Replacing slow, more costly, unsustainable transportation and utilities.

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Sustainable Transportation Solutions

Sustainable Transportation Solutions

Lowering the air drag by decreasing the frontal area per person, volume or ton hauled allows much higher speed at lower cost.


Lowering the air drag by decreasing the frontal area per person, volume or ton hauled allows much higher speed at lower cost.

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The PRT global jet speed, miniature frontal area guideway and global fully automated deep geothermal electric supply system is being constantly redesigned, attempting to make it the best single system global transportation, product delivery, all electric energy, communications and financial infrastructure.

The designs are for robotic mass production and self installation delivery to all populations.  The guideway could be the cheapest supplier of all energy, personal and commercial mobility, public utilities, low cost stand alone housing, goods and commodities delivery, all in one system.

This proposal is based on a gear traction rim drive chained wheel motor system.  Fabricating and maintaining constant pitch meshing is the main challenge.  Proposed are several ways to achieve this.  Without a basic full speed and load test, it remains uncertain as to reliability.  Several flexible elongated maglev support systems are also proposed.  I can find no similar proposals.

One well thought out, common shop built, universal utility prototype and manufacturing tooling set of designs might do everything more efficiently than all our world’s specialized industries, modes, facilaties and vehicles together do today.  Galactic access for the few is not a local advantage for the isolated primitive Earth self supporting economy.

Applied physics is the guide.  Cost to benefit ratio comparative economics and logistics defines the tasks the physics is applied to.  Service variables shape the user controlled computer operating decisions.

The global guideway is autonomus on demand personal rapid transit or PRT train vehicles.  These are empty self dispatched vehicle’s going to cell phone or pier push button user locations. The goal is global robotic fully grade separated, anywhere access, door to door transportation.  The tiny frontal area running gear is designed to be faster than commercial jets, cheaper than any railway, more convenient than road vehicle use, low enough in cost to be built competitively and undisturbing over the top of all existing vehicle, utility and property uses, going directly to every home, farm, village and industry on the planet.

A recreational trip or daily commute, small deliveries or needing to ship a million tons of water or grain are equally handled on demand by the same all purpose vehicles.  Many tiny vehicles move the world’s commerce and populations everywhere PRT door to door, needing no undesirable slowing, stops or changing modes.  This is providing what people need and want.

The global guideway has to be made up of millions of nearly identical, user directed, autonomus, self lowering, suspended monorail PRT vehicle’s, and supporting machines, serving widely varied user needs.  

All common existing automated devices have defects in easy to use human interfaces and occasional failures.  Short service lives with constant obsolensence, not adaptable to improvements in performance Is common.  Knowing what designs work best is difficult.  Think of all the cell phones, computers, appliances and automobiles you have owned.

All guideway problems must be solved perfectly every time with no good past examples to follow.  Every standard component needs to be rugged and flexible, using better than classic PRT redundancy.

The guideway can be a superior replacement for about two thirds of the user cost of the Earth bound economy, connected today only by slow market delivery, layered administrative and investor cost, top heavy distribution cost, in road, rail, air and ocean systems.  Data travels fast, goods and people move slowly, at great wasteful expense and time.

The first aircraft speed, ultra light weight guideway can be incrementally locally user fee debt retired in about 5 to 7 years down to less than a tenth the operating cost of the replaced road segments.

About three to four decades after start up of impact-invested production this system could be evolving towards globally nearly free energy, decentralized under 5% of GDP financial and government management overhead, jet speed transportation for every person and business on the planet to everywhere, replacing warehousing retailing.  Fully user  mediated electronic daily democracy controlled robotic financial management is required.

A PRT style guideway is a structural instead of electronic traffic management, hazard avoidance, navigation and service dispatch simplification system.  The skinny vehicle’s are stiffly locked into the easy to manage guideway paths they follow.

Each vehicle directly receives local cooperative traffic and user phone direct to area empty vehicles dispatch, Google free internet service directory, global traffic capacity deficits, alternate routes and speed brackets that sets closure rates, joining and leaving trains and maneuvering timing.

Separately vehicles and trains of cooperative vehicles work out adjacent service tasks and merges.  This is not block chain, but overlapping area self management, with no controlling central computer.

There is no labor or investors and their share of taxes and benefits to support.  All infrastructure cost reduction increases economic efficiencies in all other local commerce.

AI industry can operate like a robotic self supporting charitable economic booster.  This is user guided decentralized robotic self management.

The few maintainence employees could be local real time electronic media assisted, anyone can become a contractor at any time.  Several billion democratic, all the users are administrators together sharing management learning decisions.  This is a first time creation of an all purpose, selfless, robotic customer interest institution.

This has to be created by service oriented low profit margin manufacturers who sell the best possible robotic and structural products to a global to local guideway layered trust that is controlled as a user direct daily democratic federalist like global user Coop.  A new model for verifiable mediated electronic democracy is proposed.  All people have access to and act on all data or choice information.  Today most information is hidden by layers of access and administrative difficulty.  Everybody needs a best complex education.

Autonomus guideway constructing and operating robot machine systems manage themselves like millions of seperate global user serving, self financially managing, cooperative businesses.

The creating industries could make close profits on unimaginable global sales volumes sold direct to user controlled cooperatives but avoid the possible fluctuating economic risks from their product‘s local operation, maintenance, liabilities, regulations and taxes.

To be unpaid robotic robot charity workers, the vehicles and equipment have to be separated from control by govornment and business providers.  Sociopathic management is more common than altruism at ever higher levels of control.  Sociopathy can not recognize it’s criminal like thought deficiencies in robots or humans.  All behaviors seem normal usually beyond ethical considerations, inside minds.

The resultant recycled self reproducing user controlled mostly robotic economy can evolve to be materials sustainable for large populations for millions of years into our future and directly into vast good space colonization.

A global access everywhere, but local geothermal powered electric guideway is an integrated commercial and personal delivery machine that relies on human user control.  Direct property access jet speed PRT would become humanities best friend and true institutional savior.  Almost anything you can imagine becomes sustainably possible, expedited by low cost delivery, travel and cheap fuel free local sourced energy forever, deep geothermal now, someday fission with solar and wind where convenient.

The global robot guideway and energy machine management system is no more a slave to humans than the unfeeling building elevator, air temperature and communications systems we use today.  We should never create human like programs for such systems, only responsive machine management.  You can still talk with friend like machines.  Today voice response is guided to corporate interest not can it help the user.

Proposed here is new algorithms for automatic suggestive AI idea sorting and cross reference mediating systems.  This allows progressive user goal AI like personal assistant software on every bodies smart phone, absent a Big Brother neural network, offering personal motivation and organizing guidance.  Poverty and criminal companion mentality might be mostly eliminated.  Differential wealth and opportunities will always exist, ajusted by cheaper fast guideway services for all.  Health care becomes an automated to the home guideway service as well.

Wealth and power is rarely a developer of productivity improvements but always willing to take the credit and centralized profits.

Happiness and personal mental and activity expansion is the ideal goal directed by personal smart phone advisors, assisting individual decisions.  Evolutionary conformity verses creativity is a built in human old survival mind flaw.  Persistent outside advice might help most of us learn new mems.

Road, rail and air vehicle uses would all work better on the guideway where collisions are easy to avoid and useful speed limits on straight PRT train carrying spans are at just below the speed of sound everywhere, costing less than slow heavy railways.

A fast public bus or rail transit ride is two to three times longer than the same average auto trip, which takes about ten times as long as the average faster than airlines global guideway trip.

The global guideway vehicle has to be tiny, at about 3 to 4 feet in body diameter, but long slender PRT vehicle operation, Proposed are tubular gap free entraining, suspended self lowering anywhere access and emergency egress monorail vehicle’s.  Think of the guideways as providing slender low drag body stiffness not requiring large vehicle cross sections that waste energy.  You sit down on an external outward pivoting recliner.  Easier than cars or using isles for seat access.  Full handicap mobility systems are included.

The vehicles use TV occupant screen vision and for vehicle operation in windowless vehicles.

The only way to increase vehicle speed per ton or passenger mile while lowering user access cost, is to lower drag or energy cost while at the same time decreasing linear weight or access capital investment at every possible property access point or grid mile.

This was all occurring in my thoughts after looking at the low drag of human powered, streamlined speed record bicycles that soon were able to go over 80 MPH using just over 2 HP sustainable by an athlete.

In time this attempt at a universal global mobility ideal design standard increased to between 14 to 18 square feet frontal area of cylindrical pressurized vehicle bodies.  The trade off was between smaller, everywhere lighter networked, faster, lowest cost transportation infrastructure against passenger emotional comfort with the minimum cross section needed to carry all items people might ever need.  The system still carries on guideway tops the rare grand piano and most new oversized redesigned machine tools.

There has never been a real need for automobiles, trucks, railways, large jet aircraft and heavy equipment if known developers had made some version of a miniature fully automated high speed 1890s era guideway.  All other vehicles require a need for ever larger versions to be more efficiently controlled by ever fewer wage earning human operators.  This results in larger, less flexible and slower machines using massive mostly unoccupied facilities.

More compact machine tools and mechanical systems of all kinds will evolve to no longer need expensive large vehicle mobility which in turn required the large tools and massive pyramid builder foundations and excavation in the first place.

The global movement to gargantuizum has increased because we lacked making smaller faster low drag vehicles that use floating subsurface tethered ocean crossing guideway tubes that replace large ship and jumbo jet airports, highway interchanges, rail yards and harbors.

We are stuck now with about $7 trillion yearly globally being invested in massive scale fuel burning infrastructure for profit and about $15 to $50 trillion yearly globally tied by habitual commitments to the false temporary prosperity of a tripple cost global fuel burning economy.  Every decade ever smaller percentages of populations make their living off financialization, energy and transportation towards the centralization of wealth and power.  The poor and middle classes are always economically treading water.

The products people really need, enjoy and use are less than a real third to a tenth of today’s cost in an advanced guideway based economy.

The global guideway shifts investments away from globally interconnected producers chasing increasing shorter term gains, increasing consumption of mostly unsustainable cost to benefit ratio products, services and supply systems.

We started automating industries and amusement automatons about 200 years ago.  Similar but different in design automation systems could have eliminated most of the need for human control, allowing for PRT vehicle routing dispatch and traffic operation by the 1870s.  Similar to railway interlocking, preventing collisions, existed before electronics was possible, but rarely pursued except in limited high speed production machinery.

Every global jet speed guideway vehicle requires segmentally progressive cellular inflated, minimal drag, conical ends over 3:1 aspect streamling, used separately or in trains.  Flutter control is described further on.

Without, small frontal area, skinnier longer suspended monorails, that are everywhere station free access or self lowering PRT vehicles forming trains or smooth sided groups, it is presently impossible, without using limited access evacuated tubes, to provide fast inexpensive individualized transportation.

It is impossible to create aerodynamic lift vehicles of any kind to be as efficient as hard wheel and rail supported high elongation vehicles without the introduction of cheap mass decoupling.

Even a 9 square foot tubular cross section PRT vehicle is capable of carrying, in long trains, hundreds of tons of goods or commodities at jet speeds but freight railroad costs.  Longer trains and many trains of such slender vehicles with dragster acceleration and deceleration regenerative rates can move well over 50,000 tons a line hour using ultra low cost light weight monorail guideways.

These small vehicles are large enough to carry all people’s desired movements and goods, faster than commercial jets, but cheaper than heavy freight railways while being low cost enough to reach nearly every house and commercial and popularly accessed spot directly on the planet.  No secondary delivery road or air vehicle system is required, no streets, rural roads, highways, docks

or air ports.

The vehicles need to access every property at ground level or with property owner choice inside building and home entries.  The combined vehicle and guideway size passes through a doorway slightly larger than a automated super market single leaf walk door.

The best design for a total fuel burning free transportation system might use slot crossing self steering, suspended inline pancake wheel motors with top and bottom disc guide wheels, in a slot straddeling suspended monorail.  The edges of the motors have narrow 400 to 800 tooth, zero traction slip, equalized torque gear ring wheels that run on accurate pitch diameter gear tooth rails on either side of the slot.

Chains of usually two to eight, most often five of these 150 KW to 300 KW under 100 pound motors have to support vehicles that are linearly ultra light, about the linear weight of small automobiles or lighter.

To keep guideway materials costs down they have to be fairly large structural cross sections.  Basalt fiber composite insulated truss lattice cross tube sets have dovetail ends with locking wedges in them that allow reshaping the spans to any imaginable easement and alignment.  These insulating trusses and a corrugated basalt roof section and side rain shedding and bird stop panels fit over five to eight metal longitudinal tubular stringers.  This keeps the weather out but reduces the air resistance through the span walls to reduce vehicle interference drag to a minimum.

Streamlining all minimal practical frontal area gap free trains and vehicle’s and running gear to .06 or less Cd. Is not alone enough.  Commonly shown solid small tubular PRT guideway beams can cause 40% of drag.  Small wheel diameters limit speed and service life at the highest speeds.

The suspended vehicles are need to each self lower vertically from the guideway anywhere under stop on line access grids.  The access guideway grids replace millions of square miles of side streets, alleyways, parking lots and rural road right of ways everywhere.

In a few decades after the guideways arrive the roads could be removed as desired and replaced with structures, parks, gardens and farm land between.  Fully automated planting and maintaining machines could even farm local unused urban lands of any plot size or issolation.

The guideways are a way to automaticly increase forest areas every where with spaced out and trimmed tiered food production vegetation for unlimited food sources.  Gardened open property Earth becomes a reality in less than half a century from start up.

Local climates improve to fit the new land cover and open grazing conditions.  Increased geothermal energy and accepted higher green house gas levels and coal dust spreading increases the northern useable occupied land areas at the cost of ocean rise land losses.  Surface evaporation control, green house farms and unlimited guideway moved precision subsoil applied water supplies allows global Ag everywhere.

Higher speed lower cost mobility over time disperses urban areas to where they would blend into country sides because daily your personal speed of commute travel would be between about 650 MPH on the access guideway to well over 18,000 MPH on ET3 as the eventual weightless surface speed.  It takes anywhere from thirty seconds to fifteen minutes for acceleration and deceleration at either end to this wide speed range for average people and goods movements.

Roadways are always more costly to build and maintain, self deteriorating, add significantly to flooding problems and stand in the way of utility access and flexible property management decisions, adding to the cost of property ownership.  Road vehicle systems are a tolerated global liability with unquestioning management and engineering conformisum.

Imagine a jet fast transportation world, without requiring a single bit of land devoted to road surface and massive bridge right of ways, airports, railways, tens of thousands of square miles of hard surfaces, parking lots, massive warehousing and garages everywhere.  Surplus paved rail and airport facilities can find other uses such as local building panel production platforms.

A separate set of amusement park scale light running rails on the top of the guideway monorail beams allows new oversized guideway parts to travel at lower conventional road speeds and work on everything around the underside not disturbing the suspended monorail traffic underneath.  Large and longer structures including large building panels can be carried over this top line. This top system’s vehicles are cleated to the rails, unable to derail and tip off as the suspended general service vehicles are locked in by the guideway structure.  Not exceeding windage and off set load torsional beam structural limits and compacting the combined overall grade separated crossing heights requires many new design features.

Since the guideways are already elevated high above the highest truck and railroad traffic all crossings are grade separated with little overpassing grade changes required.  Bidirectional differing crossing tier levels would predominate.

The vehicles can self lower from the highest normal access grid sections eliminating the high cost of elevated stations, or any platform or station stop preparation.  Sidewalks for humans and slower wheeled robots and all weather streamlined peddled vehicles become the new sidewalk scale street systems.

The guideway design proposed here can replace all buried utilities on the planet, usually at a lower cost with the fully elevated easy access metal structural tubes of the guideway basalt fiber composit insulated lattice truss beams carrying fiber optics in the high DC voltage tubes and occasionally water in the small mild winter area heated grounded side structural tubes.

Eventually all electricity can be at-property inverted using the guideway loop main DC power supply from local guideway geothermal sources.  No power company using any present sources and seperate new built distribution can likely deliver electricity this inexpensively.  Energy and communications companies get folded into the automated guideway developments.  Guideway electricity can become quickly cheaper than natural gas as a heating source.

We still will need to capture and use up surface bleed natural gas from millions of square miles of land resulting from fracking, permafrost melt and deep water area melting of methane hydrates.  The oil companies morph into recyclable basalt and glass fiber reinforced green house sheeting manufacturers.

Green house farming predictability and water conservation might eventually exceed the area of open field work.  Agriculture becomes more stable as the guideways can carry many cubic miles of water everywhere every year.  Deep geothermal power waste heat can locally desalinate sea water carried to isolated land areas.

The global guideways are less than half the cost of access street grids to build.  One small guideway vehicle replaces about 15 mixed mostly parked cars and trucks in global useage, still providing individual local mobility services most of the time without ever seeing any form of traffic congestion.

Weather and surface traffic hazards are avoided so speed is limited only by efficiency.

There was one test example that worked well for 1889.  It was built around the fairgrounds at Laurel Maryland.  It’s top demonstrated dash speed was just over 150 MPH sustaining for over a hundred running miles about 110 to 120 MPH.  A much faster 300 MPH test track was being surveyed near Garden City Long Island when Weems the Baltimore developer ran out of money and gave up in 1892.  Not one person or group pursued this wheel motor maximum speed design path there after.

In the mean time a slower linear motor version test track was built in 1913 at Paterson New Jersey.  The less published developers were working on solving the inefficiency problems of linear motors and using remote magnetic reed swithces for fully automated selective route control of 80 MPH vehicles.  They found no investor acceptance.

The guideways can replace high cost bricks and mortar educations with mobile guideway personal expierience education access.  This might combine personal cell phone assistance remote instruction and testing and organizing focused life time learning activities for individuals and groups of students of all ages.  Once in place global education programs can replace most human teachers and allow monitoring-parents a companion learning oportunity based on high access to everywhere.  Education might seem more like applied activity vacation learning adventures, developing independence.

The 1953 idea of ultra light PRT vehicles emerged in 1968.  After that year the original minimalist single person vehicle principles were abandoned in favor of minibus and taxicab scale vehicles for no good reasons.  Until the Skytran proposal for ideal dynamic scaling in transportation, about 1990, this was never before publicly considered for fast low drag vehicles.

The vehicles are as cheap to build as autonomus automobiles but able to travel continuously faster in trains up to the allowed shock wave noise producing speed limit.  Every standard utility PRT  vehicle puts on one to two million miles a year.  The more yearly maintainence free miles each vehicle travels the faster it pays back it’s cost for a lower user per mile cost.

A new form of dense elongated rod armature maglev may be better but remains design and cost to benefit illusive.

Aircraft fast PRT is a fraction as difficult as slow automated trucks and taxis in mixed road traffic with 360 degree hazards and automation decisions, pets, farm and wild animals and pedestrians on winter ice and foggy nights.  None of this slows the hazard free well designed guideways.  No hitting deer or raptors feeding on animals run down by previous vehicles.

At 90% of Hyperloop speeds the cost per seat or ton mile of this form of PRT is less due to not needing separate street and rural road systems for access in connecting vehicles.  The guideways are cheap enough to be built along or through most farm land and along all town streets.  This is like telephones and REA in the early 1900s, we can’t live without it.

This is the only known presentation of large segmental core removal shaft sinking ultra deep, nearly all local or neighborhood geothermal energy.  This is required to decentrally power the global guideways and all domestic and industrial energy needs for about 10,000 to 150,000 years.  This CO2 transfered geothermal is water pollution free, non stop, needing no fuel peaking or reserve power storage back up system.

9 to 13 miles deep geothermal toughens the earths crust stability over time, but will be probably be slightly exceeded in consumption than coducted outward.  Thermal radiation loss balance into space remains uncertain even in the controlled absence of green house gases.

This is a starting point from basics in designing towards possible transportation and energy perfection on the first try.  Like all new ideas this is a hard sell.  I have never found a way to talk people of any specialized education level into looking objectively at the ideas.  People are habitual mental and social creatures, defenders of their secure mutual familiar experiences, not wanting to step out of collective familiar mental safety zones.

Physics and demonstrated mass production equipment sets the narrow path to these guideway designs.  Operating turbine engines, aircraft, space vehicles, race cars and emerging complex vehicle autonomus robotics tells us what we can expect from structures and mechanisms under loads, cyclic stresses, operational reliability and longevity, but because it is socially and mentally discomforting and deferentially hard we chose not to try it.

Jobs, whole industries and professions are certainly at risk of total guideway economy bypassing, failure from obsolescence and their demonstrated inabilities to not be able to adapt to complex changes.

Alternatively we are globally stagnating due to higher overhead to output ratios, consumption of critical resources and waste of money on ruthless national and commercial competition.

Artificial intelligence is unlikely to take over.  A mouse expieriences more pleasure than a self learning biologically unattached global computer.

  Decentralization is cheaper and more reliable and bypasses the kings and oligarchies.

Proposed is totally decentralized zero central computer global user cooperative segmental hack free management of the 5% of the guideways that are not local access but are global connector miles.  Debt retirement and maintainence management should require neither a human or any central computer.

Even discussing a total transportation single mode replacement is difficult because it can not practically work exactly like anything that has ever been done before.  People want the comfort of familiarity.  No amount of data or comparisons seems to over come seeking comfort.  Varying design preferences favoring conventional PRT and simplistic autonomus road vehicle ideas out number best global guideway forms by many thousands to one.

The internet and archives are packed with well intentioned bad ideas often in the hope of maybe making a personal profit In an easier to enter small existing market segment.

How do you start up a $60 trillion over three decades global guideway capital industry that seems to require being every where all at one time to be viable?  This is no different than building the first of anything like telephones, where it will find the most prolific market place or serving hundreds of these areas then connect them together as advantages emerge.

This proposal is for a non profit public trust global guideway entity that is automatically chartered everywhere to be self managing, paying off investments as fast as possible, with competitively much more efficient faster nonprofit services system.

Increasing global productivity is defeated constantly by the failed nationalism and investor capitalism.  Higher velocity of money growth requires faster investment and product through put as well as faster consumer turn over of earnings no longer needing savings for security.  Savings is used instead as profiteering feed stocks.

This creates increasing productive wealth filling in the poorest emerging economies first  This is assuming they can shake off preguduices against universal maximum education, allowing people to each take on the more complex world challenges.  A lot to think about, more to learn.

The 3D global guideway eliminates any need to ever again create earth moving in right of way cuts and filling or leveling sites for buildings to accommodate the surrounding massive surface area transportation and single level factories because of the inadequacies of in plant mobility that can be replaced by bringing the global near verticle grade climbing guideway vehicles inside the plants on guideway transfer table overhead cranes instead of using lift trucks.  Wide plant isles, like streets, are eliminated.

Eliminated is all future need for large heavy machinery, replaced by aircraft light high section moment fast moving ground level freed up machines used to build similarly light above surface structures.  No massive earth moving will ever again be required for development accept for dam making and mining.

Unfortunately I am the only known proposer so far pursuing the global single mode total replacement guideway details, that I can find.  There are two other self lowering PRT systems plus the Titan industries owner’s description to me in a phone conversation.  And a US Army movie about an assault cable monorail , possibly a Titan project, I saw in the late 1950s.

There have been many thousands of people who have willingly given critical design advise that I sought and simple encouragement or occasional angrily criticizing the idea using every excuse possible to deride it.  Never do they understand the as yet unseen details of self lowering, jet speed, wheel supported and guided PRT.  They are occasionally right in their negatives which in turn requires solutions to try to avoid their dire predictions.  The detractors would have been against steamships, railroads, automobiles and aeroplane development.

Make lists of what is ideal and what is undesirable and everything we are doing today in transportation and energy, even public water and sewer utilities will be on the undesirable list in every way except that the present road based and high cost buried infrastructure already exists.  In the total absence of a replacement design that is cost to benefit competitive there is nothing to compare with.

This proposal‘s designs leading to single mode all public utility operations can get along nicely without any land fills, incinerators, gravity sewer systems, wind and solar electric power, lighting and phone line poles and buried networks, fire and police stations, and road and air lift ambulance services.  The mobal guideway vehicles do it all.  Crime and addictions remain mostly symptoms of unhappy populations.  Happiness, health and personal daily adventure is the main global guideway product.

This is identical to the introduction of smart phones with everywhere access to the internet.  This can all occur during the global commerce transition at a much lower fully automated service cost.  This is a universal transportation and all utility services global vending machine.

To be global the network requires ocean tube guideway highways, floating and angle tethered to the bottom by neutral buoyancy tethers about 100 feet below the surface.  Air vent and access tube bouys float miles apart on the surface.  Mid ocean geothermal power provides local electricity around which sea steading farms and community anchorages might build with jet speed guideway commerce to often more expensive to live in land areas.

The ocean guideway grid would go different routes than current shipping and airline lanes because crossing land is cheaper than ocean tube miles and large airport and harbor hubs are totally bypassed and flooded by ocean rise and tidal wave risks.

We have learned to work with the road vehicle at grade defects and universally in ignorance accept it‘s present accident and pollution yearly world death toll at about three million people a year as a blame it on the victims sacrifice for modern living.  Two thirds of the world's impoverished emerging populations still do not own a personal vehicle.  Paved road vehicle land hungry surface guideways are being built everywhere.  Roads are flexible vehicle wide surfaces and drainage.

The PRT global elevated full length access and egress guideway is a all purpose, jet speed, personal autonomus vehicle, useable by any child or handicap or old person who can follow simple verbal or pictorial instructions to dial a phone can get themselves any where in the world they could afford the one to five cents a mile vehicle operational cost.  Shared vehicle use costs less.

Each vehicle might commonly have about 18 cubic meters of cabin personal or moving partician subdivided space behind a possibly 1.5 square meter external frontal area, able to carry one or two or in longer lengths three tons.

Decision makers are universally opposed to PRT because they do not see in it a way for them or their institutions to leverage it or continue to make a living of it.

PRT saves money by eliminating all human management and long term investor profits.  Ideally the guideway users control and pay for debt retirement as soon as possible.  Automated installation systems cut costs more than in half.  The substitution for more expensive basalt composit  cross wise and steel longitunals reduces materials weight enough that cheaper dirt fill, concrete and asphalt roadway costs are greater considering drainage, line capacity and the elimination of parking and land area costs.

In large decision areas, like environmental collapse or technological end of improvement stagnation or global emerging single economy and govornment we have almost universal ethical disengagement as a govornment and corporate standard.

We want to go places quickly and get deliveries yesterday.  Most people would enjoy cheap fast holidays a thousand miles to a coast for a warm swim or fishing and return for work the same day.  People could hold jobs or get special schooling or visit relatives daily hundreds to thousands of miles from their homes.  Everybodies roaming range would increase.  Most products could be automaticly delivered direct from the producer to globally distributed homes, nonstop world wide, faster than commercial limited range jets fly today, cheaper than Amazon or Walmart retailing.  Recreational shopping will continue but the guideway replaces the big box store nearby access need.  As always vacant realistate gets recycled and greened up in a guideway world.

We have to develop ET3 evacuated tubes, better than Hyperloop, for unlimited future speed or make in air jet speed guideway vehicles that are easier to access.  Road vehicles are slow even when fully autonomus and VTOL drone taxi and delivery systems are prone to catastrophic failures, not operable in really bad weather and a hundred times more expensive than the global guideway is to operate.

Most aerodynamic drag for short bodied vehicles is form or frontal area drag.  As vehicles gain smooth longer end tapers this drag is reduced to a minimum of about 1/20 the square corner flat end drag, like most trucks, busses, ships and railroad bodies have.  Reducing air resistance makes ideally streamlined short vehicles several times longer.  By reducing the frontal area and increasing the length still farther, elongating the loads, you reduce the drag more with slight gains in skin friction up to bodies of  about 20:1 length to cross section width ratio.  This skin friction is also being reduced up to about 400 feet long in flexible trains of slender vehicles, where in still cross winds, skin drag reduction length advantage equalizes out as an inverse parabolic curve of decreasing drag to volume ratio.  Studies done on high speed railway drag give different results than studies done on shorter body aircraft and surface effect short road vehicle drag.

Take an airliners passenger and cargo volume and many times it‘s loaded weight and stretch it out to 8 or more times it’s length, throw away the wings, tail, fuel and tanks and electricly propel it by pickup rail, with zero traction slip, at less than railway hard wheel on steel rail rolling friction, at one fortieth the wing load lift friction of the aircraft and you have this vehicle system.  All together possibly 100 to 500 times more cost efficient than an aircraft and zero crew or terminal human operators are needed any more than you need an operator or manager for a push button controlled building elevator.

Add to this low cost electricity at one  fifth or less the cost of fuel and you can carry grain and ore world wide at sea level on (no crashing) guideways every where in the world direct farm or mine or factorydoor to door direct to customer, bypassing multi handling and mark up delivery stages and you have a world economy with about one third or less the overhead cost.  Product prices drop accordingly as well as capital productive efficencies increase.

Personal average wealth continues to rise causing end of scarcity decreasing population growth ,overpopulation are usually an outcome of poverty and low education levels.  This allows totally integrated global trade and eventually tension free cosmopolitan global govornment, a global citizen identity and global free market.

The 6% of global transportation jobs disappear but for a time it will still take some factory workers to build the guideways and vehicles.  In the 1980s when I first started collecting information on a global guideway the US transportation job share was dropping steadily from about 9% of jobs.  Retail jobs will start to disappear.  They will have competition as the global guideway brings all on vehicle vending retail to the most remote and impoverished places from every other place nonstop in minutes to hours from moment of harvest prosseing or manufacturer packaging, nearly always in the same working days time.

This becomes the first safe walkable animal habitat world since railways and road vehicles we’re invented.  The highly tapered end guideway designs would kill fewer birds than trucks, cars and building window impacts.

This is about creating a global integrated overhead monorail structure that is eventually 40 million miles long, connecting nearly all buildings together with door to door shipping and travel access, faster than jets, more efficient than railways, creating lower cost multi ten thousand year cheap ultra deep geothermal steady state electric supply as the guideway grid advances and guideway automation recycling all human and eventually most natural wastes.

This is desired by all of us but not pursued by anybody so far.  Even PRT advocates have never understood all of the details in one proposal

Modifying, improving and adding on to the existing systems is considered by absolutely all that publish as the only solution, not replacement with vastly superior systems, not even openly researching superior systems attributes.

PRT supporters have seen their fully automated and highest speed systems as contributors to a slow railroad, road and air vehicle world, not replacing the other modes but connecting them at the edges.  Limited market goals leads to limited design performance expectations.

All new systems design criteria are treated as not possible or practical if they do not use road vehicle rubber traction running gear, flanaged railroad, wing supported aircraft or water displacement ships as the starting points.  Nearly all PRT vehicle proposals use wheel systems similar to road and railroad wheels.  All maglevs proposals so far are clumsy, bulky and inefficient.

In a PRT emergency stop, all vehicles behind the at risk vehicle, instantly progressively slow down with only the first following vehicles stopping at three Gs or faster, about four times faster stops than locked road vehicle brakes in stopping.

Closing the gaps in PRT traffic between vehicles while forming low drag trains of convienience at every opportunity is nesscessary to increase the traffic activity or merge and demerge spaces between vehicles.  Center of train entry and exits at switches-turnouts is a coordinated activity of all the vehicles near by acting as one vehicle control system.  Failure is not a possibility or the automation design.

This is the first in history micro tooth narrow gear wheel support and traction system.  This is not a classic cog railway.  The support is a varying small momentary spot arc segment gear tooth root contact angle and micro gear rail tooth barrel top.

The wheel motors are effectively rotary maglev systems with a low friction positive or zero slip gear traction mechanical motion support and propulsion contact.  The maglev and motor close clearance gap is mechanically controlled at all speeds by the needle bearing centering.  Torsional forces on the bearings virtually does not exist.  Reducing differential thermal expansion between rails and wheel rims is a required solution of a complex problem, explained further on.

The vehicles and their guideways have to be light in weight enough, less than 200 pounds per linear foot of vehicle length on entrained lines and less than one to three vehicles allowed per span on the 95% of the access to every property grid miles, to make the guideways less expensive to install and use beside every property than continuing to use any form of road or air vehicle for personal access and deliveries.

The battery free propulsion guideways need very low cost electricity that is sustainable and local almost anywhere. 

No short trip to work, shopping and school with this set of designs, would ever travel most of the trip at less than about 100 MPH peak speed a few blocks away to 200 MPH across smaller urban areas to 400 to 650 MPH for trips over about 20 to 50 miles.  Very high broad efficiency maps and incremental coil and motor throtting mean high regenerative efficiencies recovering most acceleration losses are no longer as significant.  Speed is limited by acceleration lanes and traffic density allowing entry gaps.

The design loading is for one G normal acceleration and less if the user chooses for economy and comfort over increased trip speed.  Automatic selective routing places vehicles with similar speed choices in their respective traffic route patterns.  Guideway span mounted code transmitters tell vehicle’s what speeds are allowed variably to accommodate conditions and curves and warn of wind, tidal wave and earthquake event precautions.

This is from factory and farm doors, direct to every global users properties, all in the same vehicles that carry people where ever they want to go on immediate demand direct non stop if they chose and deliver bulk farm products.

Refuse and sewage collection with universal total recycling is possible with special PRT collectors that lower cost sort and condense wastes from all properties and nonstop take them directly to remanufacturing processors.  If you can make the transportation for categorized wastes cheap enough over long distances then you can find a cheaper use for almost everything than land filling or incinerating.

If you want to support global guideway development several new parent companies will have to be influenced to get together to start production prototype and tests of first in history systems.  All the basic necessary mechanisms, processes and materials already exist in other uses.

Some company has to make micro tooth rack gear rails with very high speed forging and tungsten cap bonding.  We could adapt existing high speed punch presses with self dressing rotary forge heads to use a hot core feed stock instead of cold die sets, for insta

Global door to door unified transportation and energy

all properties worldwide are connected together

  • This is about replacing all existing fuel burning transportation and energy infrastructure on the planet with a single vehicle design that can  take a single person, mail and packages door to door yet, efficiently continuously run in longer trains at just below the speed of sound, 650 MPH, outside of a vacuum tube, mostly in near sea level  high drag air pressure.
  • The goal has been for thirty eight years now to improve upon all the best characteristics of all existing transportation systems and vehicle designs combined into one best design feature system.
  • Very rugged wheel motors over maglev gives much greater efficency and similar wear life costs at half to a third the initial cost to build the same capacity guideways.
  • Solutions to improve efficiencies yet increase speed to just below the speed of sound and make access not a distant expensive to build right of way trolley or bus stop, parking lot or garage space but right in or beside every home and business in the world.  The average urban access cost is about $200 to $300 per average household as close to doors as wanted.  The guideway goes to where vehicle roads are used today.  This is better than international airport access to villages that cannot afford road access today.  Primitive villagers would have on demand jet speed access to the whole world.
  • The guideways do not require any earth moving that inhibits integrated land use or requires drainage systems.
  • The guideways bring Walmart level product access world wide directly between production industries and final users non stop in minutes or hours not days and weeks from user on demand delivery to their homes.  This can happen without requireing wholesale retail, fulfillment warehouses, parcel service delivery companies, postal services or human managers and operators.  This is what PRT style delivery has been described as for 130 plus years now.  This was possible with electric motor, miniature Palmer monorails and punch card or tape directing automation by the 1840s
  • In 2019 nearly all transportation  experts still do not understand the criteria for sucsessful PRT delivery.
  • The global guideway access stop should be as common as mail boxes everywhere.  A mail box requires some kind of street, road or path for access.  The guideway is a preferred pathway that also brings with it almost free electricity and communications broad band everywhere.
  • Fot the guideway to evolve towards mostly free transportation as a operating user owned and controlled institution it has to eventually through self producing verticle integration, mine it's own materials and fabricate it’s own machinery and structures and get it’s own energy from guideway owned miniature local power plants that use almost endless geothermal energy.  Only local geothermal electric transmission with little distribution losses reduces power costs.
  • People and businesses would in a few decades evolve towards using almost free guideway energy and transportation.
  • This is a positive effort seeking the best single idea, whatever form it takes.  This is not stagnatly trying to slightly improve existing systems that all are defineable for many specific criteria as unimprovable failures.
  • Proposed is rotary maglev like motor with a mechanical gear wheel support and traction interface.  This is not because it is ideal.  But, because it is economically expandable at minimum cost per unit of user outcome.
  • Hyperloop is a vasalating redesign of the Swiss Metro.  Daryl’s ET3 is courageous and bold but lacks a ideal user at home interface.  Possibly 99%  of trips made are to and from or connected with supplying homes.
  • People rarely sleep in school or work rooms and even prisons and hospitals are homes of sorts.  The global guideway brings rapid response PRT that is global door to door in the same vehicle that brings all your needs to you and you to every place you are ever likely to need to get to.
  • ET3 to wealthier neighborhoods still requires a walk and a wait for a group to form that is large enough to justify the more expensive indirect vehicle and enclosed tube guideway.  This is still like airport transportation for the wealthy.
  • The global guideway is daily transportation for the about 18 billion daily short to long trips and distribution trips people take and economies need to function.  Can affordable Hyperloop or ET3 handle 18 billion movements every day?
  • The 2018 cost of financialization, banking, stocks, bonds, futures, dirivatives, insurance, investor partner profits is about 21 % of the US economy, growing fairly steadily with mostly unregulated practices since about 1954 when it was 4%.  The Koch Brother’s economic rich people beneficial economic model costs 90% of mostly pooer consumers more than the cost of all taxes without returning to them compensating benefits in significant common life style cost to labor ratio improvements.  Capitalism benifits investors.
  • The guideway users, or all of humanity needs to learn what to invest in.  We need to return future profits back to self guideway owned capital productive value that constantly builds on itself.  Faster growth towards nearly free services requires taking higher service fees at first to pay for guideway fully automated expansion industries and debt retirement.
  • In the last few years with constant introductions of automation the US per worker productivity has still dropped an averaged of .03% a year.  Nobody I know of statistically tracks average user lifestyle advantages from automation.
  • The goal of the global guideway is to eliminate 2/3ds of the need for any infrastructure and defense tax investment in thirty years and double or more average productivity of common staple products by eliminating most of the overhead cost of manual based mass distribution and excess inventory stages and a need for related investor opportunities.
  • The consumer driven economy will progressively pick up the automation jobs reductions only if profiteers do not skim the gains for wealthy sector profit making.  Investors like services and products used for survival to become ever more expensive per man hour for lower income people.  The ranks of the homeless and marginal busines failuers will multiply against the centralized profit taker growth.
  • If the profit takers improved product utility to cost ratios they would earn their keep but they never go much beyond figuring out how to sell less for more by adding to purchase appeal and make it more desirable to buy low value based on emotional product allegences.
  • The guideway is designed to be a anywhere access global superstore for everything with single to thousands of passenger or tons of goods departures per hour per city block, plus offering next to every building access and utilities.  No truck and buss caravan could do the same while getting each small auto sized vehicle to seperate user direct door to door global including local destinations, faster than any airliner.  The global guideway is probably the only form of modern future transportation.
  • Automated taxi delivery and truck road vehicles still have all the surface traffic defects of roads.
  • Elevated guideway networks eliminate any need for drainage property margin integration land areas and curb, sewer and set back maintenance issues and cross traffic conflicts.
  • Each standard guideway vehicle is over designed to efficiently carry one or two single file, automated reclining semi recumbent seat passengers or one to three tons 18 to 24 cubic yards-meters of goods or commodities.  All behind a frontal area the size of a motorcycle and rider but less air drag than a bicycle and rider.
  • A US personal road vehicle costs average users about 60 cents a operating mile, more on average than any other household expense.  If the cost of property driveways, parking lots, garages, collisions, lifetime disability, road deaths, pollution health and property deterioration and flooding problems are added in this cost is much higher.
  • The guideway economy might cost less than half to a fourth this cost during the first five years of local operations getting progressively less after various debt shares are retired.
  • A under $500,000 vehicle half speed, but full scale and feature prototype could be built by a efficient custom car fabricator using eight in line 15 KW motorcycle electric wheel motors.  This would use automotive seats and geared self lowering system reducing the hours for fabrication ease.  A half mile simple bar joist truss test track for 200 MPH up and down repeated acceleration tests might cost another half to one million dollars using Vulcraft manufacturing data.  A two mile diameter circular highly banked track to test full speed production motors to wear out or failure might cost about $3 to $4 million.
  • At this point a production high speed rail and running gear pilot production line needs to be set up to keep costs low and start to demonstrate the first protrusion tungsten shell resistance brazing on high speed forged rack rail gears.
  • Protean or other existing wheel motors can work until a pilot production motor line can be created for possibly $30 to $50 million leading to first stage limited production vehicles.
  • This needs to be accompanied by the world’s first high speed guideway production and installation machines.  These might cost hundreds of millions to perfect but could lay 3,000 to 5,000 miles of intercity guidewys per machine set per year.  A fourth or less that rate might be laid through urban residential areas.  This is half or less the cost of urban street and utilities construction
  • The individualized access vehicles are small in frontal area and run in trains with parallel smooth gap free sided, low as possible air drag bodies.  They join together as soon as possible with available near by vehicles going similar direction above about 200 MPH.  They do this to have little more drag than Hyperloop considering fan and choking losses for the short Hyperloop vehicle’s.
  • after the development cheap of tiny high definition video cameras and screens all vehicles with window for operations and occupant vision have become obsolete.  Windows loose interior heat and air conditioning are weak spots and line for debilitating damage from impacts and are hard to keep ice rain and snow off of unlike a small rotary lense HD camera which can cheaply be doubled or tripled at spread out points for enhanced stereoptic depth perception and bison redundancy from damage.  Windows are obsolete.
  • We have every bit of the nessasary technologies to do all of this immediately needing only the will to do the jobs well.
  • The guideway vehicles are about 1/20th the frontal area of most commercial airliners but do not have to waste energy climbing to high altitudes to get to aircraft third the air pressure air drag.
  • This is a universal global public utility as a jet speed personal rapid transit or PRT global guideway that is cheaper to build to people’s homes than making streets and utilities that go to every property.
  • It is far cheaper to maintain and Operate single passenger and container sip of freight at airliner speeds over going door to door one smal van load at a time.  The international airport and major container port gets moved directly to all properties beside and inside all buildings.
  • You mostly no longer need to ship a thousand or even a hundred tons to one place at one time.  Like data packets on the internet allflows are separately integrate into large continuous traffic streams as people or processes need to regulate real time flow demands.
  •  Rented not owned mobile multi functional guideway moved capital equipment eliminates idle overhead investment costs.
  • The global guideway is a global or world wide machine like the phone and internet systems, only far more automated in the proposed designs.  We could have created this at any time in the last 135 years.  Nobody chose to try it, but a few came close, then tripped over their collective conventialisum.
  • Every global guideway comes with new form utilities of all kinds.  These usually should be less expensive than conventional energy, water, sewer, all communication and home intertainment services, trash all recycle collection and yard maintainence services.
  • The global guideway design combination is a robotic carrier for small powerful robotic electric running gear sets that attach like farm implements do to tractors to transform in pairs and combinations into tens of thousands of specialized types of equipment.  Using Catipellers term “universal tool carrier” they become the world’s standard heavy lifting and materials forming spot rental system.
  • Even factory forming and production processes could be carried out on rapidly guideway transportable rental anywhere fully automated production machinery.  A business calls up the line components that self assemble, make a run then move on in diverse pieces to form a production line or field or site work or materials handeling somewhere else in the world.
  • Guideway PRT pick up and delivery with no operator is cheaper than all of today’s heavy equipment.
  • This new standard mass production mobile machinery would be a good business for Cat and other equipment manufacturers to get into even without the guideway.
  • New design construction, materials handeling, mining and agricultural miniature automated electric battery change out tool carriers replace old human controlled systems and their whole industry design capital investment strategies and management infrastructures.
  • All of these equipment based industries provide ever smaller shares of employment anyway using ever larger and automated machines for a century or more since a couple of people  in a steam locomotive could drag thousands of tons of mixed goods across continents as fast as a horse could run.  Little faster today.
  • This an all purpose mobility operating fully elevated above all surface activities as a global to local fast as possible transportation replacement, free of all fuel burning, solar and wind power, most places.  
  • Electricity is provided less expensively than local natural gas and coal over time by guideway placed ultra deep, local almost everywhere on Earth, geothermal electric system.  Wind, solar, wave and hydro power require storage expenses or large scale mostly inactive high voltage grid costs almost everywhere.
  • All guideway users could get their electricity, water delivery, minimized sewage recycle and trash total recycled and carried away along with door to door jet speed postal and retail delivery service.  Everything comes along with the guideways including improved lower cost internet, cable TV and superior cell tower services.
  • All these built in guideway new services are cheaper because no human labor management or profits would be attached to the services.  No payroll, dividends, taxes, insurance, retirement, and medical overhead.
  • The guideway design is an roboticly installed accessory Erector Set of attachment rails, tubes and channels.  If you can imagine a fixed or vehicle based service the power and distribution infrastructure does not require local sales or service labor and facilities.
  • Unloaded of nearly all utility transportation and energy costs the rest of the global economy booms.  The cost of living for poorer classes, the cost of everything might drop by about two thirds of the present cost to make and deliver products and services.  global economy human cost overhead to about one third the present cost.
  • Poorer people will usually immediately spend this dividend excellerating growth through consumption driven demand.  Wealthier people would likely tend to spend this dividend away investing in high profit opportunities before spending to speed up economic growth.
  • The global guideway can be designed using proven basic PRT engineering and operational principles.  These have universally never before been applied to all purpose utilitarian transportation, at least that I can locate information on.
  • Instead we engineer constant improvements to previously used but functionally unimprovable and obsolet human labor based transportation that is technically not perfectable, basicly flawed systems that are management intensive modes.  Transportation supported by engineers and contractor suppliers creates for ever jobs for the owners and leaders.
  • All existing modes are beyond practical improvements of any kind.  Design, genetic like , technical birth defects are transferred inside all proposed transportation improvements based on never demonstrated mathematical assumptions and narratives of the existing infrastructure evolveing naturally toward perfection and too big to fail or we can not afford to reproduce the existing fixed facility access points.
  • These road based property access facilities are replaced in this proposal by a new set of at grade unimproved access points at every point under any portable guideway alignment.
  • Self lowering vehicles operating out of harms way fully above ground level activities are reachable at any point under a stop on line guideway.  These can only be PRT suspended monorail vehicles.
  • This is derived from barn hay loft monorails of the late 1800s to overhead traveling cranes and the Titan Industries self lowering access monorail handeling and passenger designs that were publicly known, tested, and proposed for industrial and military uses but never prototyped for general public and commerce use.
  • The guideways replace public buried utilities and the pavement and curb surface road flaws that mar every properties human utility and esthetics.  Because driveways, parking lots and 25% typical paved right of way urban land use is integral to modern existence we do not think of road vehicles as unsightly.  Urban light pole forests are tolerated but guideway piers and spans are easy xenophobic targets because they are unfamiliar and not equated with future personal opportunity improvement.
  • Instead of seeking supplier profit systems this proposal seeks user cost reduction, dramatically faster dispatched local response and increased trip speed with a streamlined constantly advancing global unified economy.
  • All products using this high speed low drag global guideway would be on average 1,200 miles away, only a couple of hours away from the end of a farm or factory output to the final user, non stop direct every where.  From the opposite side of the planet 12,000 miles is covered non stop in less than 22 hours.
  • Just like driving a personal car you can get off the guideway and leave to get food or use a restroom or serially pick up or unload.
  • Freight as well as passengers travel this fast since the energy cost of these skinny randomly mixed load trains and the vehicle cost to occupied time ratio is small.
  • The first factor is finding a minimalist scale of new economy practical utility.  I started calculating 38 years ago at a starting point of 32 square feet external body frontal area based on having hauled and traveled with thousands of load tons, trips, items numbering in the millions handled.  This quickly decreased to 9 squared feet frontal area at .05 coefficient of drag or Cd, in several analytic stages then shot back up and down between 12 and 18 square feet with various special oversized low mass per volume vehicles and hundreds of designs that changed shape to streamline larger cross sections.
  • compare this to trucks at 110 square feet at CDs of .8, freight railways at 150 square feet at CDs in multiple whole numbers, commercial aircraft at between 300 to 900 square feet at CDs of around .05 and larger ships with areas a third often in water of 2,500 to 30,000 square feet with poor drag coefficients in air and CDs of occasionally .05 under water and multipule whole numbers in air.
  • All of the conventional systems do not work easily without expert human crew and terminal facilities costs tripleing their operating costs as well as slow trip miles per day.  These factors and the high fuel cost of on demand energy multiply the cost of all deliveries into market places and make most tonnages local in a potentially global economy.
  • Evacuated tube and aerial mass and time decoupled vehicles also have utility to cost or trip activity limits that can be comparatively calculated.  Demonstration is always required but first we need this proposals upper limit prototypes to be built and tested to destruction and wear out.  Decoupled and repulsion free flight systems are not cost comparable or dipole polluting problems identified to know how they compare.
  • Size and linear weight changes in calculations  over the years made large differences in the ability to build low cost access guideways.  Size and mass independent value chains set their own limits based on market and user utilities.  All inputs in the calculations created new design problem goals and market possibilities.
  • These are the simple factors, the rest gets complicated but well within known component and structure demonstrations of inertial and cyclic stresses, friction and cost limits.
  • The guideway vehicles are self dispatched through on vehicle area cell tower isolated overlapping nets Not to be confused with the global internet or voice and data to 5G.
  • The vehicles self dispatch cooperatively only if they have no competitive profit goal in operation.  This can never be a competing corporate interests seeing who can get the customer first but only who can serve the customer user best and cheapest.  Vehicle and users are, instantaneously seen to the user ,sorted out and arrival pick up time presented to the user.
  • Every vehicle could pick up people and goods anywhere along or under the guideway access grids, like a mini car or truck automated taxi cab never needing any special station other than occasionally preferred all weather comfort interior lobbies at activity and commercial and residential main buildings.  Eventually residences tha can afford a garage and driveway will have a interior guideway portal connection to living quarters.  The vehicle designs haul like a truck, as cheap as a supertanker can transport by the ton but faster than commercial airliners.  All in one this systems specs should make them the best choice and least cost for every kind of mobility.
  • These guideway vehicles can be built to go through drive through service window lanes mixed in lines of personal and autonomus road vehicles
  • Every proposed guideway vehicle should have on board near guideway 150 feet to both sides fire fighting equipment at a small weight increase loading with 300 to 600 gallons of water when needed.  Every vehicle can serve as an ambulance to get people with medical emergencies to hospitals faster than today’s helicopters can even arrive at the emergency.
  • The guideway dementional and operation specifics allow it to be many times more energy efficient, a small fraction the user personal and commercial mobility cost, at least 200 times safer than roads and a range of nine to twenty times faster for all measures of goods and people movements by comparison with all other existing and future proposed transportation in 2019.
  • The global guideway vehicle is a tubular skinny body that self lowers by a cross strap hoist system to any place under a guideway to pick up and deliver.
  • Once loaded the high lift power to weight ratio ascender fast lifts and rapidly starts moving towards other vehicles going the same direction forming increasingly long trains of such vehicles.  Catching up to, or being cought up with, adjacient trains includes the trains splitting at a full speed switch and one or several vehicles fills the gap.  Zero room for error requires PRT style redundancy.
  • We can not foresee as yet totally unknown possibilities that might be compeditive with this. But it is unlikely any future system can match the lower guideway installed cost and full access every property guideway direct access grids everywhere that road vehicles are presently used.  Many places that are inexcessable by all exiting transportation are fully reachable with a guideway that can even be bolted to verticle rock walls, reached cheaply by the ultra light weight guideways.
  • This proposal consists of structural, mechanical and electric dimensioned speculative design specifics as well as many variations of first time mass production engineering systems needed to build it.
  • Sustainability here is absolute and has layers of continuing future plans, lesser alternatives and contingencies based off this 1981 starting point design optimization quest.  The basic global guideway design is based on applied physics, cost to benefits ratios and all known comparative design options.
  • All individuals have to benefit in the long run with their radically different economic situatatins, aspirations, work, lifestyles and industrial needs.  This is all handled by a single design, all purpose, do almost anything vehicle.  This suspended monorail race-car-truck-train workhorse can provide total mobility replacement, nearly unlimited, lower cost personal and commercial transportation at speeds thought impossible by conventional engineers.  New tooling and package electric plants can be place and service by the guideway two part mobility system then it distributes the electricity at little transmission cost for low user cost electricity.
  • This is the only article you will find, that I know of, that leads directly to permant universal almost unlimited energy and transportation possibilities that result in permant environmental improvements.  We can still waste the benefits provided or learn from the minimal scale in achieving the lowest cost at the highest just below sonic speed.
  • The obvious but rarely pursued way to lowest cost at the highest practical speed is lower frontal area, lower guideway interference drag, lower skin friction, lower cooling pumping losses lower normal conditions parasite drag and lower rolling friction.
  • This is histories first high speed vehicle design that uses direct electric propulsion that does not slip in traction.  Mass decoupling allows air or water attoms to slip, shockwave free, at hyper velocities around a aerial vehicle of large frontal area.  This guideway lives in real viscous friction so has to minimize at the same time frontal area per average ton or volume, smoothness and zero gaps or ridges between entrained either end forward vehicles with any vehicle able to take the front or rear position at a drag coefficient of under .06 to .05.
  • If you have a million tons of water to move you load three tons in each 20 foot long independent vehicle, join a couple hundred vehicles into a train or two and make round trips at 200 or more MPH.  The guideway vehicle water pipeline moves through the 1/800 water density air instead of moving the higher friction water through a pipe.  The drop in friction makes the mobile pipeline more efficient at higher speed.
  • Proposed here is the first known variable coil tap and mechanical variable integrated air gap control and mechanical contact in nitrogen reduced pressure commutation wheel motors.
  • Small fast vehicle trains are cheaper than large slow vehicles and beat commercial aircraft speeds.
  • This systems design should be permanatly neutrally sustainable for tens of thousands of years of massive human occupation of Earth.  This assumes no major industrial based fuel burning system we presently use remains to deplete resources and the thriving self sustaining ecology.
  • leveraging the global guideway’s early development stages requires the introduction of zero displacement and dynamic all SES lift roll and pitch control small frontal area highly elongated segmental sea trains to increase intercontinental traffic in becoming near aircraft speed tonnages and passenger movement.  These sea trains have been weakly proposed and never analytically designed.  They would burning no combustion fuel during and after the introduction of the Davis like cross ocean global guideway tube networks of minimal frontal area in air and ET3 land network connections.  Sea trains are needed to develope large scale seasteading and ocean based agriculture that produces ten times or more per atrifical average than land based fields.  Sea trains are described latter on in a separate website.
  • A global PRT guideway can eliminate all future practical needs for fuel burning By relying on local ultra deep geothermal electricity placed automatically by the guideway system as it advances supplying all energy needs from a local multi thousand year source.
  • Aside from the environmental oxygen increase and reducing acidification of the oceans, this leads to very low cost pollution free industrial to residential cheaper than the cheapest fuel use electricity.
  • The proposed design for aerodynamicly minimalist slender vehicles would have light weight high rim velocity chains of five to eight wheel motors that could develope 1,500 to 2,500 KW per 2,500 pound vehicles that are faster than present commercial jets
  • these vehicles provide personal and goods transportation at lower than heavy rail costs, everywhere door to door nonstop direct On new light weight per mile large open structure, large cross section suspended monorail spans.
  • The proposed vehicle designs can operate in trains at 90% of the speed of Hyperloop without the side span evacuated tube windage capital cost, at about double the energy requirement or about .5 cents more in electricity use per mile.
  • The difference is there are no airlocks and the vehicles can descend, station free, to load at ground level beside every property for direct door to door access on a world wide guideway network.
  • You could go to work every day from your house cross the commute distance at 100 MPH to 200 MPH at about 2 cents to 7 cents a user cost mile compared to 40 cents a mile for the least expensive to on average own and drive personal IC automobiles.  Fastest speed, most convenient access at the lowest user and societal costs likely ever practical.
  • Reducing span visibility is described further on.  This is less visually objectionable than the all present streets with vehicles running and parked everywhere on and around them.
  • This system is above all ground level activities and most structures.  You could walk bike everywhere with out crossing a guideway vehicle path once the last road vehicle operator switched from ar decade transport to fully elevated transport.  The universal first of a kind proposal vehicles carry all people and goods at presently unthinkable speeds and costs lower per mile than typical bicycling, with simpler automation accuracy, away from surface level hazards, up in the tree tops.
  • Every trip involves seeing scenery around you from the more pleasant second story high or higher level.  Further on is described a system tha lets you chose your viewing height level as you trave within options available on heavier traffic through lines to see your surroundings as if you were flying in an aircraft at the same or slow motion speeds described further on.
  • The fast, just over one ton universal use vehicles, spread their weight evenly out over the longest practical large diameter disc wheel suspended monorail beam length.  This is better than the original Whopertal Enos designs in the 1890s but never revisited in prototypes.  This allows lower guideway installation cost at less than about half the cost of maintaining existing streets and highways over time.
  • Full production and installation Systems component designs simplify activity tasks using fully automated mass produced and production and installation components.  This lowers the manual concrete based guideway design costs to about 1/10th to 1/30th the cost of often cabin guideway proposals at less than the cost of Transit X - Skytran style streamlined window pods.
  • This requires a different way to improve handicapt access for their universal independent mobility on this systems design.  Kids of almost any young age can more safely use this system to go where needed by themselves, including replacing school busses as described further on.
  • Narrow flat rim contact disc guidewheels and micro gear differential dual rim support and propulsion wheels are proposed to solve histories vehicle traction defect and rolling resistance problems.  None of this has elsewhere been publicly proposed.  This allows lower than flanged wheel railroad rolling resistance at greater than the best present traction motor efficiency map performance.  A possibly new variable attraction angle and axial unloading needle bearing arrangement increases the time between overhauls at turbine engine rim velocities exceeding an allowed about 950 feet per second straight guideway speed.
  • The faster the most efficient design vehicles are the fewer vehicles are needed to provide all mobility services to every body including all goods, water and materials delivery movements using the same in motion self converting vehicles.
  • Separately accessed vehicles close ranks with adjacent vehicles and trains of such vehicles going the same route.  This constantly makes more room for entering vehicles and reduces frontal area drag and energy use.
  • These tiny vehicles in numbers needed for each task at any given time replace the use of large trucks, ships, railroads and aircraft as well as all the uses we have for automobiles, busses, bicycles and longer walking trips.  One such vehicle on a fully connetted guideway network replaces about one semi, delivery or dump truck, as well as additionally about 10 to 15 automobiles or one commercial aircraft now needed for all mobility.
  • 65% of the present six trillion US personal miles are urban with about one third being between cities.  This will change rapidly as you could afford to commute on the global guideway from your homes property line vehicle access point to cities and rural areas hundreds of miles away as fast and cheaply as you commute today in a car to a near by job in town.
  • There has never before been a vehicle design even distantly close to this proposal.  The proposed internal systems and direct vehicle to vehicle and to local user cell phone communications network nurtures the connective needs of humans and all desirable institutions and businesses.
  • New forms of residential housing are proposed that can be present property improvement or built away from all conventional utility connections, needing only the guideway itself to provide at a lower cost environmentally neutral support systems including all financial service and self govornment needs.  This is using the proposed user guided software system for home occupant self management.
  • This proposal is for the basic dementioned designs of a jet aircraft speed, globally connected, self lowering anywhere under the guideway PRT type vehicle access directly to all properties, no stations needed anywhere.  This is instead of continuing to use unsustainable streets, rural roads and highway networks.  This is faster and many times more efficient than commercial aircraft.
  •  This is a self opportunity entraining personal rapid transit or PRT system.  Independently routing PRT guideway automated taxis and delivery trucks can run railroad efficient only if properly designed.  In trains well designed parallel sided vehicles become more efficient than railroads at about 1/15th the gap free frontal area and 1/90th or less the aerodynamic drag.  Lower drag per passenger or ton mile is converted into higher speed using a lower cost base load electric energy supply.  The fully automate guideways place the electric generation system that supplies the guideway’s and participating adjacent propertie’s electricity at about half to a fourth or less the cost of most fuel burning wire distribution electric utilities.  The guideway structure is the conductors.
  • This is proposing a global national government free transportation world by bringing all the world’s economies together as one.
  • This is libertarian local to global user directed transportation.  This is proposed as free enterprise transportation offered directly to property owners in mass then letting them in neighborhood groups decide on the alignments and forms of the services.  The user deciders have to be individually connected to internet or cell phones or feathered in frequent meetings.  Protecting from industry, investor and govornment manipulation becomes a complex problem as always.
  • Most govorments allow non interfering public utilities access to properties along streets, utility ROWs and alley ways.  The proposed design installation system can place several stake driven pier miles a day directly from the just installed last pier and span.  All machinery, parts and the few crew involved travel overhead on a separate set of service rails or underneath with the regular goods and passenger traffic.  This includes placing tight radius curves without any ground level equipment road access or crew.  Details are described further on in the menus pages.
  • A mediating constantly adjusting software is proposed to automatically try to smooth out differences between neighbors using a automation response system mimicking know human sucsessful mediator practices.  The mediating process requires the emerging AI idea recognition only in the areas required for sucsessful transactions redirecting to human consultants when cooperative progress breaks down.  Question and multiple choice answers combined with text user answers with local design outcomes returned taylored to each person’s choices.  Alignments and client property ID shown only for adjacent property owner privacy.  Result statistical comparisons are then constantly adjusted to show each design stage.  Service demonstration videos show different access forms connected to the global guideway network.
  • Companies make profits off the machinery they mass produce.  Users effectively become the collective on going management through a local to global public service guideway utility trust.  Users together become the default owners of the guideways and vehicles they use.  This would be a global coop or global public trust controlled by direct democracy.  This is a replacement for elected oligarchy forms of representative government presently common almost everywhere.  The automated management program creates a shadow democratic self regulating and management process administration, always subject to allowance by local govornments.
  • The way we organize transportation today benefits mostly sociopathic tending wealthy investors, politicians and executives.
  • The world bank shows the 30 year global fuel based infrastructure needs at about $34 trillion for roads, $28 trillion for electricity, $11 trillion for railroads, $15 trillion for for telecommunications, $8 triiion for water transportation.  Add to this about $70 trillion for vehicle and equipment fleet replacement and third world additional vehicles and equipment at possibly $15 trillion and facilities additions no longer need by the global guideway at an additional one time surplus saving of about $50 trillion and fuel based energy savings at about $60 trillion in 30 years and you have about three to four times the cost using the present fuel burning infrastructure compared to the here proposed designs and installation systems for the all new infrastructure replacing global guideway.
  • The global economy would be speed up in velocity of money increase, reduction in inventory drag on the velocity of money, an improvement by as much as three times in average individual human productivity time to individual consumptive values and a brick wall stop of the increase in environmental degradation by separating land and industrial water uses from the ecosystem’s requirements.

This proposal is fearful in it’s uniquly unfamiliar components that in my life time I have never heard of, myself reading everything extensively.  I am interested in ideas that might improve or refine a ultimately best human future.  All questions, objection and additions are appreciated.

  • The heavy equipment that is operator centric that is presently used to install or transport anything or build buildings, run farms, build and maintain everting is replaced by autonomous universal guideway scaled tool carriers.  Big operator controlled equipment become too heavy and slow and is no longer needed.  No transportation fuel storage refinery or super site clean up costs, no contaminated aquifers, no acidfied ocean costs and the present gas station fuel distribution systems costs.
  • PRT systems were first thought of as fully automated mail and goods carriers in the 1880s to 1920 eras, then forgotten about until a single proposer in 1953.  It was not until 1968 that the idea started to spread world wide.
  • This system is configured as an all purpose global public utility all electric guideway span, steel not copper or aluminum conducted electric grid and transportation system.  Read everything you can on PRT transportation systems and you will still lack 99% of what is detailed here.
  • How do you describe a system we could have developed over a hundred years ago that would have bypassed this whole fuel burning era we now live in?  This design set is what smart cell phones and the internet are compared to telegraph communications in comparing the global guideway advances to all present public utilities government and business administrated transportation and energy systems.
  • This is about an all new fully elevated totally station or platform free suspended monorail transportation infrastructure.  This should best be powered by local sourced ultra deep geothermal shafts bored by fully automated flame slotting, segmental core, cog gear ascender removal boring machines placed by the advancing PRT guideways every few miles.
  • The guideway power grid builds the guideway industries, provides logistics and construction energy, sinks all new ultra deep geothermal shafts that provides the energy incrementally replacing all fuel burning and most wind power systems at lower user cost.
  • Autonomous packaged turbo expander generator sets in several units would be placed to provide electricity to the guideway’s structural conductor built in loop main power grid.
  • Mass production like for automobiles lowers all the component cost along with the fully automated distribution and sales system with turers would at first make profits and be in competition with each other for improvements and lowest cost.
  • As energy demands increase, more closed cycle high rim velocity generator condenser compressor sets and side thermal extraction hole drilling units would be placed at each shaft to keep up with demand.
  • Replacing 30 to 50 year present accepted cycles of overlapping incremental infrastructure capital investment cycles of all the existing global infrastructure costing just over 100 trillion dollars per cycle.  To move these cycles out to 200 or more years at a lower cycle cost we need all new forms of infrastructure.  This requires radically more efficient systems that must move from reliance on the present legacy obsolete industrial infrastructure to a more efficient stand alone local energy infrastructure.
  • You can not carry out a war that destroys such infrastructure as well as during the deepest snow, worst ice Storms, floods , tsunamis, most earthquakes this PRT Design remains portionally operational when all other systems stop operating until cleared or repaired.
  • Using local cheaper amortized investment fuel cost free electricity to power everything is the core.  The proposed often over ten miles deep geothermal has an continuing energy cost in the cost of the turret drill packs that will have to constantly drill new spaced out holes that will be depleted in energy regressively over decades to centuries.  First drilled holes can become pre heaters for latter drilled holes.  Changing the binary gas mix used both for extraction and in the turbines can over time improve generating efficiencies as strata temperatures decline giving a reprieve from momentary new investments.  Always over time new extraction holes will have to be added along with new shaft depth and divergent angled new shafts added over the centuries from the first main shaft. Rural communit and area generators might be good for 5,000 to 20,000 years depending on population densities and industrial consumption.  At a certain point a global ocean geothermal extraction system and electric grid will be needed.
  • Artificial SES type floating islands may be cheaper than land occupation returning vast areas of less productive farm land to natural habitats. This is far less costly than coal mining and oil drilling where the easy locations are extracted first leaving more expensive difficult supplies for the future.  Of course the acidification of the oceans and lakes and the heating of the atmosphere to unlivable levels will happen in the next century of fuel burning as we do today.
  • This is a battery free world system.  No energy storage is needed at all, not even at levels of vehicle batteries.  Electricity is feed multi directionally from closely spaced multi redundant sources.  Overload on every vehicle demand response and shorting fused protections do not stop mobility or isolate vehicles in catastrophes.  Emergency vehicles on the guideway might have batteries for unique possibilities but rarely need them.  Every guideway vehicle proposed here can be equipped for ambulance, adjacent fire fighting and police assistance.
  • Residential or industry PV or wind systems get back up power from the guideway.  There need be no  competition between utilities if the users collectively democratically make all administrative decisions not special interest influenced decisions.
  • The locally available geothermal energy under the whole planets area exceeds all the oil, coal, natural gas and nuclear power by many tens to thousands of times without polluting the atmosphere.  Over thousands of years each geothermal well, about 20 miles apart, can access around 1600 cubic miles of hot rock between 7 to 11 miles deep, efficiently extracting over time the equivalent energy of about 300 million barrels of oil in thermal energy per cubic mile.  This is based on a posted estimate, not my own calculations.  I am not sure what the bottoming condenser temperature and efficiency was for this shallower resource estimate.  This is unlimited steady state fuel free local electricity for between about 10,000 to 100,000 years of highly technical human needs for around ten billion people, without adding any solar or wind power to the base load steady state supply extending our our energy based future to the liveable life of our sun and survivable preparations for random galactic radiation bursts.
  • The proposed production engineering systems to access these large shaft diameter geothermal miles deep production zones cheaper than we drill small diameter shallower oil wells today will be described in the menu addendum pages.
  • To do all of this requires making the total replacement global utility guideway systems components and their automated decision making self management systems much lower in user first year costs including debt retirement rate than the lowest cost possibilities presented by all other systems possibilities.  This has to be compared to all of the present choices trying to improve the existing 90% road based transport system and the fuel burning economy.
  •  If you can not find a user desirable replacements for not just  part of the use of roads but all uses of roads you will still need to maintain road property access most places.  The guideways allow properties to no longer be defined by road right of ways.  We gain back 25% or more of urban land areas and 5% rural areas by eliminating any future need for roads.  Drainage fast runoff problems are reduced and the materials from road removal can become chanel and dam surfacing and thermal mass construction blocks for buildings.  The PRT guideway components can make whole site integrated automated portable construction crane system for the first time fully automating agriculture and building construction and rehabilitation.
  • Roads, rivers, railroads and canals, are also guideways but often hundreds of times larger in land area consumed, linear materials mass of these earthen supported surface based systems requiring ongoing capital maintenance and replacement costs.  None of any common trips in vehicles are going cross country without a road guideway for usually all or occasionally the ends of mixed mode transfer trips.  Airports and harbors do not require guideway or right of way costs but their facilities costs at connecting points and operational costs over time by comparison can build cross ocean high speed low cost per ton mile guideway tubes.
  • This proposed elevated light weight span guideway using micro geared, tungsten shell, geared  wheel to rail contact surfaces allow lower wear and energy cost than all the other known vehicle choices, including maglev as presently known.  Reducing frontal area drag is most important once you reach fkat contact hard wheel on hard rail rolling friction reduction and zero electrical slip propulsion motor efficiencies.  Evacuated tubes are many times faster than the just suso ic trains described here and will eventually replace this proposal for most then all door to door transportation.  When you can travel a thousand mile trip in twenty minutes instead of two hours at the same or lower cost why would you not want to invest in the future ET3 system?  The reason is immediate access cost and the at least three times cost of the directly connecting infrastructure and problems of handeling over sized loads as the top maintainence rails of the guideways can carry the large spans and even tubes needed for the ET3 system but the ET3 system needs airlocks to oass through internally carried loads.  It is possible to overcome these problems as described further on and build the ET3 bypassing this slower just subsonic system.  First we need a very good form of maglev.
  • Air vehicles require high energy for movement support at about 30 to 40 times this proposed guideway hard tires that have zero propulsion slippage when the motors are operated syncronusly at part loads or cruise speeds even in trains at 650 MPH.  Reducing single high frontal area loading asynchronous running time increases motor efficiency to the mid ninety percentile range.
  • Mass decoupling that is inexpensive might be a practical aero vehicle system if it can ever be environmentally neutrally mass produced.  Then aero vehicles might replace fixed maximum hard running surfaces guideways.  No such system has ever been publicly demonstrated or even described understandably in the physics literature to this time.
  • Proposed here is total desirable tearing up and grassing over of eventually all streets, parking lots, driveways, even rural roads and never looking fondly back wishing you could return to the good old days of road railroad and air vehicle use.  Recreational and historical vehicle use will continue at inconsequential effect on the environment.
  • A global ET3 system will be developing at the same time but at about three times the direct property access cost.
  • To do this requires miniaturizing a single mode all purpose guideway system that moves on a single standard design light weight suspended monorail span.  Suspended monorail is required to allow every vehicle to drop to ground level for anywhere loading and unloading.  The ten strap cable direct gearless hoist drive options are describe in the index menu page.
  • These all new guideways are above us running over the top of and not interfering with all land uses underneath.  Pier spacing to not interfere with property uses can be widely varied infinitely due to the at every joint active expansion and precarch continuous span attachment designs.  At a greater span cost piers can be spaced out with suspended spans several hundred feet between support points.
  • These nearly all oneway PRT network grid elevated spans would from many engineering and logistics studies be able to carry more people, tons or cubic yards of goods or commodities per hour than three lanes of pavement or a one way heavy railway track.  PRT automation means there is no need to group vehicles together for human dispatch and operator cost reduction, only to improve efficiencies at high speeds.  Almost continuous trains are possible, but not safe or practical not eliminating strategically organized open spaces to accommodate entering and leaving vehicles.  Using the geothermal power generators as locations to save up resistance dynamic breaking in the upper thermal well mass would allow almost unlimited fairly efficient regenerative braking without needing batteries. Locally during a overload high traffic emergency stop radiant resistor strips on the guideway can locally dissipate infrared energy or in extreme situation visible spectrums into the air and other surfaces around the spans.  No fear no fires started here.  Similar resistance can be placed on the vehicles bypassing the conductor system but adding cost to the vehicles.  You only need to dissipate the energy off the vehicle stopping rapidly from 650 MPH to do the job.
  • To do this all, we need to increase the vehicle speed and develope high speed in motion constant entering and leaving of trains of PRT vehicles on converging and diverging grids loops, all at very high speed.
  • To make this competitively practical we need to lower the linear costs and volume carried cost of the guideway compared to fully automated electric direct roadway power pick up truck costs on existing always slower more energy per ton mile roadways.   Road fatalities are about 1.3 million people a year more all the time bing poker pedestrians that have to walk in developed countries.  A automated level 5 version of Daryl Osters’s Mopod might be produced for under $2,000 to $5,000 that could be cheaper to give or subsidies for all poor people to use than using busses or rail mass transit systems getting pedestrians off of streets and fuel burning engines out of road vehicles.  The best electric fully autonomous cars and trucks would still be limited to hazardous travel on roads on average at about 10% of the speed of the guideway vehicles that travel in a no interference hazard free zone 20 feet or higher overhead.
  • We need to fully automate the mass production And installation of everything to reduce the new systems cost over using the old road system with new autonomous vehicles that will always be slower but lower in initial vehicle and right of way combined cost.  The charging infrastructure and battery cost is much higher than the direct electric pick up electric cost of the global guideway.  The resistance and chemical conversion losses of a battery powered road vehicle network is much higher than direct pick up on hard tire traction than rubber tires traction with batteries.
  • the guideway fully autonomous or no central control of any kind, PRT vehicles need to provide users with Individually helpful services for all user needs.  Think of all the ways you would want a robot vehicle to serve you and help you to feel good about a new form of more reliable relationship.  Vending machines have no prejudices when you give them your money and they offer you a service.  Vending machine owners can be greedy profit only schemers or just make a get by living businessman in setting prices for products offered.  Proposed here is proportional piecing constantly being adjusted to cover costs and new system access amortization.  The global users should be given the detailed facts and allowed to set rates to reflect continuance and extension of services.  New area users have to separately make choices as to how important it is to them to be intamently connected directly to the rest of the world and set their local debt retirement unit transportation cost figures to produce their democratic ly chosen local values.
  • The solution needs just the right minimalist vehicle cross section and linear load scale to handle nearly all commonly shipped items in the smallest lightest frontal area as well as all personal transportation needs In the same small as practical vehicles.
  • Keeping the lowest practical frontal area or about that of a motor cycle and rider at the lowest possible coefficient of dynamic drag keeps energy levels as low as possible alowing higher speeds while using less energy.
  • With the small vehicles of the right design or form we no longer need any large vehicles to justify operator costs.  Large vehicles require heavy pavements, railway, airport, canal and harbor investments.  These would no longer need to be funded as their operating systems comparatively cost more per ton mile and passenger mile at lower speeds.
  • Personal time and the time of all manufactured goods have counter productive  costs slowing speed or increasing time in movement slows economic growth just as slowing the velocity of money or consumption turn over slows growth in personal and global economies.
  • All personal rapid transit called PRT guideway vehicles need to be self lowering for anywhere access and emergency egress under the suspended monorail beams.  The vehicles can stop and lower their bodies to ground level anyplace under the guideways on the 95% of guideway grid loop or blocked miles that are side street and rural access road equivalents.  Like side streets, these access stop on line guideway sections need to have little traffic so the vehicles can stop on line without holding up following vehicles.  Following low traffic vehicles can slow to wait a user prescribed access time or go around a stopped vehicle On adjacent grid routes.
  • A PRT vehicle can know of operational situations and entering vehicles miles ahead to predict choices the vehicles should make.  Few automated programs do this today only onboard each vehicle.  Presently they relying on central traffic control and despatch systems. Proposed here is zero central management.  This is not block chain but it is cooperative local control only on the cooperating always moving block vehicles using a simple multivinductive conductor path vehicle position and speed location system that was possible 120 years ago  This system communicates with with any nearby user cell phone or internet connected computer as a user dispatch connection with widening ring areas seeking passing empty vehicle capacities of specified types.
  • Every few miles the vehicle would reach a main street or expressway like grid where stopping accept for emergency egress is not allowed.  This increases speed from about 200 MPH on straights on unoccupied access grids to in stages reach 650 MPH running on the in air entrained grids.  About five miles acceleration and deceleration lane distance or off and on ramps from zero to full speed.  Lower speed 200 to 400 MPH grids would serve denser urban areas using much shorter ramp lengths or the ramps can be treated like continuos side access roads on expressways.
  • Elevated stations, airports, commercial harbors and terminals, transit and  freight railroad and bus stops and terminals would no longer be needed anywhere as most warehouse operations would cease to be competitive.  With same day delivery from the far side of Earth taking less than 24 hours and most continental movements taking one to eight hours there is usually no reason to mass local warehouses full of idle products.
  • This proposal is an eliminator of transportation jobs and energy investor wealth.  This is in compensation a massive cost of business and cost of living reduction booster to all other individuals with effective outcome wealth gains in the total output of the global economy over time.
  • We have now experienced global access information and communications where ever we are on our smart phones.  This proposal is how to achieve the same physical not information access response globally, from every place to every place, door to door nonstop direct on average faster than any commercial jet can fly home to home.
  • It will take about four decades to complete the first 30 million guideway miles.  Since this is happening here and there a little at a time each year the costs and economic displacement problems are stretched out.  Fully automated electric truck introduction will happen much faster in the next decade alone because the world wide road systems are already built to run on.  Electric trucks can be cheaper than railroads if they have less damaging load distribution and lower frontal area drag.  ThecTeslactruck is less than one eighth as efficient as other designs can be.  This can be covered latter on in a competing systems web site.
  • For global guideway to work best a whole new kind of running gear and suspended monorail system is proposed As described further on.
  • Every building on the planet or residential door becomes the direct access now serviced by automobiles and trucks for most people and by foot for poorer people.
  •  The proposed guideway PRT taxis that are also all purpose global and local to long distance trucks are designed for the first time to be fully capable of wheel borne electric motor propelled continuous separate vehicle travel at sea level at just over 400 MPH using about 1500 KW of energy, based on many salt flats speedster examples and usually at the lower altitudes operated in.
  • This single vehicle speed is operating with a high wear and energy charge making it several times more expensive than a vehicles proceeding more slowly waiting to be smoothly joined by a passing train of such vehicles operating more efficiently at much higher shared frontal area energy efficiency speeds.  Momentary single vehicle speeds exceed the speed of sound so they will not be run over by a unaware approaching trains that cannot have a collision anyway.
  • These 2,00 to 2,500 pound unladen vehicles about 3.5 feet in exterior diameter and between about 17 to 28 feet over the flat ends will be tubular with the flat ends containg a 3:1 aspect ratio accordion inflated streamlined cones for separate and end operation drag reduction.
  • In operation one guideway vehicle’s full time services replaces about the people and goods movements of 15 each of the average mix of the just over 2.5 billion cars, trucks, railway cars, ocean and channeled ships and barges and commercial and private aircraft In daily use.  At any time on average 95% of the world vehicle fleet is parked waiting for use, in storage, in repair or reserve, being sold or scraped or being loaded.
  • These global guideway vehicles are prposed to be specificly designed for all component and structure pit stop repairs of plug and go replaced externally accessed components.  Not even race cars are usually designed this way other than tire changes.
  • These vehicles get all of their energy directly from a new form of pickup rail located deep inside the guideway so they never have to stop or unlimited range.  A vehicle train could travel a loop putting on 5.6 million miles in a year non stop assuming no breakdown occurred.
  • About three gallons of onboard water and a soap supply cleans out their commodities bladder that is blow dryed while in route to pick up other granular or liquid materials they are rated to carry between passenger and package, containerized items or moving households and compact furniture and automated tool carriers that replace the more expensive use of large farm, construction , mining and materials handeling industrial machinery.
  • The vehicles can travel in trains safely using the first in history proposed wheel motor designs at a little over twice the speed of sound using their collective power.  But they would produce damaging shock waves and a twin loud noise on passing louder than two shot guns going off sequentially near you.  They would be limited to about 650 MPH where the soundofca train or single vehicle on passing at full speed closely overhead would be similar to about a fourth of that of a F-15 passing overhead at the same speed throttle off.  This is more like a loud but short swishing sound.  This comparison is based roughly on frontal area and hollow section reverberation differentials with the low high speed fighter pass example observed at a Thunderbirds air show several decades ago.

This is a shocking proposal to conservative people who will immediately suspect that building 40,000,000 miles of brand new guideways will cost hundreds of trillions of dollars.  About $60 trillion would likely buy the whole global system and the first 300 million all purpose vehicles that replace the whole of the world’s existing transportation fleets and building four times more base load ultra deep geothermal electric power capacity using only the fully automated guideway for construction.

Incrementally the guideways might pay for themselves amortizing out to a service cost lowering from about half of auto and truck use segmentally calculated global cost to less than a tenth the comparative user cost over time as first systems debt retirement is rolled over to build subsequent installations in proceeding decades.  The user cost becomes steadily less only if the guideways are self owned in the interest of all the user demanded benefits.  This is portrayed as a global user direct democracy trust with a non secret user voting record as a cross check giving each user a paper record for validation when required.

The possible costs over the first decade will likely be ever less, based on probable improvement that can be roughly projected.  The first half a decade of mass production will likely find defects that might raise costs over projections.  As these can not be forseen projections have to be based on similar machinery and structure costs in fully automated mass production with adjustments for scale and materials differences.

This lowers electric rates and personal mobility and directly delivered product costs over using the existing global distribution systems as a bonus to guideway direct access to guideway connected users as an inducement to support conversion.

People commonly get into automobiles directly sitting down into their seats through small doors.  Automobiles have no stand up access isles or onboard bathrooms.  Yet people take daily short to and long cross country multi day trips without feeling at a loss for service.  Just as in using automobiles the global guideway vehicles are at the instant change of occupants mind in route or stop control of their single choice occupants only vehicles.  This means if you get hungry or have to use the restroom you can come to a stopping place in about one minute from just below the speed of sound.  Restrooms and open restaurants are usually farther apart by time in slow road vehicles.  It takes less time to get to where the rider or user demands using the global guideway.  This is actually about half to a third the real time door to door trip speed of averaged multi mode and wait airline flights and air freight special delivery near by to globally.  The longer the single leg trip the less the differential.  Automaticly extending reclining seats can reach outside the vehicle to let the user sit down from a standing position under the weather protection of the gull wing whole side door, then the seat elevates and semi reclines the user into the minimal vehicle cross section with ample head, arm and shoulder room.  More clearance than is on most first class airliners.

The guideways will set the harizon level almost everywhere on views above average lower building tops but not above most trees.  Proposed is planting vines that grow up around piers and onto spans in temperate to tropic zones and colomer and other evergreens arround the poles.  The spans can be painted in varigated background colors and patterns color coded to mostly be visually unobtrusive from ground levels Based on sight level video analyses keyed to the back grounds they are in front of.  Reflective coatings that take on the seasonal colors of their surroundings are possible.  Look at it this way the guideways are less visually aborant than the streets parking lots and highways full of colorful cars and trucks with occasional billboard advertising on their sides and all the power poles 

, traffic lights, street signs and street lights the global guideway totally replaces with lawns, fields and trees.  No more surface slabs other than a network of uninterrupted bike paths everywhere a totally safe walkable world.  Even nearly all use of advertizing signs goes away with the advent of guideway use replacing auto use.  People locate places they want to patronize on their phones and the guideway interior screens that present stable pictures unlike the soundings flashing by at hundreds of miles per hour.  Why spend money on a sign when almost nobody will see it?

My wife always wanted to slow down so she could enjoy scenery.  Prior guideway vehicles could be taking locally recorded images of the scenery passed through, then retransmitted on request to be projected on the interior screens at a slower speed.  The guideway video cameras pick up real time passing scenery projecting these scenes or any chosen scene on interior screens that replace windows.  The cameras are on average located 25 to 30 feet above the ground slow down a little bit the blinding speed sense of motion.  Windows are no longer a viable option as they increase the weight, purchase cost and operating costs of advanced vehicles.  Even the Musk Space X BFR is improperly presented with windows.

The industrial world is miniaturizing or shrinking in it’s foot print and need for human labor.  I am writing this sitting in the center of over a hundred square miles of abandoned to little used industries on the south side of Chicago through Hammond Indianna down to Gary.  As I drive through these areas even the huge buildings that rose everywhere and their former always connecting rail yards are shrinking replaced by highways that are unsustainable.

Lowering all mobility cost with higher speed

Proposed is a hard surface, gear traction, electric rim drive wheel motor in-line chain.  This as a three foot diameter wheel increases regular speed to usually 650 MPH on all nearly straight guideways or about 10 times faster than average road vehicle speed between and through cities on freeways.  This is about 15% faster than most very large frontal area commercial jets fly at.

If the aero drag and frontal areas for long slender trains is low enough then they use less vehicle systems not load, weight and frontal area drag share to volume, at ten times the speed than mostly unstreamlined large bus, truck and rail vehicles do.

a Larger frontal area vehicles that are proportionately longer have a higher volume capacity to skin and frontal area while maintaining a high section moment structural ratio.  This produces efficency advantages in large aircraft, ships and spacecraft, only where their is not clearance limits as in railway and road systems.

Length then improves efficency in longer trucks, but mostly longer trains producing efficency gains.  Because it is only with difficulty that trucks drop off trailers and slowly approach loading docks and parking stalls and railway cars move at turtle speeds through sorting yards to final industrial sidings.  Ships and aircraft also taxi and maneuver slowly into water and sky harbors that are separated from 99.99% of their passenger and cargo origins and destinations.

The fast race car agile guideway vehicles pull into and leave the anywhere loading points like race cars pull into and leave pit stops in a hurry as time is money and passengers and shipper will always prefer the fastest speeds if cost and safety are also possible.

The slender long flexible segmental armature wrap around maglev running gear possibilities lowers the upper guideway beam and pier height by two or more feet.  This also about doubles the cost of 95 % of the stop on line global access guideway grid lengths.  Maglev slightly reduces maintainence cost but increases electric cost while lowering drag at about the same amount by about one square foot of frontal area.  No good maglev geometry has emerged with certainty.  I will be a booster as soon as the ideal can be figured out.

The gear wheel motor system is basic and simple but totally untested.  There is no spectacularly good maglev design that is certainly better than the proposed wheel motor design.

Vehicle heating and air conditioning at these speeds requires improved thick evacuated panel insulation to keep from boiling or freezing the occupants or cargo.  The triple or more redundant airconditioning system requires turbocharger speed Dyson vacuume cleaner like compressors with skin mounted heat rejection coils.

Going faster, loading and unloading quicker and responding to wider types of nearby mobility requests faster means less vehicle volume and weight capacity or procurement cost globally is needed.  The vehicle fleet investments are smaller as well because the vehicles have virtually no accidents and catastrophic breakdowns that are no longer economically rebuildable.

The design of fast long range conventional air vehicles is around large fuel tanks andspace for crews.  Slower road and rail vehicles need  larger cabin spaces because their longer trips route times are less comfortable in smaller cabins and they have to have excess capacity for peak load times as adding more small vehicles is not an easy option as with on demand adjustable capacity PRT.

Few PRT vehicles globally would remain parked for long because the system is always adjusting empty capacities to meet axial global revolving cyclic daily demands.

Empty return vehicles get folded intermittently into heavy and light loads to reduce average span loads and vibrations.  A heavily loaded vehicle would joint a train on either end or between two lighter vehicles or request an empty or single passenger vehicle to pull in on either side of it to reduce it’s span load allowing it to train up on lighter rural grids than have to travel separately avoiding over load charges but still at greater cost.

Smaller high speed guideway vehicles might on average city to intercontinental miles carry more ton miles and individual client trips than ten or twenty times what most vehicles today do.  This means you can afford to build them to be more rugged than road and air vehicles where they will get the hardest impacts or most abrasion wear.  Each vehicle can last a century or more With rebuilding of high mortality parts.  Few replacement guideway vehicles will be needed after the first 200 million or so Built.  They might last a century in service.

One global guideway vehicle replaces about 15 of the whole range of average vehicles in use today from bicycles and automobiles to ocean container ships, rail cars and jumbo jets.

The global guideway tiny vehicles provide high ton mile volume mile and passenger mile capacities per hour twenty four hours a day, nonstop every day of the year, carrying inter continental food materials and products, providing on demand police fire and medical interventions and unlimited instant disaster relief.  Fixed purpose vehicles cease to have any benefits.  The rural volunteer fire service model replaces the urban department systems lowering tax costs including for education as previously generalized.

Special autonomus PRT mobile MRI and X ray heart and lung performance plus body strength and motion range and blood work up monitoring vehicles could go door to door without onboard operators taking eye and hearing tests and scan listening to people exorsizing and at rest in a inflated portable exam room. Remote operators that need not be phystians remotely examine people without any clinic building or staff overhead.  The machine learning expertise exists in the billions of constantly accumulating indicators with categorized Xrays data to outcome examples with demonstrated results and treatments.  This proven ever more to be beyond any human’s ability to comprehend.  New data anatlisis programs that more rapidly bracket and direct the data searches will be built up.

This health data combined with on cell phone user taken photos of affected body problems and directed medical patient or systems user survey inventories of hundreds of thousands of combinations of user stated problem related questions posed to people needing medical help.  Smart phone apts then follow up with treatments suggestions and lifetime better lifestyle practice full time assistant coaching.  The coaching actually should be cradle to grave for everybody on the planet and soon off world.

This might replace the whole of today's global healthcare professions, government agencies and industries at a cost so low that it becomes not only a patient charge free but tax support free longevity improving system.  Today health care is over 18% of the cost of the US domestic economy possibly half of the effects on the govornment economies.

Again the manufactures of the mobile PRT self lowering pod examination rooms earn money by one time payments or time payments reimbursed by user fees paid to the guideway user controled global to local provider who buys and maintains the self managing autonomus vending mobile  machine like equipment.  Many kinds of equipment suppliers will be competing with each other.  Some will become quickly debt paid off and over the decades digress to survices in poorer areas till they can no longer be maintained.  Different maintenance programs will emerge beyond the user coop controled proposal for the guideways and vehicle’s.  Manufacturers making poor quality equipment that is hard to remotely use 365 days a year 24 hours a day will probably fail.  Who handles liability for incorrect treatments that do more harm than good?  A global guideway fund for compensation like a global guideway backed health care program is proposed.  This might provide care using a combination of individual out call and clinic providers and the PRT roving automated exam rooms.

Today, as always in history, institution are risk avoidant.  We choose familiar transportation with high known losses, risks and inefficiencies compared with the self lowerin guideways.

Because each 1,500 to 2,500 pound vehicle has on average about 1,500 to 3,000 peak horsepower in intermittent electric motors, they will have to pick up power and put power back into the local multipule loop main 6,000 volt DC span structural power grid.  Trains will require often 200 to 300 megawatts of area power to carry out an emergency acceleration or get a heavy unit train up to speed.  Most trains pass through with few speed changes or stops so mostly individual groups of vehicles joining and leaving the trains are the largest common resistance loss power demand.  Static power potential in the guideway grid produces no inductive or resistance losses.  Normally little local power is needed as most vehicles are cruising in trains, a few local vehicles accelerating and a few decelerating in any given area trading off about 85% of their speed change energy through regeneration.  If a local train has to decelerate then most of that energy momentarily is absorbed by having the local geothermal generators costing for a moment to keep the voltage level.  Area vehicles can use this energy by slightly accelerating for cooperative voltage control just as they might decelerate to help a large factory process start up.  The guideway is an inertial capacitor in storage for rare local overload or overpower events.  Huge stableizing power factors are possible.  The local overlapping communications system tells all the vehicles, that are user enabled to do so, to cooperate in emergencies of all kinds.

When empty vehicles are needed to meet demand second by second around the demand area a broadening ring phone communications dispersal processor call area asks for vehicles to fill in the deficits.  First nearby vehicles beyond those needed for time probability local traffic needs passed from vehicle to vehicle leaving and coming into the area with no central computer.  The deficit empty vehicle areas can fill in from supply’s ten thousand miles away if needed.

A flow of vehicles will emerge following the rotation of the Earth to meet cyclic day demands, literally slowing down the plant over millions of years.  ET3 will not have this effect because it is not fighting air resistance.

By reducing bearing and wheel wear using tungsten hard contact surfaces with almost zero slip flat gear contact  with no differential diameter flanged wheel or rubber tread contact as in railways and road vehicles and using variabe gap permanate magnet unloaded bearings the high speed wheels need not wear any faster than slow wheels.  Traction is by slip free fine gear tooth rim or tread minor or tooth root diameter barrel contact.  This eliminates traction slippage.  All aircraft and ship fan or propeller drives involve high turbulence and thermal loss inefficiencies.

Mostly urban urban neighborhood near by commuting and shopping trips at slower speeds of usually between a peak 100 MPH to 200 MPH would occur even on stop on line access guideway sections.  There is no reason to go slow unless the user wants to take a little traveled route to sight see or reduce the physical stress of high acceleration and cornering rates.

This requires absolute line occupancy detection using on vehicle situational position announcers through two to three local communications paths, one being a proposed hard wired multi diverging path EMP resistant inductive system, one a cellular radio frequency carrier and one being a fiber optic relay system for longer distance merges at higher speeds.  Failures are unacceptable so if a vehicle losses signals it slows down to a creep speed facilitating line of sight detection, that is the fourth of five redundant systems including on going internal traffic memory location matching.

This all means fewer fully automated self lowering access vehicles are needed.  The empty often mixed capacity race car fast vehicles arrive at a service call in less time.  The faster the vehicles the less time it takes at a penny or two a mile to get a passing or parked empty vehicle or one carrying a shared load occupant or cargo to pick up a calling individual service or shared user.  User clients can chose the fastest options or ask for the cheapest options that might require a longer wait.

The guideway grids being light weight at about 100 to 200 pounds per linear foot become cheaper to build and operate vehicles over than road vehicle systems.  Roads are designed for spread out loads of 1,200 pounds a lane linear foot but axle contact loads at about fifty times that of the proposed guideway wheels.  Rail vehicles are designed for around 4,000 to 5000 pounds per linear foot loads with running gear axle loads of up to about 70,000 pounds or about 1,200 times the more load than the linearly distributed numerous chains of about 600 pound normal load guideway wheels.  The unladen or light load for the guideway wheel motors would be about 200 to 300 pounds but shock loads of 5,000 to 10,000 pounds could be absorbed without rail or bearing failures.  Failures that occur from wear are acostic signature classifiable with single failed motor stop and retraction.  Each wheel motor might function with up to half or more of its coil IGBT commutation units failed separately.  Group or single replacement might occur when a transducer detects anomalies in running gear sounds.  Similarly every running gear set is monitoring and reporting to span requesters, misalignments and rail wear failures in every foot of guideway constantly being passed over as well as local cross wind and earth shifting vibrations.  The high speed system has to know conditions to take fully automated actions to prevent deterioration and hazards.  Anemometers located remotely and on every other guideway pier migh predict vibration inducing cross wind conditions alerting approaching vehicles to take suspension lock up actions.

There is much more to these design details and without testing, more not known than knowable.

Cost is less because energy and debt retirement shares are less and the speed is higher.  This is only possible with minimally small and linearly lightest weight vehicles.  This is only possible by designing every vehicle with mostly two semi recumbent knees up passenger seats plus room enough inside each vehicle for well over 99.99% of all larger items used by people.  Knees up seats reduce the acceleration and deceleration stresses on weaker passengers.  Several new to my life’s experiences kinds of passenger restraint systems are proposed.

A new kinds of seat with hundreds of design variables are proposed.  This is made of a oval or oblong tubular stainless steel frame with a stainless spring wire mesh net bound together with hard ceramic or plastic beads.  This conforms to body countours but allows back side air to flow through for rear fan heating and cooling and power washing clean up.  You could not cut this flexible sling seat with any knife or ax tool.  The wear life could be centuries long sanitary if well designed and the comfort might be as good as it gets in conforming to pocket bulges and clothing seams.  Cabin sound dampening requires stiff fur like basalt fiber fire proof wall and floor lining.  This needs to not have backing porosity that holds smells And needs to be easily high temperature bonded replaceable.

Couches desks dressers and refrigerators, drywall and plywood but not ridged larger mattress would fit inside every standard vehicle.  A commodities bag on every vehicle can carry one to three tons of grains, ores, flour, water or syrups, no fuels are ever again needed and fewer volatile plastic feed stocks are used as  bulk materials.  These food or process materials commodities are classed for different vehicle commodities bags are entered and discharged through a common top and bottom opening in large tough fabric reinforced envelopes vacuum collapsed against the side wall opposite the whole side gull wing door.  Many vehicles might have two bags one for domestic water and one for almost everything else.   A wash out system allows every vehicle to do almost everything so few mostly parked specialty vehicles are necessary.

Every vehicle would be able to participate full time in world wide commerce carrying people during rush hours, then going inter city or to other continents through floating ocean tubes during the 90% of the times of the lower human movement demand.

Vehicles with internal delivery manipulators pick up and deliver mail and packages even full self mobile electric goods containers.  These new containers replace pallets and lift trucks in most warehouse and stock rooms.  Pallet box like self mobile containers migh collapse for empty lower volume return stacking.  Many all new designs are proposed.  This new system creates new service possibilities.

Every vehicle is devided into two to five seperate compartments separated by roll up inflated deciders with Velcro edges that engage the wall and floor basalt carpeting.  Passengers could be seated behind inner seperate full wing dots that only open with the main outside door when that compartment needed to be accessed.  Mixed passenger and goods or mail loads could occupy each vehicle for shared group services.

interior robotic monitoring of occupant or cargo activities such as noise, heat, vapor releases is nessasary to provide emergency service.  Making these detectors and analyzers action systems non invasive is a large set of criteria trying to mimic effective human intervention stages.

The running gear proposeded is the only slip free propulsion and movement high speed support system ever described, meaning low wear and lower rolling friction.  Low air resistance is mandatory along with two to hundreds of vehicles sharing their frontal areas in trains.

Air friction and wake drag in boats, aircraft and road vehicles is 80% of the transportation fuel we burn today in transporting ourselves and goods.  Once we solve this problem lowered friction can be turned into greater speed.  Lowering rolling friction and wear becomes the default next big problem.

Proposed is rolling element bearings that are maglev unloaded to reduce friction farther and increase wear life.  Seals lift from their wavy or acentric seats after about 15 MPH as the lubrication is held in and dust rejected centripitally as speed increases.

Man assisted is from my early 1900s Literary Digests I found a yearly series of articles on the hazards of transportation.  In the earliest ones horse and train accidents at about 6,000 and 8,000 as I remember the figures were killed each year.  Soon auto accidents and street railway accidents predominated.

Another aside is that looking a poverty by urban data sets by area the poorest properties occupants died 26 to 31 years sooner than the wealthiest statistical block areas.

This brings up the problem of the moral efficacy of all forms of govornments and large scale for profit businesses.  Economies should be oft in mass all people within them as much as is possible.  The charity and personal growth of people assisted by common rules and sharing of gains has been around for all of human history.  Animal herds, groups and families even develope self help strategies for better survival.  Intelligent beings are more responsible to perfect these systems and identify and regulate problem members that detract from mutual best improvements.

War preparations are criminal activities that can harm and enslave the citizens of involved countries.  The guideways can never legitimately be used to assist in any way in war making preparations.  A single global to all of space set of common law and economic and environmental responsibilities should govern guideway activities just as all personal and business collective activities.  After 8,000 years of creating rules for actions that affect others there should be no arguments about universal common law and responsibilities.  This is beyond further discussion but is complex in that a improper regulation or tax itself becomes a violation and crime when levied against a non offending or low income individual.

Reducing the size and cost of defensive administrative govornments is different from preventing limited assistive transfers of wealth that elevated impoverished lower classes to be able to maintain themselves with out such assistance.  There is no obligation to allow wealthy people to gain unlimited wealth and power where they cease to contribute to the fastest sustainable economic product an services efficient flow in an economy.

Free enterprise ceases to es to be free when most or even a small part of an economy are treated as virtual slaves.

the universal guideway user democracy should have no age, social or economic class or property location limits.  A human user votes while passing through an area for operating choices for that areas guideways.  This can become global nontraditional govornment that is far cheaper in overhead and less likely to develope oppressed and oppressor classes than by known form of traditional govornment.

Rule one has to be you can not vote out any universally listed right or vote the tax beyond an ability to pay in good health.

Become a researching company or individual

Guideway acceptance requires a best standard.r

To permanatly sustain advanced economies all of us need more cost to benefit, efficient, faster transportation powered by very deep bore anywhere geothermal electricity.  This replaces the multimodal road way predominate and fuel burning economies.

Possibly other systems might prove to be better designs in replacing the use of paved street access.  ET3 could eventually be such a system that might have a bi-end whole interior drawer slide out loading ET3 vehicle, with vacuume entrapping tripoint seal air locks in every basement.  This might be done at a little more than double to triple the present cost of the self lowering system.

ET3 access can also use fully automated self managing installation equipment.  The problem is access and egress requires at least a $5,000 cost air lock connected to another $10,000 or more cost in a turnout to PRT bay loading style to clear the tube behind.  This is no more than the cost involved for typical American family home driveways with a garage and curb cut access.  But that is not a common global standard residential investment level as yet.

The global guideway would usually reach seperate homes directly using a stop on line through guideway.  Most of the time on most streets and rural roads everywhere traffic is highly intermittent.  A vehicle might take between 20 to 30 seconds occasionally upwards of a minute to slow to a stop, rapidly lower to ground level, open the full gall wing door, rapidly watching for interferences every where around, swing out the seat or drop off the package or ramp down unload a small to full sized self mobile container or personal vehicle or dump water or pick up sewage concentrate, trash or other items to be delivered and close the door while ascending back up to the guideway to rapidly accelerate back up to speed.  Rarely a following vehicle might have to slow a little or stop to wait.  This access would be on grids that would usually have speed limits of under 100 MPH.  A one G common stop from this speed is about 4 seconds taking about 200 feet.  We are use to slow vehicle use so all of this is as unfamiliar to us today as driving our cars would be to some one in the horse and buggy era.

Self lowering anywhere access combined with the much less than the limited suspended guideway speed of about 650 MPH, is more utilitarian, sacrificing the higher ET3 speed, operating efficiency and hugely greater simplicity of not being able to run vehicles ET3 pure PRT style not needing to join a train or true always PRT individual vehicle operation.

ET3 can also use wheels at speeds up to about 2,000 MPH but cooling the onboard motors becomes the limitation.  Even with maglev permanatly magnets get warm and need to be cooled at higher speeds.  The elongated rod armature spreads the magnet convective heat tube radiated dissipation thermal gains spreader over more surface area to dissipate into the coil cooling jacket.  The armature could retract away from the air lock door side pushing the capsule against the door seal till the latches grab the vehicle to keep it from blazing back into the vacuume with 20 tons of pressure differential.

The only reason the guideway vehicles need to join in trains is that at 100 MPH it takes a little less than 100 KWs to maintain single or trains vehicle speed but at 650 MPH this goes up to around 3500 to 4000 KWs for a single vehicle to maintain speed.  This not only uses a lot of electric power but in warmer weather most of these standard length vehicles would not be able to sustain that just subsonic speed running alone for very long, just a few minutes.  In trains this frontal area drag is shared by all the vehicle motors with very little skin friction and motor windage armature drag remaining per vehicle.

In longer trains the vehicle plus  a single occupant to a ton or 180 cubic feet of cargo can be carried at about 50 KW at 650 MPH.  Not only does people and goods arrive faster but fewer vehicles or volume and weight capacity are required.

The small fast vehicles cost  no more than railway freight cars, about the cost of semi trucks but a fraction the cost of aircraft per ton miles per day carried unit.  Keeping energy and service costs low is the goal.

Pre-preg composite for wide and long panel sheeting, that could be inflated, cured, back filled with foam or evacuated after blown in reflector fibers. Migh become the vehicle and habitat material best choice.

What ever the ideal general service form the guideway should not be forced on people.  If it is the cheapest fastest most convienient system then people will have to see it in action against road access, drone taxis and ET3 and see which might work best.  Possibly wealthier areas might opt for ET3 while pooer areas might opt for the slower self lowering guideway at five times the average speed of high speed rail and ten times the average speed of expressway road vehicles but not orbital velocity capable like ET3.  Nobody will likely opt for long for drone mobility cities for any practical reasons.

Every activity on the planet needs to be connected together by a unified world wide to everywhere on imediate demand door to door nonstop fast safer system.

Eventually you could get into a ET3 capsule or pod and go directly non stop to Earth orbit and recieve a capsule full of moon gravel mined hours earlier by regenerative return ET3 non stop in the same vehicle at about $2 to $8 a pound shipping fees.  This is mostly paying off the balanced regenerative loss and IGBT wear out costs.

Molecular particle traps on every vehicle end maintains and even forms the tube vacuum, no pumps are even needed.

 The moon and earth could become connected by a variable length ET3 space tether with a transition gap between.  This could carry huge tourist, commodities and goods traffic as the moon gravity provides a good place to tour and short term recover from injuries at In fixed heavy radiation resistant shelter.

At this point the electric flow from the Earth to the moon is uncertain, but might be a power source.  Never forget the possibilities of dipole charge imbalances causing disasters.

This best mobility system needs to eliminate any requirement for propulsion or energy averaging batteries as needed in autonomus PV powered road vehicles and solar powered PRT Highway and monorail train proposals.  Solar power outside of planetary shadows is practical if you want to travel slowly towards the edge of the solar system.  But it is not practical in orbit or on the surface of rotating planets with out a power grid reaching around the planet.  Better batteries are still a cost, maintenance, critical materials waste and pollution problem not an advantage in any Earth based system ever proposed.

Heavy slow ships and overseas airlines can be replaced by fast under 2 foot draft mile long under 200 square foot frontal area SES turbo electric prop fast sea trains carrying most over ocean aircraft passengers and speeding up global goods commerce.  These would have access to hundreds of thousands of miles of smaller rivers not reachable by deep draft barges.  This is a connection with mobile sea steading communities, until the PRT guideway ocean tubes are built to make cross water transportation single mode trip every direction seamless.  Sail and solar longer sea trains can operate at 20 to 200 MPH speeds without fuel but thorium reactor electric fans remains the best propulsion system.

Thorium reactor powered sea trains can operate without stopping for service or refueling for years at 200 to 400 MPH speeds based on existing fan electric propulsion using combined figures from GE90 engines using electric rim drive out runner motors and submarine power plant working examples with thorium breeder shells and hot cores.

On board Thorium reprocessing remains an uncertainty But some centrifuge concentration and moving slow transfer to ever more centralized enriched concentric core tubes with only the inner layers might be used for heat extraction Not mixing with the yet to become fully reactive outer layers.

New safety systems are proposed that might make such nuclear life time cheap fueled systems safer than internal combustion systems.  Seperate from multipule shared turbo generator two or three reactors might be mounted with self driven coolant cuirculation pumps so as to be individually droped through the seat train trailing power car or barge bottom if a hazard should separately develope in one reactor that could not be shut down contained.  The sea train continues on while the sunk reactor self cools untill it can be salvaged.

This future low overhead global economy requires direct local geothermal electricity connected global transportation.  It becomes difficult to stop transportation and electric supplies due to regional disasters or war efforts.  Millions of geothermal local generators would localize the worlds energy supply.

Light weight equipment using a twin gear rail shaft climber can drill large diameter shafts ten miles deep or more in about three months with no person in attendance.  Similarly the side turret drills and down hole plumbing might all be carried out by automated machinery more cheaply than by crewed systems using today massively huge drill string or cable access mine tools.  Shaft climbers or ascenders are fast all angle mobility requiring new rock thin kerf slotting, core shaping and segmental not rubble or muck removal.  Energy and tool wear costs are less and thousand mile long or as deep as you can go shafts become cheaper per mile than a two lane or even one lane paved road on land.  $500,000 a mile or less.

A universal service fully automated entrainable PRT guideway and electricity utility is to users a everywhere transportation and energy global vending machine.

You could use your bank cards on the compact Proposed designs for compact seat arm rest payment machine in every guideway vehicle.  This is a full banking and investment service ATM on guideway bank to get what ever you needed in cash or check transactions that your account allowed you to pay for.

You could use the internet to communicate with the guideway treating it like a fully automated local to global transportation world access utility machine.

Not having any humans to profit, the guideway bank can operate at a smaller overhead cost and eventually become the global monetary system because it has a high asset and utility value to everybody and the global financial customers are all collectively the banks board of directors, operating officers, armature examiners and advisors.

This leads to global guideway real democracy government and financial management replacing national currencies with a international currency, call it what every body agrees on Banquer or global dollar or pound.

the problem of enticing people to increase their intellectual grasp and information range beyond personal learned attachment all the way to statistical consideration will take time and unrelenting efforts.  Beliefs die even in the sciences requiring constant reviewing and refreshing of understanding.

  While manufacturers would contribute to make and improve on the products needed by people the cost per unit of seat mile ton mile or delivery action would drop to about 5% to 15%, soon less,  of the current mixed mode system costs that relies on external financial management.  This is the difference between having to maintain ground supported transportation that requires a high human labor, management and constantly deteriorating brittle high mass and land consumptive infrastructure overhead cost and the ultra light jet speed all overhead guideway.

This guideway is ultra light weight in total systems mass.  It depends on transportation and energy being a fully automatically managed and self placed universal utility serving all user benefits goals that is user immediately on demand controlled.  Transportation has to be immediately available with any request and as fast as the speed of sound safely locked into the right left or straight ahead guideway path.

every guideway vehicle can collect comparative operational data looking at different manufactured systems cost to benifits ratios.  A mature user groups can take on tracking and research tasks eliminating govornment and industry studies that always seek profit and power.  Constant improvement should be the goal for the global standard networked in air and ET3 systems.

ET3 space orbital and toss and regenerative recovery is room temperature non thermal all electric even on Earth space travel.  Eventually more and more homes will have ET3 end loading tri seal air locks in their basements where they can directly go to the single equatorial orbital ring  an travel from there too the Moon without leaving their capsule seat.  The trip might take about 6 to 20 hours depending on whether you took the most efficient or the fastest path.  There are a lot of detail variables described in part further on.

This should be a global self owned or user trust that is user local to global direct democracy controlled as a ever more charitable universal public utility.  Governments and private operating corporations are all potentially corruptible so can not get involved in operations lest they again warp the services to create avenues for profit and power infighting.

The users know what they want and should have all oversight in decision making.  If the users ask what seems like impossible demands, more than the impossible already being delivered, the next ET3 stage is already being developed and should be developed as a parallel inter city, inter continental, inter planetary system for 2,000 to 60,000 MPH higher speeds.  The faster ET3 speeds would be for interplanetary and orbital transfer space launch, toss and recovery ring systems.

Proposed is mediating soft ware to allow property owners to get the type of service that suits them and their neighbors, to cooperatively as mush as possible at any given time make the mutually best decisions.  The problem is working out differences in alignment opinions and preferences of access style.

The guideways are portable, being easily installed using stake driven piers that can be pulled up and moved as needed.  The span parts and assemblies can be reused and shape adapted for the first time in history similar to railway rails and ties to what ever alignment is required.  Only this control is three dimensional including the world’s first structural limit automatic expansion and span arch control joints  suspension long spans arch twist and alignment control.

Internet communications might shortly follow this PRT model because the guideway is a cheaper way to deliver high capacity guideway carried instead of buried fiber optics and more frequent finely divided cell tower sites on occasional piers everywhere.  Data centers devolve into all on device storage and decentralized on guideway switches.  The system works a little like the interconnections in every brain.

Dark fiber would follow the guideways as well as geothermal power plant electric capacity levels carried by the grid span structures being connectable any where the guideways arrive at.  Farmers could use electricity for field work.  Farm fields migh soon resemble checkerboard strip orchard forests with open clearings and rugged animals grazing under the trees.  The system might be multiply self regenerating.  Guideway grid access might be through out leaving little distance for electric vehicle automated services to travel.

The guideways become a cheap way to move millions of tons of water to any place on the 40 million eventual miles of the basic access global grid.

 For profit companies will as they always have figuring out ways to make profits off of essentially nonprofit fully automated self managed or user managed utility services.  Investors take advantage of a higher velocity of money in a permanatly sustainable marketplace and ecology that is more robust than the current global economy that will shortly reach transactional supply cost peaks or ecological limits until we eliminate the fuel and user owned vehicle and equipment market place.

Everything hinges on a permanatly sustainable ecology and critical materials supplies in which the human economy has to presently exist.  This ecology predominated before humans arrived and is unlikely to be replaced by us for thousands of years to come with a global sustainable substitute theme park like ecology of our design.

First year vehicles can debt retire in about one year at 2 to 3 cents a user mile, the guideway access grid debt retires at about 5 to 15 cents a user mile, the bore anywhere power plants and additional 3 cents or more to debt retire in about three to five years.  Maintenance and energy on going electricity and wear and replacement costs might be between about 2 cents to 7 cents a vehicle mile occasionally being both cheaper and higher in certain user circumstances and short trip higher cost charges.

After about the third to fifth years this possible capital costs are incrementally paid off buy the user charges and those debts would progressively lower to a fairly flat user cost at about 1/20th to

 1/60th the average cost of current transportation.

First developmental companies will require more insight than they showed on the Hyperloop projects that push aside rational detractors working towards irrational conformist formatting.

 Proposed here is a new example that may transcend all the problems with past wheel born systems being lower in rolling resistance at speeds as high as jet aircraft with frontal area drag coeficients lower than recumbant streamlined bicycles at only about double their common frontal areas.

Proposed is a new form of I beam shaped running gear wheel motor chains with variable permanatly magnet unloaded needle bearings.  Micro gear narrow width dual gear rim wheel support eliminates slippage wear in exchange for a microscopic verticle vibratory rolling movement.  Whether this would translate into audible sound is uncertain as the frequency is above human and most animal hearing frequency levels most of the time.  Traction limits no longer exist so emergency regenerative stops of up to 3 to 4 Gs become practical when required and climbing almost verticle slopes if needed is practical.

Longer distance entrainment with separately routed PRT vehicles joining in and leaving from in motion drag reduction trains of opportunity at sea level.  The single vehicle share of trained drag drops to where faster than commercial jet speeds become economically common and practical.

The guideways on which the vehicles run are alignment adjustable in a new way to provide smooth rides at very high speeds yet be cheap enough to directly be placed by or connect together nearly every home and business and popularly road accessed site on the planet.  If a place can be reached by a mechadamized road sewers and power lines Then a all new guideway is lower in cost to build that also provides cheaper electric energy access than natural gas or the lowest cost PV system.

Most primitive villages getting a guideway spur would not only get cell service, unlimited water, power and a on demand delivery of everything they could pay for as well as remote recycle removal of all wastes and the whole globe to directly sell their products in with same day delivery to the far side of the planet but the equivalent to a village center international airport and container ship port combined with a grade separated local highway network.

This access might cost as little as $300,000 to $2,000,000 a mile depending on one way or two way single vehicle or train occupancy per span between piers. Commerce could come to all people never before participating in the global economy.

Left is the problem of maintaining a desirable universal good tasting high protein diet without trashing the oceans ecolological sustainability.  This to might be solved by the global guideway’s connection to lower cost ocean agriculture systems that require lower input mobility costs and sea food farms instead of decimating base ocean food chain feed stocks.  Fully automated massive guideway factory based insect farms can produce the improved animal feed protien.  New forms of middle ocean depth base netted farms along the guideway ocean network paths are proposed in verticle descending ecology layers of concentrated production.

We can no longer simply extract without circularly replacing consumed resources.  This requires very flexible low cost return mobility that does not itself create pollution and flood run off problems created by large area pavements and road and railroad embankment restriction of natural drainage.

The guideways raise over coastal citie’s transportation to where elevated or floating buildings no longer need surface transportation or airports.  Flooded costal neighborhoods could live in guideway connected water separated issolation from nearby areas that would be abandoned like man made new forms of corral reef habitats made from the lowered rubble of flooded cities.  Sunken ship and oil platform reef habitats are examples as well as mangrove cultures.

Sea levels will continue to rise anyway to levels where guideway rebuilding of higher inland cities becomes unavoidable.   The guideways can cross oceans in small two way reverse cuirculation reduced pressure ocean tubes.  These Davis tube networks are cheapest with small frontal area PRT vehicles like the original Skytran designs.  Ocean automated fabrication and installation does not require the massive systems used today for suspended roadway tubes.

Across ocean tube costs are about $10,000,000 a mile in average three mile bottom depts at 100 foot to 200 foot under surface floating tube  suspension depths using a new anchorage placement and position adjustment system.  Lower costs could follow.

All of these issues require producing companies that are not afraid to operate where no one has gone before, using new production machinery they will probably have to develop themselves.  The creative talents are there but suppressed by the lack of applied physics guided leadership.

Beyond this, the question of how best to develope modern economies with the emergence of lower cost robotics needs addressing.  See all the Issac Aurthur videos for guidance In bound instead of outward bound.  If we do not improve the efficiency of the Earth’a economy there will be little outward bound economies.

Few people will make a living off of small cafes and gift shops or massage- beauty parlors.  When the guideways go direct retail and door to door specialty medical procedures even amazon and Walmart will become limited and go the way of Sears, Wards and Penny’s.  There too go the big box retail jobs following the automotive and trucking jobs.  Farmers with eyes and boots on the ground will still have a place if they sell products from fields to guideway global food at home sales, leave the vegetables in the cooled guideway delivery receiver box.

Scarcity might vanish but is of no value if you have no income source anyway.  WPA like new jobs might help a little to do clean up detailing or speculative remodeling.

In any catigory how many people can be sustained in jobs that work themselves out of work in the near future.  Individual personal assistants and self organizing groups might create new tasks but if demand or acceptance of taxing and transferring wealth to pay for the work is low then people will still be out in the cold.

Proposed is designs for automaticly manufacturing evac panel wall houses that have their own solar electric system and water and geothermal heat averaging well drilling system.   To save production and distribution costs the appliances might be built in delivered as counter top and cupboard packages made to be infinite workin core repairable.  Proposed is glue together panes that like LEGO’s create custom house plans of all sizes, finishes and floor plans.  in a day or tow one or two people or a robotic system can put a house together slid loving the parts the letting the glue strengthen the joint in an hour or so.  This might give billions of permanatly comfortabe low cost zero energy houses to people.  Only food cost remains as clothing can be found hand me down or cheap.  The guidewy brings everything to the property.

last is thecrant about safety.  Every year road vehicles kill about 1.3 million people.  Every four decades this conservative number is the total deaths in WW2,  this does not include the losses from pollution in life shortening years.  PRT will be about 200 to a 1,000 times safer than human controlled road vehicles, even when rushing 25 feet off the ground at 950 feet per second.

single mode transportation, geothermal energy

Interested in a permant future for humans? It takes a car and a cell phone to raise a kid, hold jobs, shop, and do everything else in ever larger area, dispersed services communities. It takes a personal small truck or van to run many small business or handle larger items people use. This is true every where in the world. A global single mode to everywhere guideway behind or in front of your house can provide a private personal automated high speed taxi and delivery van to give individual family members, of any age or abilities, separate autonomy to inexpensively daily travel hundreds of miles in radius at a tenth to twentieth the per mile cost of auto or transit use in commuting, getting cheaper housing, medical care, shopping, jobs and education access, regional wide not just local. Public transportation nearly always takes longer than personal auto use while covering a hundredth the accessed land areas and rarely going directly between origins and destinations. Mass transit wa

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Global Guideway is me Jim Burden all alone.

Open for ideas and guests on the phone or at my home and B&B in Lincoln Nebraska.  I can not put everybody up for free but can make it as inexpensive as possible.  See WestviewB&

This is an armature life time project to lower the cost and increase the speed of all personal and commercial mobility.  The same guideway structures and components build homes and commercial buildings, install and operate ultra deep geothermal power generation and further guideway installation.  Help is requested.

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