be aware of.  Social isolation progressed to where machines and the things they did were my life.

Untill the last year or so I could not understand why people universally made the poorest of transportation choices when there was so much technical data accumulated showing other possibilities we’re better for very easy to understand reasons.

The choices are not made by purely analyzing data but in making incremental evolutionary steps along pre established lines of development that assured support from other conforming people, industries and institutions that are willing to channel funding towards certain types of improvements but reject without a second thought other possibilities nearly everyone us unfamiliar with.  What’s more engineers and planning executives have facial recognition blindness for guideway and field propulsion alternatives favoring classically developed transport systems.

Proposed here is a single all purpose, well defined robotic single machine guideway system that does everything all the manually controlled logistics industrial systems and vehicles do today.  We use auto pilots in many ways that are still only cruise speed controls and direction for ships with altitude added for aircraft for all functional vehicles with only the first self steered systems being introduced as autonomus road vehicles and military drones. Self landing aircraft are still a curiosity and only rarely operational.  This is about to abruptly change over the next few decades.

Robotic vehicles will become shortly most vehicle trips because they are cheaper since they can take themselves without driver dispatcher or terminal crew cost serving one non owning user then going to the next, non stop without needing human labor overhead costs.  Autos and delivery trucks first then aircraft and crewless ocean freighters.

The biggest defect in all of this conversion from humans to robots is we are applying the robotic management in the wrong ways to the totally wrong most difficult to operate safely vehicle systems.

In the 1880s robotic like pneumatic tube mail systems were being developed.  In the 1890s roboticly controlled electric small vehicles emerged as urban package delivery systems.  Maintain the miniature right of ways was costly because of poor designs.

Other overhead semi automatic pick up and delivery systems using overhead monorails with self lowering basket retrieval systems were proposed and tried.  Not one time were all the best idea possibilities employed at the right scale.

One of these proposals in 1884 was for a 200 MPH to 300MPH intercity vehicle freight then passenger system with full press coverage in America and England, possibly elsewhere.  The problem was most technical and business people were blind to ideas they could not understand or envision in anyway, different in all ways from what people are use to.

A line must not be crossed in that robotic systems that mostly will not have arms, legs, hands, sense of touch, feelings or emotions have to never be designed to have sensory isolation from human like task control and perceptual responses that lead to self identity.  They ten become manufactured mechanical people deserving of human rights.  Such self managing and creating system robots may look on us as data management challenged intellectual inferiors, as we will be.  A new form of raceisum emerges between machines and our biology.

These robots have to remain task specific pre programmed job expediters.  Certain ideal user interaction suggestions will give them a seemingly human or animal level intelligence appearance in actions that mimics enotional responses as an aid in improved human interactions.  These are already programmed into many cell phone and computer assistants.

The global guideway and the universal bidirectional tracked tool carriers can soon manufacture and deliver themselves.  The global guideway and tool carrier vehicles should be equipped as self owned public trust business managers.  Tool carriers should all have a folding seat and temperature controlled compartment for a human operator or passenger.  These replace road vehicles where needed, only they are able to smoothly climb stairs with fairly tight turned landings in smaller sizes yet carry a ton or more of items up or down steps and soft ground slopes too steep for present four wheel drive vehicles to ascend.

Fifty or so years ago I was out at the NeBrady’s State Fair grounds working on relaying the steam railroad there.  Two Cushman Tracksters were running up and down into a steep sided gully that crossed the east parking field.  They were able to assend slopes so steep neither most motorcycles or humans on foot could climb and descend them.  This set in motion a quest to achieve even better performance since the Trackster depended on human operator balance which lead to injuries and deaths because of miss judgement of overturning limits and no roll cages.  A bidirectional all electric track emerged that simplified steering and increased tread wear life.

All objects, plants, people and animals need be treated with care by robotic systems as to not crash into them, recognizing the differences between running surfaces needed for support and things existing on top of surfaces.

Larger tool carriers could mount agricultural, construction, materials handling and mining machinery.  These might work singlely or in groups mounted close together or spread out for stability in crane boom mounting.

All of the tool carrier designs and impkements travel inside the global guideway vehicles at 650 MPH between jobs, available in the same day on opposite sides of the planet.  Faster mobility at low costs per ton mile at about one cent to five cents a ton mile is a form of economic efficency because a single machine week shared in use replaces the cost of many machines retiring debt cost in months not years.

Production forming and assembling machinery for all purposes might mostly be mobile, going from site to site to do local runs of goods and services.  Instead of exporting many goods at great distance many industries form up make and inventory for area consumption then move on to the next location doing similar or adapttally reconfigure for similar tasks In different industries.

Traveling machine shops might show up at a site and custom make or modify parts to user designs tried out and rebuilt till they are right.  The shop tools then self mobilize to the next user in differing combinations for every task.  There are fewer delays in transferring ideas and receiving back prototypes or custom made parts.  Making machine tool skills easy to achieve by less experienced users is required.  Thes technology access simplification systems have been underway since the 1960s.

Inflated green house farming and the lower cost of using a global guideway to move fertile phosphate and other nutrient soil from rich river deltas and valleys and unlimited water supplies to any place in any season moved on demand on the global guideway and the use of night time agricultural lighting for plants from geothermal nine mile deep at site geothermal power plants with exact temperature  moisture and gas mixture control makes extreme plant growth possible even in arctic winters.  This means multi crop high production food creation can be at any place not just fertile wet, sunny areas.

The outputs for tens of thousands of years do not diminish with soil, nutrient or water table reductions.  Many times the out put per acre means less land is needed.  Farms vegitable gardens and orchards can be located claimant controlled on urban vacant lands between houses where old parking lots use to be or on the flat roofs of large buildings.  Local fresh food sourcing becomes inexpensive and practical as most items are no longer seasonal but year around mass produced.


Guideways are permanently sustainable development.

A best version of the guideway is the only ethical choices in complex economies.

Human economies are dependent on the supporting natural economy of self organizing evolutionary sustainability amongst our pre generally accepted human history biological surroundings.  Different observers have said our present means of industrial development would take five to ten Earth planets to sustain the present fuel burning concrete based construction global industrial economy.

CO2 by itself is not an issue and in some ways can be locally helpful.  The contention that it drives global increased temperature and sea level rise is welcome by me because I want warmer winters and wetter rainy springs where I live.  This means lower heating bills for me and less yard watering.  In flood zones this year wiped out many Nebraskans and droughts without guideway macro and micro redistribution of water this means farmers will continue to struggle.  The guideway can help people dike temporarlily gains the 125,000 miles of ocean costal indication and dam and dike river channels cheaper than barges trucks and earth movers at ground leval.

 We win or lose by the proper use of millions of years of complex interactions of the Earth‘s multi hundred million year natural economy.  This Earth economy of nature left behind a legacy of resources, like money in the bank.  We can spend all the money till nothing is left or leave it up to the bank to pay us a paultry interest till inflation takes the rest or we can invest in hopefully sustainable enterprises or our own productive business and grow this economy.

We can harvest wind, water gravity power, and wave and solar power without depleting the natural economy or burn fuel.  But these need storage and often long distance electric transmission or reconversion to fuel which has high user costs.  We can use ultra deep geothermal only if we’ve can lower large shaft diameter boring costs to reach the thermal energy miles down using hot gas and small drilled hoes that are less likely to close than fracked cracks, not water for heat recovery.  A cubic mile of hot rock is like the Seawise Giant tanker full of oil.  At mid ocean fault zones hot rock is constantly rising to the surface.  We may cause problems if we harvest vacuumed energy or stop natural geologic processes.

Everything we do today in every industry is a mistake, an error in judgement That in under two centuries could destroy most living ecologists on Earth to help a minority of humans he wealth and power.

To nearly everybody, what we do seems unquestionably right because it works for us In this moment.  We eat, stay comfortable, recreate, socialize, collect experiences and possessions pass on legacies.  Since almost everybody most people know seems to right now benefit how can anything be wrong, an error.

Most people have heard about environmental lessons but they learn nothing from them because options to continue on are available till everything has been spent down to nearly nothing and the last cave and dome dwellers might as we’ll be living in outer space habitats.  It will always be easier to survive on a depleted Earth than build in space or on difficult ecology or zero ecology planets.  Everybody hears about legacies left to future generations but their grand children are the only future generation they know of.

We can improve on these resources or squander them.  If we take something out and use it up we have to replace it with a materials resource from some where else or we depleat the massive convient local resource.  The soil in farm fields are being depleted as well as easy to use fertilizers.  We cannot imagine soil that seams so plentiful no longer supporting food crops.  Conventionally humans are thought to be exceptional because it is assumed we are smart enough to depleat the Earth then move on to do the same for our solar system and eventually laying waste to much of the habitable galaxy, if we get that far being externally thoughtless.  Some primative animals and plants will out live us if we can not survive consuming next to nothing as they do.

 Untill about a hundred years ago these actions of humans was tiny compared to the average few hundred feet to a mile or so of available depth in critical resources under land surfaces and sea level.  Earth’s atmosphere has changed over millions of years from points where we and many plants we depend on could not breath it.  We are changing it back again by burning carbon fuels to where this could occur again.  After these assets are gone we will have to change our ways unless we destroy the habitat of other living things first.  When this habitat is mostly gone we will be mostly finished consuming without end ourselves.

Humans can recycle everything removed from the soils back into the ground as all of the Carbon organic nutrients and silicate matter we remove or we can look for fertilizers and mulch put away in Earth’s natural resources bank, take out the resources and replace them with chemical and processed material wastes.

We need to replace what we remove.  The guideway being able to move about 150 trillion ton miles a year after about forty years of installing at least a 40 million mile guideway network with about 300 million daily operating vehicles can move mountains of sedimentary soils drained into basins restoring nutrients the hard way by giving fields a new layer of precision spread to meet spot needs fertile soil.  The guideway can carry cubic miles every few weeks of water to irrigate the surface in place of natural rain in desert areas.  We actually increase farmable guideway automaticly planted fields and forest areas.  The new forests in turn can help change the local climates that surround them.

The guideways replace street and highway use plus aircraft, railroads, large diaplacement ships.  But they have the flexibility to combine speed and economy taking on tasks impossible to economicly do with today’s machinery.

The guideway is a self organized user controlled global, fully automated PRT mobility system.  This is a vast single robotic economy network every property owner can put to work and get everything they need from the rest of the world brought directly to them with in most cases no packaging or warehouse store system tripling the product cost.   Presently we have mostly private enterprise low dynamic and thrust conversion efficiency, separate forms of transportation that do not operate like a single system.  No robotic major activity functions are available to any one.  Health care, education and utility services are remotely provided at great human labor real time expense.

The global guideway is true automated self managing transportation from everywhere to everywhere.  The universal tool carriers are guideway transported on demand overland robots all users share as needed for special tasks.  No major assets sit user owned ideal most of the time.

Robotic tool carriers come around and electric power driven mow your yard twice a week they night and day quietly mow 200 other peoples yards spending only a small share of their time in transit because the guideway picks up and delivers ten to twenty times faster than human driven cars and trucks and is roll on roll off from almost any where under the 38 million miles of stop on line lower traffic access guideway grid.

As global transportation this has nothing to do with global transportation management of existing disorganized systems assets.  This has everything to do with global improvement by international legal definitions.

In emergencies several hundred thousand guideway vehicles coming from all over the world, faster than jets fly, converging by self organization, simpler than road vehicle automation.  These could flow into an area and train or group lower to take on or drop off cities full of people and goods if needed.  In hours a guideway network could move a city of it’s contents that would take weeks and traffic jams by road and be impossible by rail or air.

The guideway vehicles and universal tool carriers and their ultra deep geothermal power supply are radically different than any previous product or design.  Yet their parts are based on existing components and structures.  More advanced versions are proposed but remain well anchored in known uses.

Safety is maintained by simple comparative situational automation with the addition of constantly improving soft ware and hard ware.  As described further on many types of comparative signature acostic and visual detectors simplify automation administrative tasks hard wired into the systems.  There is no need for cognitive Automated intelligent machinery systems as required for most envisioned complex road vehicle environment traffic automation.

The tool carriers have to use more complex situational recognition like automated road vehicles.  One of their main tool carrier tasks is mail and package and service systems delivery, serving all the while as the eyes and ears of police, fire, health inspection, game and environmental law enforcement.  Unlike law officers they can not easily  be harmed with great difficulty in the line of duty only killing the $5,000 or so investment in their high rate mass production.  No loss of a responders life would usually be involved in the tool carriers multi task high risk rounds off the guideway.

While in 2019 it is a technical struggle to get a jet or jet car to travel at 1,000 MPH at sea level the guideway vehicles systems designs should be able to go 1,300 MPH to 1,600 MPH at sea level in the first year of long straight track running for demonstration purposes only.  They can never be allowed to travel more than about 650 MPH in trains of two or more vehicles.  Preventing buffering or flutter at these high speeds is a complex issue addressed further on but not a difficult design problem.

Interference drag is a important design problem to over come for peak speed efficency with the understanding that the tapered nose and tails operate just outside of the shadow of the underside span slot lower guide wheel shell.  This means they will be able to push air in and out through the open grid span bottom and sidewalls.  This will make sense to you on seeing operating examples but is an important design issue. 

This is a old idea from another developer.  The vehicles self lower but are less efficient and slow.

This is a old idea from another developer.  The vehicles self lower but are less efficient and slow.

The guideway replaces high capital cost infrastructure

Making everything under a tenth the logistics cost requires eliminating excavation and concrete.

Global infrastructure needs a lowest cost, highest possible speed, fuel free, all electric infrastructure system.   The design and administrative system needs to lead towards optimal efficiency and sustainable longest possible appliance and structure service lives.  Long term market dominance and profitability needs to result from producing for the users interests the best possible systems not from desirable profitable designs and skillful marketing.

If the deciders are afraid of technologies that are not presently in use then progress stagnates and pollution and resource exhaustion continues till cultural breakdown.  The whole of the current decider provider authorized industrial and infrastructure system is known by all details to be unsustainable over thousands even a couple hundred years   As long as customers buy products against no superior competition, providers will produce whatever makes the most money.  Creating political fears of alternatives and the distraction of war is the energy companies and investors only market tool and diversion from in sustainability.  Without us the economy collapses is the reminder.

We do not commonly build things that have service lives with known collapse points.  Actually we do build such as highways, heavy axle cyclic shock loaded bridges, railroads, and fuel power distribution systems, gravity sewers, land fills chemical your polluted famed lakes.  Metal building and shingle roofs have predictable service deterioration points. Computer systems fail or become technologist unserviceable.  Monoculture farms get poorer crops every decade requiring ever higher fertilizer inputs till food nourishment diminishes from lack of trace elements used up.  We need sort of use vitamins for the soils that can be had by returning the waste of the food taken away from the fields.

We might aim for thousand year use between total replacement and a hundred years between resurfacing or replacement of worn out parts, possibly 30 years for mechanical bearing elements.  Possibilities to try and achieve these service repair and replace intervals are spread throughout these writings.

I’ll bet you thought nothing important gets made without being mostly wood, metal or plastics. In moderation all materials are OK to use, just not in the massive amounts we manufacture them presently.  Proposed is the use of new basalt fiber organic cement skins and ceramic composites that more cheaply replace plastics and metals, are crash resistant and mostly bullet proof at a lighter weight, are low in thermal expansion, might last for hundreds to thousands of years outside without deteriorating,  can be crushed, chopped and recycled, make buildings so fast they go up in a coupe of hours on a new site at a tenth the cost of craftsman built, construction ready to occupy and are moveable without leaving foundations to other sites or positions on the same site if needed.  Basalt composit is fire proof in a hill side forest fire,  hold in heat like a thermos bottle using active evacuated SIPs panel construction are, fully electrically insulated, nonmagnetic, yet passes radio waves.

Without a intellectually curious and selfless administration system, progress will always be inhibited by conservatism fearfulness of loosing control for personal gain in the forever present.  Hind sight should tell us little we rely on today was just like this thirty to fifty years ago

Govornments are always power competitions as are businesses usually personal profit competitions.  Only user control makes sense through moderated democracy.  Moderation requires a respect for individual rights to activities and property that does not tangibly take away from survival and enjoyments of other people.  Moderation means not destroying value in nature or existing useful productive means or inhibiting freedom of non harmful actions.  This is mostly just being tolerant and as happily as possible getting along with everybody.  Conflicts accept intellectual persuasion through observed facts has to be forbidden.

The guideway is a total infrastructure replacement system that requires forever electric energy.

The guideway geothermal system should be able to provide battery and other storage costs, losses and pollution free electricity, cheaper than central station And battery inverter solar, fission, natural gas, hydro power and coal in most situations.  The electricity and heat that geothermal power comes from is ultra deep five to over ten miles deep geothermal local mine shaft size wells.  Local large diameter three to twelve feet, wells in all urban and large industrial areas mean heating and cooling districts using former water natural gas and even sanitary sewer lines that are no longer needed.  These becomes channels for heating and cooling district piping.

The key to going miles deep cheaply with large diameter shafts is slotting the rock with high 6000 PSI pressure oil and oxygen jets next to each other that externally combust like a rocket motor out of a tungsten or ceramic nozzle.  A central fuel cooled jet of oxygen is surrounded by four smaller jets of heavy oil and several more jets of CO2 that protect the oil from coking up and the oxygen jet from reacting with and oxidizing the tungsten or ceramic.  One inch kerf slots in a six foot bore with two 4 inch CO2 oxygen and oil rack gear shaft climber seamless pipes of steel slotted out, embedded flush on each side of shaft and three pie slice one inch slots converging in the middle allow three rock cores to be removed by wedge snapping them off after cutting.  This requires about three square feet of actual cross section of material to be cut in a 29 square foot bore.  Thinner slots less energy.  The ideal here is a lifting ascender removing cores while the cutting goes on non stop.  Multiple cutting heads progress down the shaft at about fifty to a hundred feet an hour.  The assender might travel 60 to 100 MPH taking at least twenty minutes to make a round trip from ten miles down.  More ascender motor sets are added to lift longer cores the deeper you go a quarter to half a mile a day at the top, less progress towards the bottom where the bore is widened out for the first 30 foot by 30 foot drill chamber at possibly the 400 degrees F. Level.

Building heating is a drain on the new geothermal guideway electric grid and an eventual wasteful drain of geothermal energy supplies.  Proposed is guideway mobile manufactured whole wall and roof custom evacuated panel walls that people might chose in place of repainting and siding or reroofing.  By attrition from the mostly poor quality materials nearly all current buildings are made of, they need to regularly be reconditioned.  Come back a century or two after a basalt SIPs building is new and it should look the same after you pull the vines off and power wash it.

Basalt fabric high silicate organic cement composite might last 500 to several thousand years.  Evacuated virtually zero thermal transfer fire proof, weather proof surface panels would be a investment.  Including similar insulating value window shutters that close when rooms are unoccupied or at night or as privacy screens can make the whole house about a R70 insulation value with two inch thick actively vacuum maintained.  These whole wall panels are created by on site guideway delivered machinery or near by machinery made as custom fit, textured and colored panels.  Any type of simulated clap board, brick, stone, stucco, shingled, lap siding can be reproduced.   Vacuum panel doors would also be installed.  The lights and appliances heat the house with reduced air conditioning loads in the summer.  A ground source heat pump balance might be hard to maintain favoring winter over summer.  Houses could have been made this way a hundred years ago.  There were several noted attempts using heavy concrete panels that lacked ferro cement strength to weight ratios.  Basalt being better than steel for about eighty years now.

In colder regions the geothermal waste heat can be used to heat south facing insulated evacuated panel wall green houses where light is reflectively concentrated to pass through narrow, shuttered at night slots to minimize thermal losses in the winter time and protect from overheating on hot sunny summer days.  Plants could grow night and day at ideal temperatures high recycled humidity and controlled spectrum light.  The entire ceiling wall and floor areas can be covered with mirror level reflective aluminized sheeting.  CO2 and methane are captured from permafrost lands the green houses might be built over for three to four fruit, vegiatable and grain crops a year.  Growth optimized spectrum LEDs provide day time extending grow light Into the nights.  Geothermal electricity makes this full time above the Arctic circle.

Using present building systems this would be prohibitively expensive.  The layup extruded over premade basalt and foil or for floatation foam core, corrugated, thin skin panel, basalt fiber cement evacuated insulation walls are cheaper than any previous structure to build.  They pass little heat through for tropics interiors in the Arctic.  These insulated green houses feed irrigation water for several thousand years with northern fresh ice melt water in Greenland and adjacent Canada.  Fully automated wide strip gantry farming systems cyclicly move down the many miles long green house half cylinder sheds in a continuous artificial growing and harvest cycle proceeding day and night.  Directionally pinned wall mounted fruit trees are alternated with vegetables and row crops between.

Processing of the food products occurs in tool carriers to finished packaged food items in automated mobile process machines that move with the crop fractional season timing on the guideways that parallel inside overhead in the green houses, non stop bringing in water, nutrient muds and removing ready to eat food products for global consumption the same day at the end of the process lines.  Some animals could graze in rows between contributing to the internal ecological soil and gas cycles where needed.  This is a model for gravity controlled Oneill space habitats as well.

This also has a limited useful life to progressive depletion of resources over possibly a hundred thousand to millions of years. We have to assume that people will be smart enough to figure out how to extend these resources as long as possible.  At the same time new northern external and cylindrical building habitats might evolve.  Cylinders are easier to extrude than rectangular or dome shapes.  It might be possible to extrude these in the vacuum of space.

Mass produced, skid pallet or running gear mounted multiple small 1 to 5 megawatt generators packs, producing 6,000 volt to 20,000 volt pure DC right out the generator coils convert geothermal CO2 carried heat from deep crust wells.    The higher voltages are for building use coil high frequency coil stepped down at each property to 110 to 440 volt AC or eventually DC lower voltage power services.

All new buildings would ideally no longer need any gas, water, sewer, wire distribution electric, or broad band connections.  The guideway carry everything to and away from all properties.

By no longer needing water to gravity flow away sewage trying to reduce water use becomes a domestic, industrial and agricultural goal.  Where water is abundant normal practices could prevail.  Where water is scarce evaporative losses in raising plants and grasses and trees need to be minimized.  Enclosed all houses and public spaces might include gardens and atriums under inflated and compressive structural green houses possibly connecting smaller open space housing plots together.  Making lower cost long life clear and translucent cover becomes important in extending green growing seasons and bringing interior year around green spaces and agriculture to far northern and southern latitudes.  Being able to use evacuated insulation shutters or curtains at night to prevent heat loss is critical where energy is expensive.  Glass over plastic windows can be shatter proof.  They might have micro groves glass panel to prevent shatter fracture or crystal growth.  UV longevity remains uncertain

Electricity for all global guideway transportation needs and business connections, all mail and package deliveries are separate from that provided by governments and existing mobility businesses and  at lower cost, often nearly free past debt retirement times when carried by the guideways.

Being on the guideway grid is locally being supplied with everything the world has to offer.  Being along a guideway is more connected a hundred miles from any other inhabitants than living in most large urban areas in 2019.  The guideway is an international airport terminal beside your house with flights leaving nonstop to every where every minute.  The guideway grid is incrementally locally being off the grid everywhere on earth or independent from everything but food and product sources that come from usually tens to thousands of miles away.

The cost of all services, energy and products might become from a third to a twentieth that of current fuel burning investor capitalist or socialist economies.  The guideway is a robotic economy of it’s own making over time.

The global economy becomes at any point of transaction a user controlled decentralized robotic

economy, a global to local trust or coop.  This should not be confused with socialism or communism as the robotic system to a degree is self maintaining with little human labor or investor cost.  No regimenting of human labor and lives is required or taxation.  People pay at cost charges plus any extra they decide needed to extend services to them selves and their neighbors.  No human wage enslavement here.

Today investors at about 2% of the population have capitol holdings at about a 1.4 times the GDP cost of the yearly global economy that gives them about a 8% share of the cost of the economy through ownership and control of most everything.  Govornments provide what investors are unwilling or uncompetitive in providing at a similar cost in taxes and monopoly service government fees.  After all other costs are taken out the bottom 95% of the world’s populations, us common people, who are not Investors have to distribute amongst ourselves about another possibly 10% of the GDP between themselves to enjoy Life with as discretionary self serving spending beyond survival.  The rest of the economy is tied up in maintaining territory and property and providing an income to the upper middle classes of people who are between the 2% or so predominantly investor or business owner or leader class and us workers pensioners, subsistence poor and people being educated and leavening their positions and skills in life and squirting assets.

These figures are not right on as there are grey areas between and I would like to see a set of calculations that show a detailed distribution of costs to the global economy with benefactors and internal recirculating loops.

Mass producing sustainable buildings that use little energy for heating and cooling interiors, that last for hundreds to thousands of years is what this global guideway section is about.  The described buildings have to survive earth quakes, floods of any depth, forest and grass land fires and tornados without immediate reuse.  Surviving nuclear wars and meteor strikes near by is a complex problem using these houses as mostly above ground shelters.  These houses can be buried as they are strong enough to take possibly about five to ten feet of earth cover in emergencies but have as screw anchored mobile structures the  ability to float over most non breaking  tidal waves and floods.  One to two foot thick insulated foam core floor slabs makes the house barges.

Global door to door unified transportation and energy

all properties worldwide are connected together

all properties worldwide are connected together

all properties worldwide are connected together

This is about replacing all existing fuel burning transportation and energy infrastructure on the planet with a single vehicle design that can take a single person, mail and packages to millions of addresses world wide non stop.  This is a self banking suspended vehicle system like motorcycles and airplanes turning on a curve.  Pendulum or talgo trains do this but with instability.

The same vehicles have a set of bladders sucked against the wall opposite the full length gull wing door.  The filled bladders are used to deliver water, soil and commodities globally door to door.

The vehicles can efficiently continuously run in longer trains with one to three tons of commodities or goods in each small shared frontal area vehicle at just below the speed of sound, 950 feet per second, 650 MPH, efficiently in longer gap free slick sided trains, outside of a vacuum tube, mostly in near sea level high drag air pressure.

  • It is not expected that full speed will be reached in first user safe operations.  Speed record attempts might right off make 1300 MPH To 1800 MPH on a highly banked circular test track with special built wheel motors or using any straight early guideway track.  The challenge is to make them safe and last with low maintainence without wearing out the guideway gear rails or wheels.
  • This has never before been proposed or tried in any form.  This will be uncomfortably unfamiliar to most technical people even though it is less difficult than modern jet flight and less expensive for home and small business access than paving a roadway, in a only harbor and airport intercontinetally guideway ocean tube connected world.  The same guideways cross oceans at cheaper capital and operating cost than planes and ships.
  • The goal has been for thirty nine years now to improve upon all the best service characteristics of all existing transportation systems and vehicle designs combined into one best design robot like present technology use system.
  • This can not be a hybrid combination of past design features.  This requires thinking from scratch with no limits other than physical and economic achievable limits.
  • Fuel burning slow road vehicles are today 99% of commerce, personal connectivity and industrial economy survivability.  Commercial jets are the the only true high speed allowed transportation.  Ships plod between continents.  River barges and railroads are about as fast as a fast rider bicycle in average door to door speed.  Large vehicles require constant rehandeling to smaller vehicles to ever more global optimized trade distant final users.
  • like a soon to die person in hospice the planets populations have been put on a guideway free diet to comfort existing transport and supporting systems people that they will not lose jobs and investment value.  The planets population is kept away from even knowing about small high speed ET3 or Skytran derivative ideas.  If we all knew the advantages of the guideway system cure that can heal the problem and extend the Earth’s beautiful ecology we would give up expensive overhead auto and truck use forever.
  • With universal utility minimum cross section faster than commercial jet PRT vehicle development the whole of the auto, truck, rail, ship and commercial aviation industries would practically disappear in a quarter century.
  • Lowering vehicle access costs is required to get beside every house and apartment every where.  This can only be done with the lightest span load possible and eliminating anyneed for platforms docks or elevated stations.  These are replaced by a single ten cross strap cable direct drive hoist, self lowering access vehicle.
  • Light vehicles one at a time on slightly slower 100 MPH to 200 MPH low traffic frequency access grids cross light weight 30:1 cross section to length open truss suspension or stayed cable spans cross wise streamlined members for the lowest wind drag possible.
  • Rarely are bridges streamlined to lower their dynamic resistance to winds to lower materials cost.  Even foot bridges are designed for substantial span tonnages of 50 to 100 pounds per square foot of deck.  Three tons in the middle of a hundred foot or more span might be the highest access guideway span load plus ice, snow and wind loads.
  • It is cheaper to use resistance and robot snow removal to protect spans and actively measure sag and horizontal deflection and vibration to keep traffic off spans at risk moments than to design more structurally costly stiffer spans and piers.
  • If a single guideway vehicle design can not do everything needed by people it would be like a cell phone without any cell towers and internet.  You will still need roads for some uses, meaning duplicate expenses reducing money for guideway grid access every where.  The guideway designs have to satisfy all imaginable requirements with a standard one design system.
  • Very rugged wheel motors, possibly better than any, maglev gives much greater efficency at a half or less capital cost to performance and efficency ratio, by eliminating the full length magnetic support and propulsion costs.
  • Cheaper gear rails are required.  Tungsten capped steel is proposed but carborundum cast gear teeth and separate wavy contact power pick up might also be tried.
  • Eliminating vacuum ET3 tubes requires vehicles have to be much smaller, streamlined to the max and train up flush ended with deflated nesting ring layered streamline ends.  Train coefficients of drag approaching 0.014 Cd are possible.  Each trailing vehicle adds under 50 KW of energy cost at 950 FPS per one to three tons carried.
  • Higher speed multi thousand MPH ET3 has lower but similar wear life costs due to electronic commutation cyclic wear at about three times the initial guideway mileage installation cost and four or more times the individual door to door property access cost to build the same capacity guideways.
  • ET3 is the future Where it is affordable.  Most people are presently poorer and can only afford the in air access guideway.  Absent total needs replacement we would still need to maintain roads for access.
  • ET3 vehicles can go directly to space nonstop.  But special in air capsules might change running gear at a launch tube location for non stop ET3 scale full vacuume to orbit Startram launch to a equatorial ring.
  • Automated roads require huge drainage problem land areas and never will get much over a hundred MPH in intercity speed and never lick the traffic congestion and random accident hazard problems.
  • Air vehicles if dynamic and not mass decoupled lift will always be high in energy consumption.  And always possible to crash from severer weather or power and bird impact failures.
  • Mass decoupled air and space vehicles for all uses are an unknown.  They are probably more efficient than guideways even ET3 but require precise route separation for heavy traffic safety and lower vehicle cost than likely practical.  Field effects in personal and environmental situations remain unknown to me.  They probably require larger property access areas.  For the wealthy mass and time decoupling systems are likely the only way to travel.
  • Solutions to improve guideway efficiencies yet increase speed to just below the speed of sound and make access not a distant expensive to build right of way trolley or bus stop, parking lot or garage space but right in or beside every home and business in the world.
  • Required is a about six foot by twenty foot self lowering vehicle landing  areas at each property.    This is about the area of a car parking space.  The vehicles descend to a user specified access height, rarely touching the ground or floor.  A vehicle can arrive unload and depart about every 20 seconds.  rarely would more than a single access pad be needed to prevent traffic congestion.
  • proposed are narrow slots so the vertically unsupported distance is only about 5 to 6 inches.  The bottom guidewheel cross over support distance not requireing magnetic steering attachment migh be two feet.
  • There are no sounds or hazards in self lowering vehicle access.  The average urban access capital cost is about $200 to $300 per average household as close to doors as wanted.  This includes higher density areas.  Lower density housing access cost using center of block one way PRT networks or back yard access migh average about $1,500 in America.  Rural road access might cost about $150,000 a mile.  Roof top access is preferred.
  • The guideway goes to where vehicle roads are used today.  This is better than international airport access to villages that cannot afford road access today.  Primitive villagers would have on demand jet speed access to the whole world.
  • Global ocean tube networks would soon bring all countries together like one global city.  ET3 connects the global city as fast as taking a cross town transit ride to the far side of the planet.
  • The guideways do not require any earth moving that inhibits integrated land use or requires drainage systems.  The guideway elevating piers are the elevation change moderator fills and cuts of roads, railroads and canals.
  • The guideway vehicles can climb and descend almost verticle slopes if strapped in passengers do not mind some discomfort.  Securing loads for multi G stops is already required.
  • The guideway spans go through where power lines go today and usually replace the power lines and any area lighting now more frequently shadow free distributed and on IR motion switches.  A dark world emerges again.  Lights are only turned on when and where needed.  No heated high ceiling, always lit, big warehouse everything stores are needed.
  • The guideways bring Walmart level product access, world wide, directly between production industries and final users non stop in minutes or hours not days and weeks from user on demand delivery to their homes.  This can happen without requireing wholesale retail, fulfillment warehouses, parcel service delivery companies, postal services or human managers and operators.
  • This is what PRT style delivery has been described as for 130 plus years now.  This was possible with electric motor, miniature Palmer monorails and punch card or tape directing automation by the 1840s
  • In 2019 nearly all transportation  experts still do not understand the criteria for sucsessful PRT delivery.  The guideway whole side gull wing door provides a rain shellter access for about 30 square feet of display shelf frontal area with vending door slots or open shelving as a cooler or for or freezer case well.
  • A smart visual system makes migh monitor unpaid stealing of goods and even track the route of the theaf when he leaves through other vehicles exterior monitoring systems.  This is on vehicle incident triggered emergency and security camera data direct to local volunteer or regular police, on demand only when needed immediately.
  • The global guideway access stop should be as common as mail boxes everywhere.  A mail box requires some kind of street, road or path for access.  The guideway is a preferred pathway that also brings with it almost free electricity and communications broad band everywhere.
  • For the guideway to evolve towards mostly free transportation as a operating user owned and controlled institution it has to eventually through self producing verticle integration, mine it's own materials and fabricate it’s own machinery and structures and get it’s own energy from guideway owned miniature local power plants that use almost endless geothermal energy.
  • Only local geothermal electric transmission with little distribution losses reduces power costs.
  • People and businesses would in a few decades evolve towards using almost free guideway energy and transportation.
  • This is a positive effort seeking the best single idea, whatever form it takes.  This is not stagnantly trying to slightly improve existing systems that all are defineable for many specific criteria as unimprovable failures.
  • Proposed is a rotary maglev like motor with a mechanical gear wheel support and traction interface.  This is not because it is ideal.  But, because it is economically expandable at minimum cost per unit of user outcome.
  • Hyperloop is a vasalating redesign of the Swiss Metro.  Daryl’s ET3 is courageous and bold but lacks a ideal user at home interface.  Possibly 99%  of trips made are to and from or connected with supplying homes.
  • People rarely sleep in school or work rooms Even prisons and hospitals are homes of sorts.  Home detention and recovery using the immediacy of guideway access for professional service equipment and home energy and communication might replace large institutional building cost.  Full monitoring hospital equipment that is easily user patient self service and prisoner location technologies means the jail is every where.  Police apprehension can be international using on bird evidence detection of hostile activities using gun shot and fearful or painful voice triggers callin area vehicles to observe and collect information.
  •  The global guideway brings rapid response PRT that is global door to door in the same vehicle that brings all your needs to you and you to every place you are ever likely to need to get to.  Police, emergency service and health care people travel to where they are called on the guideways.
  • ET3 to wealthier neighborhoods still requires a walk and a wait for a group to form that is large enough to justify the more expensive indirect vehicle and enclosed tube guideway.  This is still like airport transportation for the wealthy but cheap enough to be near most neighborhoods.
  • The global guideway is daily transportation for the about 18 billion daily short to long trips and distribution trips people take and economies need to function.  Can affordable Hyperloop or ET3 handle 18 billion movements every day?
  • The 2018 cost of financialization, banking, stocks, bonds, futures, dirivatives, insurance, investor partner profits is about 21 % of the US economy, growing fairly steadily with mostly unregulated practices since about 1954 when it was 4%.  The Koch Brother’s economic rich people beneficial economic model costs 90% of mostly pooer consumers more than the cost of all taxes without returning to them compensating benefits in significant common life style cost to labor ratio improvements.  Capitalism benifits investors.
  • The guideway users, or all of humanity needs to learn what to invest in.  We need to return future profits back to self guideway owned capital productive value that constantly builds on itself.  Faster growth towards nearly free services requires taking higher service fees at first to pay for guideway fully automated expansion industries and debt retirement.
  • In the last few years with constant introductions of automation the US per worker productivity has still dropped an averaged of .03% a year.  Nobody I know of statistically tracks average user lifestyle advantages from automation.
  • The goal of the global guideway is to eliminate 2/3ds of the need for any infrastructure and defense tax investment in thirty years and double or more average productivity of common staple products by eliminating most of the overhead cost of manual based mass distribution and excess inventory stages and a need for related investor opportunities.
  • The consumer driven economy will progressively pick up the automation jobs reductions only if profiteers do not skim the gains for wealthy sector profit making.  Investors like services and products used for survival to become ever more expensive per man hour for lower income people.  The ranks of the homeless and marginal busines failuers will multiply against the centralized profit taker growth.
  • If the profit takers improved product utility to cost ratios they would earn their keep but they never go much beyond figuring out how to sell less for more by adding to purchase appeal and make it more desirable to buy low value based on emotional product allegences.
  • The guideway is designed to be a anywhere access global superstore for everything with single to thousands of passenger or tons of goods departures per hour per city block, plus offering next to every building access and utilities.  No truck and buss caravan could do the same while getting each small auto sized vehicle to seperate user direct door to door global including local destinations, faster than any airliner.  The global guideway is probably the only form of modern future transportation.
  • About 3% of the global nationalist economy is defense of leadership possession and situational or institution survivability.  The guideway should never be used for National defense transportation or weapons delivery.  A onboard system migh detect radiation, odor and visual signaturesand warn of vehicle misuse by global guideway not international law.
  • Automated taxi delivery and truck road vehicles still have all the surface traffic defects of roads.
  • Elevated guideway networks eliminate any need for drainage property margin integration land areas and curb, sewer and set back maintenance issues and cross traffic conflicts.
  • Each standard guideway vehicle is over designed to efficiently carry one or two single file, automated reclining semi recumbent seat passengers or one to three tons 18 to 24 cubic yards-meters of goods or commodities.  All behind a frontal area the size of a motorcycle and rider but less air drag than a bicycle and rider.
  • A US personal road vehicle costs average users about 60 cents a operating mile, more on average than any other household expense.  If the cost of property driveways, parking lots, garages, collisions, lifetime disability, road deaths, pollution health and property deterioration and flooding problems are added in this cost is much higher.
  • The guideway economy might cost less than half to a fourth this cost during the first five years of local operations getting progressively less after various debt shares are retired.
  • A under $500,000 vehicle half speed, but full scale and feature prototype could be built by a efficient custom car fabricator using eight in line 15 KW motorcycle electric wheel motors.  This would use automotive seats and geared self lowering system reducing the hours for fabrication ease.  A half mile simple bar joist truss test track for 200 MPH up and down repeated acceleration tests might cost another half to one million dollars using Vulcraft manufacturing data.  A two mile diameter circular highly banked track to test full speed production motors to wear out or failure might cost about $3 to $4 million.
  • At this point a production high speed rail and running gear pilot production line needs to be set up to keep costs low and start to demonstrate the first protrusion tungsten shell resistance brazing on high speed forged rack rail gears.
  • Protean or other existing wheel motors can work until a pilot production motor line can be created for possibly $30 to $50 million leading to first stage limited production vehicles.
  • This needs to be accompanied by the world’s first high speed guideway production and installation machines.  These might cost hundreds of millions to perfect but could lay 3,000 to 5,000 miles of intercity guidewys per machine set per year.  A fourth or less that rate might be laid through urban residential areas.  This is half or less the cost of urban street and utilities construction
  • The individualized access vehicles are small in frontal area and run in trains with parallel smooth gap free sided, low as possible air drag bodies.  They join together as soon as possible with available near by vehicles going similar direction above about 200 MPH.  They do this to have little more drag than Hyperloop considering fan and choking losses for the short Hyperloop vehicle’s.
  • after the development cheap of tiny high definition video cameras and screens all vehicles with window for operations and occupant vision have become obsolete.  Windows loose interior heat and air conditioning are weak spots and line for debilitating damage from impacts and are hard to keep ice rain and snow off of unlike a small rotary lense HD camera which can cheaply be doubled or tripled at spread out points for enhanced stereoptic depth perception and bison redundancy from damage.  Windows are obsolete.
  • We have every bit of the nessasary technologies to do all of this immediately needing only the will to do the jobs well.
  • The guideway vehicles are about 1/20th the frontal area of most commercial airliners but do not have to waste energy climbing to high altitudes to get to aircraft third the air pressure air drag.
  • This is a universal global public utility as a jet speed personal rapid transit or PRT global guideway that is cheaper to build to people’s homes than making streets and utilities that go to every property.
  • It is far cheaper to maintain and Operate single passenger and container sip of freight at airliner speeds over going door to door one smal van load at a time.  The international airport and major container port gets moved directly to all properties beside and inside all buildings.
  • You mostly no longer need to ship a thousand or even a hundred tons to one place at one time.  Like data packets on the internet allflows are separately integrate into large continuous traffic streams as people or processes need to regulate real time flow demands.
  •  Rented not owned mobile multi functional guideway moved capital equipment eliminates idle overhead investment costs.
  • The global guideway is a global or world wide machine like the phone and internet systems, only far more automated in the proposed designs.  We could have created this at any time in the last 135 years.  Nobody chose to try it, but a few came close, then tripped over their collective conventialisum.
  • Every global guideway comes with new form utilities of all kinds.  These usually should be less expensive than conventional energy, water, sewer, all communication and home intertainment services, trash all recycle collection and yard maintainence services.
  • The global guideway design combination is a robotic carrier for small powerful robotic electric running gear sets that attach like farm implements do to tractors to transform in pairs and combinations into tens of thousands of specialized types of equipment.  Using Catipellers term “universal tool carrier” they become the world’s standard heavy lifting and materials forming spot rental system.
  • Even factory forming and production processes could be carried out on rapidly guideway transportable rental anywhere fully automated production machinery.  A business calls up the line components that self assemble, make a run then move on in diverse pieces to form a production line or field or site work or materials handeling somewhere else in the world.
  • Guideway PRT pick up and delivery with no operator is cheaper than all of today’s heavy equipment.
  • This new standard mass production mobile machinery would be a good business for Cat and other equipment manufacturers to get into even without the guideway.
  • New design construction, materials handeling, mining and agricultural miniature automated electric battery change out tool carriers replace old human controlled systems and their whole industry design capital investment strategies and management infrastructures.
  • All of these equipment based industries provide ever smaller shares of employment anyway using ever larger and automated machines for a century or more since a couple of people  in a steam locomotive could drag thousands of tons of mixed goods across continents as fast as a horse could run.  Little faster today.
  • This an all purpose mobility operating fully elevated above all surface activities as a global to local fast as possible transportation replacement, free of all fuel burning, solar and wind power, most places.  
  • Electricity is provided less expensively than local natural gas and coal over time by guideway placed ultra deep, local almost everywhere on Earth, geothermal electric system.  Wind, solar, wave and hydro power require storage expenses or large scale mostly inactive high voltage grid costs almost everywhere.
  • All guideway users could get their electricity, water delivery, minimized sewage recycle and trash total recycled and carried away along with door to door jet speed postal and retail delivery service.  Everything comes along with the guideways including improved lower cost internet, cable TV and superior cell tower services.
  • All these built in guideway new services are cheaper because no human labor management or profits would be attached to the services.  No payroll, dividends, taxes, insurance, retirement, and medical overhead.
  • The guideway design is an roboticly installed accessory Erector Set of attachment rails, tubes and channels.  If you can imagine a fixed or vehicle based service the power and distribution infrastructure does not require local sales or service labor and facilities.
  • Unloaded of nearly all utility transportation and energy costs the rest of the global economy booms.  The cost of living for poorer classes, the cost of everything might drop by about two thirds of the present cost to make and deliver products and services.  global economy human cost overhead to about one third the present cost.
  • Poorer people will usually immediately spend this dividend excellerating growth through consumption driven demand.  Wealthier people would likely tend to spend this dividend away investing in high profit opportunities before spending to speed up economic growth.
  • The global guideway can be designed using proven basic PRT engineering and operational principles.  These have universally never before been applied to all purpose utilitarian transportation, at least that I can locate information on.
  • Instead we engineer constant improvements to previously used but functionally unimprovable and obsolet human labor based transportation that is technically not perfectable, basicly flawed systems that are management intensive modes.  Transportation supported by engineers and contractor suppliers creates for ever jobs for the owners and leaders.
  • All existing modes are beyond practical improvements of any kind.  Design, genetic like , technical birth defects are transferred inside all proposed transportation improvements based on never demonstrated mathematical assumptions and narratives of the existing infrastructure evolveing naturally toward perfection and too big to fail or we can not afford to reproduce the existing fixed facility access points.
  • These road based property access facilities are replaced in this proposal by a new set of at grade unimproved access points at every point under any portable guideway alignment.
  • Self lowering vehicles operating out of harms way fully above ground level activities are reachable at any point under a stop on line guideway.  These can only be PRT suspended monorail vehicles.
  • This is derived from barn hay loft monorails of the late 1800s to overhead traveling cranes and the Titan Industries self lowering access monorail handeling and passenger designs that were publicly known, tested, and proposed for industrial and military uses but never prototyped for general public and commerce use.
  • The guideways replace public buried utilities and the pavement and curb surface road flaws that mar every properties human utility and esthetics.  Because driveways, parking lots and 25% typical paved right of way urban land use is integral to modern existence we do not think of road vehicles as unsightly.  Urban light pole forests are tolerated but guideway piers and spans are easy xenophobic targets because they are unfamiliar and not equated with future personal opportunity improvement.
  • Instead of seeking supplier profit systems this proposal seeks user cost reduction, dramatically faster dispatched local response and increased trip speed with a streamlined constantly advancing global unified economy.
  • All products using this high speed low drag global guideway would be on average 1,200 miles away, only a couple of hours away from the end of a farm or factory output to the final user, non stop direct every where.  From the opposite side of the planet 12,000 miles is covered non stop in less than 22 hours.
  • Just like driving a personal car you can get off the guideway and leave to get food or use a restroom or serially pick up or unload.
  • Freight as well as passengers travel this fast since the energy cost of these skinny randomly mixed load trains and the vehicle cost to occupied time ratio is small.
  • The first factor is finding a minimalist scale of new economy practical utility.  I started calculating 38 years ago at a starting point of 32 square feet external body frontal area based on having hauled and traveled with thousands of load tons, trips, items numbering in the millions handled.  This quickly decreased to 9 squared feet frontal area at .05 coefficient of drag or Cd, in several analytic stages then shot back up and down between 12 and 18 square feet with various special oversized low mass per volume vehicles and hundreds of designs that changed shape to streamline larger cross sections.
  • compare this to trucks at 110 square feet at CDs of .8, freight railways at 150 square feet at CDs in multiple whole numbers, commercial aircraft at between 300 to 900 square feet at CDs of around .05 and larger ships with areas a third often in water of 2,500 to 30,000 square feet with poor drag coefficients in air and CDs of occasionally .05 under water and multipule whole numbers in air.
  • All of the conventional systems do not work easily without expert human crew and terminal facilities costs tripleing their operating costs as well as slow trip miles per day.  These factors and the high fuel cost of on demand energy multiply the cost of all deliveries into market places and make most tonnages local in a potentially global economy.
  • Evacuated tube and aerial mass and time decoupled vehicles also have utility to cost or trip activity limits that can be comparatively calculated.  Demonstration is always required but first we need this proposals upper limit prototypes to be built and tested to destruction and wear out.  Decoupled and repulsion free flight systems are not cost comparable or dipole polluting problems identified to know how they compare.
  • Size and linear weight changes in calculations  over the years made large differences in the ability to build low cost access guideways.  Size and mass independent value chains set their own limits based on market and user utilities.  All inputs in the calculations created new design problem goals and market possibilities.
  • These are the simple factors, the rest gets complicated but well within known component and structure demonstrations of inertial and cyclic stresses, friction and cost limits.
  • The guideway vehicles are self dispatched through on vehicle area cell tower isolated overlapping nets Not to be confused with the global internet or voice and data to 5G.
  • The vehicles self dispatch cooperatively only if they have no competitive profit goal in operation.  This can never be a competing corporate interests seeing who can get the customer first but only who can serve the customer user best and cheapest.  Vehicle and users are, instantaneously seen to the user ,sorted out and arrival pick up time presented to the user.
  • Every vehicle could pick up people and goods anywhere along or under the guideway access grids, like a mini car or truck automated taxi cab never needing any special station other than occasionally preferred all weather comfort interior lobbies at activity and commercial and residential main buildings.  Eventually residences tha can afford a garage and driveway will have a interior guideway portal connection to living quarters.  The vehicle designs haul like a truck, as cheap as a supertanker can transport by the ton but faster than commercial airliners.  All in one this systems specs should make them the best choice and least cost for every kind of mobility.
  • These guideway vehicles can be built to go through drive through service window lanes mixed in lines of personal and autonomus road vehicles
  • Every proposed guideway vehicle should have on board near guideway 150 feet to both sides fire fighting equipment at a small weight increase loading with 300 to 600 gallons of water when needed.  Every vehicle can serve as an ambulance to get people with medical emergencies to hospitals faster than today’s helicopters can even arrive at the emergency.
  • The guideway dementional and operation specifics allow it to be many times more energy efficient, a small fraction the user personal and commercial mobility cost, at least 200 times safer than roads and a range of nine to twenty times faster for all measures of goods and people movements by comparison with all other existing and future proposed transportation in 2019.
  • The global guideway vehicle is a tubular skinny body that self lowers by a cross strap hoist system to any place under a guideway to pick up and deliver.
  • Once loaded the high lift power to weight ratio ascender fast lifts and rapidly starts moving towards other vehicles going the same direction forming increasingly long trains of such vehicles.  Catching up to, or being cought up with, adjacient trains includes the trains splitting at a full speed switch and one or several vehicles fills the gap.  Zero room for error requires PRT style redundancy.
  • We can not foresee as yet totally unknown possibilities that might be compeditive with this. But it is unlikely any future system can match the lower guideway installed cost and full access every property guideway direct access grids everywhere that road vehicles are presently used.  Many places that are inexcessable by all exiting transportation are fully reachable with a guideway that can even be bolted to verticle rock walls, reached cheaply by the ultra light weight guideways.
  • This proposal consists of structural, mechanical and electric dimensioned speculative design specifics as well as many variations of first time mass production engineering systems needed to build it.
  • Sustainability here is absolute and has layers of continuing future plans, lesser alternatives and contingencies based off this 1981 starting point design optimization quest.  The basic global guideway design is based on applied physics, cost to benefits ratios and all known comparative design options.
  • All individuals have to benefit in the long run with their radically different economic situatatins, aspirations, work, lifestyles and industrial needs.  This is all handled by a single design, all purpose, do almost anything vehicle.  This suspended monorail race-car-truck-train workhorse can provide total mobility replacement, nearly unlimited, lower cost personal and commercial transportation at speeds thought impossible by conventional engineers.  New tooling and package electric plants can be place and service by the guideway two part mobility system then it distributes the electricity at little transmission cost for low user cost electricity.
  • This is the only article you will find, that I know of, that leads directly to permant universal almost unlimited energy and transportation possibilities that result in permant environmental improvements.  We can still waste the benefits provided or learn from the minimal scale in achieving the lowest cost at the highest just below sonic speed.
  • The obvious but rarely pursued way to lowest cost at the highest practical speed is lower frontal area, lower guideway interference drag, lower skin friction, lower cooling pumping losses lower normal conditions parasite drag and lower rolling friction.
  • This is histories first high speed vehicle design that uses direct electric propulsion that does not slip in traction.  Mass decoupling allows air or water attoms to slip, shockwave free, at hyper velocities around a aerial vehicle of large frontal area.  This guideway lives in real viscous friction so has to minimize at the same time frontal area per average ton or volume, smoothness and zero gaps or ridges between entrained either end forward vehicles with any vehicle able to take the front or rear position at a drag coefficient of under .06 to .05.
  • If you have a million tons of water to move you load three tons in each 20 foot long independent vehicle, join a couple hundred vehicles into a train or two and make round trips at 200 or more MPH.  The guideway vehicle water pipeline moves through the 1/800 water density air instead of moving the higher friction water through a pipe.  The drop in friction makes the mobile pipeline more efficient at higher speed.
  • Proposed here is the first known variable coil tap and mechanical variable integrated air gap control and mechanical contact in nitrogen reduced pressure commutation wheel motors.
  • Small fast vehicle trains are cheaper than large slow vehicles and beat commercial aircraft speeds.
  • This systems design should be permanatly neutrally sustainable for tens of thousands of years of massive human occupation of Earth.  This assumes no major industrial based fuel burning system we presently use remains to deplete resources and the thriving self sustaining ecology.
  • leveraging the global guideway’s early development stages requires the introduction of zero displacement and dynamic all SES lift roll and pitch control small frontal area highly elongated segmental sea trains to increase intercontinental traffic in becoming near aircraft speed tonnages and passenger movement.  These sea trains have been weakly proposed and never analytically designed.  They would burning no combustion fuel during and after the introduction of the Davis like cross ocean global guideway tube networks of minimal frontal area in air and ET3 land network connections.  Sea trains are needed to develope large scale seasteading and ocean based agriculture that produces ten times or more per atrifical average than land based fields.  Sea trains are described latter on in a separate website.
  • A global PRT guideway can eliminate all future practical needs for fuel burning By relying on local ultra deep geothermal electricity placed automatically by the guideway system as it advances supplying all energy needs from a local multi thousand year source.
  • Aside from the environmental oxygen increase and reducing acidification of the oceans, this leads to very low cost pollution free industrial to residential cheaper than the cheapest fuel use electricity.
  • The proposed design for aerodynamicly minimalist slender vehicles would have light weight high rim velocity chains of five to eight wheel motors that could develope 1,500 to 2,500 KW per 2,500 pound vehicles that are faster than present commercial jets
  • these vehicles provide personal and goods transportation at lower than heavy rail costs, everywhere door to door nonstop direct On new light weight per mile large open structure, large cross section suspended monorail spans.
  • The proposed vehicle designs can operate in trains at 90% of the speed of Hyperloop without the side span evacuated tube windage capital cost, at about double the energy requirement or about .5 cents more in electricity use per mile.
  • The difference is there are no airlocks and the vehicles can descend, station free, to load at ground level beside every property for direct door to door access on a world wide guideway network.
  • You could go to work every day from your house cross the commute distance at 100 MPH to 200 MPH at about 2 cents to 7 cents a user cost mile compared to 40 cents a mile for the least expensive to on average own and drive personal IC automobiles.  Fastest speed, most convenient access at the lowest user and societal costs likely ever practical.
  • Reducing span visibility is described further on.  This is less visually objectionable than the all present streets with vehicles running and parked everywhere on and around them.
  • This system is above all ground level activities and most structures.  You could walk bike everywhere with out crossing a guideway vehicle path once the last road vehicle operator switched from ar decade transport to fully elevated transport.  The universal first of a kind proposal vehicles carry all people and goods at presently unthinkable speeds and costs lower per mile than typical bicycling, with simpler automation accuracy, away from surface level hazards, up in the tree tops.
  • Every trip involves seeing scenery around you from the more pleasant second story high or higher level.  Further on is described a system tha lets you chose your viewing height level as you trave within options available on heavier traffic through lines to see your surroundings as if you were flying in an aircraft at the same or slow motion speeds described further on.
  • The fast, just over one ton universal use vehicles, spread their weight evenly out over the longest practical large diameter disc wheel suspended monorail beam length.  This is better than the original Whopertal Enos designs in the 1890s but never revisited in prototypes.  This allows lower guideway installation cost at less than about half the cost of maintaining existing streets and highways over time.
  • Full production and installation Systems component designs simplify activity tasks using fully automated mass produced and production and installation components.  This lowers the manual concrete based guideway design costs to about 1/10th to 1/30th the cost of often cabin guideway proposals at less than the cost of Transit X - Skytran style streamlined window pods.
  • This requires a different way to improve handicapt access for their universal independent mobility on this systems design.  Kids of almost any young age can more safely use this system to go where needed by themselves, including replacing school busses as described further on.
  • Narrow flat rim contact disc guidewheels and micro gear differential dual rim support and propulsion wheels are proposed to solve histories vehicle traction defect and rolling resistance problems.  None of this has elsewhere been publicly proposed.  This allows lower than flanged wheel railroad rolling resistance at greater than the best present traction motor efficiency map performance.  A possibly new variable attraction angle and axial unloading needle bearing arrangement increases the time between overhauls at turbine engine rim velocities exceeding an allowed about 950 feet per second straight guideway speed.
  • The faster the most efficient design vehicles are the fewer vehicles are needed to provide all mobility services to every body including all goods, water and materials delivery movements using the same in motion self converting vehicles.
  • Separately accessed vehicles close ranks with adjacent vehicles and trains of such vehicles going the same route.  This constantly makes more room for entering vehicles and reduces frontal area drag and energy use.
  • These tiny vehicles in numbers needed for each task at any given time replace the use of large trucks, ships, railroads and aircraft as well as all the uses we have for automobiles, busses, bicycles and longer walking trips.  One such vehicle on a fully connetted guideway network replaces about one semi, delivery or dump truck, as well as additionally about 10 to 15 automobiles or one commercial aircraft now needed for all mobility.
  • 65% of the present six trillion US personal miles are urban with about one third being between cities.  This will change rapidly as you could afford to commute on the global guideway from your homes property line vehicle access point to cities and rural areas hundreds of miles away as fast and cheaply as you commute today in a car to a near by job in town.
  • There has never before been a vehicle design even distantly close to this proposal.  The proposed internal systems and direct vehicle to vehicle and to local user cell phone communications network nurtures the connective needs of humans and all desirable institutions and businesses.
  • New forms of residential housing are proposed that can be present property improvement or built away from all conventional utility connections, needing only the guideway itself to provide at a lower cost environmentally neutral support systems including all financial service and self govornment needs.  This is using the proposed user guided software system for home occupant self management.
  • This proposal is for the basic dementioned designs of a jet aircraft speed, globally connected, self lowering anywhere under the guideway PRT type vehicle access directly to all properties, no stations needed anywhere.  This is instead of continuing to use unsustainable streets, rural roads and highway networks.  This is faster and many times more efficient than commercial aircraft.
  •  This is a self opportunity entraining personal rapid transit or PRT system.  Independently routing PRT guideway automated taxis and delivery trucks can run railroad efficient only if properly designed.  In trains well designed parallel sided vehicles become more efficient than railroads at about 1/15th the gap free frontal area and 1/90th or less the aerodynamic drag.  Lower drag per passenger or ton mile is converted into higher speed using a lower cost base load electric energy supply.  The fully automate guideways place the electric generation system that supplies the guideway’s and participating adjacent propertie’s electricity at about half to a fourth or less the cost of most fuel burning wire distribution electric utilities.  The guideway structure is the conductors.
  • This is proposing a global national government free transportation world by bringing all the world’s economies together as one.
  • This is libertarian local to global user directed transportation.  This is proposed as free enterprise transportation offered directly to property owners in mass then letting them in neighborhood groups decide on the alignments and forms of the services.  The user deciders have to be individually connected to internet or cell phones or feathered in frequent meetings.  Protecting from industry, investor and govornment manipulation becomes a complex problem as always.
  • Most govorments allow non interfering public utilities access to properties along streets, utility ROWs and alley ways.  The proposed design installation system can place several stake driven pier miles a day directly from the just installed last pier and span.  All machinery, parts and the few crew involved travel overhead on a separate set of service rails or underneath with the regular goods and passenger traffic.  This includes placing tight radius curves without any ground level equipment road access or crew.  Details are described further on in the menus pages.
  • A mediating constantly adjusting software is proposed to automatically try to smooth out differences between neighbors using a automation response system mimicking know human sucsessful mediator practices.  The mediating process requires the emerging AI idea recognition only in the areas required for sucsessful transactions redirecting to human consultants when cooperative progress breaks down.  Question and multiple choice answers combined with text user answers with local design outcomes returned taylored to each person’s choices.  Alignments and client property ID shown only for adjacent property owner privacy.  Result statistical comparisons are then constantly adjusted to show each design stage.  Service demonstration videos show different access forms connected to the global guideway network.
  • Companies make profits off the machinery they mass produce.  Users effectively become the collective on going management through a local to global public service guideway utility trust.  Users together become the default owners of the guideways and vehicles they use.  This would be a global coop or global public trust controlled by direct democracy.  This is a replacement for elected oligarchy forms of representative government presently common almost everywhere.  The automated management program creates a shadow democratic self regulating and management process administration, always subject to allowance by local govornments.
  • The way we organize transportation today benefits mostly sociopathic tending wealthy investors, politicians and executives.
  • The world bank shows the 30 year global fuel based infrastructure needs at about $34 trillion for roads, $28 trillion for electricity, $11 trillion for railroads, $15 trillion for for telecommunications, $8 triiion for water transportation.  Add to this about $70 trillion for vehicle and equipment fleet replacement and third world additional vehicles and equipment at possibly $15 trillion and facilities additions no longer need by the global guideway at an additional one time surplus saving of about $50 trillion and fuel based energy savings at about $60 trillion in 30 years and you have about three to four times the cost using the present fuel burning infrastructure compared to the here proposed designs and installation systems for the all new infrastructure replacing global guideway.
  • The global economy would be speed up in velocity of money increase, reduction in inventory drag on the velocity of money, an improvement by as much as three times in average individual human productivity time to individual consumptive values and a brick wall stop of the increase in environmental degradation by separating land and industrial water uses from the ecosystem’s requirements.

This proposal is fearful in it’s uniquly unfamiliar components that in my life time I have never heard of, myself reading everything extensively.  I am interested in ideas that might improve or refine a ultimately best human future.  All questions, objection and additions are appreciated.

  • The heavy equipment that is operator centric that is presently used to install or transport anything or build buildings, run farms, build and maintain everting is replaced by autonomous universal guideway scaled tool carriers.  Big operator controlled equipment become too heavy and slow and is no longer needed.  No transportation fuel storage refinery or super site clean up costs, no contaminated aquifers, no acidfied ocean costs and the present gas station fuel distribution systems costs.
  • PRT systems were first thought of as fully automated mail and goods carriers in the 1880s to 1920 eras, then forgotten about until a single proposer in 1953.  It was not until 1968 that the idea started to spread world wide.
  • This system is configured as an all purpose global public utility all electric guideway span, steel not copper or aluminum conducted electric grid and transportation system.  Read everything you can on PRT transportation systems and you will still lack 99% of what is detailed here.
  • How do you describe a system we could have developed over a hundred years ago that would have bypassed this whole fuel burning era we now live in?  This design set is what smart cell phones and the internet are compared to telegraph communications in comparing the global guideway advances to all present public utilities government and business administrated transportation and energy systems.
  • This is about an all new fully elevated totally station or platform free suspended monorail transportation infrastructure.  This should best be powered by local sourced ultra deep geothermal shafts bored by fully automated flame slotting, segmental core, cog gear ascender removal boring machines placed by the advancing PRT guideways every few miles.
  • The guideway power grid builds the guideway industries, provides logistics and construction energy, sinks all new ultra deep geothermal shafts that provides the energy incrementally replacing all fuel burning and most wind power systems at lower user cost.
  • Autonomous packaged turbo expander generator sets in several units would be placed to provide electricity to the guideway’s structural conductor built in loop main power grid.
  • Mass production like for automobiles lowers all the component cost along with the fully automated distribution and sales system with turers would at first make profits and be in competition with each other for improvements and lowest cost.
  • As energy demands increase, more closed cycle high rim velocity generator condenser compressor sets and side thermal extraction hole drilling units would be placed at each shaft to keep up with demand.
  • Replacing 30 to 50 year present accepted cycles of overlapping incremental infrastructure capital investment cycles of all the existing global infrastructure costing just over 100 trillion dollars per cycle.  To move these cycles out to 200 or more years at a lower cycle cost we need all new forms of infrastructure.  This requires radically more efficient systems that must move from reliance on the present legacy obsolete industrial infrastructure to a more efficient stand alone local energy infrastructure.
  • You can not carry out a war that destroys such infrastructure as well as during the deepest snow, worst ice Storms, floods , tsunamis, most earthquakes this PRT Design remains portionally operational when all other systems stop operating until cleared or repaired.
  • Using local cheaper amortized investment fuel cost free electricity to power everything is the core.  The proposed often over ten miles deep geothermal has an continuing energy cost in the cost of the turret drill packs that will have to constantly drill new spaced out holes that will be depleted in energy regressively over decades to centuries.  First drilled holes can become pre heaters for latter drilled holes.  Changing the binary gas mix used both for extraction and in the turbines can over time improve generating efficiencies as strata temperatures decline giving a reprieve from momentary new investments.  Always over time new extraction holes will have to be added along with new shaft depth and divergent angled new shafts added over the centuries from the first main shaft. Rural communit and area generators might be good for 5,000 to 20,000 years depending on population densities and industrial consumption.  At a certain point a global ocean geothermal extraction system and electric grid will be needed.
  • Artificial SES type floating islands may be cheaper than land occupation returning vast areas of less productive farm land to natural habitats. This is far less costly than coal mining and oil drilling where the easy locations are extracted first leaving more expensive difficult supplies for the future.  Of course the acidification of the oceans and lakes and the heating of the atmosphere to unlivable levels will happen in the next century of fuel burning as we do today.
  • This is a battery free world system.  No energy storage is needed at all, not even at levels of vehicle batteries.  Electricity is feed multi directionally from closely spaced multi redundant sources.  Overload on every vehicle demand response and shorting fused protections do not stop mobility or isolate vehicles in catastrophes.  Emergency vehicles on the guideway might have batteries for unique possibilities but rarely need them.  Every guideway vehicle proposed here can be equipped for ambulance, adjacent fire fighting and police assistance.
  • Residential or industry PV or wind systems get back up power from the guideway.  There need be no  competition between utilities if the users collectively democratically make all administrative decisions not special interest influenced decisions.
  • The locally available geothermal energy under the whole planets area exceeds all the oil, coal, natural gas and nuclear power by many tens to thousands of times without polluting the atmosphere.  Over thousands of years each geothermal well, about 20 miles apart, can access around 1600 cubic miles of hot rock between 7 to 11 miles deep, efficiently extracting over time the equivalent energy of about 300 million barrels of oil in thermal energy per cubic mile.  This is based on a posted estimate, not my own calculations.  I am not sure what the bottoming condenser temperature and efficiency was for this shallower resource estimate.  This is unlimited steady state fuel free local electricity for between about 10,000 to 100,000 years of highly technical human needs for around ten billion people, without adding any solar or wind power to the base load steady state supply extending our our energy based future to the liveable life of our sun and survivable preparations for random galactic radiation bursts.
  • The proposed production engineering systems to access these large shaft diameter geothermal miles deep production zones cheaper than we drill small diameter shallower oil wells today will be described in the menu addendum pages.
  • To do all of this requires making the total replacement global utility guideway systems components and their automated decision making self management systems much lower in user first year costs including debt retirement rate than the lowest cost possibilities presented by all other systems possibilities.  This has to be compared to all of the present choices trying to improve the existing 90% road based transport system and the fuel burning economy.
  •  If you can not find a user desirable replacements for not just  part of the use of roads but all uses of roads you will still need to maintain road property access most places.  The guideways allow properties to no longer be defined by road right of ways.  We gain back 25% or more of urban land areas and 5% rural areas by eliminating any future need for roads.  Drainage fast runoff problems are reduced and the materials from road removal can become chanel and dam surfacing and thermal mass construction blocks for buildings.  The PRT guideway components can make whole site integrated automated portable construction crane system for the first time fully automating agriculture and building construction and rehabilitation.
  • Roads, rivers, railroads and canals, are also guideways but often hundreds of times larger in land area consumed, linear materials mass of these earthen supported surface based systems requiring ongoing capital maintenance and replacement costs.  None of any common trips in vehicles are going cross country without a road guideway for usually all or occasionally the ends of mixed mode transfer trips.  Airports and harbors do not require guideway or right of way costs but their facilities costs at connecting points and operational costs over time by comparison can build cross ocean high speed low cost per ton mile guideway tubes.
  • This proposed elevated light weight span guideway using micro geared, tungsten shell, geared  wheel to rail contact surfaces allow lower wear and energy cost than all the other known vehicle choices, including maglev as presently known.  Reducing frontal area drag is most important once you reach fkat contact hard wheel on hard rail rolling friction reduction and zero electrical slip propulsion motor efficiencies.  Evacuated tubes are many times faster than the just suso ic trains described here and will eventually replace this proposal for most then all door to door transportation.  When you can travel a thousand mile trip in twenty minutes instead of two hours at the same or lower cost why would you not want to invest in the future ET3 system?  The reason is immediate access cost and the at least three times cost of the directly connecting infrastructure and problems of handeling over sized loads as the top maintainence rails of the guideways can carry the large spans and even tubes needed for the ET3 system but the ET3 system needs airlocks to oass through internally carried loads.  It is possible to overcome these problems as described further on and build the ET3 bypassing this slower just subsonic system.  First we need a very good form of maglev.
  • Air vehicles require high energy for movement support at about 30 to 40 times this proposed guideway hard tires that have zero propulsion slippage when the motors are operated syncronusly at part loads or cruise speeds even in trains at 650 MPH.  Reducing single high frontal area loading asynchronous running time increases motor efficiency to the mid ninety percentile range.
  • Mass decoupling that is inexpensive might be a practical aero vehicle system if it can ever be environmentally neutrally mass produced.  Then aero vehicles might replace fixed maximum hard running surfaces guideways.  No such system has ever been publicly demonstrated or even described understandably in the physics literature to this time.
  • Proposed here is total desirable tearing up and grassing over of eventually all streets, parking lots, driveways, even rural roads and never looking fondly back wishing you could return to the good old days of road railroad and air vehicle use.  Recreational and historical vehicle use will continue at inconsequential effect on the environment.
  • A global ET3 system will be developing at the same time but at about three times the direct property access cost.
  • To do this requires miniaturizing a single mode all purpose guideway system that moves on a single standard design light weight suspended monorail span.  Suspended monorail is required to allow every vehicle to drop to ground level for anywhere loading and unloading.  The ten strap cable direct gearless hoist drive options are describe in the index menu page.
  • These all new guideways are above us running over the top of and not interfering with all land uses underneath.  Pier spacing to not interfere with property uses can be widely varied infinitely due to the at every joint active expansion and precarch continuous span attachment designs.  At a greater span cost piers can be spaced out with suspended spans several hundred feet between support points.
  • These nearly all oneway PRT network grid elevated spans would from many engineering and logistics studies be able to carry more people, tons or cubic yards of goods or commodities per hour than three lanes of pavement or a one way heavy railway track.  PRT automation means there is no need to group vehicles together for human dispatch and operator cost reduction, only to improve efficiencies at high speeds.  Almost continuous trains are possible, but not safe or practical not eliminating strategically organized open spaces to accommodate entering and leaving vehicles.  Using the geothermal power generators as locations to save up resistance dynamic breaking in the upper thermal well mass would allow almost unlimited fairly efficient regenerative braking without needing batteries. Locally during a overload high traffic emergency stop radiant resistor strips on the guideway can locally dissipate infrared energy or in extreme situation visible spectrums into the air and other surfaces around the spans.  No fear no fires started here.  Similar resistance can be placed on the vehicles bypassing the conductor system but adding cost to the vehicles.  You only need to dissipate the energy off the vehicle stopping rapidly from 650 MPH to do the job.
  • To do this all, we need to increase the vehicle speed and develope high speed in motion constant entering and leaving of trains of PRT vehicles on converging and diverging grids loops, all at very high speed.
  • To make this competitively practical we need to lower the linear costs and volume carried cost of the guideway compared to fully automated electric direct roadway power pick up truck costs on existing always slower more energy per ton mile roadways.   Road fatalities are about 1.3 million people a year more all the time bing poker pedestrians that have to walk in developed countries.  A automated level 5 version of Daryl Osters’s Mopod might be produced for under $2,000 to $5,000 that could be cheaper to give or subsidies for all poor people to use than using busses or rail mass transit systems getting pedestrians off of streets and fuel burning engines out of road vehicles.  The best electric fully autonomous cars and trucks would still be limited to hazardous travel on roads on average at about 10% of the speed of the guideway vehicles that travel in a no interference hazard free zone 20 feet or higher overhead.
  • We need to fully automate the mass production And installation of everything to reduce the new systems cost over using the old road system with new autonomous vehicles that will always be slower but lower in initial vehicle and right of way combined cost.  The charging infrastructure and battery cost is much higher than the direct electric pick up electric cost of the global guideway.  The resistance and chemical conversion losses of a battery powered road vehicle network is much higher than direct pick up on hard tire traction than rubber tires traction with batteries.
  • the guideway fully autonomous or no central control of any kind, PRT vehicles need to provide users with Individually helpful services for all user needs.  Think of all the ways you would want a robot vehicle to serve you and help you to feel good about a new form of more reliable relationship.  Vending machines have no prejudices when you give them your money and they offer you a service.  Vending machine owners can be greedy profit only schemers or just make a get by living businessman in setting prices for products offered.  Proposed here is proportional piecing constantly being adjusted to cover costs and new system access amortization.  The global users should be given the detailed facts and allowed to set rates to reflect continuance and extension of services.  New area users have to separately make choices as to how important it is to them to be intamently connected directly to the rest of the world and set their local debt retirement unit transportation cost figures to produce their democratic ly chosen local values.
  • The solution needs just the right minimalist vehicle cross section and linear load scale to handle nearly all commonly shipped items in the smallest lightest frontal area as well as all personal transportation needs In the same small as practical vehicles.
  • Keeping the lowest practical frontal area or about that of a motor cycle and rider at the lowest possible coefficient of dynamic drag keeps energy levels as low as possible alowing higher speeds while using less energy.
  • With the small vehicles of the right design or form we no longer need any large vehicles to justify operator costs.  Large vehicles require heavy pavements, railway, airport, canal and harbor investments.  These would no longer need to be funded as their operating systems comparatively cost more per ton mile and passenger mile at lower speeds.
  • Personal time and the time of all manufactured goods have counter productive  costs slowing speed or increasing time in movement slows economic growth just as slowing the velocity of money or consumption turn over slows growth in personal and global economies.
  • All personal rapid transit called PRT guideway vehicles need to be self lowering for anywhere access and emergency egress under the suspended monorail beams.  The vehicles can stop and lower their bodies to ground level anyplace under the guideways on the 95% of guideway grid loop or blocked miles that are side street and rural access road equivalents.  Like side streets, these access stop on line guideway sections need to have little traffic so the vehicles can stop on line without holding up following vehicles.  Following low traffic vehicles can slow to wait a user prescribed access time or go around a stopped vehicle On adjacent grid routes.
  • A PRT vehicle can know of operational situations and entering vehicles miles ahead to predict choices the vehicles should make.  Few automated programs do this today only onboard each vehicle.  Presently they relying on central traffic control and despatch systems. Proposed here is zero central management.  This is not block chain but it is cooperative local control only on the cooperating always moving block vehicles using a simple multivinductive conductor path vehicle position and speed location system that was possible 120 years ago  This system communicates with with any nearby user cell phone or internet connected computer as a user dispatch connection with widening ring areas seeking passing empty vehicle capacities of specified types.
  • Every few miles the vehicle would reach a main street or expressway like grid where stopping accept for emergency egress is not allowed.  This increases speed from about 200 MPH on straights on unoccupied access grids to in stages reach 650 MPH running on the in air entrained grids.  About five miles acceleration and deceleration lane distance or off and on ramps from zero to full speed.  Lower speed 200 to 400 MPH grids would serve denser urban areas using much shorter ramp lengths or the ramps can be treated like continuos side access roads on expressways.
  • Elevated stations, airports, commercial harbors and terminals, transit and  freight railroad and bus stops and terminals would no longer be needed anywhere as most warehouse operations would cease to be competitive.  With same day delivery from the far side of Earth taking less than 24 hours and most continental movements taking one to eight hours there is usually no reason to mass local warehouses full of idle products.
  • This proposal is an eliminator of transportation jobs and energy investor wealth.  This is in compensation a massive cost of business and cost of living reduction booster to all other individuals with effective outcome wealth gains in the total output of the global economy over time.
  • We have now experienced global access information and communications where ever we are on our smart phones.  This proposal is how to achieve the same physical not information access response globally, from every place to every place, door to door nonstop direct on average faster than any commercial jet can fly home to home.
  • It will take about four decades to complete the first 30 million guideway miles.  Since this is happening here and there a little at a time each year the costs and economic displacement problems are stretched out.  Fully automated electric truck introduction will happen much faster in the next decade alone because the world wide road systems are already built to run on.  Electric trucks can be cheaper than railroads if they have less damaging load distribution and lower frontal area drag.  ThecTeslactruck is less than one eighth as efficient as other designs can be.  This can be covered latter on in a competing systems web site.
  • For global guideway to work best a whole new kind of running gear and suspended monorail system is proposed As described further on.
  • Every building on the planet or residential door becomes the direct access now serviced by automobiles and trucks for most people and by foot for poorer people.
  •  The proposed guideway PRT taxis that are also all purpose global and local to long distance trucks are designed for the first time to be fully capable of wheel borne electric motor propelled continuous separate vehicle travel at sea level at just over 400 MPH using about 1500 KW of energy, based on many salt flats speedster examples and usually at the lower altitudes operated in.
  • This single vehicle speed is operating with a high wear and energy charge making it several times more expensive than a vehicles proceeding more slowly waiting to be smoothly joined by a passing train of such vehicles operating more efficiently at much higher shared frontal area energy efficiency speeds.  Momentary single vehicle speeds exceed the speed of sound so they will not be run over by a unaware approaching trains that cannot have a collision anyway.
  • These 2,00 to 2,500 pound unladen vehicles about 3.5 feet in exterior diameter and between about 17 to 28 feet over the flat ends will be tubular with the flat ends containg a 3:1 aspect ratio accordion inflated streamlined cones for separate and end operation drag reduction.
  • In operation one guideway vehicle’s full time services replaces about the people and goods movements of 15 each of the average mix of the just over 2.5 billion cars, trucks, railway cars, ocean and channeled ships and barges and commercial and private aircraft In daily use.  At any time on average 95% of the world vehicle fleet is parked waiting for use, in storage, in repair or reserve, being sold or scraped or being loaded.
  • These global guideway vehicles are prposed to be specificly designed for all component and structure pit stop repairs of plug and go replaced externally accessed components.  Not even race cars are usually designed this way other than tire changes.
  • These vehicles get all of their energy directly from a new form of pickup rail located deep inside the guideway so they never have to stop or unlimited range.  A vehicle train could travel a loop putting on 5.6 million miles in a year non stop assuming no breakdown occurred.
  • About three gallons of onboard water and a soap supply cleans out their commodities bladder that is blow dryed while in route to pick up other granular or liquid materials they are rated to carry between passenger and package, containerized items or moving households and compact furniture and automated tool carriers that replace the more expensive use of large farm, construction , mining and materials handeling industrial machinery.
  • The vehicles can travel in trains safely using the first in history proposed wheel motor designs at a little over twice the speed of sound using their collective power.  But they would produce damaging shock waves and a twin loud noise on passing louder than two shot guns going off sequentially near you.  They would be limited to about 650 MPH where the soundofca train or single vehicle on passing at full speed closely overhead would be similar to about a fourth of that of a F-15 passing overhead at the same speed throttle off.  This is more like a loud but short swishing sound.  This comparison is based roughly on frontal area and hollow section reverberation differentials with the low high speed fighter pass example observed at a Thunderbirds air show several decades ago.

This is a shocking proposal to conservative people who will immediately suspect that building 40,000,000 miles of brand new guideways will cost hundreds of trillions of dollars.  About $60 trillion would likely buy the whole global system and the first 300 million all purpose vehicles that replace the whole of the world’s existing transportation fleets and building four times more base load ultra deep geothermal electric power capacity using only the fully automated guideway for construction.

Incrementally the guideways might pay for themselves amortizing out to a service cost lowering from about half of auto and truck use segmentally calculated global cost to less than a tenth the comparative user cost over time as first systems debt retirement is rolled over to build subsequent installations in proceeding decades.  The user cost becomes steadily less only if the guideways are self owned in the interest of all the user demanded benefits.  This is portrayed as a global user direct democracy trust with a non secret user voting record as a cross check giving each user a paper record for validation when required.

The possible costs over the first decade will likely be ever less, based on probable improvement that can be roughly projected.  The first half a decade of mass production will likely find defects that might raise costs over projections.  As these can not be forseen projections have to be based on similar machinery and structure costs in fully automated mass production with adjustments for scale and materials differences.

This lowers electric rates and personal mobility and directly delivered product costs over using the existing global distribution systems as a bonus to guideway direct access to guideway connected users as an inducement to support conversion.

People commonly get into automobiles directly sitting down into their seats through small doors.  Automobiles have no stand up access isles or onboard bathrooms.  Yet people take daily short to and long cross country multi day trips without feeling at a loss for service.  Just as in using automobiles the global guideway vehicles are at the instant change of occupants mind in route or stop control of their single choice occupants only vehicles.  This means if you get hungry or have to use the restroom you can come to a stopping place in about one minute from just below the speed of sound.  Restrooms and open restaurants are usually farther apart by time in slow road vehicles.  It takes less time to get to where the rider or user demands using the global guideway.  This is actually about half to a third the real time door to door trip speed of averaged multi mode and wait airline flights and air freight special delivery near by to globally.  The longer the single leg trip the less the differential.  Automaticly extending reclining seats can reach outside the vehicle to let the user sit down from a standing position under the weather protection of the gull wing whole side door, then the seat elevates and semi reclines the user into the minimal vehicle cross section with ample head, arm and shoulder room.  More clearance than is on most first class airliners.

The guideways will set the harizon level almost everywhere on views above average lower building tops but not above most trees.  Proposed is planting vines that grow up around piers and onto spans in temperate to tropic zones and colomer and other evergreens arround the poles.  The spans can be painted in varigated background colors and patterns color coded to mostly be visually unobtrusive from ground levels Based on sight level video analyses keyed to the back grounds they are in front of.  Reflective coatings that take on the seasonal colors of their surroundings are possible.  Look at it this way the guideways are less visually aborant than the streets parking lots and highways full of colorful cars and trucks with occasional billboard advertising on their sides and all the power poles 

, traffic lights, street signs and street lights the global guideway totally replaces with lawns, fields and trees.  No more surface slabs other than a network of uninterrupted bike paths everywhere a totally safe walkable world.  Even nearly all use of advertizing signs goes away with the advent of guideway use replacing auto use.  People locate places they want to patronize on their phones and the guideway interior screens that present stable pictures unlike the soundings flashing by at hundreds of miles per hour.  Why spend money on a sign when almost nobody will see it?

My wife always wanted to slow down so she could enjoy scenery.  Prior guideway vehicles could be taking locally recorded images of the scenery passed through, then retransmitted on request to be projected on the interior screens at a slower speed.  The guideway video cameras pick up real time passing scenery projecting these scenes or any chosen scene on interior screens that replace windows.  The cameras are on average located 25 to 30 feet above the ground slow down a little bit the blinding speed sense of motion.  Windows are no longer a viable option as they increase the weight, purchase cost and operating costs of advanced vehicles.  Even the Musk Space X BFR is improperly presented with windows.

The industrial world is miniaturizing or shrinking in it’s foot print and need for human labor.  I am writing this sitting in the center of over a hundred square miles of abandoned to little used industries on the south side of Chicago through Hammond Indianna down to Gary.  As I drive through these areas even the huge buildings that rose everywhere and their former always connecting rail yards are shrinking replaced by highways that are unsustainable.

Lowering all mobility cost with higher speed

all properties worldwide are connected together

all properties worldwide are connected together

High speed delivery saves product and personal time in route.  Distant jobs, product suppliers and service choices could be regularly reached by all.  Better cheaper products and services will come to people instead of people having to go where they are.  Distance, time and cost of mobility become of little importance.  This is not the end of stores for recreational and hands on comparative shopping but automated delivery and the visual cell phone internet means every store and the clerks are available to everyone night and day in the world.  Reducing transportation cost at the highest practical speed mean vehicles make more deliveries, carrying more ton miles, retire in general entry faster charging less for that still new but debt retired vehicle.

Not one transportation proposal outside of ET3 and the 1889 electro automatic railway has soulght truely high intercity speed, faster than the fastest 200 MPH trains today.  Only the original Don  Ficter PRT design, Skytran and this proposal sought neighborhood access low cost guideways.  This proposal seeks every street, rural road and jungle path guideway cost reduction for jet speed vehicles.

Moving a household anywhere in the world involves filling a bunch of PRT vehicles by one crew with furniture and possessions, Thebes owners getting into another and travel to the new home and unpacking the loaded vehicles one at a time, as they arrive for another crew at the destination or called as needed from opportunistic access grid storage loops.  There is no need to estimate vehicle required volume.  Just keep calling up empties as they are needed.

Locally people through democratic governments can buy up  and repurpose older obsolete offices, factories, warehouses and big box store facilities and open them up for low cost housing new production shops and self perpetuating, often non profit robotic industry rebuilding.  There are wage earning jobs that infuse local economies with cash circulation even with globally non profit industries that are user democracy controlled.

User democracies and social assistance programs for disabled or unenthusiastic people are considered socialism or communism a threat to capitalist wealthy investor gains.  The guideway is pure ideal socialism but with a difference in that all people are in control and most of the assistance comes from free for service global scale universal robotic industries that have no profit motive, suffer no pain.  Taxes should not support guideway construction and operations that are collectively controlled daily Democratic ly by the users.  Investors front capital, users vote debt retirement periods.  No leaders or an elected or appointed committee of any kind should ever take control.

The guideway production machinery vehicles and tool carriers have to be manufactured and serviced.  Robotic systems have to be improved on.  New products not yet imagined can emerge.  All require on site human jobs.

Presently nonproductive administrative tasks and even computer programming needed by manipulating data systems software will become mostly obsolete professions.

The wasteful illusions of benefits from govornment management can be adaptable codefided with situational matching judgement systems comparing wording as ideas, still not AI, eliminating a need for lawyers, judges, police and armies.  Together eliminating administration is and additional 30% or so cost savings beyond the 60% plus cost savings eliminating layered market delivery systems.  We are left with a fourth or less the cost of current living economies.  Left is eliminating religious overhead costs as a personal preference with nearly free life time computer organized school and university freed life time nonstop education systems and socialization without needing Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, prostitution, recreational drugs smoking and bars.

New forms of near zero cost listing advertising resulting from free guideway search systems, more like Wikipedia, guide people to what they want using more local automatic guideway installed shared dispersed server farms as data costs settle out at reduculosly low levels per unit of stored information.  The library of Congress example becomes a local access data base.  Global Wikipedia becomes the town libraiy holding.  Local dispersed information travels and loads faster than distant retrieval’s.  Rarer items might take a extra few mili seconds.

Personal information is personal unless you want to sell or anounce something.  Cold call and Email banner advertising serves little function accept to make product costs higher entrap us guleable people in buying things and services we do not need so amoral presentation leveragers can make a profit.

Guideway spontaneous trips to meet new people with shared adventure experiences are every day occurrences if you choose.  Like the Maroons in Jamaica happiness tends to displace crime and greed.

The guideway vehicles and service systems are dispersed servants of peoples whims.  The Forbidden Planet Creel machine if you want, but not using the neural network for shared mind guidance.

Classicly it is always assumed that improvements are sponsored through wealthy and powerful leaders who live in mansions.  Most ideas come from engineers and technicians who get little credit and normal incomes.  Redirecting capital investment works with mid level managers and accountants who can look at technical value from the collective users or economic growth advantage instead of the rewarding profiteers advantage.

The guideways can make square miles of enclosed mines and military facilities into habitats.  Under ground the guideways can operate without polluting the air.  Ozone from contactor sparking needs to be avoided.   The short small vehicles can travel through miles of seven by five foot vertically oblong tunnels at lower speeds.  Two way rounded  tunnels that are twice as wide allow air pressure circulation reducing interference drag making 100 MPH plus movements still economical.  Mass decoupling might increase this speed to beyond the speed of sound.  Cavern aging without collapse or flooding indicates habitability over time as surface conditions change.  Visual lighting can be provided by posporesent plants and funguses augmented by LEDs that turn on when a brighter environment is needed in a human occupied space.  The same isolated space agriculture systems can enhance the underground environment.  Sedimentary and crystal cave artifacts can be preserved where they add to wall decor.

Deep geothermal wells can power underground economies as well as surface economies but need heat dissipation to the surface   after a low moisture room temperature environment is reached.  Most mines and caves are in the nearer surface average temperature zone not gaining much heat from below.

The proposed geothermal shaft sinking system might bore a foot a minute consisting of possibly two to three one ton direct pick up electric drive ascenders and a core slotting and snap machine making verticle to highly diagonal, usually two to three foot holes that are sliced by about half inch flame cut slots into three pie slice pieces.  Lifting the third cores that might weigh two tons to the surface to be stacked till a use is found for them.  No well or mine Derrick is needed on the surface only a hanging rack for the tools and guidewy delivered down hole rail system.  Lifting parts down and rock out requires a lot of speed as the distance to typical production zones are over nine miles down using no truely heavy equipment.

Global direct PRT style door to door delivery with a non profit internet search system, that does not game economies, adds less to final user paid manufactured product costs than the present over 60% distribution markup for an average of all products.

The goal here is that the guideway becomes a public mobility charitable service not a designed for market nitch for profit business.  This means that average to poorest income people at 95% of the world’s population become 90% of the global economy instead of 60% to 70% as is the present case.  Reducing overhead facilities and construction machinery costs needed to maintain and constantly upgrade large scale slow pass through distribution businesses is the goal.

Wealthy people have more opportunities because their besetting cost of living share declines to achieve wider personal opportunities.  Everybody effectively owns a personal business jet in guideway access with global range.

The cost of maintaining the non habitation production distribution and govornment military infrastructure declines with robot systems replacing human labor cost, mostly cost in the management labor share of economies.  Govornment management declines to zero cost over time with non paid direct democracy using open discussions.  Volunteer govornment rules the world under adoption of common law best practices that have proven themselves to work.  Why constantly the needing to reinvent the wheel when the wheels work well without deteriorating environments and you cannot ship or travel much faster anyway.  Instead we need to select from established social designs integrated into a global city that is plug and play with no leaders.  Sim City like decision making becomes the leadership distributed over the inhabitants, only the building is for real not virtual.  Personal assistants remind people to keep themselves and their surroundings neat and clean and in good repair.  People might be encouraged to help each other.  Laziness is often the result of lacking connections, imaginative ideas and funding or help.  My personal accumulation of everything is a substitute for not having personal activities for excitement.

Limited gardening and food creation might be better than having large cut grass yards as status symbols as these require nonproductive maintainence.

As the speed of access increases, machinery and tools that use to sit idle between application is designed as standard tool carriers to be mobilized for the service of the next active user world wide.  Investment in resources pay off faster if they are mobile and shared.

New global remote quality control uses the face time intantainious features of smart phones to put every person and machine vision system in nearly instant contact in the far side of the planet so remote viewing does not require cumbersome skills we no longer possess if we ever did have ultilitarian abilities like this.  Making quality certification for societies that are globally disconnected but same day product delivery accessable needs direct guideway carried distributed communications.  You can look in on the farms and factories where your products come from.

High speed at maximum efficency mobility for every purpose solves most economic problems if it is cheap enough in infrastructure cost to self install to every property directly using PRT routing principles in place of street and rural road systems.

All current transportation systems have fairly fixed cross section to length, size and shape geometries so they are shakled to a increase in speed being an approximately square root increase in dynamic drag energy costs and somewhat similar increase in component and running surface wear cost.  Longer guideway train formation as a constantly changing operational variable can change the conventional economic speed to energy and vehicle investment cost and practical activity range calculations.  Small vehicles individually carry out pick up and deliveries, short to long trains increase the speed at lower energy use.  Most product delivery miles are under 100 miles in length.  The figures will increase for guideway economies where speed increases at lower cost per unit miles increases activity and market ranges through direct delivery.

Every trip might be proportionally billed differently based on user selected best options or choices, higher speed verses more trip economy,  more scenic route at a more leisurely speed or shared vehicle multi pick up and delivery like dial-a-ride PRT minibuses or cabs and guideway route or on demand convienience stores that come to homes.  The cost of convieniece of small inventory displays that come to you instead of large fixed facility inventories you need to go to is uncertain.  Recreational shopping is also uncertain as compared to practical shopping motives.

With the seats being distributed in small vehicles adding and subtracting capacity means just rerouting empty vehicles to the nearest users so excess capacity does not have to wait but travels in long sections of trains for almost free sharing the frontal area drag with low skin friction surfacing or electric field side skin friction reduction.  Global to local users call up from nearly unlimited global vehicle inventories able to shift capacities at the speed of sound or faster half a world away in a days time.  Predicting cyclic needs instantly using an on board unmet capacity call system.

Elongating loads behind the smallest practical frontal area reduces aerodynamic drag energy waste.  Hard slip free wheels on rails Eliminates most movement support friction.   Large diameter chain sprocket like tiny teeth step across humped rack gears with minimal engagement slippage and material shear loss.  Tight air gap electric motors with permanent out runner magnet rotors and elongated coil step taped reduction of CEMF and flux reduction in voltage control at lower throttle or torque settings.  This eliminates motor cost and reduces energy waste for very high power to weight ratio mobility systems.

Proposed is a hard surface, barrel, point or line, mostly slip free contact gear traction, electric rim drive wheel motor in-line motor chains that form the running gear of every tiny vehicle.  The flat chain of wheel motors is to reduce the frontal area for the highest power possible in a tiny light weight electric vehicle.  This is the power to weight ratios of the fastest jet fighters in a fully automated tiny overhead guideway universal utility taxi- delivery truck.

Deepest snow, ice, fog, most flooding, driving rain, hail, large animals, bird flocks, most forest fires, for specific reasons do not slow or stop these guideway trains.

Snows deeper than the guideways are off the ground would see these vehicles punching their own tunnels through as  excessive drifts accumulate.   Snow removal from the tops of spans migh take several forms to reduce sag but eventually a snow tunnel might be formed then cleared before melt collapse in warmer weather or from higher traffic load heating.  Recognizing collapse conditions and remedies has to be programmed into each passing vehicles sensors that also see tree limbs protruding into vehicle paths, needing trimming by robotic machines.

The standard vehicles would be about 14 feet long over the flat cylindrical ends and about 32 feet to 36 feet long with both streamlining inflated end cones extended.  Vehicles with 25 feet and longer might be used for carrying structural sections.  Special vehicles tha carry longer yet sections might flex around corners with through openings on one side like ribbon rail trains.

Many larger and smaller cross sectional variant can be developed for larger sized items.  The nesting accordion inflated ends might fill the gaps with tapered transition streamlining between the adjacent larger and smaller vehicles.  The larger vehicle might have to pay several times the energy cost as the small vehicle unless it was running in a train of same sized vehicles proportionally priced per unit of area.

Each vehicle could be loaded down with one to two tons of goods or commodities but on average would be carrying about 500 pounds.  Normally 200 foot long to 2,000 plus foot long trains of such vehicles with about 15 to 150 vehicles would pass by as often as about every three seconds carrying mostly about 500 pounds cargo or one person and possessions per vehicle.

This is like a semi load of goods or bus load of people or the same load of people mostly one at a time in cars today.  Every three seconds times the average vehicle train length dictated by the speed of the guideway at a given point.  Following traffic speeds are adjusted by the speeds that change from conditions ahead.

This as a three foot diameter by about four inch wide wheel increases regular speed to usually 650 MPH on all nearly straight guideways or about 10 times faster than average highway road vehicle speed between and through cities on freeways.  This is about 15% faster than most very large frontal area commercial jets fly at.  The standard wheel motors should be strong enough to touch on well over twice the speed sound.

Narrow motors reduces the unsupported slot width and length meaning full high speed switch or turn out length and cost reduction.

Being able to stableize the gear wheel pitch diameter while in motion and keep the wheel balanced seems like an impossibility to over come stresse expansion and thermal wheel diameter expansion.  These are the issues that require a test track to see what the possibilities and limits are.

It is not certain why this is the first known proposal of this kind.  Turbine engine work since the early 1900s had bearing and rim speeds of similar but lower levels.  Coil or permanent magnet out runner motors had no particular stress problems even if built over 170 years ago.  15 years before the American civil War when the first heavy railroad reciprocating failed electric motor battery locomotive was tested.   Rearranging the materials would have produced this exact guideway design option without the advantage of rare earth permant magnets,  requireing coils nested in wire or coconut fiber wheel containment.  We had the skills but misused them ever since, never thinking we would some day not be allowed to use fuel, from scarcity and pollution destruction of the living environment.

Miniature guideway 1821 Palmer monorail vehicle’s on very high speed inter city lines were then possible from the introduction time of insulated copper wire.  Many experimental induction coil studies were conducted in several countries.  The first generator was built to run arch lights at a battle of Paris.  The first tiny ride on electric motor vehicle was demonstrated in about 1829.  The first gear wheel railway patent was US patent number one in 1834.

Before Edison was born we could have been exceeding 100 MPH between cities.  The ENOS system built around 1886 in South StPaul Minnesota could have been the start but this was slow and rejected in a critical bridge crossing access fight by politicians who preferred a surface street railway instead.  The Whoppertal like ENOS system that was proposed for a overhead Philadelphia transit system ran in the deepest Minnesota snows as a Palmer monorail.

If the aero drag and frontal areas for long slender trains is low enough then they use less vehicle systems weight and frontal area drag to volume, at ten times the speed to ton mile energy use than mostly unstreamlined large bus, truck and rail vehicles do.

Larger frontal area vehicles that are proportionately longer have a higher volume capacity to skin and frontal area while maintaining a high section moment structural ratio.  This produces efficency advantages in large aircraft, ships and railroads only where their is not land use side or grade separated clearance limits as in massive canal, railway and road systems.  The large vehicles are always forever slower than the miniature self lowering access guideway and ET3 when using the same energy per net ton mile.

The unsprung weight problems with rail and road ways is different with mass produced straighter running path guideway spans that have a high span precise dimension section moment for the elimination of bumps and gaps.  Long overlapping diagonal expansion joints mean no but rail joint noise or bumps.  Gear teeth alignment with the expansion joints requires a motor structural strength pass through that steps changes in heating and cooling between vehicle or train passages.  The motorized expansion joint of which there will be billions needed need to be custom cut into every spans to compensate for line creep from traffic and pier base geological changes.

Suspended systems using dampened limited swing leveling of the lower body are lighter than wide running gear with the body balanced on top.  Tension stresses are easier than compression stresses to resist.  Swinging monorails tend to keep stresses from side winds and cornering in line with beam center of moment strength.  Top supported railroads put these stresses off center inducing torsional loads on span beams.

Suspended monorails offer a higher over sized clearance with the stopping of the monorail traffic to allow over height road and rail traffic to pass underneath.  This high clearance is only needed untill untill we no longer need to move large oversized loads on ground level roadways that are surface guideways.  Mass decoupling carriers can replace the movement of oversized loads there after or guideway spans could be quickly sequentially disconnected and lifted up taking under a couple of minutes for occasional house movers to pass structures to be moved under on the ground.

Length improves efficency in longer trucks, but mostly in longer trains producing  cost per ton mile gains.  It is only with difficulty that trucks drop off trailers and slowly approach loading docks and parking stalls and railway cars move at turtle speeds through sorting yards to final industrial sidings.  Ships and aircraft also taxi and maneuver slowly into harbors and sky airport harbors that are separated in miles from 99.99% of their passenger and cargo origins and destinations.

The fast race car agile guideway vehicles pull into and leave the anywhere self lowering loading points like race cars pull into and leave pit stops, in a hurry as time is money and passengers and shippers will always prefer the fastest speeds if cost reduction and safety are also possible.

The slender long flexible segmental armature wrap around maglev running gear possibilities lowers the upper guideway beam and pier height by two or more feet.  This also about doubles the cost of 95% of the stop on line global access guideway grid lengths compared to the wheel motors with magnetic needle bearing unloading.   Since higher span section moments are stiffer with less defections in high turbulent winds and heavy vehicle loads there is room for the higher wheel motors.  This extra two feet of clearance means two foot higher overpass heights.  Many ways of putting the running gear beside the vehicles up inside a inverted U shaped guideway were considered but turn out cross over distances were greater meaning difficulty in supporting the unsupported wheel at high speed.

Maglev slightly reduces maintainence cost but increases electric cost while lowering drag at about the same amount by about one square foot of frontal area.  No good maglev geometry has emerged with certainty.  I will be a booster as soon as the ideal can be figured out.

The gear wheel motor system is basic and simple but totally untested.  There is no spectacularly good maglev design that is certainly better than the proposed wheel motor design.

Vehicle heating and air conditioning at these speeds requires improved thick evacuated panel structural vehicle body insulation to keep from boiling or freezing the occupants or cargo.  Tinkered surfaces reduce air resistance a little but also dissipates heat from air friction and low angle desert sun.  The triple or more redundant air conditioning system requires turbocharger speed Dyson vacuume cleaner like compressors with skin mounted heat rejection coils.  The fluid motor cooling can be used to provide in motion heat along with a resistance heated floor back up.  A single person’s body heat alone might be enough in Arctic conditions with a two inch thick evacuated panel wall R-70 insulation surrounding.

Going faster, loading and unloading quicker and responding to wider types of nearby mobility requests faster means less vehicle volume and weight capacity or procurement cost globally is needed.  The vehicle fleet investments are smaller because the vehicles have virtually no accidents and catastrophic breakdowns that wasts users time in trip delays.  Vehicles run separated from ground level environmental hazards untill they are no longer economically rebuildable requireing a rare replacement of damaged vehicles.  Using a 3/8 th inch carbon fiber wound or 3/16 th inch stainless steel outer shell Makes these vehicles tough in resisting all likely impact damage.  Impacts with smaller tree limbs requires the vehicles come out the winner.  The heavier vehicles do not ad significantly to energy use that is mostly air drag not rolling, acceleration and regenerative braking losses

Freed from road salt and UV exposure being under the guideway beam roofs these vehicle bodies might last one to several centuries in full time service.  Three decades ago I started looking at the problem of blowing sand erosion and motor seal infiltration causing bearing failure and moisture shorting problems that occur with metal motor and suspension systems and exposed conductor arc over.  Basalt fiber composite bodies and span beams create a electrically insulated sourpunding for all conductive parts.  The designs have long since eliminated these likely problems.

The design of fast long range conventional air vehicles is around large fuel tanks high frontal area wings engines and space for crews with the weight of hard streamlining tapers with stiff bodies.  Slower road and rail vehicles need larger passenger cabin spaces because their longer trip route times are less comfortable in smaller cabins and they have to have excess capacity for peak load times as adding more small vehicles is not an easy PRT one vehicle to one passenger or load destination per vehicle for on demand adjustable capacity or PRT.

Auto trip usually assume stops in route as needed for food, restroom breaks and fueling.  On board food vending systems mean new form fast food snacks and drinks can be dispensed from a about eight inch vending machine at one end of eventually mot vehicles.  Trips to work might include eating meals on the way without stopping.  Going to the bathroom creates many problems inside a vehicle but odor detection might alleart to a sanitation offender.  Cleanliness will become encouraged with greater habitual wealth in all people.  In route bathroom equipment is possible as most people will travel in decided compartments in group servicing vehicles, no need for many public restrooms along the way.  Rest stops every 100 miles or so might be built or just use urban built out facilities.  Portable pier based public restrooms also double as shelters for people in isolated rural areas to wait for vehicles to arrive in warmth or out of the sun and rain in hotter areas.

Few PRT vehicles globally would remain parked for long because the system is always adjusting empty capacities to meet global revolving cyclic day night traffic cycle demands between areas.  In the northern hemisphere the vehicles would fall just short of moving west to east in keeping empty vehicles available for morning rush hours that are progressively occurring with the rising sun.  Moving water supplies west to east and pacific and Atlantic exports and morning business arrival passenger might make most trips loads for capacity distribution.  The alternative is investing another $10 trillion in globally local vehicle circulating capacity.  I am not sure what the pay off time would be in comparing moving empty vehicles energy and lightly loaded motor wear in building over time more vehicles to make up capacity deficits.

Empty return vehicles get folded intermittently into heavy and light loads to reduce average span loads and vibrations.  A heavily loaded vehicle would joint a train on either end or between two lighter vehicles or request an empty or single passenger vehicle to pull in on either side of it to reduce it’s span load allowing it to train up on lighter rural grids than have to travel separately avoiding over load charges but still at a slightly greater cost.

Lighter span sections have lower per mile debt retirement costs for the first few years after being put in place.  Debt retired spans mean possibly 10% lower trip costs where they could be found but indirect routing to make use of such economies has higher energy and trip time costs.  Moving water in lower demand period ideal vehicles might take advantage of using such strategies at lower speed untill whole networks are debt retired.

Smaller high speed guideway vehicles might on average city to intercontinental miles carry more ton miles and individual client trips than ten or twenty times what most vehicles today do.  This means you can afford to build them to be more rugged than road and air vehicles where they will get the hardest impacts or most abrasion wear.

Each vehicle can last a century or more With rebuilding of high mortality parts.  Few replacement guideway vehicles will be needed after the first 200 million or so are built.  They might last a century in service.

One global guideway vehicle replaces about 15 of the whole range of average vehicles in use today from bicycles and automobiles to ocean container ships, rail cars and jumbo jets.  The guideway vehicle total trip times door to door are twice as fast as private jets for the poorest to wealthiest person.  Only mass decoupled vehicles and ET3 are faster.

The global guideway tiny vehicles provide high ton mile volume mile and passenger mile capacities per hour twenty four hours a day, nonstop every day of the year, carrying intercontinental food materials and products, providing on demand police fire and medical interventions and unlimited instant disaster relief.  Fixed purpose vehicles cease to have any benefits.  The rural volunteer fire service model replaces the urban stand by fire department ambulance and police car systems lowering tax costs including for education as previously generalized.  Every guideway vehicle has a water bladder and directable sprinkler system mostly for watering adjacent farm grounds and landscaping and fire suppression in forests.  Firemen and policemen merely catch a regular guideway vehicle for the fastest trip to an emergency carrying with them any equipment or tool carrier vehicle systems they will need.

Special autonomus PRT mobile MRI and X ray heart and lung performance plus body strength and motion range and blood work up monitoring vehicles could go door to door without onboard operators, taking eye and hearing tests and scan listening to people exorsizing and at rest in a inflated portable exam room.

Dentists and doctor specialists might more cheaply travel to their patents than the patents travel to them widening their service areas.  An inflatable office that can be carried and self set up is proposed.  Working space for humans is a high cost in economies.  Robots can fit into thigher quarters and need no personal spaces.  The vehicle might leave it them another vehicle come back to make the next location movement.  Remote operators that need not be phystians remotely examine people without any clinic building or staff overhead.

The machine learning expertise exists in the billions of constantly accumulating indicators with categorized Xrays data to outcome examples with demonstrated results and treatments.  This proven ever more to be beyond any human’s ability to comprehend.  New data analysis programs that more rapidly bracket and direct the health care and wellness data searches will be built up.

This health data combined with on cell phone user taken photos of affected body problems and directed medical patient or systems user survey inventories of hundreds of thousands of combinations of user stated problem related questions posed to people needing medical help.  Smart phone apts then follow up with treatments suggestions and lifetime better lifestyle practice full time assistant coaching.  The coaching actually should be cradle to grave for everybody on the planet and soon off world.

This might replace the whole of today's global healthcare professions, government agencies and industries at a cost so low that it becomes not only patient charge free but tax support free automated longevity improving system.  Today health care is over 18% of the cost of the US domestic economy possibly half of the effects on the govornment economies with health care for all programs right behind investing in police and military killing systems.

Again the manufactures of the mobile PRT self lowering pod examination rooms earn money by one time payments or time payments reimbursed by user fees paid to the guideway user controled global to local provider who buys and maintains the self managing autonomus vending mobile  equipment.  Many kinds of equipment suppliers will be competing with each other.  Some will become quickly debt paid off and over the decades digress to survices in poorer areas till they can no longer be maintained.  No remote place would be without the best possible health care or getting them in minutes to a facility for specialty interventions.  Different maintenance programs will emerge beyond the user coop controlled proposal for the guideways and vehicle’s.  Manufacturers making poor quality equipment that is hard to remotely use 365 days a year 24 hours a day will probably fail.  Who handles liability for incorrect treatments that do more harm than good?  A global guideway fund for compensation like a global guideway backed health care program is proposed.  This might provide care using a combination of individual out call and clinic providers and the PRT roving automated exam rooms.

All present fully automated guideway standards are artifacts of obsoleate thinking.  Semi reclining knees up seats allow people to tolerate much higher G loads.  There are no standing passengers.  ADA wheel chair requirement for stand up busses and train and commercial aircraft no longer make sense with these miniature vehicles.  Possibly less than one in ten thousand  or a hundred thousand or more loads and trips involves use of a wheel chair.  It is far cheaper to give fully reclining to elevating guideway conpatable wheel chairs to those that need them than to saddle the rest of the economy with four to six times the aero drag frontal area to allow a wheel chair inside turn around room.  Magnetic wheel chair hold downs up to about 15 Gs are possible.  These new design chairs can be stair climbers as well as all direction all terrain moving running gear.  Nothing like this has ever been prototyped before.  All the components exist separately.

Today, as always in history, institutions and people are emotionally risk avoidant.  We choose familiar transportation with high known losses, risks and inefficiencies compared with the self lowering guideways.

Because each 1,500 to 2,500 pound vehicle has on average about 1,500 to 3,000 peak horsepower in intermittent electric motors, they will have to pick up power and put power back into the local multipule loop main 6,000 volt DC span structural power grid.  Trains will require often 200 to 300 megawatts of area power to carry out an emergency acceleration or get a heavy unit train up to speed.  Most trains pass through with few speed changes or stops so mostly individual groups of vehicles joining and leaving the trains are the largest common resistance loss power demand.  Static power potential in the guideway grid produces no inductive or resistance losses.  Normally little local power is needed as most vehicles are cruising in trains, a few local vehicles accelerating and a few decelerating in any given area trading off about 85% of their speed change energy through regeneration.  If a local train has to decelerate then most of that energy momentarily is absorbed by having the local geothermal generators coasting for a moment to keep the voltage level.  Area vehicles can use this energy by slightly accelerating for cooperative voltage control just as they might decelerate to help a large factory process start up.  The guideway is an inertial capacitor in storage for rare local overload or overpower events.  Huge stableizing power factors are possible.  The local overlapping communications system tells all the vehicles, that are user enabled to do so, to cooperate in emergencies of all kinds.

When empty vehicles are needed to meet demand second by second around the demand area a broadening ring phone communications dispersal processor call area asks for vehicles to fill in the deficits.  First nearby vehicles beyond those needed for time probability local traffic needs passed from vehicle to vehicle leaving and coming into the area with no central computer.  The deficit empty vehicle areas can fill in from supply’s ten thousand miles away if needed.

A flow of vehicles will emerge following the rotation of the Earth to meet cyclic day demands, literally slowing down the plant over millions of years.  ET3 will not have this effect because it is not fighting air resistance.

By reducing bearing and wheel wear using tungsten hard contact surfaces with almost zero slip flat gear contact  with no differential diameter friction that exists in flanged wheel or rubber tread contact as in railways and road vehicles and using variabe gap permanate magnet unloaded bearings the high speed wheels need not wear any faster than slow wheels.  Traction is by slip free fine gear tooth rim or tread minor or tooth root diameter barrel contact.  The teeth make verticle to more horizontal spot contact with little slippage if the pitch diameters match closely.  Accuracy is critical at the highest speeds.   This eliminates traction slippage.  All aircraft and ship fan or propeller drives involve high turbulence and thermal loss inefficiencies.

Mostly urban urban neighborhood near by commuting and shopping trips at slower speeds of usually between a peak 100 MPH to 200 MPH would occur even on stop on line access guideway sections.  There is no reason to go slow unless the user wants to take a little traveled route to sight see or reduce the physical stress of high acceleration and cornering rates.

This requires absolute line occupancy detection using on vehicle situational position announcers through two to three local communications paths, one being a proposed hard wired multi diverging path EMP resistant inductive system, one a cellular radio frequency carrier and one being a fiber optic relay system for longer distance merges at higher speeds.  Failures are unacceptable so if a vehicle losses signals it slows down to a creep speed facilitating line of sight detection, that is the fourth of five redundant systems including on going internal traffic memory location matching.

This all means fewer fully automated self lowering access vehicles are needed.  The empty often mixed capacity race car fast vehicles arrive at a service call in less time.  The faster the vehicles the less time it takes at a penny or two a mile to get a passing or parked empty vehicle or one carrying a shared load occupant or cargo to pick up a calling individual service or shared user.  User clients can chose the fastest options or ask for the cheapest options that might require a longer wait.

The guideway grids being light weight at about 100 to 200 pounds vehicle span load per linear foot become cheaper to build and operate vehicles over than road vehicle systems.  Roads are designed for spread out loads of 1,200 pounds a lane linear foot but axle linear contact loads at about fifty times that of the proposed full length distributed loads of the chained guideway wheels.  Rail vehicles are designed for around 4,000 to 5000 pounds per linear foot loads with running gear axle loads of up to about 70,000 pounds or about 1,200 times more concentrated load than the linearly distributed numerous chains of about 300 to 600 pound normal load guideway wheels.  The unladen or light load for the guideway wheel motors would be about 200 to 300 pounds but shock loads of 5,000 to 10,000 pounds could be absorbed without rail or bearing failures.

Failures that occur from wear are acostic signature classifiable with single failed motor stop and retraction.  Each wheel motor might function with up to half or more of its coil IGBT commutation units failed separately.  Group or single replacement might occur when a transducer detects anomalies in running gear sounds.  Similarly every running gear set is monitoring and reporting to span requesters, misalignments and rail wear failures in every foot of guideway constantly being passed over as well as local cross wind and earth shifting vibrations.  The high speed system has to know conditions to take fully automated actions to prevent deterioration and hazards.  Anemometers located remotely and on every other guideway pier migh predict vibration inducing cross wind conditions alerting approaching vehicles to take suspension lock up actions.

There is much more to these design details and without testing, more not known than knowable.

Cost is less because energy and debt retirement shares are less as the speed is higher.  This is only possible with minimally small and linearly lightest weight vehicles.  This is only possible by designing every vehicle with mostly two semi recumbent knees up passenger seats plus room enough inside each vehicle for well over 99.99% of all larger items used by people.  Knees up seats reduce the acceleration and deceleration stresses on weaker passengers.  Several new to my life’s experiences kinds of passenger restraint systems are proposed.

A new kind of seat with hundreds of design variables are proposed.  This is made of a oval or oblong tubular stainless steel frame with a stainless spring wire mesh net bound together with hard ceramic or plastic beads.  This conforms to body countours but allows back side air to flow through for rear fan heating and cooling and power washing clean up.  You could not cut this flexible sling seat with any knife or ax tool.  The wear life could be centuries long sanitary if well designed and the comfort might be as good as it gets in conforming to pocket bulges and clothing seams.  Cabin sound dampening requires stiff fur like basalt fiber fire proof wall and floor lining.  This needs to not have backing porosity that holds smells And needs to be easily high temperature bonded replaceable.

Couches desks dressers and refrigerators, drywall and plywood but not ridged larger mattress would fit inside every standard vehicle.

A commodities bag on every vehicle can carry one to three tons of grains, ores, flour, water or syrups, no fuels are ever again needed and fewer volatile plastic feed stocks are used as  bulk materials.  These food or process materials commodities are classed for different vehicle commodities bags are entered and discharged through a common top and bottom opening in large tough fabric reinforced envelopes vacuum collapsed against the side wall opposite the whole side gull wing door.  Many vehicles might have two bags one for domestic water and one for almost everything else.   A wash out system allows every vehicle to do almost everything so few mostly parked specialty vehicles are necessary.

Every vehicle would be able to participate full time in world wide commerce carrying people during rush hours, then going inter city or to other continents through floating ocean tubes during the 90% of the times of lower human movement demand.

Vehicles with internal delivery manipulators pick up and deliver mail and packages even full self mobile electric goods containers.  These new containers replace pallets and lift trucks in most warehouse and stock rooms.  Pallet box like self mobile containers migh collapse for empty lower volume return stacking.  Many all new designs are proposed.  This new system creates new service possibilities.

Every vehicle is devided into two to five seperate compartments separated by roll up inflated deviders with Velcro edges that engage the wall and floor basalt carpeting.  Passengers could be seated behind inner seperate gull wing doors that only open with the main outside door when that compartment is needed to be accessed.  Mixed passenger and goods or mail loads could occupy seperate compartments in each vehicle for shared group services.  Or open up the patricians for single users.

interior robotic monitoring of occupant or cargo activities such as noise, heat, vapor releases is nessasary to provide emergency service.  Making these detectors and analyzers action systems non invasive is a large set of criteria trying to roboticly mimic effective human choice intervention stages.

The running gear proposeded is the only slip free propulsion and movement high speed support system ever described, meaning low wear and lower rolling friction.  Low air resistance is mandatory along with two to hundreds of vehicles sharing their frontal areas in trains.

Air friction and wake drag in boats, aircraft and road vehicles consumes 80% of the transportation fuel we burn today in transporting ourselves and goods.  Once we solve this problem lowered friction can be turned into greater speed.  Lowering rolling friction and wear becomes the default next big problem.

Proposed is rolling element bearings that are maglev unloaded to reduce friction farther and increase wear life.  Seals lift from their wavy or eccentric seats after about 15 MPH as the lubrication is held in and dust rejected centripitally as speed increases.

From my early 1900s Literary Digest collection I found a yearly series of articles on the hazards of transportation.  In the earliest ones horse and train accidents at about 6,000 and 8,000 as I remember the figures were killed each year.  Soon auto accidents and street railway accidents predominated.

Another aside is that looking poverty by urban data sets by area the poorest properties occupants died 26 to 31 years sooner than the wealthiest statistical block areas.

This brings up the problem of the moral efficacy of all forms of govornments and large scale for profit businesses.  The charity and personal growth of people assisted by common rules and sharing of gains has been around for all of human history.  Animal herds, groups and families even develope self help strategies for better survival.  Intelligent beings are more responsible to perfect these systems and identify and regulate problem members that detract from mutual best improvements.

War preparations are criminal activities that can harm and enslave the citizens of involved countries.  The guideways can never legitimately be used to assist in any way in war making preparations.  A single global to all of space set of common law and economic and environmental responsibilities should govern guideway activities just as all personal and business collective activities.  After 8,000 years of creating rules for actions that affect others there should be no arguments about universal common law and responsibilities.  This is beyond further discussion but is complex in that a improper regulation or tax itself becomes a violation and crime when levied against a non offending or low income individual.

Reducing the size and cost of defensive administrative govornments is different from preventing limited assistive transfers of wealth that elevated impoverished lower classes to be able to maintain themselves with out such assistance.  There is no obligation to allow wealthy people to gain unlimited wealth and power where they cease to contribute to the fastest sustainable economic product an services efficient flow in an economy.

Free enterprise ceases to es to be free when most or even a small part of an economy are treated as virtual slaves.

The universal guideway user democracy should have no age, social or economic class or property location limits.  A human user votes while passing through an area for operating choices for that areas guideway decisions.  This can become global nontraditional govornment that is far cheaper in overhead and less likely to develope oppressed and oppressor classes than by the known forms of traditional govornment.

Rule one has to be you can not vote out any universally listed right or vote the tax beyond an ability to pay in good health.

Guideway acceptance requires a best standard.r

all properties worldwide are connected together

Guideway acceptance requires a best standard.r

To permanatly sustain advanced economies all of us need higher cost to benefit ratio, efficient, faster transportation powered by very deep, bore anywhere geothermal electricity.  Central power plant and wire distribution networks, natural gas and oil pipelines will likely be uncompetitive against the guideways and their local electric power extraction and distribtion at a decade or so debt retiring atless cost.  The guideways get money for all kinds of services including renting tool carrier robot assistants.  Guideway electricity is cheaper to hook up to and cost less per KWH or BTU equivalency.  Local geothermal power wells offer almost free energy building and process heating districts, making life in the far north and Antarctica tolerable and affordable.   This replaces the multimodal road way predominate and fuel burning economies.

In today’s northern economies millions of square miles of road vehicle surface access areas require snow removal and ice salting several times a year.  The guideways would keep going even if buried under thirty feet of snow by operating in self made snow tunnels through the deepest drifts.  The proposed stake base pier guideways can be pulled up and moved to different alignments over less mobile ice caps and glaciers and accumulating ice.

Road, rail, river barge, ocean ships, commercial aviation all fail complete environmental certification which the guideways would pass forever.  None of the present systems are sustainable or completely safe.

The guideway options remain untested but not unknowable.  Finding a superior system should be a global priority but gets zero interest only adding to and improving the existing systems.Attracts most researcher, institution and developer attention.

Full finite task automation, often mistakenly called AI or artifical  intelligence robotic machine control replaces the bulky containment, limited endurence and high operating cost of human controllers.  In this global guideway this is all built in from the start as dispersed self managing finite element electronic management of all the proposed systems.

The problem with the conventional view of decision making robots, that they self learn, they are seen as evolving to where they can trouble shoot and repair themselves, even eventually design and build themselves without assistance.  In a world made for robots this might be practical.  In a world made for humans and not to destroy the animal and plant life we need a complex staged finite automation This is not pure AI management but full direct human user control.  Self aware automation will see us as irrelivent biology cluttering up a vacuume environment survivable pure mechanical space has no limits economy.

Humans are the constant creative, tactilely emotional, enjoying , artistically appreciating, benefiting observers,  mthecreasion existance makes any sense.  Without appreciator modifiers or ourselves, evolving or programmed plant, animal and emerging in our perspective AI machine ecologies are a waste of good experiences.

Humans as benefiting users have to remain in charge of the workings of the systems they use not just passive headonistic benificeraries.

Several Ted Talks and studies cover human learning verses machine program learning.  Humans learn faster with better retention on the job doing things than we do from pure class room data presentations.  Humans are integrated body mind assemblies.  Machine learning may be similar at some level but basicly only needs a direct and finite path between data and connected actionable tasks that are always so far designed in.

Proposed here is that the guideway vehicles come complete with on board screen, page subject indexable full explanations of all the in depth layers of guideway design and operation to make desiring users more informed about how everything works, so they can become educated democratic decision makers and policy influencers.  This internet based on board entertainment like education should be presented for everything in known life on peoples cell phones.  Presently all of this information is mostly available but never presented as options ahead of irrelevant social interests, products for profit and entertainment excitement.  Hands on learning expieriences creates retention tens of times better that repetition of information.

Proposed is self guided tours of vehicles and their parts and operations in real time for rider entertainment where riders can see and when desired participate in activities around vehicle services or maintainence and economics.  Every vehicle is a traveling guideway economy school, tour guide of 40 million miles of local history you can travel through and a social emissary to resolve user problems.  The guideway bank and currency idea is based on the guideway becoming the single most important institution extending out to guideway launch and catch rings for off earth economies.  It is not know by me if a mass decoupled vehicle can be tether launch and recovered from a ring.

This could create some people who might develop guideway systems and service improvement as a challenge to help themselves towards global economic efficiency improvement.  This is much as some people build apps for cell phones with little compensation other than the challenge and accomplishment.

Understanding the workings of the guideways is no different than a basic understanding of car ownership and maintaining as economic decision making in keeping a car running well.

The vehicles themselves with simple limited or finite response automation can maintain and trouble shoot themselves without people.  More observer eyes on problems with shared democratic user controlled creative input administration should mean better performance.

People need encouragement to apply themselves to challenges through personal assistant smart phones.

Possibly other systems might prove to be better designs than the self lowering in air miniatue guideways in replacing the use of paved street access.  ET3 could eventually be such a system that might have a bi-end whole interior drawer slide out loading ET3 vehicle, with vacuume entrapping tripoint seal air locks in every basement.  This might be done at a little more than double to triple the present cost of the self lowering system.

ET3 access can also use fully automated self managing installation equipment.  The problem is access and egress requires at least a $5,000 cost air lock connected to another $10,000 or more cost in a turnout to PRT bay loading, to clear the tube behind.  This is no more than the cost involved for typical American family home driveways with a garage and curb cut access.  But that is not a common global standard residential investment level as yet.

The overhead guideway over streets beside sidewalks and over yard and field areas even through deep forests is accessable any where safe lowering is possible.  Roof top connection require a small compilation or awning covered platform be built at every residence with a stairs down to the living quarters.  Apartments might have spiral guideways assending to any height supported by the buildings exterior framing.  Ramp and safety surrounding access systems can keep the rain once and snow off the loading spot at every apartment exterior wall.  This might cost $1,000 to $5,000 per apartment for the from the guideway self installation plus the cost of a walk door open grate ramp penetration.  Installation from the outside is possible using guideway support relying on building wall support.  Stud finding improvement is required possibly using thermal imaging or sound detection as well as mad or nail finding.  Wire and plumbing detection and rerouting is also a problem to be worked out.  Multi inspector codes inforcement needs up dating for simplification to each owner as well as batch filing fees and permits.

The global guideway would usually reach seperate homes directly using a stop on line through guideway.  Most of the time on most streets and rural roads everywhere traffic is highly intermittent.  A vehicle might take between 20 to 30 seconds occasionally upwards of a minute to slow to a stop, rapidly lower to ground level, open the full gull wing door, rapidly watching for interferences every where around, swing out the seat or drop off the package or ramp down unload a small to full sized self mobile container or personal vehicle or dump water or pick up sewage concentrate, trash or other items to be delivered and close the door while ascending back up to the guideway to rapidly accelerate back up to speed.  Rarely a following vehicle might have to route around on the access grid or slow a little or stop to wait.  This access would be on grids that would usually have speed limits of under 100 MPH.  This is on most side streets with speeds of 15 to 25 MPH.  With no obstacle collision possibilities speed is limited only by curvature and these vehicles can bank to over 45 degrees to keep passengers and loads level in high speed corners and curves.

A one G common stop from this speed is about 5 seconds taking about 500 feet.  We are use to slow vehicle use so all of the guideway is as unfamiliar to us today as driving our cars would be to someone in the horse and buggy era.

Self lowering anywhere access combined with the much less than the limited suspended guideway speed of about 650 MPH, is more utilitarian, sacrificing the higher ET3 speed, operating efficiency and hugely greater simplicity of not being able to run vehicles as ET3 does as pure PRT style, not needing to join a train.

ET3 can also use wheels at speeds up to about 2,000 MPH but cooling the onboard motors becomes the limitation.  Even with maglev super conducting coils and permanent magnets get warm and need to be cooled at higher speeds.  Safe ET3 requires full length regenerative coils or for emergency high G stopping a hysteresis rail brake.  The elongated rod armature spreads the magnet convective heat tube radiated dissipation of thermal gains in magnets over more surface area to dissipate into the coil cooling jacket.  The armature could retract away from the air lock door side pushing the capsule against the door seal till the latches grab the vehicle to keep it from blasting back into the vacuume with 20 tons of pressure differential. on door opening.

The only reason the guideway vehicles need to join in trains is that at 100 MPH it takes a less than 100 KWs per vehicle to maintain single in train speed but at 650 MPH this goes up to around 3500 to 4000 KWs for a single vehicle to maintain speed by itself.  This not only uses a lot of electric power but in warmer weather most of these standard length vehicles would not be able to sustain that just subsonic speed running alone for very long, just a few minutes.  In trains this frontal area drag is shared by all the vehicle motors with very little skin friction and motor windage armature drag remaining per vehicle.

while the wheel motors might, near the speed of sound spin at about 10,000 RPM the upper guidewheels that are lightly loaded be small enough to spin at 40,000 RPM while the lower guidewheels will have to spin slower due to carry all non gravity cornering loads.

In longer trains the vehicle plus  a single occupant to a ton or 180 cubic feet of cargo can be carried at about 50 KW at 650 MPH.  Not only does people and goods arrive faster but fewer vehicles or volume and weight capacity are required.

The small fast vehicles cost  no more than railway freight cars, about the cost of semi trucks but a fraction the cost of aircraft per ton miles per day carried unit.  Keeping energy and service costs low is the goal.

Pre-preg composite for wide and long panel sheeting, that could be inflated, cured, back filled with foam or evacuated after blown in reflector fibers. Migh become the vehicle and habitat material best choice.

What ever the ideal general service form the guideway should not be forced on people.  If it is the cheapest fastest most convienient system then people will have to see it in action against road access, drone taxis and ET3 and see which might work best.  Possibly wealthier areas might opt for ET3 while pooer areas might opt for the slower self lowering guideway at five times the average speed of high speed rail and ten times the average speed of expressway road vehicles but not orbital velocity capable like ET3.  Nobody will likely opt for long for drone mobility cities for any practical reasons.

Every activity on the planet needs to be connected together by a unified world wide to everywhere on imediate demand door to door nonstop fast safer system.

Eventually you could get into a ET3 capsule or pod and go directly non stop to Earth orbit and recieve a capsule full of moon gravel mined hours earlier by regenerative return ET3 non stop in the same vehicle at about $2 to $8 a pound shipping fees.  This is mostly paying off the balanced regenerative loss and IGBT wear out costs.

Molecular particle traps on every vehicle end maintains and even forms the tube vacuum, no pumps are even needed.

 The moon and earth could become connected by a variable length ET3 space tether with a transition gap between.  This could carry huge tourist, commodities and goods traffic as the moon gravity provides a good place to tour and short term recover from injuries at In fixed heavy radiation resistant shelter.

At this point the electric flow from the Earth to the moon is uncertain, but might be a power source.  Never forget the possibilities of dipole charge imbalances causing disasters.

This best mobility system needs to eliminate any requirement for propulsion or energy averaging batteries as needed in autonomus PV powered road vehicles and solar powered PRT Highway and monorail train proposals.  Solar power outside of planetary shadows is practical if you want to travel slowly towards the edge of the solar system.  But it is not practical in orbit or on the surface of rotating planets with out a power grid reaching around the planet.  Better batteries are still a cost, maintenance, critical materials waste and pollution problem not an advantage in any Earth based system ever proposed.

Heavy slow ships and overseas airlines can be replaced by fast under 2 foot draft mile long under 200 square foot frontal area SES turbo electric prop fast sea trains carrying most over ocean aircraft passengers and speeding up global goods commerce.  These would have access to hundreds of thousands of miles of smaller rivers not reachable by deep draft barges.  This is a connection with mobile sea steading communities, until the PRT guideway ocean tubes are built to make cross water transportation single mode trip every direction seamless.  Sail and solar longer sea trains can operate at 20 to 200 MPH speeds without fuel but thorium reactor electric fans remains the best propulsion system.

Thorium reactor powered sea trains can operate without stopping for service or refueling for years at 200 to 400 MPH speeds based on existing fan electric propulsion using combined figures from GE90 engines using electric rim drive out runner motors and submarine power plant working examples with thorium breeder shells and hot cores.

On board Thorium reprocessing remains an uncertainty But some centrifuge concentration and moving slow transfer to ever more centralized enriched concentric core tubes with only the inner layers might be used for heat extraction Not mixing with the yet to become fully reactive outer layers.

New safety systems are proposed that might make such nuclear life time cheap fueled systems safer than internal combustion systems.  Seperate from multipule shared turbo generator two or three reactors might be mounted with self driven coolant cuirculation pumps so as to be individually droped through the seat train trailing power car or barge bottom if a hazard should separately develope in one reactor that could not be shut down contained.  The sea train continues on while the sunk reactor self cools untill it can be salvaged.

This future low overhead global economy requires direct local geothermal electricity connected global transportation.  It becomes difficult to stop transportation and electric supplies due to regional disasters or war efforts.  Millions of geothermal local generators would localize the worlds energy supply.

Light weight equipment using a twin gear rail shaft climber can drill large diameter shafts ten miles deep or more in about three months with no person in attendance.  Similarly the side turret drills and down hole plumbing might all be carried out by automated machinery more cheaply than by crewed systems using today massively huge drill string or cable access mine tools.  Shaft climbers or ascenders are fast all angle mobility requiring new rock thin kerf slotting, core shaping and segmental not rubble or muck removal.  Energy and tool wear costs are less and thousand mile long or as deep as you can go shafts become cheaper per mile than a two lane or even one lane paved road on land.  $500,000 a mile or less.

A universal service fully automated entrainable PRT guideway and electricity utility is to users a everywhere transportation and energy global vending machine.

You could use your bank cards on the compact Proposed designs for compact seat arm rest payment machine in every guideway vehicle.  This is a full banking and investment service ATM on guideway bank to get what ever you needed in cash or check transactions that your account allowed you to pay for.

You could use the internet to communicate with the guideway treating it like a fully automated local to global transportation world access utility machine.

Not having any humans to profit, the guideway bank can operate at a smaller overhead cost and eventually become the global monetary system because it has a high asset and utility value to everybody and the global financial customers are all collectively the banks board of directors, operating officers, armature examiners and advisors.

This leads to global guideway real democracy government and financial management replacing national currencies with a international currency, call it what every body agrees on Banquer or global dollar or pound.

the problem of enticing people to increase their intellectual grasp and information range beyond personal learned attachment all the way to statistical consideration will take time and unrelenting efforts.  Beliefs die even in the sciences requiring constant reviewing and refreshing of understanding.

  While manufacturers would contribute to make and improve on the products needed by people the cost per unit of seat mile ton mile or delivery action would drop to about 5% to 15%, soon less,  of the current mixed mode system costs that relies on external financial management.  This is the difference between having to maintain ground supported transportation that requires a high human labor, management and constantly deteriorating brittle high mass and land consumptive infrastructure overhead cost and the ultra light jet speed all overhead guideway.

This guideway is ultra light weight in total systems mass.  It depends on transportation and energy being a fully automatically managed and self placed universal utility serving all user benefits goals that is user immediately on demand controlled.  Transportation has to be immediately available with any request and as fast as the speed of sound safely locked into the right left or straight ahead guideway path.

every guideway vehicle can collect comparative operational data looking at different manufactured systems cost to benifits ratios.  A mature user groups can take on tracking and research tasks eliminating govornment and industry studies that always seek profit and power.  Constant improvement should be the goal for the global standard networked in air and ET3 systems.

ET3 space orbital and toss and regenerative recovery is room temperature non thermal all electric even on Earth space travel.  Eventually more and more homes will have ET3 end loading tri seal air locks in their basements where they can directly go to the single equatorial orbital ring  an travel from there too the Moon without leaving their capsule seat.  The trip might take about 6 to 20 hours depending on whether you took the most efficient or the fastest path.  There are a lot of detail variables described in part further on.

This should be a global self owned or user trust that is user local to global direct democracy controlled as a ever more charitable universal public utility.  Governments and private operating corporations are all potentially corruptible so can not get involved in operations lest they again warp the services to create avenues for profit and power infighting.

The users know what they want and should have all oversight in decision making.  If the users ask what seems like impossible demands, more than the impossible already being delivered, the next ET3 stage is already being developed and should be developed as a parallel inter city, inter continental, inter planetary system for 2,000 to 60,000 MPH higher speeds.  The faster ET3 speeds would be for interplanetary and orbital transfer space launch, toss and recovery ring systems.

Proposed is mediating soft ware to allow property owners to get the type of service that suits them and their neighbors, to cooperatively as mush as possible at any given time make the mutually best decisions.  The problem is working out differences in alignment opinions and preferences of access style.

The guideways are portable, being easily installed using stake driven piers that can be pulled up and moved as needed.  The span parts and assemblies can be reused and shape adapted for the first time in history similar to railway rails and ties to what ever alignment is required.  Only this control is three dimensional including the world’s first structural limit automatic expansion and span arch control joints  suspension long spans arch twist and alignment control.

Internet communications might shortly follow this PRT model because the guideway is a cheaper way to deliver high capacity guideway carried instead of buried fiber optics and more frequent finely divided cell tower sites on occasional piers everywhere.  Data centers devolve into all on device storage and decentralized on guideway switches.  The system works a little like the interconnections in every brain.

Dark fiber would follow the guideways as well as geothermal power plant electric capacity levels carried by the grid span structures being connectable any where the guideways arrive at.  Farmers could use electricity for field work.  Farm fields migh soon resemble checkerboard strip orchard forests with open clearings and rugged animals grazing under the trees.  The system might be multiply self regenerating.  Guideway grid access might be through out leaving little distance for electric vehicle automated services to travel.

The guideways become a cheap way to move millions of tons of water to any place on the 40 million eventual miles of the basic access global grid.

 For profit companies will as they always have figuring out ways to make profits off of essentially nonprofit fully automated self managed or user managed utility services.  Investors take advantage of a higher velocity of money in a permanatly sustainable marketplace and ecology that is more robust than the current global economy that will shortly reach transactional supply cost peaks or ecological limits until we eliminate the fuel and user owned vehicle and equipment market place.

Everything hinges on a permanatly sustainable ecology and critical materials supplies in which the human economy has to presently exist.  This ecology predominated before humans arrived and is unlikely to be replaced by us for thousands of years to come with a global sustainable substitute theme park like ecology of our design.

First year vehicles can debt retire in about one year at 2 to 3 cents a user mile, the guideway access grid debt retires at about 5 to 15 cents a user mile, the bore anywhere power plants and additional 3 cents or more to debt retire in about three to five years.  Maintenance and energy on going electricity and wear and replacement costs might be between about 2 cents to 7 cents a vehicle mile occasionally being both cheaper and higher in certain user circumstances and short trip higher cost charges.

After about the third to fifth years this possible capital costs are incrementally paid off buy the user charges and those debts would progressively lower to a fairly flat user cost at about 1/20th to

 1/60th the average cost of current transportation.

First developmental companies will require more insight than they showed on the Hyperloop projects that push aside rational detractors working towards irrational conformist formatting.

 Proposed here is a new example that may transcend all the problems with past wheel born systems being lower in rolling resistance at speeds as high as jet aircraft with frontal area drag coeficients lower than recumbant streamlined bicycles at only about double their common frontal areas.

Proposed is a new form of I beam shaped running gear wheel motor chains with variable permanatly magnet unloaded needle bearings.  Micro gear narrow width dual gear rim wheel support eliminates slippage wear in exchange for a microscopic verticle vibratory rolling movement.  Whether this would translate into audible sound is uncertain as the frequency is above human and most animal hearing frequency levels most of the time.  Traction limits no longer exist so emergency regenerative stops of up to 3 to 4 Gs become practical when required and climbing almost verticle slopes if needed is practical.

Longer distance entrainment with separately routed PRT vehicles joining in and leaving from in motion drag reduction trains of opportunity at sea level.  The single vehicle share of trained drag drops to where faster than commercial jet speeds become economically common and practical.

The guideways on which the vehicles run are alignment adjustable in a new way to provide smooth rides at very high speeds yet be cheap enough to directly be placed by or connect together nearly every home and business and popularly road accessed site on the planet.  If a place can be reached by a mechadamized road sewers and power lines Then a all new guideway is lower in cost to build that also provides cheaper electric energy access than natural gas or the lowest cost PV system.

Most primitive villages getting a guideway spur would not only get cell service, unlimited water, power and a on demand delivery of everything they could pay for as well as remote recycle removal of all wastes and the whole globe to directly sell their products in with same day delivery to the far side of the planet but the equivalent to a village center international airport and container ship port combined with a grade separated local highway network.

This access might cost as little as $300,000 to $2,000,000 a mile depending on one way or two way single vehicle or train occupancy per span between piers. Commerce could come to all people never before participating in the global economy.

Left is the problem of maintaining a desirable universal good tasting high protein diet without trashing the oceans ecolological sustainability.  This to might be solved by the global guideway’s connection to lower cost ocean agriculture systems that require lower input mobility costs and sea food farms instead of decimating base ocean food chain feed stocks.  Fully automated massive guideway factory based insect farms can produce the improved animal feed protien.  New forms of middle ocean depth base netted farms along the guideway ocean network paths are proposed in verticle descending ecology layers of concentrated production.

We can no longer simply extract without circularly replacing consumed resources.  This requires very flexible low cost return mobility that does not itself create pollution and flood run off problems created by large area pavements and road and railroad embankment restriction of natural drainage.

The guideways raise over coastal citie’s transportation to where elevated or floating buildings no longer need surface transportation or airports.  Flooded costal neighborhoods could live in guideway connected water separated issolation from nearby areas that would be abandoned like man made new forms of corral reef habitats made from the lowered rubble of flooded cities.  Sunken ship and oil platform reef habitats are examples as well as mangrove cultures.

Sea levels will continue to rise anyway to levels where guideway rebuilding of higher inland cities becomes unavoidable.   The guideways can cross oceans in small two way reverse cuirculation reduced pressure ocean tubes.  These Davis tube networks are cheapest with small frontal area PRT vehicles like the original Skytran designs.  Ocean automated fabrication and installation does not require the massive systems used today for suspended roadway tubes.

Across ocean tube costs are about $10,000,000 a mile in average three mile bottom depts at 100 foot to 200 foot under surface floating tube  suspension depths using a new anchorage placement and position adjustment system.  Lower costs could follow.

All of these issues require producing companies that are not afraid to operate where no one has gone before, using new production machinery they will probably have to develop themselves.  The creative talents are there but suppressed by the lack of applied physics guided leadership.

Beyond this, the question of how best to develope modern economies with the emergence of lower cost robotics needs addressing.  See all the Issac Aurthur videos for guidance In bound instead of outward bound.  If we do not improve the efficiency of the Earth’a economy there will be little outward bound economies.

Few people will make a living off of small cafes and gift shops or massage- beauty parlors.  When the guideways go direct retail and door to door specialty medical procedures even amazon and Walmart will become limited and go the way of Sears, Wards and Penny’s.  There too go the big box retail jobs following the automotive and trucking jobs.  Farmers with eyes and boots on the ground will still have a place if they sell products from fields to guideway global food at home sales, leave the vegetables in the cooled guideway delivery receiver box.

Scarcity might vanish but is of no value if you have no income source anyway.  WPA like new jobs might help a little to do clean up detailing or speculative remodeling.

In any catigory how many people can be sustained in jobs that work themselves out of work in the near future.  Individual personal assistants and self organizing groups might create new tasks but if demand or acceptance of taxing and transferring wealth to pay for the work is low then people will still be out in the cold.

Proposed is designs for automaticly manufacturing evac panel wall houses that have their own solar electric system and water and geothermal heat averaging well drilling system.   To save production and distribution costs the appliances might be built in delivered as counter top and cupboard packages made to be infinite workin core repairable.  Proposed is glue together panes that like LEGO’s create custom house plans of all sizes, finishes and floor plans.  in a day or tow one or two people or a robotic system can put a house together slid loving the parts the letting the glue strengthen the joint in an hour or so.  This might give billions of permanatly comfortabe low cost zero energy houses to people.  Only food cost remains as clothing can be found hand me down or cheap.  The guidewy brings everything to the property.

last is thecrant about safety.  Every year road vehicles kill about 1.3 million people.  Every four decades this conservative number is the total deaths in WW2,  this does not include the losses from pollution in life shortening years.  PRT will be about 200 to a 1,000 times safer than human controlled road vehicles, even when rushing 25 feet off the ground at 950 feet per second.

single mode transportation and geothermal energyM um

Interested in a permant happy future for large populations of humans? It takes a car, a reasonably convienient comfortable sheltering home, electricity and a cell phone to raise a kid, hold jobs, shop, get to schools and do everything else in ever larger area, dispersed services modern communities. It takes a personal small truck or van and larger trucks to run many small business or handle larger items people use. It takes phones, computer internet and electricity to do everything before and between mobility. This is true every where in the world. For the last 150 plus years it also takes limited fuel supplies and some limited materials supplies to keep everything in industrial economies working. Either we change our energy sources to industrial large population unlimited supplies or we can no longer continue to raise large numbers of kids in healthy even self sustaining environments. Railroads and aircraft are not needed anywhere to make road based economies run. Planes add s

Recycle guideway market systems, reusable packaging.

Lowering the cost of products and their delivery.

This recycle everything project started separately at the same time the guideway ideas were emerging.  At that time my wife Colleen and I were setting up a complex household out of the then 63 year old massonary Lancaster County Home called Westview.  Everything had to be remodeled and refurbished.  We were broke most of the time but were salvagers.  Trash removal was on our own for a multi family household and over the years increasing.  We started to recycle.

About thirty years ago I came up with a set of ideas for 100% reusable standard containers for all products.  At the time we were using all kinds of disposable package food and household cleaning products.  We we’re constantly remodeling with paint, plaster, floor levelers, adhesives, bags of cement, solvents and varnish removers by the hundreds of gallons.  Possibly averaging a ton or two a year of materials for at least two decades.  The containers piled up and we reused them for mixing buckets and storing fasteners and parts.  Often of cardboard or light weight plastic reused containers often failed so we were also buying buckets, mixing pans, plastic totes and tool boxes.

This idea for a better type of bulk liquid to dry

product, totally hundreds of times reusable packaging could be made in six to eight standard sizes like pint, quart, half gallon, two gallon, five gallon, fifteen, thirty and forty gallon sizes in two wall thicknesses for heavier and lighter products.  I looked at poly ethylene buckets like Tupperware and fiberglass and even glass which broke too easily.

I finally decided on stainless steel as it is rugged, does not rust or shatter, survives flames and spot impacts and bounces back or is reparable and can be cleaned and abrasively scoured out in most situations.  Think of kitchen stainless steel bowls, pans, pots, dish sinks, washer tubs and commercial kitchen and labroratory counters.

These universal thin wall stainless steel containers would stack like squared off disposable drink cups with lids that similarly stack for return shipping.  A ten to twenty to one return trip volume advantage would be had with empty container nesting stacking.

The high cost of the stainless is off set by hundreds to thousands of reuses.

We were canning garden produce at the time and buying canning jars that occasionally get reused.  Thin wall aluminum pop cans had just entered service a decade before first being like tin cans you needed a can opener for.  I grew up with recycling by crushing tin food cans and taking them to the junk yard to be remelted over and over again.  Similarly bent up standard reusable containers can be remelted and reformed for thousands of years before the last of the contents is lost to erosion and misplacement.

A new form of as yet uncertain minimal consumable cost, reusable labeling is needed.  This might be like a dry erase board label between two durable sheets where the colored ink label is printed with a replaceable or reusable clear cover sheet.  A compressible silicone to Teflon tubular seal is required inside the lid rim.  A means for permeant seal bonding at high temperature is needed.  A set of bar locks require the lid to be depressed on each side while a locking bar is slid in place on each side.  Some kind of factory certified tamper proof seal or vacuume freshness system is needed.  Rounded corner square reusable cans would take up less room on shelves while high vacuume sealed or pressure sealed products would be in round cylinders cans.

Containers with vacuume insulation outer shells or panel walls could be their own refrigerator shipping containers as we keep liquid gasses cool for days and weeks in shops.  This would reduce out of refrigerator deterioration times for food ingredients in kitchens.  A time temperature use by  integrated electronic label that is also reusable could tell you of possible spoilage without lifting the lid.

A hopper bottom dispenser series of containers is also proposed that use up every last bit of stored materials that can be vibrated, heated to cause liquid flowing or slammed down to the bottom rubber valve bottom opening.  You could lift off the lid scrape to the bottom the represurize again to use the last product in the container.  These hopper bottom containers could become a new series of dispenser containers from a pint to a large 44 gallon or pallet sized self mobile drum full.  This eliminating a need for dirting tools in applying paints using a slotted squeggy that forced coatings into irregularities in a surface or applied a notched trowel coating or in kitchens spreading or measuring ingredients using a built in flow volumemetric indicator.

This could also use a multi proportional distribution system combining materials under pressure without pumps for multi part mixing.  Imagine a multi color variable width paint system that worked like a color printer head that used barrels of ink or paint of base colors.  Size for decoration becomes irrelevant as you could coat from the most inexpensive returnable container supplies.  3D fabrication materials would have a cheap PRT based global demand response supply chain with the reusable container systems.

A system for stacking the containers wet at the users end then separating them with air pressure from a small valve or weld resealed hole made in the bottom would reduce the users need for cleaning.

I looked at the cost of stainless of different alloys, fabrication costs as improvement on pressing out  aluminum cans( much higher tool wear and energy cost, the number range of reuses, the availability of alloys in future higher use rates and the cost of the oneway global land fill based container industry.  Some information from Rieks containers company and others helped learn about the cost of container, distribution and service cost shares of products.  A nickels worth of fountain pop syrup and carbonation is 50 to 70 cents in pull top cans 50 cents in two liter bottles and a buck and a half in a fountain non refilled drink cup or cans from a cooler or vending machine in user cost.

Maintaining our houses institutional water supply, sewage system, plumbing, electrical system as well as increasing and rearranging apartments in our 20,000 square feet of concrete structure floor area  house on six acres and decorating the property were educating tasks.  

Every year saw several remodeling and maintaining everything projects.  It was learn as we went about what was common practice and creatively trying out to us new ideas.  My errors in judgement were many and budget limitations caused debt accumulation, this wasting income on interest payments.   Inversely our house became an income producing property which paid for some of the debt beyond outside job earnings.

I feel still like a little child, every year learning what life is all about, still stumbling, learning to walk In a complex social and technical world.

Humanity is similarly learning collectively what works best and what does not.  Like smokers and alcohol and drug users the collective choices people make institutionally are killing our otherwise stable planetary environment.  Like smokers who think they can’t quit, we justify how we do things as the only choices we have, as the best ways because like smoking and drinking personal road vehicles and inefficient houses, products and services make us feel better even if they are bad for us all.

Every wet freeze thaw winter, every place north, we have tens of thousands of local springtime pot holes to fix.  These damage cars and trucks and cost Americans alone about ten billion dollars a year.  Every year the crews repair the same and new potholes without ever analyzing why this is happening other than to state the obvious and continue to use the same asphalt and tar repair systems used for a hundred years.

By drilling a hole several feet under each pothole with a 2 inch roto hammer to about two feet down, then filling it with gravel creating a Dutch drain then using a under cutter of new design, like a dentist does to hold a filling in place only to hold the patch in place, then filling with high strength fiber reinforced grout you can make permant pot hole repairs.  If you do few of them it costs a lot but if you make a new vacuume truck mounted machine you can repair them in the middle of winter using boiling hot water and cement dry mix.  You need to sand blast prep the hole under the vacuume hood the drill the drain hole then fill and apply the patch all with a single operator inside the truck using TV vision to guide alignment around the centering drain hole drill five tool systems under the hood at about $100,000 investment might patch a pothole every five minutes or so Even in cold and wet weather.  Winter setting concrete is a hot patch you can drive over as soon as the truck drives away.

In March 2019 I decided to read all that was readily available on the subject of pot hole and street repair.  I had already had five decades of concrete construction experience including studying materials chemistry and sub grade behavior.  I had seen many new materials introductions and read in engineering developmental journals about every right of way subject starting back in the 1870s.

Habits of assumed choices made were so universal that amongst the civil engineering technical papers on the subject of street design little useful  has been learned since I was a kid.  Asphalt repairs that last a few months to 13 years on average are still standard In pavement overlays that last about ten years and new streets that last 30 to 40 years.

No attempt ever existed that I could find to increase the tensil strength and section moments of railways or pavement slabs or systematicly improve sub base and inter layer or curb capture drainage, the usual cause of freeze thaw problems.

Like a smoker who eats healthy foods to compensate for a pack a day habit, in every country on the planet engineers and decision makers were trying the same things that with rare exceptions did not work well in past years.

It has long been possible to lay down at about double the cost pavements that last crack and failure free for a century or more.  The cost to benefit ratios are only practical when new traffic and vehicle systems reduce the requirement for so much pavement area.  The flexibility of surface running not air vehicles to go almost every where has to be limited to eliminate constant mobility systems maintainence.

If this rethinking how we use vehicles can not be done then we need to adopt single pass tracked or plate compactor asphalt firming over a mesh two layer base as a overlay system on concrete high section moment waffle grid lower basalt mesh one to two foot thick waffle underside high fiber mesh content top surface pavements.  A network under slabs of small inter connected drain tubes or dutch  well drainage holes has to assure no moisture concentration build up under the concrete slab or between the asphalt top layer.  This is vastly more complex that any pavement system at any know time on our planet.

Even a hundred years ago we could have developed pavement laying machinery to create these conditions but simply refused to do it.  Tests showed these ideas worked but they required making changes from common simple practices and introducing new ways of doing everything done everywhere.

Jim@globalguideway.com, 01-402-416-5235

Global Guideway is me Jim Burden all alone.

Open for ideas and guests on the phone or at my home and Westview Bed and Breakfast in Lincoln Nebraska.  I will charge little or nothing for guideway guests.  See westviewbb.com

This is an amature life time project to lower the cost and increase the speed of all personal and commercial mobility.  The same guideway structures and components build homes and commercial buildings, install and operate ultra deep geothermal power generation and further guideway installation.  Help is requested.

Global Guideway

7000 Northwest 27th Street, Lincoln, Nebraska 68524, United States

Phone 402-416-5235 Call any time for questions and ideas or just to discuss issues, objection or errors in presentation. This was created because no one else ever tried to solve all problems with one system that I could find.

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The main subject here is in air self lowering vehicle global guideway transportation that is robotic user serving self owned, self built, whole robotic system with an automated public service, goal oriented management program control system, with no central computer of any kind.  Vehicles cooperate together and with the users they serve as individuals.  Regimentation is really efficient cooperation.

The user choice directed adjusted asset management is dispersed out to every vehicle with open internet movement of the closest empty vehicle capacities to where they are needed based on a  just past time adjusted traffic demand calendar and reoccurring event record transferred to every vehicle entering and leaving the overlapping service areas.  Area chambers of commerce, overseen by local users and industries and institutions have the option of asking for event peak load extra capacity.  This all is adjusted minute by minute or hourly as service areas become less dense by local to global user goals.

Announce coming events

Having a big sale, on-site celebrity, or other event? Be sure to announce it so everybody knows and gets excited about it.

Display real testimonials

Are your customers raving about you on social media? Share their great stories to help turn potential customers into loyal ones.

Promote current deals

Running a holiday sale or weekly special? Definitely promote it here to get customers excited about getting a sweet deal.

Share the big news

Have you opened a new location, redesigned your shop, or added a new product or service? Don't keep it to yourself, let folks know.

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This is a long form text area designed for your content that you can fill up with as many words as your heart desires. You can write articles, long mission statements, company policies, executive profiles, company awards/distinctions, office locations, shareholder reports, whitepapers, media mentions and other pieces of content that don’t fit into a shorter, more succinct space.

Articles – Good topics for articles include anything related to your company – recent changes to operations, the latest company softball game – or the industry you’re in. General business trends (think national and even international) are great article fodder, too.

Mission statements – You can tell a lot about a company by its mission statement. Don’t have one? Now might be a good time to create one and post it here. A good mission statement tells you what drives a company to do what it does.

Company policies – Are there company policies that are particularly important to your business? Perhaps your unlimited paternity/maternity leave policy has endeared you to employees across the company. This is a good place to talk about that.

Executive profiles – A company is only as strong as its executive leadership. This is a good place to show off who’s occupying the corner offices. Write a nice bio about each executive that includes what they do, how long they’ve been at it, and what got them to where they are.