Global economic permanat sustainable efficency.

Global economy efficency improvement.

self lowering, station free, jet speed, transportation

Global door to door unified transportation and energy

New design buildings will become the guideway destination.

single mode transportation and geothermal energy

Interested in a permant happy future for large populations of humans? It takes a car, a reasonably convienient comfortable sheltering home, electricity and a cell phone to raise a kid, hold jobs, shop, get to schools and do everything else in ever larger area, dispersed services modern communities. It takes a personal small truck or van and larger trucks to run many small business or handle larger items people use. It takes phones, computer internet and electricity to do everything before and between mobility. This is true every where in the world. For the last 150 plus years it also takes limited fuel supplies and some limited materials supplies to keep everything in industrial economies working. Either we change our energy sources to industrial large population unlimited supplies or we can no longer continue to raise large numbers of kids in healthy even self sustaining environments. Railroads and aircraft are not needed anywhere to make road based economies run. Planes add s

Recycle guideway market systems, reusable packaging.

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Global Guideway is me Jim Burden all alone.

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This is an amature life time project to lower the cost and increase the speed of all personal and commercial mobility.  The same guideway structures and components build homes and commercial buildings, install and operate ultra deep geothermal power generation and further guideway installation.  Help is requested.

Global Guideway

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